Thursday 30 September 2021

Vivo V21 5G Delivers A Strong Performance In All Areas #VivoV215G @Vivomobile_SA #DelightEveryMoment #ProductReview

Hi Friends,

Vivo Mobile South Africa sent me their latest launched smartphone along with a snacks box the video for the unboxing is already on my youtube channel and liked by many people. If you have not checked out my youtube channel please have a look and subscribe to the same if you want to see the experience of unboxing the mystery goodies as and when received. Let's get right to the smartphone in Sunset Dazzle colour variant which I received from the Vivo Mobiles South Africa. The first thing to notice is the back panel which really reflects the lights in various sunset like colours and how thin the phone is and its comfortability in your hands is just perfect. I totally fell in love with this amazing smartphone.
Fun To Touch - Vivo V21 5G #VivoV215G @Vivomobile_SA #DelightEveryMoment #Product Review
Secondly, the configuration of this smartphone is amazing with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of ROM. The MTK Dimensity 800U processor (2.4 GHz Octa-Core) never feels like lagging behind in any regard from the equivalent Kirin or Snapdragon processors. I have used this phone extensively as my day to day device since I have received the same. I am totally in amazement with what an R9999 smartphone is capable of. The Funtouch OS 11.1 is fluid and makes the whole experience really nice of using this smartphone from Vivo mobiles. The power is efficiently used by the processor and never ever the smartphone felt hot while playing games or clicking photos or videos. Above all, it's a 5G enabled smartphone so if you want to use any 5G SIM card, then you can make it an internet powerhouse.
Fun To Touch - Vivo V21 5G #VivoV215G @Vivomobile_SA #DelightEveryMoment #Product Review
The Vivo V21 5G is a smartphone for people who love Selfies a lot. It has a lot of features built around making you look the good, better and the best version of yourself. 44MP ultra definition front camera offers enough clarity and Optical image stabilization to capture all the details of your hairs to eyelashes to teeth and above all your smile. The photo that comes out is sized around from 7 to 14MB so you can think of all the details that will be there. I was a fan of Vivo V50 which I reviewed last year even to the point that my wife wanted to have that smartphone forever. But this new version of V21 5G has beaten the front camera on Vivo V50 too which was of course a premium device and way above the V21 price range.
Fun To Touch - Vivo V21 5G #VivoV215G @Vivomobile_SA #DelightEveryMoment #Product Review
The design of the Vivo V21 5G will amaze you as to how thin this phone is - 7.29mm thin and weighs only 176 grams which makes it really suit your hands. The design has been kept as minimal as possible which makes it look extremely stylish and expensive. There is a notch on the front screen for the camera. The right side is without any buttons or openings. The top side only has a microphone, the left side has a volume up and down button along with a power button. The bottom side has Type-C charging port along with a microphone point and speakers slot. It also hosts the SIM card which duals as a SIM and a TF card reader to expand the memory further. The speaker is loud enough to enjoy the movie or music on the go. An earphone jack adapter is provided so that Type-C USB charging port doubles as a 3.5mm headphones jack.
Fun To Touch - Vivo V21 5G #VivoV215G @Vivomobile_SA #DelightEveryMoment #Product Review
To make you look good at night, the Vivo Mobiles has inserted a dual selfie spotlight instead of making the screen go white and flash as seen in other smartphones. Dual Selfie spotlight works like a charm and gives constant light from both ends of the smartphone front camera covering both sides of your face easily even if you are shooting videos. There are several other features like aura light, many kinds of filters, portrait light effects to up your Instagram game instantly using this smartphone. When you are in portrait mode in the camera, you get offered more features to play around with Style, Beauty and Bokeh (f1.0 to f16) settings. You can spend an unlimited amount of time playing with the perfection you want to achieve and the smartphone will be able to provide you that with its hardware and software built into this little nifty superpowerful gadget. Also to add fun to your selfies AR stickers are available in various categories and more can be downloaded too.
Fun To Touch - Vivo V21 5G #VivoV215G @Vivomobile_SA #DelightEveryMoment #Product Review
The rear camera has 3 AI camera setups including a 64MP OIS camera, 8MP multi-function camera (120 degrees wide-angle coverage) and 2MP super macro camera. These can be accessed via the Lens option that pops up on the screen when you are in photo mode. The Pro mode opens up a lot of professional options to manually control the camera on the smartphone. It gives you the power to enable histograms, take RAW images along with jpeg too. The shutter can be controlled via touch, voice and palm and all can be enabled. You can watermark your photograph with your own content or time or model of the smartphone. It will always be TheLife'sWay for me as I sometimes think how Universe granted me this name 9 years back when I was trying out different combinations of names possible for my blog.
Fun To Touch - Vivo V21 5G #VivoV215G @Vivomobile_SA #DelightEveryMoment #Product Review
The next thing to notice is the 33W flash charge 2.0 technology which charges the 4000mAh up to 63% in just 30 minutes of plugging into the power adapter. All the accessories form part of the package which is not the case for flagship devices as you will receive a wired earphones, power adapter, silicon case, sim ejector tool, Type-C charging cable and an earphone jack adapter. With a price range of around R9999 for the whole package, this smartphone offers something unique in the market. It offers a great replacement device if you want to up your game of photography with a battery that can easily last for more than a day, an operating system that is intuitive, a sunset dazzle coloured body that will make others jealous, fast charging to make it go an extra mile in case of loadshedding, 90hz display to attack those who want to kill you from the side during the shooting games online, fingerprint sensor to keep it all safe and secure, 128 GB ROM to never feel the space being full after all the 4K videos and photos, 8GB ROM to keep providing enough space to always go and install a new app to perform multi-tasking and so much more.
Fun To Touch - Vivo V21 5G #VivoV215G @Vivomobile_SA #DelightEveryMoment #Product Review
I never felt that I am not using a flagship device as I totally fell in love with this one named Vivo V21 5G and would recommend each and everyone who wants to buy a new device in this price range. The after-sales service of Vivo Mobiles is offering some of the best services in the South Africa market. You can register online directly from the smartphone pre-installed app called which makes it really great.
I received these amazing Snacks goodies at the virtual launch event of Vivo V21 5G which I shared on my Youtube channel. Also, I did one unboxing video of the smartphone too which you can check out here on this link below - 
I hope you must have liked my review as much as I loved using the Vivo V21 5G smartphone. It's really a great device with so many features which are not available in any of the flagship devices from various other brands. Thanks again Vivo Mobiles South Africa for sending the same across and looking forward to the next launch events. 

