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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

#TheLifesWayGoals @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK #Target25km 28Jul19 - Week 5/6/7 #HuaweiHealthSA

Hi Friends, 

It really requires a strong will power to continue and leave aside your regular tasks and lifestyle to carry on to some new goals in your life. I have been missing on my goal for which I was getting prepared and as I thought that I am going good, I relaxed my will power to focus on watching Netflix TV series and posting a lot of blog posts on my blog and other social media channels which I was not able to do when I was walking every alternate day as  per my schedule. Another idea hit me in Week 4 that I shall walk daily rather than stretching myself on Tue and Thu and Sat and do some regular walking to save on time and put regular effort daily. That is the worst idea as daily it's almost impossible for me to go out and with weather fluctuating in Johannesburg, South Africa my body is always looking for some reasons to not go out. 
#TheLifesWayGoals @Walkthetalk_ #MTN702WALK #Target25km 28Jul19 - Week 5/6/7 #HuaweiHealthSA
After 3 weeks of TV watching including all the cricket matches and Lucifer Season 1, Designated Survivor Season 3 and many other movies I can surely say that Entertainment and Fitness can't go hand in hand for me. I have to sacrifice one at the expense of others and now since the past 3 weeks, my body is not keeping well as compared to when I was walking regularly. I am again committing myself to the schedule and going to enhance my walking in a month left to the race day. Time flies and the race day will be much nearer than I thought as I wasted first 3 weeks of June in stuff which I wanted to do but was postponing so it's a win-lose situation but I am ok about it. 

I have been looking for my shoes and wanted to experiment with the PUMA ones I have but those seem to be unlucky shoes as I didn't walk in those more than 3.18km on 4th June 2019. I shall return to my old, dusty and torn shoes from New Balance as they are my heart and they love me and I love them. They are the only lucky ones which kept me on track for such a long time on anything. Let's start with them again and walk till the end in those only, who cares. It's a race for myself and my body and nobody else cares about that. I have this problem from the start of my life that I need to have all the resources ready for me to start something which is always a wrong strategy. You shall always start and resources come on the way! Let's try to change it and build towards a healthier future Aashish Rai Jain! Amen!

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#TheLifesWayGoals @HuaweiZA #MTN702WALK #Target25km 28Jul19 - Week 4 #HuaweiWatchGT

Hi Friends, 

Week 4 saw me down with cough and cold catching up with me and I was at the verge of falling sick and when I started my walk on 4th Tuesday, I could not go further than 3km and it took almost 40 min to complete the same too. 

Let's focus this post on Huawei Watch GT and what it brings on the table for me for this walk, some key points are explained as below - 
  1. Battery Life: Now I can forget that my watch is digital smartwatch as the battery life of Huawei Watch GT is huge. It can easily go for more than 1 weeks with my exercise regime but for most people, it will easily cross 2 weeks with a single charge.
  2. AMOLED Display: On Huawei Watch GT Active edition I have its 1.39 inch AMOLED 454 x 454 HD screen and it's super awesome to watch in direct sunlight too.
  3. Gestures: The AMOLED screen supports slide and touch gestures as the dial is fixed, unlike Samsung watch which needs 2 fingers to operate. 
  4. Charging: The watch gets charged fully in less than 2 hours on the Magnetic charging thimble which comes in the package. 
  5. Water and Dust Resistance: It's 5 ATM water-resistant and the whole casing is secured with only charging pins out in the open. The watch keeps sending notification as you put on the charging cradle that keeps these pins are dry and without any water. 
  6. Lovely Straps: The watch is easy to wear with its new design of straps which are comfortable on your wrist even when you wear them day in day out. I really loved my Orange Fluoroelastomer Strap which I wear while sleeping in the night too and only take out while taking a bath and when the watch is getting charged. 
  7. Watch Case: I have got the 46.5 mm case in Titanium Grey Stainless Steel which is made up of Metal, Plastic and Ceramic. Please don't go by the name of the look as the case is not Stainless Steel. 
  8. Buttons: Power button and Function Buttons are the only buttons other than the touch screen to do all the functions required. 
  9. No Auto Pause and Auto Start - Huawei Watch GT doesn't offer the auto start and pause when you stop during the workout which is the case with earlier Samsung Gear S2 watch I was using. In this, you have to manually do the same by just clicking a button on the top side. 
  10. No Floors Measurement: Despite having an altimeter, the Huawei Watch GT is not showing the floors walked in its software. This might come as a feature later in this watch. 
  11. No Music Player: Huawei Watch has no music player built into the same, hence it will remain a watch and can't control your music and you will have to carry your mobile always. 
  12. 786MB RAM: is very less and it can only take very less number of Watchfaces, unlike my earlier watch Gear S2 which has a 4GB memory to accommodate songs as well as apps and 100s of watch faces.  
So these were some of the things from the top of my mind about the Huawei Watch GT! My performance for the week remains good as I completed my first 15km in about 2-3 minutes less than the last race I participated last year in Pretoria for Spring Walk - 15kms. 
#TheLifesWayGoals @HuaweiZA #MTN702WALK #Target25km 28Jul19 - Week 4 #HuaweiWatchGT

