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Sunday, 25 March 2018

@InspectaCarSA Launched 4 New Dealerships in A Single Day #17March2018 #Tshwane

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InspectaCar continued its successful start to 2018 with the launch of revamped dealerships for Tshwane on Saturday, 17 March.

InspectaCar hosted family-friendly events at its revamped dealerships in Pretoria North, Wonderboom, Gezina, Centurion East, and Lifestyle Motors Centurion. The day’s activities included jumping castles, balloons, and snacks for the kids, as well as DJs and lucky draws for a range of fantastic prizes. On the dealership floor, friendly InspectaCar staff was available to offer test drives and showcase their quality vehicles. 
@InspectaCarSA Launched 4 New Dealerships in A Single Day #17March2018 #Pretoria
InspectaCar remains committed to its brand promise – “second-hand will never feel second best” – by providing service excellence throughout the entire purchase journey. InspectaCar CEO Pertunia Sibanyoni said of the series of mega-events: “Who would have thought, back in 2002 when the very first InspectaCar dealership opened in Pretoria, that in 2018 we would be opening four premium dealerships in one day!
@InspectaCarSA Launched 4 New Dealerships in A Single Day #17March2018 #Pretoria
“These openings are the epitome of our brand’s journey to greatness. At InspectaCar, we are consistently driven to deliver excellent stock at a good price, fight perceptions around the used car salesman, and increase our visibility online. We are working hard to give our franchisees the edge and have a robust business model that focusses on access to stock affiliations to provide superior second-hand vehicles. This gives our customers confidence because they can trust our pre-owned cars. Our franchisees have the benefit of InspectaCar brand marketing initiatives, coupled with the backing of the WesBank brand,” Sibanyoni continued.


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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Annalakshmi’s African Adventure #24March2018 #EmperorsPalace @BluBloodSA #Theblubloodway

Hi Friends,

Where do you go when you’re trying to get away from your monster mother-in-law? If you’re Annalakshmi, then it’s a different country and a different continent altogether!

Annalakshmi’s African Adventure is a hilarious musical comedy about being an Indian National taking refuge in South Africa. This one-woman-show will take place for the first time on a Joburg stage on the 24th of March at the Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace.

Using singing in a variety of Indian vernacular, as well as old and contemporary English music, Annalakshmi tackles family, social, economic and political issues.

She loves telling stories and giving candid commentary of her Indian take on things and her parodies are witty, funny and they hit home.

“The show looks into why I had to leave India and how I came to choose South Africa as my place of refuge. It’s also about my experiences in SA and the political / Bollywood-style love story between JZ and the Guptas,” comments Annalakshmi.
Annalakshmi’s African Adventure #24March2018 #EmperorsPalace @BluBloodSA #Theblubloodway
Anasia Govender – better known as her stage character, Annalakshmi – is a 42-year-old mother of 3 and an entrepreneur. She is also the chef and owner of Chilli Kadhai Restaurant in Durban. In fact, this was where it all started when her video advertising the restaurant went viral after she gave Ed Sheeran’s song, Thinking Out Loud, her own twist (

One of her comedy career highlights was being a semi-finalist on SA’s Got Talent 2017. She has shared the stage with some of South Africa’s best comedians including Carvin Goldstone, Joey Rasdien, and Marc Lottering, to name a few.

Kamz Govender, an exciting new up-and-coming comic, will be the opening act. His clean, hilariously well-thought out one-liners, has him standing out on stage.

Annalakshmi’s African Adventure is entertainment for the whole family. Tickets are available from R120 per person through

Proudly brought to you in association with Blu Blood. Connect on Facebook ( or alternatively follow @BluBloodSA.


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Digital Money Set to Disrupt The Banking Industry @HoganLovellsSA #eNotes

Hi Friends

Natoshi Nakamoto – the creator of bitcoin – had a vision for the new age of commerce and that vision is being realized at a rapid pace as with all financial services, people all around the world desire financial platforms that are convenient, safe, reliable and trustworthy. Cryptocurrency has been established to be detached from regulatory intervention, but it still does not satisfy those four requirements given its volatility in value. Digital money, on the other hand, has given this cushion of surety for its users. Uruguay, as an example, is at the forefront of integrating digital money into its payment systems.

What is the difference between cryptocurrency and digital money? Well, the simple answer is that digital money is regulated by a country's Central Bank and is formally accepted as legal tender, whereas cryptocurrency is decentralized and is not formally accepted as legal tender, making it optional for people to accept it. This means that a creditor is not under any obligation to accept a bitcoin tender as means to settle a debt.

Digital currency is a centralized solution that generates digital money that can be exchanged between users that own digital wallets. Quite simply instead of physical money and a physical wallet, users now have a digital form. The main attribute of digital money is that it will be pegged against the value of the currency of the country in which it is being utilized. Cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, creates a separate commodity with its own value, which is influenced by a volatile means of economic principles such as supply and demand.