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New NOVA #HuaweiNova8i Launched With The Premium #HuaweiWatch3 Series @HuaweiZA

Hi Friends, 

Huawei has announced that it is bringing another member of the HUAWEI nova family – the HUAWEI nova 8i – to South Africa, as well as the HUAWEI WATCH 3 series.

“This year is a nova year for Huawei. Our HUAWEI nova 8 and HUAWEI nova Y60 have already proven to be very popular with South African consumers, as they are everything the next generation of smartphone users wants and needs,” says Justin Sun, General Manager for Huawei Consumer Business Group.

“Huawei’s nova series has always kept the demands of the youth in mind. The desire for something sleek, elegant, powerful and affordable; a device that can keep up with and add value to a vibrant, dynamic and fast-paced world. So, in addition to announcing the HUAWEI nova 8i, we also want to share that the HUAWEI nova 9, the Pro version of the nova 8, will soon be coming to South Africa in November.” Continues Justin Sun.

HUAWEI nova 8i: A Gen-Z super smartphone
With its ultra-slim design and 6.67-inch HUAWEI Edgeless Display, the HUAWEI nova 8i offers an unmatched viewing experience for its price bracket. The device is ideal for movie lovers and avid gamers. Photographers will also love its 64MP AI quad-camera, which comprises the main camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera, a macro camera and a depth camera that come together seamlessly to take exquisite, professional-looking shots.
New NOVA #HuaweiNova8i Launched With The Premium #HuaweiWatch3 Series @HuaweiZA
The HUAWEI nova 8i also comes with 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge, which means that it can be fully charged in less than 40 minutes, or charged for two hours of gameplay within just five minutes. HUAWEI SuperCharge works in tandem with the HUAWEI nova 8i’s 4300mAH three-electrode battery – both are all about giving you as much time on your device as possible.

With an internal storage of 128GB, you can save more onto your new phone – more photographs, more movies and more games. The HUAWEI nova 8i’s Snapdragon octa-core chipset is designed to keep up with your non-stop, on-demand lifestyle. Riding on these high-performance specs and Huawei’s smart memory technology, the HUAWEI nova 8i also comes equipped with 8GB of RAM, which creates a buttery-smooth experience for you to run multiple background apps at once.

The Huawei nova series and Joburg Day search for SA’s new superstars
Huawei’s nova series is also pushing individuality, inspiration and innovation at this year’s Huawei Joburg Day with 947 – the “i” in the HUAWEI nova 8i is all about supporting these elements. Joburg’s favourite radio station, 947, has been running several HUAWEI nova competitions ahead of this annual event, which for the first time will be both online and live for a limited audience to experience in person.

In the run-up to Joburg Day, Huawei and 947 have been on a search for Joburg’s most talented young presenter, band, fashion and sneaker designer. The winners – who will be music lovers, trendsetters, creators and innovators – will each get their time to shine at a nova-inspired HUAWEI Joburg Day on Friday 22 October.

“Our famous 947 Big September campaign was even bigger and better this year as we celebrated our listeners, music and the Joburg lifestyle powered by our friends at Huawei. This 947 Big September saw food, technology, fashion, design, music and lifestyle all touched on. And we're ecstatic with the quality of Joburg creative talent coming through," said Thando Makhunga, 947 Station Manager.

The HUAWEI nova series is also collaborating with local sneaker brand Bathu, a truly African sneaker brand that is all about the fusion of fun and fashion.

