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Friday, 22 July 2016

@SamsungSA Delivers #AirConditioning That’s Effective in #Summer and #Winter

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Samsung Electronics South Africa has vast experience in the development of air conditioning and has long been committed to creating cooling solutions that are both powerful and convenient, thereby ensuring optimum comfort for users. However, what many consumers are unaware of is the fact that Samsung air conditioners are equally effective at warming up a room and they can perform more efficiently than the average heater.

Although South Africa is renowned for its long, warm summers, when the winter hits, the cold can really affect internal living spaces. The traditional method of dealing with the cold is to utilise a bar or fan heater, but these products tend to work best as personal heating appliances and are less effective when attempting to warm an entire room.

Michael McKechnie, Director of Digital Appliances Group at Samsung Electronics SA, points out that Samsung’s air conditioners may have a reputation for being cooling appliances, but they are just as good when it comes to heating a room. 
Samsung Air Conditioners #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
“You simply cannot obtain the same amount of comfort or efficiency in heating from another source, as these appliances are designed to control the entire room’s temperature. Moreover, an air conditioner allows you to maintain your desired room temperature more effectively too,” says McKechnie. 

“Consumers may be concerned that an air conditioner will use more power, but even this is not necessarily the case. Our products have a built in inverter that sets the appliance to idle once the room reaches optimal temperature, switching on again only if the temperature drops below this level. A heater, on the other hand, is likely to remain on throughout the day in order to keep a room warm, so it clearly draws a lot of electricity.”

He adds that another, intangible benefit of using an air conditioner for heat is that by more consistently controlling the temperature of the room, you are less likely to get ill from constant changes in temperature. In addition, Samsung’s premium products have ‘Virus Doctor’ built into them. This technology promotes clean air through a simple plasma ion, which is able to kill more than 99% of germs in the air.

One concern consumers may have is that purchasing an air conditioner is a much larger investment than buying a simple heater. McKechnie suggests that it should be remembered that such an appliance will be useful throughout the year, heating rooms in winter but will also be able to cool them in the long summer months. 

“Furthermore, although for new customers an air conditioner may be more costly than a simple heater, Samsung distributors have a finance scheme in place that will allow individuals to buy an appliance at a set monthly rate that includes a warranty, as well as a maintenance plan. This means they can get a high quality product, capable of serving their needs for many seasons to come, at a reasonable price.”

“Ultimately, Samsung is committed to creating air conditioning solutions that are not only powerful and convenient, but that ensure optimum comfort in both winter and summer, all while delivering peak energy efficiency, which translates into lower electricity bills for consumers,” concludes McKechnie.


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Women Technical Programme Empowers 16 #Electronics #Technicians @SamsungSA

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In the electronics repair industry, a field where 99% of employees are men, Samsung Electronics South Africa has begun making inroads into these numbers with its Samsung Women Technical Programme. The first 16 graduates of what will be an ongoing programme have recently begun working at Samsung’s various service centres.

The Samsung Women Technical Programme is an initiative which started in November 2015, when 20 female students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds were chosen from a group of some 200 at the Samsung Engineering Academy in Ekurhuleni. These young women had already undergone training on Samsung’s various products and appliances and were then selected for the first ever training programme specifically for hand held devices.

“They were trained on how to repair various mobile device models, how to conduct updates to software, as well as the different aspects around fixing hardware. The idea was to turn these young women into qualified cell phone technicians,” says Samsung’s Director: SSA Service, Richard Chetty.
Women Technical Programme Empowers 16 #Electronics #Technicians @SamsungSA
“The 16 young ladies who graduated from this course are certified to work on Samsung cell phones and they have been placed at a number of our service centres, where they will undergo a year of practical work in order to gain necessary and valuable experience. Following a final assessment, they will be certified as technicians, which will open up a meaningful career path to them.”

Chetty adds that while similar training programmes have been established in the industry, there is also a tendency for the hosting company’s responsibility to end when the trainees start their careers. However, he indicates that Samsung believes in focusing on things for the longer term, which is why the organisation will remain closely involved in the future development and occupational paths of these graduates. 

“Most importantly, these young ladies are merely the trailblazers of what we hope will become a flood of young female technical learners in South Africa. We are planning to have three intakes every year for women, although each intake will cover a different product focus area,” he explains.

“For example, a course focusing on larger appliances will require the learners to have a valid driver’s licence. In this way, they will not only learn how to service the appliances, but will be trained and certified as in-home technicians.” 

Chetty states that Samsung is considering the bigger picture with courses of this nature. They are designed to develop skills and create jobs and will even include training in aspects of entrepreneurship, so that future graduates have the opportunity to set up small businesses of their own.

“As a leader in South Africa, Samsung is committed to our responsibility toward our community and our goal of positively impacting on people’s lives. Our Samsung Women Technical Programme proves that job creation, skills development and women empowerment can be achieved. We want to encourage other corporate organisations to contribute to the economy and job creation by getting involved in similar schemes. Samsung is leading the way and we hope others will follow,” concludes Chetty.


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Thursday, 21 July 2016

@SavannaCider Unleashes The Future of #SA #Comedy @ComicsChoice #SavannaCCA

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Savanna Premium Cider has set the scene for the discovery of the next big name in South African comedy with the announcement of the five nominees for the 2016 Savanna Newcomer Award.

