Tuesday 27 September 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 35 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

Week 35 - Sat 27 Aug 2022 - Fri 02 Sep 2022

Week 35 will complete the month of August 2022 which has seen a lot of new smartphones and so many new gadgets getting launched in South Africa. I am so grateful for this week as I came across various new stuff which made its way into my life unexpectedly. You never know what randomness in your life can bring you the results you always desired for yourself. Keep your curiosity levels high always and keep exploring friends!!!

1. Entertainment - I watched the Season 2 of Maharani and fell in love again with the acting of Huma Qureshi and started watching Season 3 of Criminal Justice: Adhura Sach which now is coming as a weekly episode and it's really irritating but watching is only due to Pankaj Tripathi. I don't like to wait for the same so thought that The House of Dragons I will watch only in a single go. I will keep watching Criminal Justice and The Rings of Power every Friday along with She-Hulk on Disney+ to make it a fun weekend. I also watched the HIT: The First Case movie and found it to be a total waste of time as I have already seen the original South Indian movie in the Telugu language on Amazon Prime Video. 

2. Walking - I completed 678.5 kilometres against the target of 700 kilometres. There is a gap of 21.5 kilometres and I am starting to get tired in my target but with Ensure Vanilla flavoured drink, I plan to get the energy levels high again to complete my target of 1000 kilometres by 31 Dec 2022. This week I did my first 10 kilometres at the SA motoring festival and my heart rate reached 200 after which I had to take a whole day of rest and sleep. Keep your heart rate measured and take proper rest to not let it reach those dangerous points. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 35 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
3. Launch Events - I went to attend the iStore Meets at the GIBS campus and took a sunset photograph which they loved and sent me their campus hoodie along with a selfie light. Many thanks to them. Also, I attended the Nikon South Africa event where I got the Refuse camera shoulder bag for the daily carry of my Canon M50 camera with Rode VideoMic and Joby Gorillapod 3k Kit for all my video needs. I also attended the YouTube Shorts Coffee meet where they announced the closure of #GivemeYourBestShort trend and also told me that they are going to send some personalized goodies our way. I am eagerly waiting for my second YouTube package to arrive. Check out the other videos below and enjoy! 
4. Thank You - I completed the 100k mark this month twice so doubly grateful that I could do that. I need to buy more counters from China Mall as I keep losing them or sometimes they stop working if fallen on the ground. I took the counter again to 12000 and then back to zero and again to 2600 to close the week. If I get time I will calculate if I have crossed the 1Million ThankYou mark I set to do in this year. 
5. YouTube Earnings - I completed a complete month of YouTube monetisation this month and still the same videos are contributing towards the daily cents that are coming my way. In total, I earned USD 34.75 in the month of August-2022. I still am in search of a video which has to go viral to take my subscriber base into 5 figures and maybe then I can earn more than 100 dollars a month. 

Other than that I have several pending actions which are only written in the Bullet Journal but never got completed pending LIC premium payment, booking/checking Honda Civic service and all the pending video reviews of several gadgets I own. Getting into focus and staying there is the only superpower you should aim for. It should be like that you can switch it On in a pinch or clap. I am definitely aiming for this superpower in my life. 

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vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment

Hi Friends, 

vivo Launches New V25 5G and V25e with High-Performance, Color Changing Glass and Enhanced Photography Features 

vivo has unveiled the latest additions to its stylish V series range of devices: V25 5G and V25e
With superior photography features, the two smartphones have been designed for users who express themselves through video and photography. The new V25 5G and V25e will give users the power to embark on a self-expression journey and capture glowing portraits with the phones’ stunning camera capabilities, powered by high-performance, energy-efficient hardware cased in an exquisite body with a glossy, innovative aesthetic.

The new V25 5G and V25e follow the V series’ heritage to delight every moment with superior camera capabilities and cutting-edge imaging technology.

Both the flagship V25 5G and V25e have 3 rear cameras with a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing camera to minimize blurry shots and support a longer exposure time, creating clearer and brighter images and 4K videos even in dim lighting conditions.

The main camera on the V25 5G is supported by an 8MP super wide-angle camera and a 2MP super macro camera whilst the V25e is supported by a 2MP bokeh camera and 2MP macro camera. The V25 5G is equipped with a 50MP eye autofocus selfie front camera whilst the V25e has a 32MP portrait front camera.

The phones are fitted with AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. With an eye-catching design, both phones have a Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass covering the rear panel that changes its hue when exposed to UV light, reflecting the dynamic personalities of users.

Below this beautiful appearance lies powerful processors with a high energy-efficiency ratio and great capacity. Coupled with the newest cooling technology and fast charging capabilities, they both offer long-lasting and smooth mobile experiences through Funtouch OS 12 based on Android 12.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
vivo V25 5G - The High-Performing, Innovative and Technologically Advanced Device
“vivo V series has always been about being innovative and technologically advanced while exuding style and encouraging users to create, have fun, and explore. The new V25 5G continues to embody this concept and provide users with fresh tools and features,” says Fred Liu, CEO, vivo mobile SA. “vivo understands that users want a smartphone that is aesthetically pleasing and has excellent functional attributes.