“The partnership with the HUAWEI nova series is a seamless one because Bathu has constantly brought to consumers the most innovative and sophisticated sneakers, designed for today’s consumer who now more than ever, is mindful of aesthetics. Through this incredible partnership, we are able to reduce barriers to entry across Africa and tap into an entirely new market” says Theo Baloyi, CEO and Founder of Bathu.
New NOVA #HuaweiNova8i Launched With The Premium #HuaweiWatch3 Series @HuaweiZA
The HUAWEI WATCH 3: The perfect companion
Simultaneous with the announcement of the HUAWEI nova 8i, Huawei is also announcing the release of the brand-new HUAWEI WATCH 3 and WATCH 3 Pro. These two stunning smartwatches offer convenient and smart life experiences through enhanced interaction, independent connectivity and all-scenario interconnectivity.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 and WATCH 3 Pro support a standalone communication system. This means that you can stay connected even when you’re doing outdoor activities or when you find it inconvenient to carry your phone. By simply activating the eSIM service on your Huawei Health APP on your smartphone, you can have the same phone number on your Huawei watch, and enjoy the same data and voice tariff plans as you do on your phone.

These smartwatches also feature ultra-long battery life, running up to five days without needing to be charged in smart mode and up to 21 days in ultra-long battery mode. This incredible battery life means that you can wear it continuously all day, even when you sleep, allowing it to gather and report on the maximum amount of health-related information.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 and WATCH 3 Pro are also beautiful to look at and wear. The 3D curved glass offers a clear and vibrant display that is elegant, smooth, scratch-proof and fingerprint-resistant, offering a heightened visual and touch experience. While the HUAWEI WATCH 3 body is made of 316L stainless steel that has undergone a cold forging and PVD coating process, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Pro is made of aerospace-grade titanium fused with a sapphire glass lens.

Pre-order the HUAWEI nova 8i, priced at R6,999, between 27 and 29 September and you’ll receive a HUAWEI Bluetooth speaker for free. "Pre-Order Now for R99 and get R999 off". Ts and Cs apply. Stay tuned for more info on the HUAWEI WATCH 3 pre-order deal.

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New Galaxy A03s Adds Into The #GalaxyASeries @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyA03s

Hi Friends, 

The new Samsung Galaxy A03s is the latest addition to Samsung’s Galaxy A series, with new and improved features at an even lower price

Samsung has unveiled the Samsung Galaxy A03s, providing enhanced features that are accessible to everyone at just R2, 499. Following the A02s released earlier this year, the new A03s comes with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and an upgraded Octa-Core processor for an upgraded experience. Alongside, a triple camera experience, a 6.5” Infinity-V display and an awesome Haze design, the Galaxy A03s also has a large 5000mAh battery so you can enjoy your phone to its fullest capacity.

Enhanced Power Solution
The Galaxy A03s features a large 5,000mAh battery that lets you enjoy your phone for longer1, meaning you can focus on what’s most important to you, whether that be streaming your favourite shows or scrolling through your social media channels.
Revolutionise Your Pictures
Why have one camera when you can have four? Never settle for less, as the Galaxy A03s lets you experience the new era of photography with four dedicated cameras at your fingertips. The Triple Rear Camera includes a 13MP Main Camera, a 2MP Refined Macro Camera2 and a 2MP Depth Camera. The Galaxy A03s also has a 5MP Selfie Camera, which comes with Selfie Focus meaning you now up your Selfie game like no other.

When creativity strikes, the Galaxy A03s gives you lots of ways to decorate your snapshots. Live Stickers uses facial recognition to give you fun stickers3 that adapt to your face, allowing for a touch of personality in your pictures. There are also plenty of stamps and filters to choose from which you can use to personalise your photos.

A Big Display for Fun and a Design that Embraces Uniqueness
Be it movies or games, you’ll get drawn into the action on the Galaxy A03s screen. The cinematic experience has never been more accessible with the 20:9 display ratio ensuring you get the whole scene on your screen.
The Galaxy A03s has a Haze & Matt effect appearance, allowing for a comfortable grip on its smooth curves and an easy hold whilst you watch movies or surf the web.

One UI Core
The A03s One UI Core lets you customise your phone as you please, whilst providing you with access to Samsung’s Galaxy Apps including Samsung Knox, Samsung Health and Samsung Smart Switch.

