Tuesday 8 April 2014

Promotional Goodies - Samsung #S5 - Personalized Metallic Sipper

Hi Guys,

Samsung Mobiles (@SamsungMobileSA) is making their flagship model Galaxy S5 available to public on 11 April 2014 in South Africa and is showcasing their product at various malls and shops. I was lucky that I was in Sandton City Mall on last saturday morning and came across the Galaxy S5 exhibition. The phone looked pretty nice and light weight. It has a lot of features which I will come to know if I get a chance to review the actual product courtesy @SamsungSA #BeTheFirst 

The stall has a stepper where you need to step up and down and the device #GalaxyS5 will calculate the score. I tried it and got the score of 194 in one minute. They then sent me to a counter where I had to submit the name slip along with my score and they manually printed my name on the metallic sipper. It was so cool to get a sipper on your name. Really thanks a lot to the Samsung team for this innovative idea.

I love goodies but goodies like these are special and so close to my heart.

Looking forward to become one of the Samsung Mobilers to blog about their latest products @SamsungMobileSA has to come out with same opportunity for me soon.

Till that time, I will keep looking and never stop as mentioned by Steve Jobs in his Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish speech.


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