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Monday, 19 November 2018

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Nov 2017 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

November is the second last month to complete all your unfinished tasks and start planning for the Summer holidays and the new year. This year too I will try to finish all my pending blog posts and social media posts for this year by end of December 2018.

1. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Nov 2016 #TheLifesWay - - November has been the month where I really start completing all the pending tasks and all the blog posts pending from my end like the product reviews. 
2.  A lot of product reviews was posted during the November which was really an achievement where I could do so much in a single month.

Product Review - @ADATATechnology HD650 2.5" External Hard Disk Drive #Gadgets - - ADATA launched a lot of computer accessories and is making a name for itself in the portable hard disk, memory storage, and power banks space.

Product Review - @AstrumSA ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headset #Bluetooth #Earphones - - Astrum gave their earphones in the press pack in 2017 and I chose this one and really enjoyed them as my first wireless earphones.

Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector @PredatorGaming - - This is one of the best projectors I have ever seen in my life. It can project 3D pictures and movies which can be watched using the special 3D glasses provided by Acer.
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Nov 2017 #TheLifesWay
Aashish Rai @ 1 Fox Street
Product Review - @LGMobileSA V20 Android #Smartphone @LGSouthAfrica #PlayMore -  - LG Mobile created a unique smartphone which not only surpassed their main device and this one was outstanding. I really loved the camera (Video) and audio capabilities of this smartphone. 

Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA - - Samsung sent me this headphone after a long long wait since it's launch many years ago. I really loved the over-ear headphones and missing them a lot.

Product Review - Bang & Olufsen H3 ANC #Earphones @BangOlufsenSA - - Bang & Olufsen ANC earphones are awesome but with a caveat to carry the weird circular gadgetry attached to the wires to make them noise cancellation earphones. Really loved reviewing this device and LG Mobile was providing them for free if you buy their certain niche smartphone that year.
Product Review - @Vodacom Smart Prime 7 and Smart Turbo 7 #Android #Smartphone - - These are the series of smartphones for students and persons who just want to use the smartphone for the first time as they run on old Android OS and will not receive updates as fast as branded smartphones.
Product Review - @LGSouthAfrica G4 Beat @LGMobileSA Android #Smartphone - - LG  invited me to their events and I used to promote a lot of their products. I received this android smartphone for review and loved the unique packaging consisting of several back panels to suit your personality or dress.

Product Review - @SonyXperiaZA XA1 Ultra #Android #Smartphone #XperiaXA1Ultra - - XA1 Ultra is an amazing smartphone with selfie camera so perfect at the time before Huawei starting capturing the market by powering Beauty mode. Sony cameras have a lot of great technology to now follow others with double or triple cameras installed as the world around them uses their lens technology only inside several unbranded and branded smartphones. I really love Sony Products and bought a lot of them in London. 

3. I started a series of posts in terms of motivational as well as my learnings from starting the blog to the storytelling of my life in 30 posts and some of them I posted in November 2017. This year I will celebrate 6 years of The Life's Way and will think about something similar on these lines.  

30 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Hope -

29 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Perseverance -

28 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Perseverance -

4. The ‘Melts in Your Mouth’ Goodness of #YumYum #PeanutButter #RCLfoods #5YearsofTheLifesWay - - Yum yum launched their new packaging and I was invited to the same with my family. I really enjoyed the event along with the goodies received from the same. I even won the hand-blender for dancing the best amongst all the parents by public voting along with all the several flavors of Yum Yum peanut butter which got finished just this month.

5. @EdgarsFashion UNiTE Orange #6KM Run On 2 Dec 2017 #BreakTheSilence @EdgarsOrangeDay #Jozi - -  Edgars launched Unite Orange Run and I really loved the launch event and the charity this event sponsors. Many women got empowered using this program by Edgars and this year too I will participate in the run if possible. 

Enjoy your life and post what you love and like. Let's create something unique with each and every post on whatever social media it gets posted on especially Instagram and this blog channel and on Youtube too. 

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A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Oct 2017 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

October is always a busy month full of new launches and expo's to attend to. I always look forward to Photo and Film Expo, rAge Expo and many new smartphone launches from many brands. There are also some birthdays of family and friends which keeps you occupied all the weekends. Lately, I have observed that if I am spending time on my blog, I am missing out on a lot of things and if I am not getting anything in return, then it's better to make this blog my own content only rather than posting press releases. If someone invites me to their events, I will post about them and if someone sends me press drops or money, then only I will post their stuff on my channels.

1. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Oct 2016 #TheLifesWay - -  Last October, I was still using S8+ and was amazed at the photographs I was able to take and share them on my social media channels. I was marking Samsung also on all my posts on the network. I have been an unofficial ambassador of the brand. Many thanks to them for making all these capable smartphones to completely wipe out the market of point and shoot cameras. 

2. @HuaweiZA Unveils The HUAWEI Mate 10 and HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro #AndroidSmartphone - - I was not invited to the launch event of Huawei Mate 10 last year in 2017 but this year I attended the Mate 20 Lite and Pro launch. I have not asked for the review units yet, as I am unable to find time to finish all my pending items and tasks. I think about and worry about these blog posts but nothing moves. It gets into the delayed cycle for so long that eventually, I lose interest too and the PR company too. 

3. Website Review - #OnlineShopping @AcerAfrica #ShopAcer #SouthAfrica - - Acer opened their online shop last year and I got the chance to review the same. I bought Acer's LCD display using the R500 coupon provided and I watched STAR WARS series of movies on the same and really loved the same. Black Panther, I really loved watching on the same too. 

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Oct 2017 #TheLifesWay
Aashish Rai @ Howick Falls, Howick, South Africa
4. Product Review - @AcerAfrica Swift 7 Laptop #Swift7 #AcerForBlogging - - Reviewing any products comes with a huge responsibility to get not blinded by any particular feature but check those pros and cons which can really impact the person who will put their hard earned money to buy the products you review. I really loved this Swift 7 laptop which is equivalent to MacBook Air in terms of design and beauty with Windows OS. I missed touch panel and backlit keyboard on the version I received for review.

5. Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica - - I really loved a little trip to Bloemfontein invited by Sangiro Lodge to stay for 3 nights and enjoy the nearby towns like Kimberley and have a great time with family. I really loved my 10th anniversary in the employer I am working for last year. It's a long period and I am looking forward to many more if Universe has no other plans for me.

Time is money and we all heard or read this adage from time to time but to follow and spend this wisely is what needs to be learned. I am learning this and questioning all my decisions to write or not write or to promote or not promote by comparing my Return on Time from time to time. I am not worried about ROI as much as I am worried about sacrificing family and friends time to post some press releases which no one reads or is widely available on other channels too. On top of it, If I demand companies they ask for Analytics to say that no it doesn't match our requirements etc, so it's better to post what you are interested to write about in your day to day life!

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Friday, 9 November 2018

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Sep 2017 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

September is the start of the Spring and the first thing that comes in my mind, is my daughter's birthday on 1 Sep and then other things like Jacaranda Trees and Spring Cleaning the ecosystem around myself. 

1. @rAgeExpo is All Set to Celebrate 15 Years of Awesome Gaming #EscapetoPlanetrAge 6-8 Oct2017 - - rAge Expo has been an awesome event and last year it was special for me as I won stuff during and after the show. I got myself a Maxnomic Gaming Chair from ESL via Kwese Gamer in an online contest and also won 1TB portable HDD from ADATA Technologies. Also, the press pack included Astrum earphones too along with several T-shirts from various brands. 2017 has been my successful rAge Expo ever in terms of goodies received. 

2. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Sep 2016 #TheLifesWay - - The story has been the same every year end when I stock take my efforts and the returns received. It's negative in most of the cases and where it's some positive, I am not able to devote time to those brands. This year I am ending this misery and no more Press Releases posts on my channel until it's paid for from 1 Jan 2019. Why be on the mercy of the brands when I can earn money and buy my own new stuff and tickets to shows I want to attend? 

3. New Motorola #Smartphone Models to Launch in SA #MotoZ2Play #MotoG5Splus @TelkomZA - - Motorola launched their smartphones and soon after some months, it was being sold at more than 50% discount on Dionwired because of bad battery performance and no return on investment from customer's perspective. I didn't get a device to review but I asked some fellow bloggers about the device who reviewed the same. If you tell brands the truth, they boycott you which is self-explanatory in one sense but you need to take sugar with a pinch of salt sometimes. 

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Sep 2017 #TheLifesWay
Aashish Rai @CanonRSA Instagram Meet in August 2018
4. DJ Tira Massacres #RedBullCultureClash 2017 Opponents @RedBullZA #Jozi - - I loved DJ Tira at the media launch night in CBD, Johannesburg as I could not go to the actual event. But despite all the promotion on my channels, I didn't get any Red Bull cans etc from them for all the free promotion I did. But Red Bull is my favorite drink so I can let it all go without any guilt or so! 