The new Samsung Galaxy A03s will be available at a recommended retail price of R2, 499

For more information about the Samsung Galaxy A03s visit

Display Size Resolution - 6.5″ HD+ TFT
Display - Infinity-V Display

Rear -13MP(Wide) + 2MP(Macro) + 2MP (Depth)
Front - 5MP (F2.2)

Processor - MTK6765 (Octa 2.3 GHz + 1.8GHz)

Memory - RAM - 3GB
ROM - 32GB

Micro SD - O

Battery Capacity (Typical) - 5,000mAh

Charging - 7.75W

Dimension - 164.3 x 76 x 9.1

Others - Side Fingerprint

1Typical value tested under third-party lab conditions. Rated (minimum) capacity is 4900 mAh
2Macro experience is supported for the rear cameras only.
3AR Stickers can recognise up to three people at once

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Wednesday 22 September 2021

Affordable and Fully-Loaded with Features #MiBand6 @Xiaomi_ZA #OneStepAhead #ProductReview

Hi Friends,

I ordered Xiaomi Band 2 long back as part of a collaboration with the GearBest website and received it via Hong Kong in a week. Recently, Xiaomi launched one of the latest versions of Smart Band which is names Mi Smart Band 6 which has features like never before in a price range that will make you run to the online stores or retailers to buy one immediately. 
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 @Xiaomi_ZA #MiBand6 #OneStepAhead #ProductReview
The first thing that attracts you is the slim packaging which in my case because of review unit was already opened and things were not as they used to be in the new mint condition package. Anyhow, the 6 is marked in silver colour and a lot of features are mentioned on the sides of the package as well as the rear side in multiple languages. The package contains a fitness tracker itself, wristband, a charging cable and a user manual that has the most weight. The charging cable magnetically attaches to the fitness tracker and charges the device in about 2 hours fully. 
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 @Xiaomi_ZA #MiBand6 #OneStepAhead #ProductReview
The second thing you need to do is to install the Mi Fit app on your phone as there is no physical button on the tracker so only using the app you will access all the features the band 6 has. Once the app is installed then you can easily pair the smartphone with the fitness tracker to take care of your health and the band too. The band is water-resistant up to 5 ATMs so you can easily bath or swim in the same.  
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 @Xiaomi_ZA #MiBand6 #OneStepAhead #ProductReview
Despite its small size as being a band the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 has a 1.56'' AMOLED Full-Screen display which makes it really vibrant as its 326 PPI high-resolution display. The battery on the device easily lasts for around 10-15 days based on your usage. I really liked the edged screen which makes it so good to touch and feels premium in the first look itself. I tested a lot of SpO2 (Blood Oxygen level monitoring) which is just the equivalent of Oximeter which became very popular during these Covid times. The only thing is currently you have to keep the device stable to get the right stats and it almost takes the same time as the oximeter takes. The main screen is touch-enabled and left and right scrolls happen to see various settings and up and down scroll also happens as you browse through various options. 

I really liked the sleep tracking and heart monitoring on this little gadget. Most of the information will be displayed on the smartphone screen but the phone display also shows you a week's data for comparison purposes. This can help you to plan your day based on the PAI (Physiological Activity Indicator) score you achieve every day. This score is calculated out of 100 and based on your activity throughout the day you get to increase it. There has been a subsequent increase in the functionality that this little gadget offers from stopwatch to timer, alarm to world clock, a flashlight to find the device. Mi Band 6 also offers menstrual cycle data tracking for women wearing the same which is an additional feature not seen in many Smart Watches and Bands from various other brands. 
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 @Xiaomi_ZA #MiBand6 #OneStepAhead #ProductReview
The band even has a Pomodoro Timer which you can get more information from any of the Youtube channels. It basically means that for the next 25 minutes you concentrate on the work at hand and only after that time you are allowed to go for a short walk of 5 minutes and again focus on the task for the next 25 minutes. This improves your work efficiency and after 4 cycles you are allowed to take a longer break and are widely used by many productivity gurus around the world. 

There are around 30 fitness modes that the band can track like Pilates, HIIT, Zumba etc and 6 of them it can measure automatically. It also measures your stress levels, provides you information on weather, controls your music, controls your camera, gives you lessons on breathing exercises, along with 3 watch faces to change too. Overall it's a small package giving plenty of information and tracking that you can't expect in a band of this size. There is no GPS functionality in this band and that's what has kept the price also within the reach of every person. 
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 @Xiaomi_ZA #MiBand6 #OneStepAhead #ProductReview
The only problem I faces which using the band is that the silicone band material didn't suit my sensitive wrist when I continued to wear it for 2-3 days without taking it out. I felt itchy on my wrist for some time so I took it out regularly going forward which solved the problem and loosened the slot by a pin. There must be some other wrist bands to fit the fitness tracker available in the market which you can replace with. I saw some for some of the bands on but they were more expansive than the Mi Band2 fitness tracker I had. 

In the end, Mi Smart Band 6 is a nifty gadget within the price range of around R799 and may be available for a little bit less during the online store sales that happen for the MIA Africa website from time to time. 

