Monday 25 August 2014

NDTV Prime -The Rising stars meets their Bottom Line (profits)

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Every state makes songs on their culture but Punjabi’s makes the songs on themselves. Punjabiyaan di battery charge rehndi hai, (kyon baakiyon ki fuse ho gayee kya?); Punjabiyaan di doonh, (baakiyon ki delete ho gayee kya?)

News happen everyday and how East India Co.medy converts it to something to learn and laugh from is amazingly great! East India Co.medy continues to create news in their special avatars and making us laugh every week. Check out what happened the week Humshakals was released in a theatre near you.

More video’s are available on NDTV website. Follow them on twitter @NDTV

Vasu Primlani is one of the best standup artists as I have enjoyed her performance live in Gurgaon on the occasion of launch of Anuvab Pal’s book The Chaos Theory. Check out this video and see for yourself.

She brings a lot of fun with her style and acts. And thanks to @NDTVPrime we are not paying Rs. 400 to watch her and many others. Lol!

Zakir Khan is one of the rising stars of comedy and a special episode especially on him performing in Bangalore. He is a small town guy and how is it to move into a big city and work there will be his context. He also gives great insights into the first love affairs we always wanted and what happens when we are in that phase of life? Relive those moments with this video -

Comedy is something we all seek and enjoy. The Bottom Line and The rising stars of comedy are some of the special shows from NDTV Prime based on their motto of #workhardplayhard Some of the episodes are there in my earlier blog posts and rest of them you can check it on the NDTV website and on your TV’s every Monday and Thursday at 10pm IST.

“You have been a lovely audience” – why do every standup has to say these words even half-heartedly? Is it because he was given a chance to perform or because he wants to keep doing it and make a name/earning for himself or it is just he wants to meet some beautiful women after the show. I need to say it myself and check it out.

Here’s my version then –

Thanks a lot! You have been wonderful & lovely audience (in my case - readers)! Lol!!! Check them out on twitter at following handles - @ndtvPrime #workhardplayhard @EastIndiaComedy @RisingStarsNDTV


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Sunday 24 August 2014

SterKinekor Entertainment - POPZ - Microwave Popcorn

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SterKinekor is one of the biggest entertainment company by Primedia Group in South Africa. They have the largest market share in terms of movie complexes with more than 400 screens and 63000 seats.

POPZ is Ster-Kinekor's venture into creating the same entertainment and joys which you get at their theaters. POPZ is the pack of theater style Microwave popcorn which comes in different flavors mainly Salt, Butter, Extra Butter and Lite. Every pack of popcorn is 85g and the tub has 425g total weight. The tub is retailing around R60 in makro stores.

POPZ packs are bundled sometimes with some of the movies in this case with Smurfs 2 to give people a free tub to put their popcorn in. The promotions are always on their facebook page with a lot of contests and news. 

Check out these popcorns and enjoy the entertainment of big screen (food part) on your small screens at home with POPZ. More info on twitter and facebook.


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Movie Review - Million Dollar Arm (2014)

Hi Guys,

Million Dollar Arm (2014) is a Walt Disney's movie based on true events about two normal village athletes from India playing for the US baseball clubs. It's the uplifting story of hope and dreams about three guys whose destiny changes as they had faith in themselves and acted on that faith too. 

The movie stars Suraj Sharma (Life of Pi) fame, Madhur Mittal (Slumdog Millionaire) fame along with Pitobash Tripathi, Darshan Jariwala, Jon Hamm, Aasif Mandvi, Lake Bell, Tzi Ma (24 TV series fame), Alan Arkin and Bill Paxton in various characters. 

Jon Hamm runs a sports agency along with Aasif Mandvi and could not list some of the great athletes for his company. He got an idea to recruit Indian Cricket wannabes to pitch for Baseball and enlist them into some of the American clubs. He got the backing of Tzi Ma for an year to search, recruit and train two guys from India. As he trips to India, it showed Mumbai's slum areas, Agra's Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Lucknow, Chennai etc athletes coming to selection process. With a prize money of USD 1m way beyond athletes expectations, a lot of public comes to participate. The selection process scenes are well directed and full of comedy and showed how Americans face the heat of India and culture. What happens after that is for you to watch it in theaters....