This year’s finalists, Snooze Kambuwa, Farhan Esat, Ebenhaezer Dibakwane, Phil de Lange and Thabo “Summary” Kgaphola all have the apples to take on the comedy scene after strutting their stuff at the Savanna Newcomer Showcase, held at the Soweto Theatre in May. The Savanna Newcomer Award will be announced in September at the 6th Annual South African Comics’ Choice Awards®.
“Comedy in South Africa is a growing industry and Savanna understands what it takes to make it in the industry from the brand’s involvement with comedians for the past 20 years. Savanna certainly has the apples to help discover new talent and give them a leg up onto the big stage to launch their careers in comedy,” says Tania Kotze, Savanna SA Marketing Manager. 

A platform for new and undiscovered talent, the annual Savanna Newcomer Showcase helps newbie comics gain exposure amongst new and larger audiences as a kick-start to their comedy careers. Previous Savanna Newcomers who have become giants of South African comedy include Deep Fried Man in 2011, Dillan Oliphant in 2012, Schalk Bezuidenhout in 2013, Loyiso Madinga in 2014 and Yaaseen Barnes in 2015.
Thabo “Summary” Kgaphola #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Thabo “Summary” Kgaphola
This year’s Savanna Newcomer nominees represent new, diverse stand-up acts. Thabo “Summary” Kgaphola is ready to take his act as class clown from the University of Johannesburg to stages around the country. He is also a nominee for the Savanna Audience Choice Comic Award, the only award open to public votes at this year’s South African Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards®.
Farhan Esat #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Farhan Esat
Another Johannesburg nominee, Farhan Esat, was a semi-finalist at last year’s Swiss Montreux International Comedy Competition and is a co-host of the weekly GAS Comedy Show on CliffCentral. 
Ebenhaezer Dibakwane #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Ebenhaezer Dibakwane
Apart from stand-up comedy, Ebenhaezer Dibakwane, also based in Johannesburg, is a sketch actor and writer, with TV-appearances on SABC2’s Bantu Hour and ANN7 sports show, Game On. 
 Snooze Kambuwa #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
 Snooze Kambuwa
Malawian born nominee Snooze Kambuwa, performed at Africa’s first Comedy Central International Comedy Festival last year, another Savanna sponsored event.
Phil de Lange #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Phil de Lange
Cape Town nominee, Phil de Lange, cracks jokes while playing the ukulele on stages across the Mother City including the Savanna-aligned Cape Town Comedy Club.

The winner of the Savanna Newcomer Award will be announced at the 6th Annual South African Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards® on 3 September 2016 at the Teatro at Montecasino in Johannesburg. Voting for the Savanna Audience Choice Comic Award can be done via SMS to 37303 using the unique code available at SMS costs R1.50 per message and is limited up to 20 votes per mobile number.

For the latest updates on Savanna comedy action, visit or and follow @SavannaCider on Twitter, and YouTube.

More about the 6th Annual South African Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards®: 
For the love of laughter - The 6th Annual South African Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards® will be held at the Teatro at Montecasino in Johannesburg on 3 September 2016. The show, directed by well-known comedian and TV director, Rob van Vuuren, promises to be a hilarious variety show comprising sketches, stand-up, impressionists, celebrity performances and witty one liners delivered by SA’s top comedians.

The 10 award categories are:

The Savanna Newcomer Comic
The Intermediate Comic
The Comics’ Pen Award
The Comic of the Year
The Lifetime Achiever Award
The Flying Solo Comic Award
The Non-English Comic Award
Best Friend of Comedy
The Breakthrough Award (new)
The Savanna Audience Choice Comic (only category open to public vote)

For more information or tickets to the awards, visit, Facebook:, Twitter: @ComicsChoice #SavannaCCA


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How #Training Has Been Affected By #Technology? @MioGlobalSA #TrainWithHeart

Hi Guys, 

Athletes everywhere are taking notice – training smarter is all about detailed tracking. To cater to these performance driven athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Mio Global introduced the Mio Fuse, an accurate heart rate monitor watch and activity fitness tracker that improves your performance and health. 

Long gone are the days when you trained for the sake of training and didn’t know if your body had properly recovered from a workout. That’s why all Mio performance wearables – from heart rate monitors to activity trackers – are designed to perform at the highest levels of accuracy. Whether it’s your first 5K or your 10th triathlon, Mio delivers the real-time data you need to get in the zone, enhance your training efficiency, and track down your fitness goals.
Mio Fuse #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra #TrainWithHeart
Training has been positively affected by technology on different aspects of physical activity and potential future applications. The Mio Fuse allows you to track steps, pace, distance and calories to provide a complete assessment of your daily effort. It also provides EKG-accurate heart rate data, with no chest strap required and connects to your iPhone and Android fitness apps. 

The Mio Fuse allows you to train with the right intensity level and help prevent injury caused by overtraining and improper pacing. The benefits of a heart rate monitor device is that it provides a real-time, dynamic representation of your body’s response to exercise. Therefore, training within your target heart rate zones can help to improve the efficiency of your workouts.

What makes Mio Global different from other brands offering heart rate monitor devices, is that it has introduced Personal Activity Intelligence called PAI. The PAI App is a metric which finally makes sense of heart rate data for the average consumer. The PAI App makes activity tracking simple, just keep your score above 100 to enjoy optimal health. Your score is based on a rolling 7-day window of activity, which allows people to fit their exercise into their schedule and meet their goals. 
Mio Fuse PAI App #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
By maintaining a PAI score above 100, it has been scientifically proven to help you maximize your longevity and reduce the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. The algorithms used in the PAI app are based on the largest health study ever conducted, using 20 years of activity data from 60,000+ people. 

“Mio Global offers performance wearables designed to obtain the best performance and activity results that lead to a stronger and healthier you. Everyone’s body responds differently to exercise and we are proud to be part of the journey to a healthy and balanced lifestyle for the ordinary consumer,” says Jason Theunissen, Brand Custodian for Mio Global South Africa.


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