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Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview

Hi Friends,

We are flooded with things that we need to carry along with us as we embark on a journey outside our home and sometimes during those situations we always lose control in terms of not finding the keys, bag as we roam around the house and our eyes are not able to see the thing right in front of us. That's what haste makes you as you go like a headless chicken yelling at the top of your voice and feeling irritated at the kids, wife or any other family member or maids. I have seen moments like this in my life from time to time despite commanding that the keys should only be kept at this location, the bags shall go here in this almirah, the important documents shall be put in this file but in our day to day living those rules are missed from time to time. When you miss these rules due to whatever reason, there is going to be an incident soon enough. 
Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview
Samsung has launched a new device that can keep your small worries away that can reduce your irritation and also enables that you keep track of them using your smartphone or even smartphone in case you lost that too. The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag comes in two versions Tag and Tag+. The Smart Tag basically makes anything trackable. The other function performed by a SmartTag is to enable any IoT device to turn on or off using the press of a button on the tag. The SmartTag only weighs 13 grams and feels like a premium device in its rounded square shape. It has a keyhole slot to attach to your keys, pets locket or anything which has importance in your life. 
Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview
Samsung SmartTag works on Bluetooth 5.0 technology and has a coverage of around 120meters. It has its own battery CR2032 which will last for around 300 days. There is a buzzer speaker which buzzes when you want it to use the SmartThings app preinstalled on a Samsung device. Using the app you can assign what happens when you press the button or keep it held. Using both the options you can control your other smart devices, send notifications to anyone and do various other things. You can adjust the volume and ringtone in case you want your tag to find your smartphone. It can be any other ringtone that is not assigned as a regular one on your smartphone making it easier to listen and identify your lost phone. The app also shows the battery capacity left in the SmartTag with sufficient being 16-100%, Low 6-15% and Very low from 0-5%. 
Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview
The best part is if you have multiple tags attached to various living or non-living things you can name them too. Also, you mark the category to which a particular tag is assigned to options being - 
  • Key
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Backpack
  • Briefcase
  • Wallet
  • Bike
  • ID card
  • Umbrella
  • Emergency item
  • Car
  • Car Key
  • Camera
  • Luggage
  • Stroller
  • Remote
  • Motorcycle
  • Drone
  • Laptop
  • Wheelchair
  • Handbag
  • Toolbox
  • Sports Gear
  • Headphones
  • Tumbler
  • Scooter
  • Cane
  • Walker
  • Other
So as you can see the options and use is based on what your brain can think of as Samsung has provided you with the latest technology to enjoy. I really loved the option of attaching them to a Drone, Car or cane. The drone is something that gets flown away and has its own way of losing and the last I read the location drone provides is not exact whereas the SamrtTag will be able to navigate you to the exact location where your drone lost its power. The car is also one category which can help you during those shows where you park some kilometres away from the stadium and gets lost after the show. It has happened to me a lot during the Monster Trucks shows as well as always in one of the shopping malls and a yearly event of The Rand Show in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am sure the SmartTag will now guide me to the car and I need to test this feature on my next trip. 
Let's Make Things Smarter With #GalaxySmartTag @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag retails around R499 per piece and there are 2 pieces packs also available at some discounted prices from various online retailers. It's currently only compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well as tablets with Android versions higher than 8.0. In the end, SmartTag is something unique and makes your things smart just be a simple attachment to the same. There are a lot of accessories that will be built across this new device once the market starts responding to this and the adoption factor becomes high. The Galaxy SmartTag + is another option you can go for but I have not had my hands on the same so far. I currently only have a single SmartTag but I intended to have a collection of the same in different colours for my several items which I want to track in the future. Thanks, Samsung South Africa for making smart gadgets and bringing us a worry-free life! Thanks!!!

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The Perfect Sound With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro #ProductReview

Hi Friends, 

Samsung Galaxy BudsPro is the latest earbuds that were launched in January-2021 after Samsung Galaxy Buds Live launched in August 2020 and Samsung went back to the In-Ear design though the square charging case remains the same. The main colour is now Phantom Violet to meet the latest Galaxy S21 series along with Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. The glossy earbuds look amazingly beautiful indeed and people will be able to recognize your earbuds brand in a single glance. The first thing that hits you is the clarity of audio and the immersion into the music you love to listen to, I got impressed with these ones as soon as I played my first few Bollywood songs. Since then I have been using these Buds Pro in all my daily meetings, audiobooks listening along with unlimited watching of web series and Youtube videos. I can even say these are one of the best in the market at the moment and will continue to beat the upcoming ones because of their audio performance as well as various features like ANC, ambient noise and equalizers. 
Music At Its Best With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro #ProductReview