“With these carefully designed new devices, users can capture the best moments in life with their family and friends anywhere, any time with intuitive camera technologies, while expressing their creativity and emotions through the smartphone chameleon-like design.”

Light up portraits in the night with intuitive imaging technology
Equipped with a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing rear camera that boasts upgraded OIS and EIS capabilities and an 8MP wide-angle camera, V25 5G delivers an excellent imaging experience and allows users to capture high-quality, super-wide shots and 4K videos with ease.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Clear selfies powered by auto-focus capability and leading AI algorithms
Clarity is a key consideration and an ever-growing demand for users when it comes to taking great selfies and videos. Therefore, V25 5G has a 50MP front camera with eye autofocus capabilities, enabling users to take clear images and videos any time of the day or night. In addition, the front camera is equipped with AI HD Algorithm that optimizes sharpness.

Easy and fun video filming experience with style
The front camera of V25 5G has the Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS+EIS) feature which makes video shooting clearer and more stable. Furthermore, the Natural Portrait video mode enhances overall skin texture and clarity.

V25 5G also comes with a new Vlog Movie feature that improves the filming experience with video templates and tutorials to guide users on how to shoot in different scenarios, such as night, food, city and more, as well as an upgraded Multi-Style Portrait feature in both front and rear cameras that provides fun filters, enhancing the video experience.

The Multi-Style Portrait feature also allows users to unleash their creativity with the Motion Blur effect, a new style which innovatively separates people from the background for a better portrait creation experience.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Spark creativity and fun through innovative, chameleon-like design
V25 5G has a thin 2.5D body that is 7.79mm. The lightweight and slim body make the device a comfortable fit in the hands of users.

To ensure the phones stand out, vivo incorporated vivid colours into its newest models. V25 5G is decked out in Aquamarine Blue and Diamond Black.

In addition, vivo designed the smartphones to spark creativity and fun in users with the revolutionary Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass, which enables the rear panel of the devices to display different colours at different angles when exposed to UV light. The Aquamarine Blue edition of V25 5G switches from ocean blue to bluish green.

Powered by energy-efficient and high-performance chipsets
The new V25 5G delivers robust performance and high-power efficiency to support various daily uses of its users. V25 5G features a MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor with a high energy-efficiency ratio and 8GB RAM + 8GB extended RAM, enabling users to seamlessly play demanding games and multitask across various apps. V25 5G supports 44W FlashCharge that can recharge the 4500mAh battery cell from 0% to 61% in 30 minutes.

vivo V25e - The Intuitive Device Equipped with Cutting-Edge Camera Technologies
“The new V25e adheres to V series’ heritage of innovation and style with intuitive technologies,” says Tony Shi, General Manager, vivo mobile SA.

“At vivo, we strive to spark creativity and joy around the world, while understanding the needs of smartphone users in different markets. The V25e comes with cutting-edge camera technologies, a colour-changing rear panel, and strong capabilities that deliver robust performance.

“This state-of-the-art smartphone offers must-have features at great value for money.”
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Capture stunning night portraits with cutting-edge camera technologies
The 64MP HD main rear camera offers large 1.4μm pixels by combining four pixels into one, delivering excellent sensitivity and superb clarity. This cutting-edge technology offers brilliant light sensitivity to ensure that users can capture clearer images and 4K videos in impressive detail in different low-light conditions.

Coupled with the upgraded Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) capabilities, the camera intuitively minimizes blurry shots caused by shaking, making it easier for users to capture HD portraits, especially at night. The rear camera also features the Bokeh Flare Portrait algorithm which helps produce gorgeous portraits at night and provides different effects, turning background light sources into interesting shapes such as hearts, butterflies, and cherry blossoms, adding more fun elements to photos.

The 32MP portrait front camera with the upgraded Natural HD Portrait feature allows users to take high-quality selfies and has different face beautification options which intelligently enhance the overall texture, clarity, and naturalness of selfies.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Fred Liu, CEO, vivo mobile SA
Improved filming and vlogging experience
The rear cameras of the V25e use a Hybrid Image Stabilization technique that combines Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) capabilities to help produce clear videos even when the camera is shaking, allowing users to record videos with vivid details.

The V25e also has a new Vlog Movie feature that enhances the filming experience with video templates such as the V25 5G. To further improve the vlogging experience, the V25e comes with a new Dual-View Video feature that enables users to use the front and rear cameras simultaneously to record on an adjustable split screen.

Premium look with a sleek design and colour-changing rear panel
Similar to the V25 5G, the V25e comes in two colours, Sunrise Gold and Diamond Black while the V25e has a slim 7.79mm 2.5D body with a textured flat frame, and it only weighs 183g.

The sleek design gives it a premium look and feels, while the device is also easy for users to hold when texting, taking photos or gaming.

