Monday 14 April 2014

Indiblogger #Indispire - Five Places I wanted to visit

Hey Guys,

Breaking away from the regular travel destination theme of this week's #Indispire, I thought of some of the moments where I want myself to be once again from my life. If there is some time machine or camera that can show me where I was in that timeline of my life, I will be more than happy and amazed.

1. I wanted to see the place and room where I was born. The very first moments of my existence on this planet earth. Crying or wanting to sleep? How do I look like? Yeah, I know, I looked liked me but in was I on my first minute of birth? Who all were there? What was their reactions to listen to this news of my birth? Who was the first one to take me into his arms? Who kissed me first? When I got to see my mother and father? All this stuff is the place where I want to travel as my first dream destination of my existence. 

2. The very first day of my school. How was I like - wanting to go or not? How was I feeling seeing a lot of kids on the gates of the school? Whom did I first met as a child on my first day at school? Who were my friends? With whom I shared my lunch box with? or didn't shared at all? Was I crying the whole time or slept for a while on the bench? Who was my teacher or maid that took care of me in the school? What was I thinking about my parents to drop me to school all alone in midst of rush of kids? These are some of the questions that I wanted to get answers of from my travel to my second phase of life.

3. The very first salary cheque or cash payment which I received for my efforts for whole of the month. Was I happy? What did I do with the money? What was I feeling? Who congratulated me? Where did I went to party? Did I visited some temple or donated something to charity? What was my expression when I saw the salary amount in my account or hands? Who gave me my first salary? It was the biggest struggle in my life to earn my first salary that I really wanted to enjoy now using the travel destination machine. 

4. The birth of my first child. How happy was I becoming the father of someone looking like an angel? What feelings I had as a new generation has arrived in our family? What did I said to my wife? How eager and nervous I was to hold my daughter in my hands? How did the kid react to my holding? Did she cried? Did she smiled when I took her in my arms? What was the reaction of my family and relatives? Who all came to visit my wife in the hospital? What was the reaction of my friends when I broke the news to them? Did I slept or kept looking at the angel? Did I comfort or thanked my wife after this complicated process of child birth? I really wanted to go and relive this second last destination of my life. 

5. The final one is the last day of my life on this planet Earth as I say good bye to everyone. Is it informed death or I died in an instance? Is it a natural death or accident? How happy or sad is my family on my death? Who all loved me and cared about me? What did I do wrong in my life? What are the people's reactions after my death? Is my family ok? Who is taking care of them after I died? What was people's opinion about my life? Are they cursing me or really feeling pain in their hearts? What I have left for my family? Is it a lot of debt or plenty of income for their survival? How many of my company colleagues/bosses are attending my funeral? The time I spent away from home for work was it worthwhile? These all questions gives a lot of perspective as I am on my deathbed. This is the final destination that I wanted to see today or asap before I actually reach there. 

Yeah, I did wanted to visit the day of my marriage once again, so that I could stop myself from doing it. But if I would have stopped it, I would not become father to a lovely daughter and could not travel there so I have dropped this dream destination out of my list to keep it at 5. Else, surely I would love to revisit the day I got married and check out my confusion and happiness as whole family is celebrating and dancing in this big fat wedding. There are always some funny moments in everyone's marriage that you will always remember. It can be some relative or some ritual or someone dancing with full on alcohol effect or whatever the case may be. 

Till that time, I reach my final destination - I am living in this longest destination of life called MARRIAGE!


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