A close look at the earbuds will make you fall in love with the design that has both bling as well as simplicity to get things done. The silicon isolation has a fine mesh to keep dirt away just before the metallic mesh on earbuds. Silicon has an inbuilt socket so that it fits nicely and doesn't get lost like we see in other earbuds from other manufacturers. Left and Right earbuds are marked with Letters L and R. There are two sensors visible on the outside of the earbuds along with 2 meshes of speakers along with 2 pins to charge the earbuds. Earbuds stem is inclined towards the ear canals to make them fit perfectly in your ears. There is only one problem with any earbuds like these if your charging case is not working there is no other option to charge them or if you lost them then the rest of the mechanism goes to waste as there is no replacement so you have to take care of all these things.
Music At Its Best With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro #ProductReview
First of all these new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes in three colours - Phantom Black, Phantom Violet and Phantom Silver. These earbuds are IPX7 so they are water-resistant up to 1 m in freshwater though the case is not waterproof. It means that the normal rain and sweat won't make any difference to the quality of earbuds and they will still work after the same. You can even drop them into a glass of water and they will still work afterwards which is amazing. Saying that part of the feature though you shall always take care of the charging points should not be wet when you put them in the case or while charging the earbuds. Some days back Samsung launched care information too about all of their earbuds in the market from Galaxy Buds, Buds Plus, Buds Live and Buds Pro. If you want I can bring in some of the facts from the post, let me know if you want that on my blog. For your general information, Poly Consumer material has been used to make these earbuds and charging case which includes some 20% recycled plastic too. That's a great cause for nature considering how many millions of units will be produced and sold by Samsung. 
Music At Its Best With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro #ProductReview
Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds are a little heavier at 6.3 grams each as compared to 5.6g of Buds Live. The charging case is 44.9 grams whereas 42.4 grams in Buds Live. The battery of the earbuds is 61mAh and the case is 472mAh which is almost similar to Galaxy Buds Live exception being 60mAh in Buds Live. These earbuds still give 1 hour of playback with 5 minutes of charging. The case comes with a wireless power share where it can be charged using your Galaxy smartphone if it can provide wireless reverse charging. The charging case has a hump as compared to the Buds Live to accommodate the same battery despite a different design and to secure the in-ear earbuds using some strong magnets which don't fall even if you shake the open case. 
Music At Its Best With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro #ProductReview
The earbuds have an 11mm woofer that provides deeper bass and a 6.5mm tweeter for crisp treble which is the powerhouse behind the clear audio quality along with several sensors built into it. I am sure I am a big fan of treble myself hence I felt magically attached to these earbuds as the previous versions didn't have so much treble. 3 microphones, a voice pickup unit and a windshield provide great voice quality during calls or video recordings. All this setup provides great clear audio and less noise during the calls. ANC and Ambient Sound are the features enhanced over previous versions with giving users the opportunity to control their ANC with 2 adjustable levels and ambient with 4 adjustable levels along with voice detect all controlled via the Samsung Wear App. 
Music At Its Best With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro #ProductReview
Each earbud gives around 8 hours of playback along with the case giving another playback of 20 hours totalling 28 hours without ANC. With ANC, the same reduces to 5 hours and the case gives 13 hours totalling 18 hours which is quite a reduction in the number of hours. The technology inside these earbuds is huge and miniaturing the circuit board and the battery is what innovation is all about. We generally only see the casing outside and the audio performance but what's working inside to produce that audio performance is beyond our imagination. The intelligence on these Buds Pro is such that it switches from ANC to ambient sound and lower the music volume for your conversation. It detects your own voice too if you start singing while listening to music which sometimes is irritating and needs software improvement. Though the feature won't get turned on if it senses that it's an external noise and not a human voice that is really intelligent. 
Music At Its Best With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro #ProductReview
Active Noise Cancellation reduces up to 99% of noise reduction along with the passive isolation the earbuds provide. Ambient sound also provides up to 20dB amplification. I generally don't use ANC these days as we are always at home and at home, you need to listen to the doorbell as once when I was using it - a family who has to come to meet us, kept ringing the doorbell and I could not hear it too and then they called my wife to open the door as she was walking outside. I have even crossed many walls before which the Bluetooth connection drops on these earbuds so the amount of money you are paying for them is well worth the price. People have compared these with the Sony and Apple Earbuds too and found that these are worthy of the top position. I don't have the other two to test them out but I am totally in love with these ones for sure and these ones have brought my love for music back again right in my sense of listening. 
Music At Its Best With Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyBudsPro #ProductReview
I totally am in the love with the best Samsung can offer in terms of True Wireless Audio earphones and enjoying every song I listen to on these Galaxy buds pro. The quality of this product is amazing and the durability is also great. The product is retailing for around R3999 and is included in some of the bundled packages with the smartphone. I am sure it will easily last me for more than 2-3 years. In the recent software updates, Samsung has provided the update to use even a single earbud in ANC mode as well as ambient noise mode which was not the case earlier. I am waiting for that update to happen on my earbuds and then I can keep myself focused on the tasks as well as music in my ears. Thanks to Samsung South Africa for launching them in this country and I am reaping its benefits for sure! Thanks!!!

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Tuesday 21 September 2021

The @HuaweiZA Wi-Fi6 AX3 Router and B535 #Router: The Future of Connectivity

Hi Friends, 

We thought it was important before, but in the Covid-19 era, the need for fast and reliable internet has become completely indispensable. At one point or another, the majority of industries have required employees to work from home, and many parents have had to battle the demands of online learning when schools have been forced to close. Fortunately, the HUAWEI Wi-Fi6 AX3 router is here to meet all your connectivity needs.

The world’s first Wi-Fi 6 plus wireless router, the HUAWEI Wi-Fi6 AX3, runs at 3000Mbps, more than two times faster than the Wi-Fi5. Also, while Wi-Fi 5 routers and devices can only communicate with each other through a 20MHz bandwidth, the Wi-Fi6 can communicate through bandwidths as low as 2MHz. This means that it's super strong signal can easily pass through several walls and provide total coverage, even in large homes.