The V25e also features the revolutionary Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass on its rear panel, which enables the device to display different colours at different angles when exposed to UV light. The rear panel on the Sunrise Gold edition changes from gold to reddish-orange under UV light.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Tony Shi, General Manager, vivo mobile SA
Highly energy-efficient chip and long-lasting battery
Equipped with MediaTek Helio G99 chipset built on the highly efficient TSMC N6 (6nm-class) chip production process, the V25e offers one of the best 4G processors in the market. The V25e is exceptionally power-efficient and can support a 90Hz refresh rate display, smooth streaming, and various features. The MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 Lite game engine that comes with the chipset also allows for a smooth gaming experience with stable performance, faster response and reliable connection.

The V25e supports a 44W FlashCharge powered by Super Charge Pump that enables an energy conversion efficiency rate as high as 97.5%, and it can recharge the high-density 4500mAh battery cell from 0% to 58% in 30 minutes4. Coupled with the Smart Charging Engine which minimizes battery loss during charging and reduces the heat generated by fast charging, the battery life is extended by up to 25%.

In addition, the V25e offers up to 128GB of storage capacity and supports up to 1TB of memory expansion, allowing users to store a large number of HD photos and videos and apps.

Pricing and availability
From September 23 both the V25 5G and V25e are available at major retailers throughout the country at an RRP of R14,999 for the V25 5G and R10,999 for the V25e.

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Friday 23 September 2022

SA creative, Louis du Pisani, Partners with Skycastle Studios to Launch the Card Game #DUNGEONBRAH

Hi Friends, 

Dungeon Brah is a comical deck crawler card game created by Louis du Pisani, a South African-born and bred creative. It will be released globally on the 20th of September 2022 by Skycastle Studios.

Dungeon Brah was launched worldwide by Skycastle Studios – a sister company in Solarpop
The card game is a universe in which players, their ragtag crew and hired heroes pilfer the catacombs to battle Cat’hulhian beast Kevin and his monsters for their loot. Du Pisani approached Skycastle Studios directors Fabio Salvador and Eugene Vermeulen who imparted their tabletop gaming knowledge and helped to perfect the game. Over a year of playtesting, feedback and improvements followed. With Dungeon Brah now complete, it is set to launch on the 20th of September and will be distributed globally by Skycastle Studios.
SA creative, Louis du Pisani, Partners with Skycastle Studios to Launch the Card Game #DUNGEONBRAH
Skycastle Studios was recently formed by Solarpop. Solarpop will be the South African distributor for Dungeon Brah once the retail edition becomes available.

Fabio Salvador of Skycastle studios says, “We have always believed that South Africa has the talent to create and produce world-class gaming experiences and as such forming Skycastle Studios has been an important goal of ours.”
SA creative, Louis du Pisani, Partners with Skycastle Studios to Launch the Card Game #DUNGEONBRAH
“We look forward to sharing Dungeon Brah with the entire world as from the 20th of September 2022 when the Kickstarter launches. Be prepared for great stretch goals and value-for-money pricing and a game destined to entertain gamers for years to come.”

Salvador sees Dungeon Brah as the lovechild of Dungeons & Dragons and Exploding Kittens and believes it has the mass appeal of both. It's a push-your-luck Dungeon Party game in every sense of the word.

Sign up to be notified of the launch by searching for Dungeon Brah on the Kickstarter page or follow this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dungeonbrah/dungeon-brah

The Playing Format
The card game is a universe in which players, their ragtag crew and hired heroes pilfer the catacombs to battle Cat’hulhian beast Kevin and his monsters for their loot. But it’s never that simple, even though players and their pals embark on the adventure together, the fellowship inevitably crumbles as players steal swag, betray buds and misdirect monsters to escape with Kevin’s coveted loot, or simply be the last ‘hero’ standing. Now, who doesn’t enjoy a nice, casual game about greed, backstabbing, and ancient cat beasts?

In simple terms, the players randomly pick their party of two heroes at the start of every game, creating unique playthroughs with varying tactics. Players take turns drawing from the deck to kit out their champions. The card draw speeds up as the game progresses, creating tense scenarios where more loot is up for grabs, but with increased odds of battling dungeon boss Kevin and his monsters. Players, who are technically raiding the dungeon together, must also manage their standing among other players to ensure they are not targeted, whilst also aiming to be the last one standing or to escape with the loot.
SA creative, Louis du Pisani, Partners with Skycastle Studios to Launch the Card Game #DUNGEONBRAH
Creator Louis du Pisani
Professional creative and entrepreneur, Louis du Pisani is also the brains behind the video game title ‘Boet Fighter’. Du Pisani was responsible for creating, co-writing, illustrating, and animating the hit local video game. The video game leaned heavily on making fun of and subverting South African jock culture and, especially, its use of local colloquialisms. He also created an animated South African animated heavy metal TV show, MK Ondergrond. Dungeon Brah is a departure from digital game design, but its subversive tone remains.

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Profound 8 Movement Model Developed By Dr Johan Beukes Will Change Your Life!

