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Monday, 29 June 2020

Study to Play @HUAWEIza #MatePadT8 is Your Child’s Digital Best Friend

Hi Friends,

As many parents continue to keep their young ones at home, children are beginning to adapt to digital technologies at an exceedingly rapid rate. The days of coloring-in books have now been replaced by tablets, which can be used as a platform to create fun digital illustrations, and the interactive face-to-face classes with teachers have morphed into engaging online lessons.

This change seems to be almost seamless for today’s technologically astute children, whose only impediment to truly embracing a digitally transformed way of learning and playing is a lack of the right tools. Today, tablets need to adhere to a variety of criteria in order to truly benefit today’s youth, as well as their families. Devices need to be durable, light, powerful, and of course - fun.

The right tool in the right form
The new HUAWEI MatePad T8 is a device that meets all of these requirements, as it is a feature-packed tablet that comes in a lightweight design. It has a massive screen-to-body ratio of over 80 percent, making the most of the compact form factor to provide a large display area for kids and parents. It comes in a streamlined metal back featuring a sandblasted finish that produces a smooth look, and an ergonomic curved design to ensure a comfortable hold, even over long periods of use.

Powered by an octa-core chipset and housing a large 5100 mAh battery, the HUAWEI MatePad T8 provides everything your kids need for hours of uninterrupted entertainment and education, for just R2,999. The tablet is perfect for families who often find themselves in battles over screen time, with plenty of advanced tools to overcome these simple obstacles and squabbles.
Study to Play @HUAWEIza #MatePadT8 is Your Child’s Digital Best Friend
Digital balance with Kids Corner
One of the greatest demands when it comes to tablets has been for a feature that enables parents to track and limit their children’s usage time of a device, so as to prevent their young ones from indulging in copious, unbroken amounts of screen time. The HUAWEI MatePad T8 is the perfect tool to provide your child with that crucial digital balance, thanks to the built-in Kids Corner. Kids Corner is a virtual playground that children can explore without adult supervision. The platform not only aims to create an exclusive learning and entertainment space for children but also ensures that parents can easily monitor their child’s tablet usage – without having to hover over them 24/7.

Full parental controls
With the HUAWEI MatePad T8, you can simply open Parental Controls in Kids Corner to find the four control modules – eye protection, time management, app management, and content management. These features are designed to help children develop healthier, more sustainable technology habits. Settings can be easily modified to limit the number of times a day and for how long your child is allowed to use his or her tablet, as well as enable rest periods.

Screen time limits
You can also establish what apps and media are accessible at different times, which can be used effectively to help ease children into a daily routine. To promote healthy device usage, the Kids Corner includes four eye protection modes – blue light filter, posture alerts, bumpy road alerts, and eBook – to provide a more comfortable user experience.
Study to Play @HUAWEIza #MatePadT8 is Your Child’s Digital Best Friend
Correct posture
For when kids are using the HUAWEI MatePad T, Kids Corner also has a few tricks to look after their physical health. Often, when spending time on a tablet or laptop, it is easy to become overly relaxed and slump into postures and positions that are damaging to the joints and muscles. Kids Corner has posture alerts that can identify when the user is lying still for too long and alert them to move and correct their posture. Moreover, the HUAWEI MatePad T features a blue light filter, bumpy road alerts, and eBook mode, which protecting your kids’ eyes.

With its affordable price point, powerful performance, and durability, the HUAWEI MatePad T8 is the ultimate tablet for families. Through Kids Corner, the device places education, protection, and digital wellness at its core, giving parents peace of mind, and the young ones a device that has their best intentions at heart. 

The HUAWEI MatePad T8 is priced at R2,999 and is available on Huawei’s online commerce store at From 1 July it will be available at the following stores: Vodacom, MTN, Cellucity, Telkom, Incredible Connection, Makro and Game.

