Monday 28 April 2014

An Android App a day - 30. TRUECALLER

Hi Guys,

This series of Android Apps was stopped due to the non-availability of wifi internet connection at my home. The life without internet is tough but I did survived well but it impacted my Indirank and it dropped significantly.

Truecaller is an important app during these days where telemarketers really suck your time and money. They call at unwanted times and continue to ask questions even if you are not interested in buying Credit card or hotel membership or personal loan or insurance or ULIP products. They have been doing aggressive marketing now directly making acute personal remarks as I recall one of them selling me an insurance product asked why can’t you take a decision yourself? You have grown up blah blah blah when I asked him that I don’t want any other insurance. I immediately put my number into the STOP DND list.

This app can help us all save from this pain as we can identify who is calling us and whether we want to pick up the phone? Sometimes we are in important meetings and an unknown number call really makes us think, who is calling? Is it important? Etc and by getting to know the name of the person, we can have some idea as to who is who?

Truecaller will really help you to know the name and identity of the calling person. It does requires Wifi or data connection to be in ON condition. You can block the calls received from SPAM numbers. Also, it has integrated with twitter so that you can follow your callers using this app only.

Overall it’s a nice app with a rating of 4.5/5. Go for it! It really helps.

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