Hi Friends, 

Many years ago, somewhere in Bultfontein in the Free State, a nine-year-old boy had an epiphany while sitting on his bed. He realized that it was his job to make a difference in the world. With this extraordinary task at heart, he set out on his life’s journey in search of what he could do to achieve this goal.

He searched for meaning in everything he did. On the field as a rugby player, after school as a theology student and as a model on international catwalks.

The search continued as he obtained one academic qualification after another, including a master’s degree in theology, an honours degree in industrial psychology, an MPhil in leadership, a doctorate in educational psychology, a social entrepreneurship program at INSEAD Executive Education, followed by an emerging leaders course at Harvard University and an invitation to attend a Distinctive Leadership Course at the Leadership College London.

Over the years, he held several high-profile positions and worked with organisations like Remgro, Remgro CSI, the Springbok sevens team (Blitzbokke), numerous universities, Mergon, Barclays Absa and T-Systems South Africa, to name but a few.

All of these experiences prepared him for his real purpose in life.
Profound 8 Movement Model Developed By Dr Johan Beukes Will Change Your Life!
This young boy turned out to be the high-performance leadership coach, inspirational speaker, and authentic living advocate – Dr Johan Beukes.

High-performance leadership coach, Beukes is renowned for empowering his clients to make a meaningful impact in the world. Boasting more than 23 years of experience, Johan has partnered with thousands of local and international leaders, teams and organisations – from private sector companies and educational institutions to start-ups, spiritual organisations and NGOs – guiding them towards successfully navigating the leadership adventure. 

The leadership expert’s unquenchable need to help others, the constant need for innovation and years of experience led to the development of his profound 8 movement’s model, designed to empower people to have a meaningful impact on the world. This model provides holistic tools to help people improve their lives on a personal and professional level. With this, he not only helps leaders and their teams to prevent burnout but also to increase positivity in the midst of change and diversity through special legacy initiatives.

This 8 movement’s model is unique and has already had a massive impact on people all over the country.

One of the pillars of this 8 movement’s model is how to identify your GIFT. When Johan engages with you in a conversation about GIFTS, his enthusiasm is contagious. You immediately start asking yourself – “What is my gift? Have I discovered my gift yet? Am I taking care of my gift?” and that is exactly what this pillar focuses on. “There are so many aspects of GIFTS. Apart from your own gift, you must be able to notice and exploit the gifts of your respective team members. When a husband and wife begin to notice each other’s gifts and families begin to notice each other, miracles happen! What is the risk if you do not identify your own gift or notice the gifts of others and neglect them?” says Johan. “It is very important to discover your gift and to implement it in your life in order to reach your ultimate goal,” he continues.

Johan advises leaders to give team members the opportunity to bring their gifts to the table. “You would be surprised at what changes can occur when people start living their gifts,” says Beukes.

As one of South Africa’s foremost leadership and management team coaches, Johan became renowned for his unique approach and methods to improve leaders, teams and organisations. He sees it as his life’s mission to “support successful people, especially leaders, teams and organisations, on their journey towards identifying their mission in life and making a difference.”

It is, therefore, not surprising that his motto is: “You need to open up and show up!”

“To discover and express your gifts will be the best investment you can make in your own life,” he concludes.

Instagram – @jabeukes

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IT’S TIME to escape to planet rAge @rAgeExpo #rAgeExpo2022 #NAGLAN #comeandplay

Hi Friends, 

Get ready - it’s time to descend on rAge 2022 at the Gallagher Convention Centre this December for three fun-filled days of gaming, tech, gadgets and geek lifestyle entertainment.
IT’S TIME to escape to planet rAge @rAgeExpo #rAgeExpo2022 #NAGLAN
The world is going digital faster than most of us can keep up. Even those immersed in the gaming and technology industry often look up in surprise at some new marvel or development. This virtual world comes to you in many ways and is full of unique experiences. You can explore alien worlds, speed along impossible racetracks, or just manage a zoo if you like. If that isn’t enough, then why not see what it’s like to climb a skyscraper. rAge expo takes many of these experiences and puts them into your hands. From comic books to cosplay, from International esports events to two friends battling together in the LAN, rAge has a little something for everyone interested in the future of technology.
IT’S TIME to escape to planet rAge @rAgeExpo #rAgeExpo2022 #NAGLAN
Just in time for Christmas shopping and fun, rAge has something for everyone to enjoy – young and old. Come join us in December and see the world through new eyes. #comeandplay in our world!

rAge Expo 2022:
Dates: 9 - 11 December 2022
Expo times: Friday: 10:00-18:00 | Saturday: 09:00-18:00 | Sunday: 09:00-16:00
Day pass: R175 per person (tickets available to buy online only via our official ticketing partner, Howler)
Weekend pass: R390 per person (tickets available to buy online only via our official ticketing partner, Howler)
Kids under 6: Free
Venue: Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Gauteng| 9 Richards Dr, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685| GPS: 26.0017° S, 28.1297° E

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The @HuaweiZA Nova 10 Pro is Now Available for Pre-order #SouthAfrica #HUAWEInova10Series

Hi Friends, 
  • An exceptional design
  • 60MP Dual Autofocus Front Camera
  • 100W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo and more
HUAWEI recently announced their new additions to the HUAWEI nova 10 series. The new HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) is now available for pre-order on HUAWEI’s official online store.