The movie will definitely touch the hearts of many towards the dreams they always wanted to achieve. Music is by none other than A.R.Rehman and I am sure that the movie will fetch one Oscar definitely for Background Score and Original soundtracks.

The movie is an exceptionally great watch except the fact that the Indian cinematography shown are only of poor slums, village areas to evoke pathetic/disgusting emotions in the hearts of Americanized public. That's how Hollywood has always pictured India as, so nothing new and nothing changes in this movie also. Every country has it's own culture, India being second in it's population -Not everyone can drive Porsche and not everyone has a great home to live. That's life!!!

This movie has a soul, human emotions and definitely worth your time in theaters. Book your tickets asap. Disney has hit the right cord this time with Million Dollar Arm. It's the movie you will love to watch again and again. I want to see it again myself once again and even wants to have a DVD of the same. :-)

Movie is releasing in Ster Kinekor on 19th Sep 2014. Book your tickets now. More info on twitter and facebook.  Check out facebook page of Disney.

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Wednesday 20 August 2014

Movie Review - Sunshine on Leith (2014)

Hi Guys!

Sunshine on Leith (2014) is a musical drama set in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is an adaptation of stage musical by the same name. Most of the songs in the movie are from The Proclaimers band.

The movie is a musical journey in the life of two British soldiers recently returned from Afghanistan to reunite with their families and loved ones. What happens in their lives is the context of this musical drama. The story has nothing new to offer but Music is the main purpose for which people go and enjoy these movies. Sunshine on Leith shows life of three couples and how past has affected their life in future? Can they conquer whatever is thrown to them by life is the theme of the musical?

The thing about musicals is that you should have listened to songs before to enjoy the same fully. It also depends on how much you like and understand the lyrics of the songs?

The songs are sung by the star cast in the movie only which are George MacKay, Kevin Guthrie, Freya Mavor, Antonia Thomas. Some of the songs are really peppy and makes you want to dance right in there. Overall, it's a romantic musical which brings you hope in your relationships to relive and fall in love all over again...

The movie closes with a Flash Mob where you will see all kinds of people dancing and enjoying the same. 
Check out this poster from Visit Scotland about the various beautiful locations used throught out the movie. I myself missed many during my visit way back in 2011 but really relived those moments through this movie. 

Movie is releasing in Ster Kinekor on 26th Sep 2014. Book your tickets now. More info on twitter and facebook

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NDTV Prime - The Bottom Line with EAST INDIA CO.MEDY

Hi Guys!

AAP is full of qualified people; at least they can go back to their jobs in case they are not able to do well in Politics unlike some other party leaders who have nothing to go back to for example Pappu ji.

Our neighboring countries are like the Spice Girls and Modi is like the David Beckham. Many more news items like these with a lot of twist and a comic touch.

Which is better - FIFA or IPL? It's a debate, which nation doesn't want to know...We are not fixing matches in IPL, we are fixing lives. How and why? Check out this video...

News channel keeps running the same news over and over again and we all do need break from the experts sitting in several locations commenting on the topic they also need to learn on…East India Comedy guys have come up with innovative idea to keep you in touch with the General knowledge of what’s happening around the world in their own way. @ndtvPrime #workhardplayhard @EastIndiaComedy

Controversial Goal Line Technology introduced in FIFA – It is a step back in time. Blackmail is the only solution. How and why? Check out this another episode of The Bottom Line. 

What is Governor’s job description? Should the social media be banned in India? – Will it make people become more productive? We should ban social media for politicians. Who wants to read what Tharoor thinks on everything? (We know he is free these days and no home ministry affairs to be taken care of. Lol!) Just because you are wearing a Kurta, doesn’t mean that you understand India. How and why check it out -

Sorabh Pant, Kunal Rao, Sahil Shah, SapanVerma and Azeem Banatwalla will definitely bring a lot of smiles on your faces. This is something totally different from the Rising Stars of Comedy and for knowledge conscious generation, The Bottom line is what matters…It’s a laughter riot between the news and what makes the news!