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Saturday, 27 June 2020

#TheLifesWayReviews KOTA FACTORY @TheViralFever #KotaFactory #Drama

Hi Friends,

Yesterday I binged watched the Kota Factory as it's only 5 episodes which go for about 3 hours 15 minutes and totally fallen in love with the overall story and brought back so many memories from the times when I was preparing for my engineering entrance exams from New Delhi and not from Kota like the TVF's Kota Factory's protagonist Vaibhav Pandey played by Mayur More. Ranjan Raj plays Balmukund Meena who welcomes Vaibhav into his world of IIT preparations and becomes one of the best friends. His acting is superb and brings a lot of soul to the whole series. 

Kota is showcased to be run by two major coaching institutes where Maheshwari Classes is number 1 and if you don't get admission there then you join Prodigy Coaching classes. Vaibhav comes to Kota and joins the Prodigy after being rejected admission by Maheshwari Classes and starts in the lowest batch A10. He is introduced to Uday Gupta played by Alam Khan and Shivangi Ranawat played by Ahsaas Channa by Meena. Slowly as he starts his journey he is helped and motivated by Jeetu Bhaiya who is Physics Teacher at Prodigy Classes and the actor behind this role is Jitendra Kumar. In real life, Jitendra is an IIT Kharagpur graduate and moved into movies and web series. 

Kota Factory not only focusses on the various subjects and the nitty-gritty behind those subjects but also coming out from the home environment to stay in the hostels and PG's where the basic necessities is also a struggle despite the amount of money provided by the family. As the friendship develops, Vaibhav and others not only learns a lot about life but also about the IIT preparations. This web series doesn't only show the competitiveness between students but the mental state of aspirants who are spending 1-2 years of their life in Kota and how it impacts the rest of their life. The 21 Days plan is really awesome and you will definitely enjoy watching this web series. 
#TheLifesWayReviews KOTA FACTORY @TheViralFever #KotaFactory #Drama
The dialogues spoken by Jeetu Bhaiya really hits you to think a lot about your own life whatever stage you are in. I really loved watching this web series and want to see it once again especially the parts of Jeetu Bhaiya. Even when Meena says ''Kabhi Kabhi Milne aur saath rehne mein farak hota hai, Dosti hai koi revision thodi na, joh Karna hi hai'' and this dialogue made me cry. It reminded me of several times when I had to leave a lot behind and just go where life took me. That's the biggest reality of life which we need to accept that change is what will keep you moving forward and accept it as soon as possible and make it a way of life. 

There is not only serious mode in this web series but also when they get to relax for 5 days during the Class 12 practicals time and it brings that they are still kids who are handling the pressure of the world. It is the time when Meena falls for Meenal Parekh played by Urvi Singh and Vaibhav for Vartika Ratawal played by Revathi Pillai whom we saw recently in Special Ops as Kay Kay Menon's daughter. These moments are really great as it will bring back all the memories of first love from your school and college days. 

Kota Factory is a comedy-drama created by Saurabh Khanna and Tamojit Das. The songs are created by Karthik Rao and Simran Hora. Cinematography is done by Jerin Paul and a lot of drone shots really bring a lot of great shots of Kota, Rajasthan. The overall production value is great and all actors just fit in their roles and the story is great with a lot of drama, comedy, and motivation. Also, the whole series is shot in Black and White till the end and really brings back nostalgic memories automatically.

I don't know whether there will be a Season 2 of the series but I am hoping that it will happen sometime after the lockdown as the end result of getting into the IIT is not shown but I am sure even these 5 episodes you will want to see again and again. Go for it if not seen to date. The same is also available on Youtube as well as TVFPlay. RATING 4.5/5

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How to Prepare for Uncertain Times and be Money Smart? #KraftAdvice #MoneySmart #SavingsMonth

Hi Friends,

Philip Kraft, Vilochanee Naidoo and Capital Legacy Team Up in National Savings Month This July 2020

Join the online event on Wednesday 8 July 2020 at 8pm as Philip Kraft a leader in the Financial Planning Services Industry, Renowned Author Vilochanee Naidoo, and Capital Legacy a long-standing national company has teamed up to help you prepare for uncertain times. July is National Savings Month and now more than ever a lesson we can take from businesses being affected by the national lockdown is to prepare and save for uncertain times. This Power Team will not only be giving you advice, but they are also giving away many prizes, all mentioned below.