The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) brings to the table a fashionable design, a powerful 60MP Dual Autofocus Front Camera and a blazing fast 100W HUAWEI SuperCharge Turbo, making it one of the most beautiful trendy flagship smartphones with the ultimate front camera and fastest charging capability.

An elegant aesthetic enhanced by the golden Star Orbit Ring
The all-new Colour No. 10 on the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) depicts exquisite and elegant aesthetics. Combining the chic metallic silver colour with the golden Star Orbit Ring and Icon, it gives out layer upon layer of sparkles and showcases fascinating colour changes under different lights and shadows. It adopts a double-colour coating process to enhance the appearance of the Star Orbit Ring, fusing technology and fashion. Using the brand-new COP encapsulation technology, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) also manages to shrink the bottom bezel to just 2.56mm, allowing for a more immersive visual experience.

An industry-first front-facing 60MP Dual Autofocus Camera
Featuring the HUAWEI Multi-Vision Photography, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) sports high-quality dual front camera lenses. One of these lenses features the industry’s first front-facing 60MP Dual Autofocus Camera, supporting 100-degree wide angle and 4K video quality with excellent resolution and light sensitivity. Additionally, the front-facing 8MP Portrait Close-up Camera, another industry’s first, supports 2X optical zoom and up to 5X digital zoom, expanding the limits of human perception and bringing the ultimate close-up portrait experience. As a result, the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) allows users to shoot 0.7X~5X zoom videos while freely adjusting the zoom range to improve the vlog-shooting experience.

The front camera on the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) has Instant AF that employs Quad Phased Detection (QPD), where all pixels are involved in imaging and focus. Compared to a common autofocus lens, it promises a 30 per cent increase in focus speed. With the Dual-View video function, users can have a multi-camera shooting experience with the combination of dual front cameras, front and rear cameras, or picture-in-picture shooting. Users can also shoot portrait selfies with SLR-Level Bokeh effects, thanks to the capabilities of the XD Fusion Engine and AI algorithms.
The @HuaweiZA Nova 10 Pro is Now Available for Pre-order #SouthAfrica #HUAWEInova10Series
The Ultra Vision Camera features
The 50MP RYYB Ultra Vision Camera setup on the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) consists of a 50MP Ultra Vision photography main camera, an 8MP Ultra-Wide Macro Camera and a Portrait Depth Camera. The rear cameras also support Instant AF with QPD. When taking photos of people, users can select the Follow Focus feature in the ‘Vlog’ Category under ‘Effects’. There is also a Portrait Video function, which makes portrait Bokeh look more natural through more advanced facial recognition and background Bokeh algorithms. The smartphone also comes with an AI Snapshot feature that can process elements, such as people, sky, buildings and plants, to enhance the overall look and feel of photos. The Super Night Shot feature brings out excellent details from shadows, as well as leveraging its powerful light sensing capabilities and pixel-grade reconstruction technology to increase the brightness of dark areas.

The HUAWEI SuperCharge powered by the Turbo Mode
The new HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) supports the 100W HUAWEI SuperCharge with the new Turbo Mode, which enables users to charge the phone up to 60 per cent in only 10 minutes and fully charge the phone in just 20 minutes. It packs a large 4500mAh battery in its slim body to provide a long-lasting battery life even with heavy usage.

An exceptional high refresh rate
The 120Hz Original-Colour Curved display on the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) supports the P3 colour gamut, a high refresh rate of up to 120Hz and a 300Hz touch sampling rate offering users a flagship-level experience, whether it is daily operations, web browsing or other smartphone interactions. The smartphone also supports the Display Turbo. The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) comes with visionary Super Device features that allow control of multiple devices with great ease.

If you want a smartphone with an exceptional design and aesthetics that boasts unmatched camera capabilities, fast charging and a seamless navigation experience, pre-order the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro (256GB) now on the HUAWEI Online Store by making part payment of R499 and receive an R2000 discount on the balance of the purchase price.

You will also receive a promotional gift, the HUAWEI FreeLace. This offer is only available from 22 September 2022 to 30 September 2022. Ts & Cs apply.