“Not in the news this week” – Navjot Sindhu has been given Nobel Peace prize for not speaking for 9 whole seconds. LoL! Alia Bhatt thinks Vladimir Putin is a bond villain from Casino Royale, after Sharapova said she doesn’t know Sachin. If Sharapova is a dumb girl, does the whole nation need to make themselves dumb also?

Check out East India Comedy’s take on the Union Budget 14 & Railway Budget Special edition in this episode.

No one puts their Facebook status messages for checking-in Indian Railways just like they do for airplane/airport transfers and check-in’s! Lol!

In another joke, what does each express train signifies and what Chennai Express will make you? Check out in this video link.

PRECIPITATION – Flooding to a theater near you… a movie trailer you won’t want to miss!!!

10 reasons why people from the North East are better than you – Do you know? It’s really nice, logical and intelligent ten pointers for everyone to understand.

What happens when two Khans mates every year on full moon night? All the answers are right there in this 21 minutes episode of The Bottom Line on NDTV Prime.

Keep watching THE BOTTOM LINE till your wife throws the remote as her sleep disturbs by your own loud laughter tracks.

Note- Not all videos of this show are available online in Youtube. Check NDTV website for more.

Movie Review - Drive Hard (2014)

Drive Hard (2014) is a thriller movie about a driving instructor (earlier Motor Racer) taken hostage as a getaway driver to do a bank robbery of US$ 9m bonds. The movie is shot extensively in Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. John Cusack and Thomas Jane are the main actors in this movie.

This movie offers nothing much other than a car journey to other end of Australia and showing the lovely sightseeing en-route. The story is about taking revenge from someone who has betrayed John Cusack earlier. Cusack has played his role in a cool manner and overall story holds good if you enjoy it without any logic or expectations. It's a long talk about family and respect between the two as Cusack brings Thomas Jane to accept reality and offers him some great advice to go after his dreams.

Some of the extra cast has not shown any promising acting and their characters are not properly integrated in the story. They are just there for the sake of being there and then they all die to end the story. You can wait for the movie to be shown on TV and save your money for something better releasing next week.

Movie is releasing in Ster Kinekor on 12th Sep 2014. Book your tickets now. More info on twitter and facebook


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Sunday 17 August 2014

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - August 2013

Hi Guys,

August was the start of Android apps review on my blog. I started this series way back then with my favourite apps without which my android phone is not fully efficient.

1. An Android App a day - 1. MobisleNotes - This is my favourite app which is like notepad to keep notes of my what to do list. Last year, I used it to keep track of the contests won and goodies received or not? 
Various other apps reviewed are - 

2. Indiblogger Gift - Breakthrough Mug - Received Indiblogger Ring the Bell mug and my collection increased by one.

3. My Dream - My DSLR - Nikon D600 - My love for Nikon DSLR and how much I missed having the same? 

4. Twitter Goodies - Nissan Coffee Table book - My first coffee table book I won from Nissan Motors in one of their twitter contests. 

5. Lonely Planet - Short Escapes from Delhi - A Lonely Planets guide to guide me to favourite hotspots near Delhi. I won this in one of their contests. My first Lonely Planets guide and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 


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A Memoir - This Month Last Year - July 2013

Hi Guys,

July being my birthday month is always special for me. My birthday party gave me some great moments to cherish with my family and friends. I continue to receive some of the best goodies from twitter contest and posted a lot of blog posts for the same. Travel blog posts mainly took over due to Blogadda & Indiblogger travel related contests.

1. Product Review - Blogadda - ITC Ultramintz - Awesome Product- Blogadda chose 50 bloggers from India to review this awesome mint from ITC. I received Rs 2000 gift voucher for Wills Lifestyle for the same. It was really awesome feeling to be chosen amongst many to blog about this product.

2. The First Monsoons Rains in Gurgaon - A relief from the summers and I took some of the photographs using my Panasonic FZ5. This post is one of the top 10 posts on my blog. Rain is something which brings a lot of memories and freshness to our lives.