The technology that will support digital currency is through a system that generates "eNotes" for the Central Bank. The Central Bank will at all times have monitoring power over the circulation of the "eNotes". In addition, the Central Bank will also be in a position to adjust the volume of legal tender in circulation. Given this transparency, the use of digital legal tender will also help to provide an effective deterrence to illicit and fraudulent transactions. The reason for this is that electronically the Central Bank will be able to track at any time the flow of the "eNotes".
Digital Money Set to Disrupt The Banking Industry @HoganLovellsSA
eNotes can be stored with commercial banks or Fintech companies that will account for eNotes transactions. eNotes will not be directly stored on mobile devices and thus presents the advantage that the end-user may always have a sense of security that should his mobile device be stolen or damaged, the digital wallet and the eNotes will not be stolen.

Digital currency would also be able to be used for both points of sale payments and remote payments. Digital money can also be interchanged with physical notes at ATMs or at a point of sale.

Digital money also has benefits for the state. The costs associated with printing money for the state will be significantly lowered than the costs involved in managing digital money.

The traditional form of legal tender in circulation means that retail banks are advanced funds from the Reserve Bank at a particular interest value. Retail banks then distribute the funds to the public through various payment systems that are responsible for clearing and settling payments. The retail banks then place their interest margin on the legal tender that is used by the public.

The digital currency system intends to reduce the burden of additional interest costs. eNotes can be directly provided to the public.

Where eNotes may be a disrupter for the banking industry, they pose an opportunity for the insurance industry, as an example. National Treasury, for instance, has prioritized a mass-based and sustainable transformation that will direct the financial sector work and generate wealth for all South Africans.

Access to financial services is a key driver towards achieving economic and social transformation. eNotes would enable all South Africans to save, borrow, insure and transact.

There is no requirement to have a bank account, but merely a phone that enables an eWallet. Now insurance premiums can be paid via the use of an eWallet unlocking the insurance industry to more South Africans.
Written By Christine Rodrigues, partner, and Craig de Bruyn, candidate attorney, at Hogan Lovells (South Africa)

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@SteersSA Fires Up For #WorldEpilepsyDay Awareness Walk #25Mar #PurpleDay2018 #MushroomPark

Hi Friends,

World Purple Day is an emerging global movement that seeks to create awareness for a serious neurological condition called Epilepsy that affects 50 million people globally. This movement was started by Cassidy Megan from Canada who also lives with this disorder and felt a strong need to communicate its importance on a global scale by encouraging people, brands, and businesses to come together and teach each other about epilepsy. Steers has taken the initiative to be one of the only few brands in South Africa to make a fitting contribution, a day before the official day of global awareness, by being involved in a walk that will take place at Mushroom Park in Sandton on Sunday the 25th of March, from 9:30am to 12:30pm.

Attendees of the walk will be permitted free entrance to the walk with the only condition to ensure that each walker and spectator is to bring toiletries and other donations that will be donated to the selected NGO’s that deal directly with affected individuals of this condition around the country. “We are very excited to have been offered the opportunity to support a cause that needs tremendous amounts of attention as this is a serious condition that should not be neglected but effectively taken into consideration among the other occasions of awareness in South Africa and around the world,” states Marketing Executive for Steers Adolf Fourie.
@SteersSA Fires Up For #WorldEpilepsyDay Awareness Walk #PurpleDay2018 #MushroomPark
The walkers are to expect a fun-filled day for the whole family where music, entertainment as well as informative demonstrations to treat unexpected cases of epilepsy will be provided. Steers has seen this as a wonderful opportunity to be one of the first and few brands nationally to be involved in an initiative that does not only have similarity in colour, but one that finds it imperative to address a need to find effective ways to support programmes that aim to uplift various communities and the individuals within them. The walk was developed to encourage South Africans to create a culture of acceptance and understanding for this critical brain condition that impacts over 500 000 individuals on average.

“We are so grateful for the support offered to us from a brand like Steers because of the fact they too are also taking the necessary steps to ensure that their customers who may be exposed to this condition ought to know that they are being cared for through their generous helping hand in this event. We hope that this will be a fruitful long-lasting relationship between us and Steers so as to continue to make this occasion of awareness bigger and bigger every year, and to really make the first event to be a meaningful contribution to the Epileptic community in our country,” says Tania van Heerden - Co-Founder for Epilepsy Purple Day South Africa and Linah More - Franchise Manager JHB North and East. Steers will go the extra mile to raise awareness through creating unique social media content posts that will encourage early detection, ways to handle traumatic encounters as well as demonstrate effective ways in which individuals can approach medical consultants who can assist patients who are scared to come forward for treatment.

South Africa is urged to support this cause by wearing a purple item of clothing on Monday the 26th of March in a bid to raise awareness for this condition as the rest of the globe will also raise awareness in a variety of interesting ways and activities.
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