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First Day of #ComicConAfrica Enthralls Fans @ComicConAfrica #CCA2022

Hi Friends, 

Excited fans lined up from 05:30 am on Thursday 22 September in anticipation of the first day of Comic Con Africa. Expecting a full day of fun and excitement across the Pop-Culture Hall, the Gaming Hall, and KidsCon, fans were adorned in their cosplay itching to immerse themselves in all the various activations, find the latest collectible items, and interact with their favourite content creators.
First Day of #ComicConAfrica Enthralls Fans @ComicConAfrica #CCA2022
Starting the day off with A-list celebrities, Teen Wolf’s stars, Dylan Sprayberry and Khylin Rhambo lit the Main Stage alight with their spotlight session where fans received the once-in-lifetime opportunity to engage with them personally. Hosted by our resident Main Stage host, DJ Elliott, fans also received the opportunity to take a surprise group photo with the stars. If that’s not enough star-studded excitement for Day 1 alone, festival-goers had a one-on-one meet-and-greet session with Sprayberry and Rhambo at the Black Eagle Conference Room, connecting our stars with our fans on a personal level!
First Day of #ComicConAfrica Enthralls Fans @ComicConAfrica #CCA2022
Over at the Gaming Hall, gaming enthusiasts were thrilled to join in on the fun all day long at the Doritos Crunch Cup Stage where fans got to go up against local E-sports heavyweights, in the highly anticipated Fortnite 1-v-1 tournament, and win a cash prize of R4000, which will be up for grabs on all days of the long-awaited Con.

Our official connectivity partner, Telkom VS Gaming, brought out the competitive side of players and their supporters with their jam-packed tournament schedule featuring popular games Rocket League, FIFA and Counter-Strike.
First Day of #ComicConAfrica Enthralls Fans @ComicConAfrica #CCA2022
Røde Microphones, the official partner for StreamerCon this year, provided enthusiasts with the opportunity to experience the highest performance streaming equipment in the game and top-tier YouTube audio solutions too, creating a home-away-from-home for all content creators.

Streaming enthusiasts went live with exhibiting brands located at the StreamerCon section of the festival to showcase the growing popularity of streaming in Mzansi. At the StreamerCon stage, fans immersed themselves in streaming-related workshops to expand their knowledge on content creation - namely, how to produce quality video content assets, the opportunities and technicalities of streaming as a musician, and the impact of social media on the space.

Little fans were definitely not left out of all the Comic Con Africa excitement. Kids' cosplay competitions allowed them to explore their creativity freely, they enjoyed an exhilarating appearance by iconic Mario Kart characters Mario and Luigi, and friendly competition led to tons of prizes and smiles. Kids took part in an interactive karaoke session and the Just Dance competition kept little movers and shakers active towards the end of the day.
First Day of #ComicConAfrica Enthralls Fans @ComicConAfrica #CCA2022
Back in the Pop-Culture Hall (Hall 6), esteemed US-based illustrators Daniel Govar and Tony Moy attracted comic book lovers to the Main Stage to watch a live comic illustration. Watching in awe of Govar and Tony’s artistry, comic book lovers got to learn the process of what goes into an illustration, from the shading, the colour palette, and even the creative freedom an artist possesses. Bringing the element of mystery to our Main Hall, Crypto Investment Partner Luno, brought fans the Marvel multiverse with a Doctor Strange-inspired mirror dimension with the opportunity to win big. After much exploring and immersing themselves in the culture of Comic Con, festival-goers flocked to the Luno lounge to have a much-needed breather amidst the hustle and bustle of the opening day. “Even if you don’t have knowledge of how to invest with BitCoin, Luno is the investing platform for everyone and we’re beyond excited to have partnered with Comic Con Africa as the festival welcomes everyone to join the Comic-Con community”, says Luno’s Marketing Manager Rameez Dockrat.

Bringing the ambience to the Pop-Culture Hall, DJ Elliott returned to the Main Stage to bring fans the first daily cosplay competition of the four-day Con. Judged by local cosplay enthusiasts Princess Maggie, Eleven Swan, and Just Plain Chris, cosplay lovers walked the stage to showcase their cosplay skills and share their love for the art form.
First Day of #ComicConAfrica Enthralls Fans @ComicConAfrica #CCA2022
“It’s great to see the community back together and express themselves in whichever way they want. It might only be day 1 but being able to talk to like-minded people has been so refreshing, especially after COVID kept us in our homes. I think what’s special about the cosplay element is that people get to be whoever they want, and be celebrated for it at Comic Con Africa“, said Ethan Watts in the audience, dressed as a Hufflepuff Wizard from the hit movie franchise Harry Potter.

Cosplayers were amped to be in the presence of Internationally acclaimed cosplayer, Leon Chiro, who joined the Main Stage to engage with his South African supporters and answer their burning questions on how he rose to fame in the cosplay space.

Media partner, Joburg’s premiere radio station 947, hosted an exhilarating activation in the heart of pop culture at the festival where event-goers had the chance to draw the superhero that they believe 947 embodies, offering fans a chance to showcase their artistic skills. Amongst the exciting offerings of the pop culture hall, the newest addition to the festival StreetCon saw immense success on the first day of the Ultimate Pop Culture and Gaming festival. With three live draws at this section of the Hall, fans got to watch first-hand how street art is produced by Mzansi’s best graffiti artists: Bushy Wopp, Damnvandal, and Samurai Farai.