3. Blogadda Michelin Pilot Experience - A leisured trip to WALES, UK - Some of the travel posts and this one is the Top most post on my blog in terms of pageviews. Some other related posts -
A Perfect Road Trip in and around Scotland & UK  - Indiblogger contest
Another Perfect Road Trip to Wales, UK
My Best Drive Across UK

4. Twitter Goodies - Dell_IN Father's Day Contest - One of the best gifts for the twitter contest was sent by Dell India. Soundlogic bluetooth headsets are really great.

5. Usman Riaz Learned Music the Internet Way - Some of the TEDx inspirational videos and this one was Franklin Templeton and Indiblogger contest.Really loved watching all the videos and choosing some to write about them.

Received some other goodies from Superdry, Economic Times, Sony Music, Honda Amaze Garnier Men twitter handles and posts pictures of the same on my blog.


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Friday 15 August 2014

NDTV Prime - The Rising Stars of Comedy

Hi Guys,

My mom read the news of some celebrity getting a parole from Jail, and commented to me that, “People are getting leaves from Jail also, which corporate big company are you working for that you don’t get even one”? 

Indians parents buy their growing kids clothes always one size bigger so that it can be used for 2-3 seasons. The repercussions of the same are when the kids wear them next season with some alteration, there is a significant color difference and what happens after that is told in one of the new comedy series.
NDTV Prime TV channel has come up with THE RISING STARS OF COMEDY TV series to keep our funny bones trickling. Rising Stars gives great chance to local and upcoming talent to showcase their English & Hinglish standup comedy acts. Check out some of the videos and I am sure these will bring a big smile on your face and your loved ones week after week.

Check out this first video where a divorced guy is living with his Punjabi mother and what happens in his life. It reminds me of a dialogue from “2 States” that there is nothing more dangerous than a Punjabi Mother-in-law. Some of these acts give you a reality check along with the dose of laughter which takes away all your stress in an instance. 

Rising Stars of Comedy takes on NDTV Prime every Monday and Thursday at 22:00 for half an hour. The show will take you out of the working week blues and help you carry on with the rest of the week.

Another video which gives a funny outlook on how your name can create havoc in your life? Here is this guy from Bangalore whose name brings him a lot of interesting incidents. Another guy from Gurgaon, tells his tales of growing up and how it has impacted his buying skills as an adult? This will definitely make you rolling on the floor as it happens everywhere in India. 

Produced by Mother, Directed by Wife!!! Lol!!!

NDTV Prime belives in #WorkHardPlayHard which really is what we do work wise but playing part we always put in for holidays and weekends which leads to stressful living. Here is something to break away from the trend and create a joyous future.

Checkout this third full-fledged 22 min episode by a corporate guy from Ghaziabad and life there. He continues to explore what happens in our Corporate HR programs for employee’s motivation and wellbeing. He has also given insights into the day to day life of unmarried girls in corporate world. This is one of the best episodes of the show and I can bet that you will have stomach aches after watching this one due to laughter.

After watching these three web episodes from the show, I felt so happy and full of enthusiasm to work for the whole week. I can’t wait till the weekend to catch up on all the previous episodes on the internet/ Youtube channels of NDTV. For the current season of episodes, I will have to wait for Monday and Thursday nights and so will you…

The best thing about the Rising Stars of Comedy is that there will always be new talent coming up which will really make this more interesting week after week. I wish by the end of next year, I will also have some courage to take a two minute slot and entertain the crowd. Till that time, I just need to take a back seat and laugh, laugh and just laugh.

Follow them on twitter @NDTVPRIME and @RisingStarsNDTV


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Thursday 14 August 2014

Product Review - Kinivo ZX-100 Portable Speaker

Hi Guys,

Not every day I come across a nice portable speaker which takes my minds towards enjoying music anywhere and everywhere. Kinivo ZX 100 is light weight, extremely portable mobile speakers with 3.5mm jack to give you loud and clear sound output. This device comes in various colours and with rechargeable battery this one gives continued music output for long hours.