5. @Discovery_SA @JacarandaFM #SpringWalk Welcomed Spring With A Beat #Pretoria - - Last year I was invited to the Jacaranda FM for the Spring Walk and I did 5kms with my family. This year I did 15 km walk with my friend and it was difficult but I really enjoyed finishing the same in around 2hrs 42min. This was my 2nd 15km in this year after MTN Walk the Talk 15kms. The body was much more relaxed and I was able to complete the race as compared to the first time.

This year I will finish 6 years of The Life's Way and I don't want to waste my time on brands which don't value me or my efforts. I will only do what inspires me to write and what pays me to write and promote on my social media platforms. I have plenty of other things to achieve in my life rather than wasting my time on stuff and brands which just want free promotion. 


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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

See The Latest Cutting-edge Technology in Action at #iceeSA2018 @ICEESA_2017

Hi Friends,

Back for the second year, the International Consumer Electronics Expo South Africa (ICEE SA 2018) will showcase cutting-edge technology in action and provide an opportunity to make connections with some of China’s biggest technology suppliers.

Visit the Sandton Convention Centre from 7 to 9 November 2018 to take a step into the future and experience the only professional consumer electronics expo in Africa. There will be 10 categories of electronics on display in Exhibition Hall 1 from 10am to 6pm on 7 and 8 November and 10am to 5pm on 9 November. Entrance is free.
See The Latest Cutting-edge Technology in Action at #iceeSA2018 @ICEESA_2017
Thousands of electronic products will be on display, falling into 10 categories:
  • The internet of things
  • Wearables
  • Unmanned systems
  • Gaming and peripherals
  • Emerging technology
  • Vehicle technology
  • Family and lifestyle electronics
  • Communication products and accessories
  • Portable electronic products and accessories
  • Computer hardware, software, and peripherals
This exclusive electronics expo tours the world, also visiting the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Thailand, Iran, and Brazil. After South Africa, it will go to India, Indonesia, and Russia. This is the ideal opportunity for people in Gauteng and surrounding areas to come and discover innovative technology that has not yet been released locally. It’s also a one-stop shop for anyone looking to connect with some of China’s best technology suppliers. See The Latest Cutting-edge Technology in Action at #iceeSA2018 @ICEESA_2017
 South Africa has the largest consumer electronics market in Africa and is one of the top 20 global markets for consumer electronics products. In addition to its large domestic market, the country also plays a significant role as a hub for the growing sub-Saharan market. Most global IT players have a presence in South Africa.

The ICEE•SA 2018 exhibitors are all manufacturers and factory owners from China’s technology hub, Shenzhen, which has been compared to Silicon Valley in the US. Shenzhen is located in south-eastern China, on mainland China’s border with Hong Kong.
“We aim to create a new vision that will lead to a brighter future for the electronics markets in the countries that we visit. Newly launched products will be showcased at ICEE SA 2018 and we carefully select only the top exhibitors to ensure that the products on display are of optimum quality,” says expo organizer Elva Wang, project manager at Hong Kong-based DFE International.

“The expo is positioned at the forefront of technological transformation and it not only provides the opportunity for consumers to experience the latest electronics first-hand, but it is the ideal platform for Southern African buyers to negotiate with manufacturers face to face,” Wang adds.

“The products are well priced for local wholesalers, retailers, and SMEs who trade in electronics.”

There will be various workshops at the expo where visitors can learn about new technology and there will also be a conference about investment opportunities and trade relations between South Africa and China, starting at 2pm on 7 November.
See The Latest Cutting-edge Technology in Action at #iceeSA2018 @ICEESA_2017
Snacks and cold drinks will be available, and there will be exciting prize giveaways on the second and third days. South Africa’s top technology micro-influencers and bloggers will be available for group shots to boost your coolness factor on social media.

Don’t miss the chance to contribute to technological transformation in South Africa. For more information or to pre-register, visit Follow the hashtag #iceeSA2018 to engage with visitors, exhibitors or to stay up to date on news and events.

About the International Consumer Electronics Expo
The International Consumer Electronics Expo (ICEE) tours the world, visiting the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Thailand, Iran, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, India, and Russia. ICEE showcases the latest cutting-edge electronics technology. The exhibitors are all manufacturers and factory owners from China’s technology hub, Shenzhen. It is organized by DFE International (Hongkong) Co Ltd. Exhibitors are carefully selected by the organizers to ensure that only high-quality products are exhibited. The expo provides an excellent opportunity for buyers to meet suppliers of electronics.
Contact me at to collaborate on your products, events, and services. #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra!

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