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Friday, 21 June 2019

Gamers, Geeks and Fantasy Freaks – This Is Your Time To Shine! @RushCoZA #rushesports2019 #connected #vodacomfibre

Hi Friends, 

The annual Rush Esports event is quite literally upon us, and esports enthusiasts are gearing up, locking down and putting on their game faces for one of South Africa’s most thrilling events on the esports calendar. The multi-tournament, multi-platform celebration of all things competitive gaming will be exploding into life on 28, 29 and 30 June 2019, at the Sun Arena, Time Square, Pretoria.

It goes without saying that the variety of tournaments being hosted is enough to get you firing on all cylinders - FIFA 19, CS:GO, DOTA 2, StarCraft, Hearthstone, Fortnite and Tekken 7. But it’s the list of prizes up for grabs that are truly going to blow your mind. The prize pool for Rush, sponsored by Vodacom 4U and Samsung, includes cash prizes, product prizes, and overseas trips, totaling over R450,000.

The stakes have never been this high, the tournaments never this grand and the prizes never before this sensational!

“At Vodacom 4U, gaming and esports are one of the key strategic pillars that support our brand strategy,” Says Ulanova Visser, Marketing Director at Vodacom 4U. “Last year we were very excited for the opportunity to partner with Rush Esports South Africa and offer massive prizes for three gaming titles. The success of this partnership has led to us upping the ante for 2019 by doubling the number of gaming titles to six - as well as substantially increasing the overall prize purse that will be up for grabs to the competitors.
Gamers, Geeks and Fantasy Freaks – This Is Your Time To Shine! @RushCoZA #rushesports2019 #connected #vodacomfibre
“Because Vodacom’s Youth Franchise Channel is fluent in “gaming speak”, it’s only logical that Vodacom Fibre will be providing all the connectivity for the event to ensure that our gamers can enjoy serious uninterrupted gaming while competing during the weekend. Through Vodacom Fibre, we are able to offer our customers finance options to purchase gaming consoles and other products by simply adding on to their monthly contract commitment. We are also thrilled to be supporting a Fortnite Cosplay category competition at the event.”

Aside from competing, Rush offers the perfect opportunity for all ages and skill levels to get a taste of esports – even if they’re just watching. Big screens and live commentary will be giving visitors throw by throw rundowns of the tournaments, guaranteeing maximum audience thrills.

This year entrance tickets to Rush also include entrance into GeekFest - a complete weekend invasion of all things geek including Sumo Wrestling, a Dance Dance Revolution setup, Robowar competitions, a Gladiator Ring, cosplay and a LARP tournament.

To say this a jam-packed entertainment lineup is an understatement. Rush has pulled out every single stop, and then some, to ensure maximum gamer and geek immersion across the whole weekend.

Tickets to Rush are on sale now at Ticketpro and include full access to GeekFest. GeekFest tickets also include full access to Rush.

When is Rush? - 28, 29, 30 June 2019
Times: Friday 10am – 8pm | Saturday 10am – 8pm | Sunday 10am – 5pm
Where is Rush? - Sun Arena, Time Square, Pretoria
How do I buy tickets to Rush? - Tickets to Rush are on sale via
Day Pass: R120 (valid for one day only on any of the three days)
Weekend Pass: R300 (valid for all three days)
Player Pass: R250 (valid for all three days for players competing in tournaments)
How do I stay connected? - To stay up to date with all the Rush announcements and additional info, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or go

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