The HUAWEI Wi-Fi6 AX3 also offers superior performance, supporting multiple connections without latency. When many people are trying to attend meetings, meet deadlines, and attend online classes at once – all of which are important – this lack of latency is critical.
The @HuaweiZA Wi-Fi6 AX3 Router and B535 #Router: The Future of Connectivity
If you use HUAWEI Share to integrate your various Huawei devices, including your laptop, smartphone and smart TV, you can connect to the HUAWEI Wi-Fi6 AX3 and the HUAWEI LTE B535 through One Tap Connect. Talk about smart and seamless! The router also connects quickly and easily with HUAWEI HomeSec™, Huawei’s custom-built security solution.

Of course, all these advantages aren’t only ideal for remote workers and home schoolers, but also for anyone who enjoys access to glitch-free communication and audio and visual content (which, let’s be honest, is everyone). Gamers are also sure to be wowed with its uninterrupted offering.

A complimentary companion to the HUAWEI Wi-Fi6 AX3 is the HUAWEI LTE B535, which is useful for when your fibre is down. This is a 4G LTE router, which gives download speeds of up to 300Mbps. By connecting the AX3 to the B535, you get an ultimate mesh solution where these two devices act as a single Wi-Fi network. This means there are multiple sources of Wi-Fi around your house, instead of having just a single router that you need to be close to.
The @HuaweiZA Wi-Fi6 AX3 Router and B535 #Router: The Future of Connectivity
HUAWEI LTE B535 router
For a short time only, from the 26th of September, you can buy both the HUAWEI Wi-Fi6 AX3 Dual Core and the HUAWEI LTE B535 router at Vodacom on the SmartBroadband 40GB Wireless Package. For just R309 x 24 months, you get these two routers, as well as 40GB Wireless and 40GB TM data (40GB Anytime + 40GB Night-Surfer). R99 activation fee applies.

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Ultralight @HuaweiZA #MateBookD14 i5 Offers A Novel Intelligent Experience Geared to Young Consumers

Hi Friends, 

The HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5, designed for young consumers, is the latest 14-inch Huawei laptop, which introduces a revolutionary cross-platform experience that allows users to seamlessly work with multiple devices through a single pane of glass.

The HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 inherits the DNA of Huawei’s PC products, which is expressed in its aesthetic design, innovative technology and the intelligent experience that it delivers. On top of its lightweight chassis, HUAWEI FullView Display, powerful performance, robust build quality and chic design, the latest HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 comes with a range of new features, including support for Huawei Share. Equipped with a full array of smart capabilities, the HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 stands as a powerful companion to today’s tech-savvy youth.
Ultralight @HuaweiZA #MateBookD14 i5 Offers A Novel Intelligent Experience Geared to Young Consumers
Lightest 14-inch laptops in this price range
The ultra-slim laptop market is experiencing rapid growth. Always pursuing design perfection, Huawei leaned on its expertise in smartphone technology and system integration capabilities to realise the ultra-slim bezel design on its HUAWEI FullView Displays. This design approach lets Huawei pack a large display into a portable chassis and offer the best of both worlds.

In line with the rest of the MateBook family, the HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 comes with a HUAWEI FullView Display. Measuring at just 4.8mm thin, three ultra-thin bezels frame the display, resulting in an outstanding 84 percent screen-to-body ratio. The lightweight chassis is accentuated by a streamlined design with curved edges to produce a sleeker look. The small enhancements – such as the thinner bezels and recessed camera – allow Huawei to further shrink the form factor of the laptop. With dimensions measuring at just 322.5mm x214.8mm x15.9mm, the HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 is one of the smallest and lightest 14-inch laptops in the same price band to date, offering a wide viewing experience in a portable package.

Underneath the anti-glare coating, the 14-inch 16:9 IPS panel supports a Full HD (1920×1080) resolution and a maximum opening angle of 178 degrees. The premium display is perfectly suited for any content, whether it is a high-resolution image or a Blu-ray video. The panel on the HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 has also been TÜV Rheinland certified for low blue light emission, allowing for better eye protection.

The powerful processor offers solid performance
With laptops, young consumers see in PCs, not just a tool that lets them work, but a platform that lets them have fun as well. With this in mind, the HUAWEI D14 I5 comes with a 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-10210U processor.

The HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 excels at cooling and battery life. For cooling, the laptop includes a new version of the HUAWEI Shark Fin Fan. With the new S-shaped fan blades, the HUAWEI Shark Fin Fan 2.0 optimises airflow dynamically for improved cooling and laptop performance. In terms of battery life, a 56Wh (Rating value) high-capacity battery supports up to 13.2 hours of continuous local 1080p video playback on a single charge. This battery lets users freely use their laptops on the go without having to worry about running out of power.

