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Sunday, 14 October 2018

@Acer Unveils Self-driving Concept Car #NextAtAcer #ConceptCar

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Acer unveiled its self-driving concept car at the Taiwan Automotive Technology Innovation Summit 2018, in collaboration with Yulon Group, one of Taiwan’s top automakers and its subsidiaries automotive electronics provider HAITEC and car brand Luxgen. Integrating Acer’s autonomous driving system with the Luxgen S3 electric vehicle platform, the two companies demonstrated their level 4-ready self-driving concept car, showcasing their shared vision of AI (artificial intelligence) and autonomous driving technology.

“Both the automotive and ICT industries are going through a paradigm shift; automation, connectivity, electrification, and ‘servicification’ are key trends of future development,” said Edward Lin, Associate Vice President, Value Lab, Acer Inc. “In the realm of smart transportation, Acer already has a foothold in electronic ticketing, smart parking, connected car, and traffic prediction, and we’re excited to work with Yulon Group to venture into self-driving cars.”

Lin also added, “With Acer’s strength across software, hardware, and services, we’re in a great position to leverage our AI technology and fulfill the vision of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).”
@Acer Unveils Self-driving Concept Car #NextAtAcer #ConceptCar
“Autonomous driving is the future trend of the automotive industry, manufacturers around the world are stepping up from level 2 autonomous driving to level 3 and 4,” said Jung-Kuei Chen, Vice President, Product Engineering Group II, HAITEC. “With Acer, we’ve jointly unveiled Taiwan’s first self-driving concept car with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), IoV (Internet of Vehicles) and autonomous driving technology. Integrating Acer’s expertise in AI and the cloud with HAITEC’s self-developed open vehicle platform, we’ve achieved so much through our cross-industry collaboration.”

The level 4-ready self-driving concept car is based on the Luxgen S3 electric vehicle platform, with Acer’s autonomous driving system encompassing sensing, decision-making and control. Acer’s self-driving system leverages AI and sensor fusion algorithms fed with data from real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning, cameras, Lidars, MMW radars, IMU (inertial measurement unit) and ultrasonic sensors. It also uses deep learning technology to conduct object recognition, and then implements dynamic vehicle control to realize autonomous driving.

Acer’s self-driving system makes dynamic vehicle control decisions through AI models based on key data including image recognition, 3D Lidar obstacle detection, high-precision maps and real-time positioning to help the car steer, brake, cruise, maneuver, or park. It also has a cloud management system for car sharing services so that a control center can dispatch vehicles when users make transportation requests through their mobile device. The cloud management system can manage scheduling, monitoring, notification, and reporting, and allows safety monitoring and human intervention.

In the future, Acer’s self-driving system can enable multiple levels of autonomous driving, with plans to open the platform to partners and developers to collaborate on next-generation self-driving services.
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@SamsungSA Celebrates Mickey’s 90th Anniversary #Mickey90Africa #DisneyAfrica

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Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 90th anniversary this year. With his universal appeal and ability to emotionally connect with generations all over the world, no other character quite occupies a similar space in the hearts and minds of a global fan base. In order to commemorate the beloved character’s 90th Anniversary, Samsung is collaborating with Disney on an exhibition that will travel to 3 South African cities and delight fans and families alike, as they journey with Mickey over the years.

“Icons don’t get much bigger than Mickey Mouse. The unfettered joy he’s brought to generations of South Africans, is aligned with our own mission to create human-driven innovation that defy barriers to progress, such as integrated mobile devices like the Galaxy Note9 and visual devices like QLED TVs and VR, all focussed on delighting and connecting people,” says Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa.
@SamsungSA Celebrates Mickey’s 90th Anniversary #Mickey90Africa #DisneyAfrica
Mickey’s status as a ‘true original’ and his global impact on popular culture will be showcased in the Mickey the True Original South African Exhibit in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Featuring 4 sections highlighting Mickey’s innovation, his evolution, influence on fashion and also pop culture, the exhibition is brought to you by Samsung and in association with Edgars, and will visit:

· Sandton City, Centre Court: 28 September – 14 October 2018
· Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Expo Explore Court: 19 October – 11 November 2018
· Canal Walk Shopping Centre. Centre Court: 16 November – 26 November 2018

Samsung is also pleased to collaborate with Disney nationally at all Samsung and Edgars Stores in the Unlocking the Imagination campaign, fans are encouraged to visit Samsung stores, take a selfie with their giant Mickey plush toy on their Samsung Galaxy Note9 to stand a chance to win not only one of the giant Mickey plush toys, but also a family trip to New York. Visit for more information.
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New Ways To Creatively Express Yourself @SpotifySA #Music #SpotifySouthAfrica

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In 2018, gone are the days of handwritten love letters, sitting hunched over a radio playing a tug of war between ‘record’ and ‘stop’ to create the perfect mixtape, or diligently copying down the lyrics of a favourite song to share with someone special.

While technology may have taken us into a new era there is no reason why we still can’t express our feelings creatively, especially with the rise of music streaming services like Spotify, which have made listening to and sharing music simpler and less time consuming.

While the modern-day mixtape may take on the form of a specially curated playlist - now you can take this a step further by creating a playlist that spells out exactly how you feel or want to say simply using song titles.

Whether you want to ask someone out, apply for a job (this could work as a great covering letter), pop the question, announce there’s a baby on the way, help a friend through a tough time or simply let someone special know you’re thinking of them – the options are endless, and with a catalogue of over 35 million tracks on Spotify there’s a song to spell out any message.
New Ways To Creatively Express Yourself @SpotifySA #Music #SpotifySouthAfrica
To get you started, if you want to tell someone how much you love them, pick a few song titles that spell out how you feel and arrange them in a playlist to form one beautiful sentence.

Have some fun with your love note. Once you have created a new playlist, add a fun description of the compilation by leaving some blanks, in the description, in the form of numbers so that the recipient fills in the missing words using the associated song titles in the playlist, to read out the love note.

For example, spell out the message in the description placeholder using the playlist below:

‘’I really want to share this with 1 (the one I love) as you are the 2 (love of my life) and I know that I was 3 (made for you) because I really 4 (can’t help falling in love), this is just 5 (the way you make me feel) always!’’

1. The One I Love – R.E.M
2. Love Of My Life - Queen
3. Made For You – Banky W
4. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley
5. The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson

Take it one step further and pop the big question with a creative playlist proposal.

Title your playlist: I have a question for you? And indicate in the descriptor that the song titles spell out a message, then list the tracks in the following order and share the link to the playlist with your significant other. Turn it into a collaborative playlist and eagerly await the answer.

· I Just Called to Say I Love You
· You’re the One that I want
· Spend My Life With You
· I Have a Question
· Marry Me
· What’s your Answer?

For more inspiration visit Spotify Browse/ Romance for a selection of curated playlists that cover timeless love song classics, to wedding to heartbreak playlists, something to span all occasions of the heart. Download the Spotify app via the Android or iOS app store or by heading to - to embed Spotify into a website - right click on any playlist, go to 'share' and copy embed code.

#SpotifySouthAfrica - Facebook: @Spotify |Twitter: @SpotifySA | Instagram: @spotify
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@TsogoSun Commemorates Decades of #Heritage and #Tourism in #Durban

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Renowned as one of South Africa’s top tourism destinations, Durban has long delivered excellence for both holiday and business travel, with golden beaches, a year-round warm climate, a wide range of entertainment options and conference facilities, a diverse and vibrant culture, and world-class accommodation. In honour of Tourism month and Heritage Day in September, Tsogo Sun ( is commemorating its growing investment in the city’s tourism offering over the last five decades.
@TsogoSun Commemorates Decades of Heritage and Tourism in #Durban
Tsogo Sun currently boasts seven hotels and two resorts from Umhlanga in the north to uShaka Marine World in the south, as well as the area’s leading entertainment destination, Suncoast ( The group’s nine properties together offer 1 958 rooms, 13 restaurants, eight bars, and a myriad of other facilities and amenities. For decades, when South Africans think of holidays, Durban is the top of mind city – and Tsogo Sun’s hotels have continued to tick all the boxes for ideal accommodation, the best ocean views, the finest restaurants, and the easiest access to the city’s beautiful beaches.