The speakers design is compact and beautiful. Kinivo ZX100 comes with a port to connect with other similar speakers to create a surround sound.  ZX 100 battery gives you uninterrupted music playback for more than 3-4 hours depending on the volume level. The best part of this device is that 3.5mm jack is tied to the bottom of the device in a nice packable design, so no more losing of cables etc. The charging cable is different and the device can be charged using USB output of laptop and using power adapter also. The box doesn’t include any power charger or adapter. 

Kinivo ZX100 has unique technology called as Expansive Resonator Construction Design (ERCD) to give the best low frequency output. The resonator is designed into the speakers and you switch it on, we just need to twist the top portion of the device. This gives much more bass and sound effects to your music. This small device has got really loud volume outputs. None of my other devices produces sound in volume level like this one. Moreover this has 360 degrees sound output just like Sony NFC BTV5.

There are volume control button (Increase and Decrease) on the device around the four corners of the device. The other two corners buttons are for Power ON/OFF and to connect other speakers.

Kinivo ZX-100 has no Bluetooth built into it which customer demands from Kinivo. I hope the new version of the speakers will have Bluetooth built into these small speakers with no loss of design and compactness. To make these speakers Bluetooth, I connected Sony MW600 to Kinivo ZX-100 and connected wirelessly to my mobile/tablet making it work perfectly with this small setup.

Kinivo has packed a nice small carry pouch in the box to take care of your ZX-100 during non-use and travel. Almost every device which can take 3.5mm jack can work fine with these speakers making them score high. The company also gives 1 year warranty for the product.

Kinivo is an American company manufacturing a lot of bluetooth devices and other speakers to make our day to day living easy. Checkout my another review of Kinivo’s Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit BTC-450.


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A Memoir - This Month Last Year - June 2013

Hi Guys,  

It was the time when Indiblogger contests were in full bloom and I wrote several posts for WeChat contest.

1. WeChat with Comedy characters who are everywhere – This is one of the post I really like to read again and again. I think this to be one of my best ever as I try to think in the way as the several characters of the post will. Check it out! Wrote another one on Indian Independence and won the Rs. 1000 GV for the same.

2. Book Review - From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom by Manoj Arora – This is one of the best financial books ever written for Indian scenario. I got the book from the writer and immediately fell in love with the contents of the book. Mr. Arora is launching a new book Happiness Unlimited in August at Pragati Maidan, Delhi.

3. HP PRINT ART - A Project Managed by PIRATES – An Indiblogger meet for the family where my wife and daughter too came to enjoy the HP Print Art. We won the first runner up project for our Pirates theme. It was a nice family day and picnic along with other bloggers families. My daughter is a big fan of Rob - M.A.D ART on Pogo TV and this was a stepping stone for making her dream true to meet Rob.

4. Book Review – Dongri to Dubai – S. Hussain Zaidi – One of the interesting read about the man whose name is famous world over. This book gives what happened in his life and how he rose to the cult status he has today.

5. My 100th Post - Celebrating with BOSE MIE2i Mobile Headset – Wrote my 100th post and celebrated them with the latest BOSE headsets  which I always wanted to have and listen to. These are one of the best earphones and gives surround sound effects. I am still using them and falls in love with them every time I listen a song using them.

Blogging took charge of my life during those months and I was excited to participate in all the contests. Also, twitter contests were running in full bloom and won several contests there too. Some other posts - 

Product Review - Sennheiser CX-310 Earphones

The Power and Magic of The Secret

Western Digital - My Passport Essential SE 1TB Portable Harddisk


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Sunday 10 August 2014

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - May 2013

Hi Guys,

Last year May was one of the best months of my life, not only I moved into my own apartment but also I received the great news of winning a HP laptop from Indiblogger just one day before actually moving into the new home. Buying a home is the most important dream of our lives and seeing it getting fulfilled was the most grateful moment of Universe. 

My blog posts was random due to the Airtel broadband connection taking numerous calls to get it transferred and N number of calling everyone till the time they actually made it work going past all the reasons they had. 

1.Photo Walk - Khajuraho - A weekend trip in Pics- We had this lovely trip to Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh on Jan 26th and thought of sharing the beauty of temples and place with everyone. One of the most lovely trip with one of my friend from MBA days and his wife. My daughter enjoyed a lot. Also, it was my first long trip on Indian Railways since many years. Check it out!