At the Artist Alley Spotlight Stage powered by Cricut, local artists Leigh Le Roux, Ryan Van Eyk, Michael Way, Shaylin Singh, and Naledi Ramphele teamed together to give comic fanatics a powerful panel discussion on the craft of illustration. This discussion explored different types of illustration styles, techniques, their personal experience in the local scene, and how aspiring illustrators can monetize their craft - another way Comic Con Africa is supporting the local animation industry. Without forgetting the engaging element that Comic Con Africa boasts, the audience joined in on the discussion to find out how their favourite local illustrators successfully established themselves in the space, and how they can follow in their footsteps.

At his exhibitor stand, internationally acclaimed Thunderbolts illustrator Sean Izaakse, said the following: “It is so awesome to be back at the Con after a few years! I’ve honestly missed Comic Con Africa so much, and it’s so great to see my peers and fans alike. Comic Con Africa and the fans that I get to interact with at the festival are the injection of inspiration that keeps me going. I think everyone should join us at Artist Alley and see what the comic space is all about”. Izaakse along with this year’s line-up of esteemed illustrators will be exhibiting at the Con this year, giving fans another opportunity to interact one-on-one with their favorite artists as well as purchase their art.
First Day of #ComicConAfrica Enthralls Fans @ComicConAfrica #CCA2022
Netflix promised fans an immersive experience into the world of the teen hit-show Stranger Things and the streaming service certainly did not disappoint. Within this Upside Down World that kicked off on an opening day, fans immersed themselves in the show with the activation featuring a progressive showcase of seasons 1 - 4.

Keeping festival-goers fueled throughout the day was official partner KFC with their much-loved Kentucky Town. Boasting a menu that appeals to the geek community, Kentucky Town saw the likes of the ‘Hero Combo’, ‘The Doom Burger’, and ‘May The Sauce Be With You’ amongst other exciting food offerings. “Con fans have not disappointed on day one of the festivals. We’ve seen such incredible excitement for our limited-edition KFC Comic Con menu and Kentucky Town activities,” said KFC’s Marketing Director Grant Macpherson, “At our various KFC zones we’ve been blown away by the wonderful passion, creativity, and energy of fans and cannot wait to enjoy the ‘finger lickin’ good’ fun across the rest of the weekend.”

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Tuesday 20 September 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 34 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

Week 34 - Sat 20 Aug 2022 - Fri 26 Aug 2022

Week 34 started with a great Canon World Photography Day 2022 event where Canon called us to Krugersdorp and set up a space to take photographs and learn from various industry leaders and influencers. I really enjoyed the programme and also got to meet Roger Machin once again and he offered his advice on various queries I had. It was a great opportunity to meet Senzelwe, Matthew and Khalipha as well. I got really impressed by the work being done by Kierran. I am always grateful to Canon for all the goodies they have given to everyone in their roadshows and various launch events. 

1. Walking - This week I only did 10.5 kilometres and took the thing to around 656 kilometres as compared to the target of 680 kilometres. 

2. Entertainment - I watched the Delhi Crime Season 2 all episodes in a single day with my wife. This was the first time I put effort to watch the series at 1x speed and let it go. I generally watch everything at 1.5x or that kind of speed. Season 2 is nice and with a new intense storyline, you get to learn more insight into the Police Department. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 34 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
3. Launch Events - Huawei invited me to their Huawei Wearables launch event and I also got my own personal Huawei Watch Fit 2 in blue strap colour. I have to start using the same in the near future as it has a lot of new features including a built-in speaker to attend to calls and listen to music on the go. Right after the same, I got to attend Samsung's Content Creators event in collaboration with several influencers and it was awesome too as it showcased the power of the new foldable launched last month. 
4. Thank You - The counter moved from 42000 onwards to close at 80634 by the end of the week. With the same power of gratitude, this week the maximum I earned was USD 2.79 on 25-Aug. I could not break the last month's highest but that's fine and I am working towards creating more and more videos. 
5. World Photography Day Event - I posted a lot of photos for Canon but didn't win anything but I am okay with the same as I totally enjoyed taking those photos. I know my strengths and I love what I do without post-processing as I always believed in taking the right photos from the camera directly I am still an old-minded film camera lover since 1984 or so when I first picked up the Pentax camera and took the photographs using the same till 2000. You can watch the photos shot on my Instagram handle. 
Sometimes in life, you win and sometimes you lose but carry on participating in all the contests and someday you will win the one you always wanted to win. I have in my life won more contests than the gifts I received from brands. I have won whatever I have desired sooner or later as per the criteria to win set by the contests along with the blessings of the Lord Almighty. It reminds me that I am not doing the daily prayers for many months now. I have to restart the same and set daily targets or weekly targets for the same too. 