Tsogo Sun’s Durban heritage began with the opening of the Beverly Hills ( in Umhlanga by Sol Kerzner in 1964. From this, Southern Sun was born in 1969, and in 1971 the group’s first new hotel was built, The Elangeni, on the Durban beachfront, which was followed by the iconic five-star Maharani. In 1981 Umhlanga Sands Hotel was bought and the Southern Sun Timeshare concept was launched, which subsequently included Cabana Beach Resort. Garden Court Marine Parade opened in 1985 with a distinctive art deco feel, and then Garden Court South Beach, previously Malibu Hotel, joined the family. In 2002 the group invested a further R1.4 billion into the Golden Mile – the single largest investment by any private company – with Suncoast Casino, Hotels & Entertainment, adding two hotels (Suncoast Towers and SunSquare Suncoast) and an array of entertainment, retail, gaming, fast-food and restaurant options. The ninth hotel, Garden Court Umhlanga, opened in 2010, and in 2013, Tsogo Sun transformed two of its beachfront hotels into the massive 734-room Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani hotel (
@TsogoSun Commemorates Decades of Heritage and Tourism in #Durban
Ravi Nadasen, COO of Tsogo Sun hotels, says, “Tsogo Sun is proud of our position as a key role player in the Durban economy. Our continued investment into our local properties is a reflection of our strong confidence in the area as an attractive leisure and business tourist destination, and in the eThekwini Municipality’s significant efforts to ensure the beachfront promenade is a world-class attraction for local and international travelers.”

Tsogo Sun’s latest investment in Durban is a complete redevelopment of Suncoast at a cost of R1,6 billion, which will be fully completed by end 2018 and includes an additional 8,000 square metres of space, a newly located Salon Privé with sea views, eight new restaurants, retail outlets, casino space, parking, a Barnyard Theatre, and a multi-purpose event venue for up to 2,000 people.

The eThekwini Municipality is also continuing its city improvement projects, which include the Point Waterfront Promenade Extension scheduled for completion in 2019, and a new KwaZulu Cruise Terminal to be constructed in the Port of Durban by end 2020. Apart from its extensive tourism offerings, Durban is South Africa’s third largest city, built around one of the busiest ports in Africa and has the fourth largest harbour in the southern hemisphere, and has earned its reputation as a dynamic mecca of business and industry.
@TsogoSun Commemorates Decades of Heritage and Tourism in #Durban
Nadasen adds that the group has recognized the city’s vast potential for growth and is committed to helping the city ensure it achieves its full potential as the best event city in South Africa, offering a rich playground of activities, hospitality, and events. “Our investment in Durban is directly in line with Tsogo Sun’s vision to provide the greatest possible variety of quality hospitality, leisure, gaming, and entertainment experiences at every one of our destinations.”

Philip Sithole, Deputy City Manager Development & Planning says, Tsogo Sun has contributed to changing the Durban skyline through their investment in key strategic tourism products which are key in ensuring that our tourism thrives. “Over the years the economy of Durban has benefited enormously from this partnership as it continues to shape the landscape of the city’s offering whilst complementing our vision of making Durban the must-visit destination.”

Tsogo Sun has a portfolio of over 100 hotels and 13 casino and entertainment destinations throughout South Africa, Africa, and Seychelles. For more details, visit, follow on Twitter @TsogoSun or like on
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