2. Wimbledon, United Kingdom - On a walk - Wimbledon is one of the most beautiful places in London with a long tennis history. I did went to the place a month before the start of the actual tennis action so that I can reach the place real quick when I go for the match day. Try it!

3. 3 Things my daughter has taught me? - A blog post for the PARLE-G website where I shared my feeling about what I have learned from my daughter? It was posted on their website maintained by Kiran Manral. 

4. My Gourmet Indian Kitchen Party with ITC Chef's - Another Indiblogger contest with sure shot ITC's food packets and they did sent me some packets before just for reviewing purposes. I weaved a story around the same and ordered more stuff which I still use in the form of chutneys and rice masalas. 

5. WeChat with the people I admire - New way to Connect - Another contest by Indiblogger and I wrote about 5 persons whom I love and admire a lot. I really need to think a lot about to narrow it down to 5 people whom I really like. 

Other than these posts, I reviewed several books and goodies which I received or purchased earlier. 

Overall, May 2013 was worth all the efforts of setting up a new home, getting addresses corrected at all the places - bank accounts, internet, mobile connections etc etc. It was tiring but it was worth the effort of moving into your own abode where you don't need to pay rent other than EMI on loan. 


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A Memoir - This Month Last Year - April 2013

Hi Guys,

I always wanted to share what has been the stepping stone to my blog and what happened in this particular month last year. It's only today I got the inspiration to actually create and write one and from not onwards it will be a monthly feature where I share my good posts and what happened with those posts. It's a sharing of journey as I can now connect the dots looking backwards.

April 2013 was the month when I was an approved member of Indiblogger community and started writing for their various contests and Indimeets. They organized various meets in April and as I started blogging only to be a part of Indiblogger community, I was very much excited to join all of those meets and make a lot of friends in those meets. It was one of those months when I got serious about pursuing this hobby to blog on and bought this domain also with the help of a friend Murtaza Ali from ApotpourriofVestiges whom I met at my first Indimeet.

1. Sunsilk Perfect Straight - Gentleman's Experience - It was my first Indistuff contest entry on Indiblogger community. Receiving free shampoos to write about was a lovely experience. My family members still miss this shampoo. 

2. My tryst with Indiblogger Microsoft Office 365 - It was my first Indiblogger meet at Delhi. I kept my tweets going for the day and finally at the end of the day, I came home with Rs 1500 cash along with Microsoft Arc mouse, Indiblogger tshirt and a lot of memories. It felt really great to meet the whole Indiblogger team and meet a lot of other fellow bloggers. 

3. #HPCONNECTEDMUSIC - Me Myself and Music- This was the most defining post of my life as I won the HP laptop for writing about the music I love. We all love music and I love Bollywood music a lot. HP appreciated it by making this post won their prestigious Sleekbook with Windows8 and Connected Music subscription for an year. I still remember writing this post and asking my friends to read it and provide comments. They didn't liked my song choice but I was adamant to keep what I love in there. I think that paid off and I got the amazing new laptop.

4.  My Dream Business – The Microsoft Office 365 Way - Microsoft launched another contest after Indimeet to write about your dream business using Office 365 package. I won the runner up prize and received free Office 365 package and also an invite to see one of their event at The Lalit Hotel in Delhi. This at that time gave me immense happiness to be recognized from many brands and companies. 

5. Soldier for Women - What I learned from my dad?- I also became member of Blogadda and wrote several contest posts with sure shot vouchers and prizes. This is one of those entries and even before participating in Indiblogger meets and contests, Blogadda sent me a book RIP to review along with a personally signed letter from their CEO Nirav. It really meant a lot and I have treasured that letter in my file at home. Some other entries for the same contest are Soldier for Women - It's us all - Father of daughters!
All other posts are simply about all the contests I won on twitter and facebook and the goodies I received during that month. Twitter gave me an opportunity to test myself with a lot of other young people playing all the contests. I do miss those contests now as I am not able to play them and win.

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