A portable, multi-purpose 65W USB-C charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable are included with the HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5. The charger supports all Huawei smartphones and tablets that are equipped with a USB-C port. It also features overheat protection, which automatically stops the charging process once the temperature crosses a threshold to ensure safety.

Equipped with 8GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory, the HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 has enough memory to handle most high load apps on the market. The solid-state drive (SSD) in the new HUAWEI MateBook D 14 is connected to the mainboard via the high-speed PCIe interface. The dual-antenna WLAN module effectively receives the WLAN signal for enhanced connection speed and stability. On the side, a diverse selection of interfaces can support multiple I/O needs simultaneously, including data transfer, peripheral connection and battery charging.
Ultralight @HuaweiZA #MateBookD14 i5 Offers A Novel Intelligent Experience Geared to Young Consumers
Intelligent connection made easy
The new Huawei Share features enable the HUAWEI MateBook D14 i5 and a Huawei smartphone to share a single display, where users can drag files from one user interface to the other to transfer files and view the contents saved in the smartphone directly on the laptop. Peripherals connected to the laptop can also be used to navigate the smartphone, giving the laptop users seamless access to mobile apps without switching devices.

Positioned as a series targeting young consumers, the HUAWEI MateBook D Series is a reflection of premium aesthetic designs, innovative technologies and cutting-edge intelligent experiences. On one hand, it offers a quality user experience in a compact form factor. On the other, it pushes the envelope of what ultralight laptops can deliver and complements Huawei’s overall PC product portfolio. In the future, Huawei will continue to bolster its PC product lines to further democratise the all-scenario, intelligent digital experience for the benefit of more consumers.

Special deal
Buy the HUAWEI Matebook D14 i5 now for R13999 on the HUAWEI Store (Online). The laptop comes with a HUAWEI Backpack Swift, HUAWEI Bluetooth Mouse Swift and HUAWEI VIP Service. You can also buy the HUAWEI Matebook D14 i5 at Vodacom, Telkom and Incredible Connection. (Ts&Cs apply)

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A Feature-Packed Phone That Won’t Cost You A Fortune #HuaweiNovaY60 @HuaweiZA

Hi Friends, 

Dynamite comes in small packages, so they say. “They” must be Huawei. With the recent release of the HUAWEI nova Y60, Huawei has once again proven its ability to develop a powerful, feature-packed device at a price small enough to please your pocket. Since the beginning, Huawei’s nova series has focused on meeting the needs of the youth, and that means balancing aesthetics and performance with affordability – and the HUAWEI nova Y60 is no different.

Here we unpack the top six features of the brand-new HUAWEI nova Y60:

1. Triple AI camera
With the main camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera and a depth camera, the HUAWEI nova Y60 is capable of producing brilliant, high-resolution images. It also has an algorithm dedicated to motion photography, which enables the camera to automatically detect moving subjects and adjust the shutter speed accordingly. And, thanks to its built-in multi-frame noise reduction feature, the camera captures clear and bright photos in dimly lit environments. Of course, there’s also a fantastic front camera, designed to deliver Insta-worthy selfies every time.

2. Heaps of storage
The HUAWEI nova Y60 uses an octa-core processor and a 4GB DDR4 to give you efficient and powerful performance. It comes standard with 64GB of internal storage capacity, but this can be increased to 512GB through MicroSD cards if you need more space.
A Feature-Packed Phone That Won’t Cost You A Fortune #HuaweiNovaY60 @HuaweiZA
3. A 5000mAh battery
If you don’t know what a 5000mAh battery is, all you need to know is this: you’re in for hours and hours of uninterrupted battery performance. With support for up to 15 hours of online video playback, you can now stream, share and play games without giving your battery another thought. The HUAWEI nova Y60’s power-saving algorithms are built to identify and adapt to your habits and to optimise and save power wherever possible.

4. Sound savvy
Love listening to music? Of course, you do! The HUAWEI nova Y60 uses HUAWEI SuperSound technology, a unique integrated software and hardware solution that provides a speaker volume of up to 86dB. It also strikes a balance between sound volume and sound quality, ensuring that the latter is never compromised.
A Feature-Packed Phone That Won’t Cost You A Fortune #HuaweiNovaY60 @HuaweiZA
5. 6.6-inch HUAWEI FullView Display
The HUAWEI FullView Display is everything it says it is, offering an immersive, full-view viewing experience. The sizeable HD+ display of the HUAWEI nova Y60 offers a broader, sharper perspective, which makes watching movies and playing games a dream. The screen also renders colours in fine and vibrant detail, while eye comfort mode reduces blue light to help relieve eye fatigue.

6. Screen perks
If you’re expecting your phone to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle, you might need some protection along the way. The HUAWEI nova Y60 comes with 50 days’ of free screen insurance as well as a one-time free screen guard.

All of these features come in a sleek and sexy device that is beautiful to look at and touch. And it’s yours for just R3,099. Huawei will even throw in a free Bluetooth headset valued at R699. Simply visit Huawei Store (online) or Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom and Takelot.

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