Philip, an irrefutable authority in the South African Financial Markets understands the importance to protect his clients as well as his family now and when he is no longer around. Being in the Financial Services industry for a decade, Philip knows that Life can be unexpected and thus by ensuring that a proper Will is in place, he can have peace of mind knowing that his clients and those around him will be taken care of when the unexpected happens by detailing how he will leave his legacy behind via the help of Capital Legacy.

Popular Author Vilochanee Naidoo shares her passion for finance in her latest offering, Money Smart. Being a Master Graduate in her field, with two international accreditations, Vilochanee is qualified to give us the advice she so eloquently and understandably writes about. As a lecturer for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), Vilochanee has a wealth of product and market knowledge across various industries, including finance-savvy personal products.

Capital Legacy is a leader in the industry, with a national team of consultants who are all too ready to assist you and they understand the importance to have a proper Will in place to protect your loved ones when you are no longer around.
How to Prepare for Uncertain Times and be Money Smart? #KraftAdvice #MoneySmart #SavingsMonth
Topics that will be covered at this online event:
  • Budgeting, Savings Plans, Investments, and shopping tips
  • Calculating the value of your car and property to ensure that you are saving in the current times
  • Wills and Trusts and how Capital Legacy will save you money
  • Understanding the difference between rental assets and how to maximize these: cash, bonds, equity, and property with any related risks
  • Understanding when and why you should update your Will
  • The Capital Legacy Protection Plan and how this will save your estate taxes and costs.
Now, it is your chance to Win!

We have a few prizes up for grabs on the day:
1) Philip Kraft and Capital Legacy will be giving away 3 X R1000 gift vouchers of your choice courtesy to help you get the second half of the year off to a great financial start
2) You could win a 1-hour budget coaching session with Vilochanee Naidoo to help you plan for your family’s financial future correctly.
3) You could win 1 of 3 e-Books, by Author Vilochanee Naidoo titled ‘Money Smart’

For you to win please follow the speakers and promote the event by tagging the speakers and Capital Legacy. Winners announced at the event so best you be there:

Date: Wednesday 8 July 2020
Time: 20:00 to 21:15
Cost: Complimentary
Book on Quicket:

Connect with our panel on Social Media:

Money Smart can be bought hardcopy from as little as R350 or eBook for R199 or via kindle at R66. More information about the book can be found at

Contact details for the office of Philip Kraft and his team:
Office Number: 010 025 0259
Mobile Number: 083 701 0447

Follow the conversation: #KraftAdvice #MoneySmart #SavingsMonth

About Capital Legacy:
Capital Legacy focuses on assisting their clients, by making a difference when it really counts…

There are many unexpected legal fees associated with any estate when someone passes. These fees can often cause incredible cash flow problems or worse yet, eat into the inheritance of the various loved ones it was intended for, those being the beneficiaries of the Will. These fees include Executors Fees, Testamentary Trust Fees, Conveyance Attorney Fees, and Non-Estate Asset Administration Fees, amongst others that are charged as a percentage of your total estate. You can thus quickly see how these expenses can up fast.

There are also unforeseen costs that can occur after passing that can cripple your beneficiaries in the form of immediate funeral expenses, initial overheads (Masters Fees, property clearances, etc.), monthly overheads e.g. education fees, medical aid bills, hospital fees, specialist fees, rates and taxes, water and electricity, levies, should we continue? In the worst-case scenario of you and your spouse pass away, exponentially high inheritance taxes.

All these costs can be covered through the unique solution offered by Capital Legacy in the form of their Legacy Protection Plan™. The Legacy Protection Plan™ accompanies your Will to protect you and your loved ones from exorbitant legal fees when you pass away, not only creating ease of cash flow but also peace of mind for you today.

For more information visit their website on

Follow Capital Legacy on Social Media:

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