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Friday 16 September 2022

Come and FLEX at the Samsung Galaxy Studio @SamsungMobileSA #FLEXperience

Hi Friends, 

To celebrate the launch of the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, Samsung has launched their Pop-Up experience, the Samsung Galaxy Studio, where consumers can experience an exciting programme with some of South Africa’s best-known DJs, artists and influencers.
Come and FLEX at the Samsung Galaxy Studio @SamsungMobileSA #FLEXperience
Zweli B broadcasting live at activation
The experiential activation kicked off on 09 September 2022 at the Mall of Africa in Johannesburg and will stay open to the public until September 18, 2022. The Galaxy Studio unleashes all levels of awesome with experience zones consisting of multi-angled camera features that allow consumers to flex their unique styles. There will also be a ‘curate your vibe’ section and a pop-up boutique offering all sorts of Samsung limited edition accessories and rewards, as well as the ecosystem wall for consumers to experience and enjoy devices first-hand.
Come and FLEX at the Samsung Galaxy Studio @SamsungMobileSA #FLEXperience
Galaxy Studio Activation Stand
To add to the excitement, Samsung has partnered with Primedia Broadcasting in the exciting launch of the Galaxy 947 Move music festival. The DJs and artist line-up for the event are being revealed at the consumer activations, with exclusive live performances, live lucky draws to win tickets to the festival and a dose of electrifying moments that will also be streamed live from the venue.
Come and FLEX at the Samsung Galaxy Studio @SamsungMobileSA #FLEXperience
Jethro Tait performing live at the activation
The Samsung Galaxy Studio will also be at the following malls:
23 September 2022 – 2 October 2022: Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Umhlanga, KZN
21 October 2022 – 30 October2022: Canal Walk, Century City, Cape Town
Come and FLEX at the Samsung Galaxy Studio @SamsungMobileSA #FLEXperience
Okay Wasabi
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Wednesday 7 September 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 33 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

I think I am telling more about the achievement and less about failures but there is always an internal struggle that keeps happening with something or the other part of your life for which you are not happy. I am never happy about the fact that despite working hard on The Life's Way - this has not gotten the recognition it wanted and still I am struggling to make it all work. Definitely, there is something not done right from my end and I want you guys to tell me what I am not doing correctly? Give me your comments on any platforms you are following me on or else send me an email from the bottom of the page.

Week 33 - Sat 13 Aug 2022 - Fri 19 Aug 2022

1. Thank You - There was a complete halt of this habit in the month of August, especially during the previous week and I could only do 6000 for the whole week. I think I left the counter someplace and couldn't find the same also for many days. Anyways, I am sure I will meet the yearly goal of 1 Million for sure. It's always great to look at the big picture you are working towards and the small problems build your confidence to move forward for sure. This week I completed the 100k from the counter of 74000 and took it to 42000 again at the end of 19-Aug-22. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 33 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
2. Goodies - YouTube Creator 360 event goodies finally reached my home address and I was extremely happy to receive something with my channel name on the jacket they sent. It's in YouTube colours and you can check out the video here. I also worked on creating YouTube thumbnails for already posted videos and then sharing the tweets. YouTube thumbnail creation is an added task in itself and there should be a dedicated day for the same. I am using the Canva platform to create the same. 
3. Skillshare - I bought an annual subscription to Skillshare for USD 24 based on the notion class of Ali Abdaal and I am now spending a lot of money on books and courses to extend my knowledge further. Since YouTube monetization is enabled I am spending a lot of money on things that I always wanted even without a single cent coming into reality towards me. YouTube I am sure sends money at a certain interval or threshold and I have not reached the same yet and am still pending some address verification from my side as well. 

4. Walking - I am constantly losing out on the weekly targets against the 660 kilometres, I could only reach 645 kilometres. There is a gap of 15 kilometres which I can now take into consideration as 1 week's leave and can reset the same too but let's carry on and see if the gap broadens then we can do the same. This is because I have a target of 1000 kilometres in 52 weeks so we have 2 weeks of furloughs available. I am using the Huawei Watch GT 2e for tracking purposes. 

5. Launch Events - I was invited to the biggest launch in terms of new products at Xperience Huawei 2022 launch event that happened at Sandton Convention Centre and the goodies received were a luxurious backpack which you can watch here. I still have to share the goodies received at the Samsung launch event and I will do so soon in the upcoming videos. I am doing all these videos for you so that you guys what goes into these events and what do you get out of it in case you are interested in becoming a blogger or YouTuber in the future? Your experience might be different in case you are top of the class but general category admissions will be like what I am showcasing to you. 
6. Books and Audiobooks - I completed one book by Sandeep Krishnan called Mind of a Consultant and picked up his other book named Making of a CEO. The mind of a consultant is a definite read for all management graduates and those who are not. This brings back all the knowledge that was acquired during the long hours in the MBA school I attended and that you also wish to attend. You shall definitely listen to the same on Audible or buy a book. 

The struggle is always there but these books and audiobooks help you gain perspective and things your mind has put on hold and your memory is also not serving you. Books are the only way you can gain back your confidence to speak and putting those skills learned from books can help you grow in any area you want. My focus is on the Growth Mindset and Execution for the rest of the year. 

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