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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Product Review - HTC One #M8 #HTCTheOne

Hi Guys,

HTC launched another device called HTC ONE M8 in April 2014 after the first HTC One M7 was launched a year earlier in 2013. I love HTC phones because of their great quality and awesome after sales support. I never expected that they will give me a brand new phone after there was some problem in my battery and phone. I got to review the HTC M8 some days back and I was totally amazed by the upgrades it offered on my earlier version of the device. This blogpost is written after the unit is back in the office of HTC's PR agency. I thank them for organizing a HTC ONE M8 for me and it came in a mint condition & it felt great to unbox the device myself. Check out the post on HTC ONE M7 which I did earlier and now I am comparing the phone with this latest version from HTC. 

HTC ONE M8 package contains the HTC One mobile, charger, usb cable, noise isolation HTC earphones and a HTC silicon cover for mobile and a pin to open SIM tray and micro-SD card tray. Also the M8 device takes nano-SIM as compared to M7 which uses micro-SIM card to connect to the telecom providers. The device is around 160 grams of sleek metallic design from it's predecessor with great effects on the aluminum back. 

HTC One M8 has 5inch Full HD 1080p display (441ppi) which can bring all the colors and graphics to life. The device has enough processing power to take care of everything you throw at the device. It is made possible by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core CPUs and 2GB RAM. The phone comes in various inbuilt memory capacity of 16GB and 32GB. You can increase the storage capacity of the phone by using an micro-SD card upto 128GBs. The battery capacity is 2600mAh which can easily last a day on moderate consumption of data and calls. It lasted me around 13-14 hours on continuous usage of 3G data and calls. 

HTC One M8 has some unique changes to the predecessor M7 in terms of camera, style, size and panel buttons. The polycarbonate sides on M7 are now covered with metal finish which makes it unibody design and the phone looks highly expensive and great in your hands. There are no buttons on the bottom of the phone as in M7 as all those three capacitive buttons are moved to the on-screen software buttons. So if you upgrading to M8 from M7, it will be annoying in the start as you will take some time to adapt to the same. But it also solves the bigger problem of touching the back button and going out of the apps or games you are using at that moment. In M7, that was one of the problems critics said a lot about. HTC improved the same in this new version of the smartphone.

The screen size has been increase marginally to 5 inches making it more attractive to customers wanting big screens but not going into the phablet range. The display is protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass 3 with scratch resistance coating. I have never used any protective film on my M7 and there is no line or scratch on the same till now. M8 has improved protection so I hope there will be no scratch on the same too in the longer run of the phone. Motion Launch also helped phone to be opened using double tap on screen as well as turning the phone horizontally & by pressing the volume key opens us camera app. 

BeatsAudio in M7 was replaced by BOOMSOUND stereo speakers in M8 with improved sound quality by more than a margin for audio enthusiasts. Literally, HTC One M8 has the highest volume levels while playing any audio or video among all it's competitors. Harmon Kardon edition of the phone was also launched in USA which offered HK earphones and HK software etc. The audio quality was superb when I used my BOSE inearphones with Boomsound switched on. It was much better than the M7 which I am using at the moment. The HTC earphones that comes packaged with M8 are very much similar to M7 so there is not much improvement in the same. 

Finally the dual camera on the phone was a welcome move and brought a lot of features to HTC One M8 for the photography enthusiasts. The device has dual tone flash now along with main camera as Ultrapixel camera with 2.0 µm in size. The second camera captures the depth details of the photograph clicked and then you can make changes to the same using UFOCUS to bring depth of field effects that DSLR can bring to the images. Also, it can take some 3D images which is really cool to capture some extra detail which gives some great effects on the M8 screen. There are many more modes and filters that can be applied to your photographs in the new HTC One M8. 

The phone can be upgraded to the latest Lollipop android OS making it a great performance smartphone in all departments be it calls, games, graphics, camera, sound or battery life. I would love to buy this phone as the new version M9 has also been launched by HTC on much cheaper prices but for those who wants to enjoy great android experience for the first time, it's a great phone to start with. Even someone who wants to learn more techniques of photography and wants to become country's number ONE instagrammer can use this phone to click and edit some great captures using this phone. HTC products are great in quality and pays the money you spent to buy them in the longer run. I would love to have this phone as a secondary camera for my trips to launch events/product reviews etc to take some amazingly great photographs. 


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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Product Review - HTC One #M7 #HTCOne

Hi Guys,

My Nexus One died on me as it's power button got broken way back in 2013 and I never wanted to get it corrected as my experience with repair was really bad as I lost my Motorola Rokr to repair before just using it for paper weight. My family said that go and check whichever phone you want in the market for your birthday and then never say again that you wanted that phone and we didn't  allowed you to buy the same. 

I went to check phones at MGF Metropolitan Mall, M.G. Road and came across the phones from Samsung, Nokia, LG and many other OEMs. I saw the various phones and narrowed down my choice to Sasmung S4, Galaxy Note 2, Nokia 1020 and HTC One. I read the reviews from all the tech blogs and really fall in love with Galaxy S4's awesome features, Note2's S-Pen, 1020's 41megapixel camera and HTC One's sleek design and ultrapixel camera.

I went back to store and again checked the phones and tested them for video and songs output on my Bose earphones. The moment I switched on Beats Audio on HTC One, the sound quality took my heart away. I immediately decided to buy HTC One because at that time, I was using mobile to listen to songs and watching serials and movies most of the time along with twitter and facebook. The audio output on Note2 and S4 was also nice but HTC One has great advantage due to it's Beats Audio software built into it and also of it's BoomSound front speakers which throws sound directly towards your face and ears.

I waited again till my birthday for decrease in prices but one fine day flipkart launched a scheme in collaboration with Citibank credit cards for 6 months interest free EMI along with 10% cashback offer. I immediately bought one 32gb version for myself and the phone came with free 8gb Sandisk card and Eveready Portable Mobile Charger.The device package contains the mobile device, one usb cable, charger and HTC branded red noise-isolation earphones with mic.

HTC One #M7 has 4.7 inch full HD 468ppi display which shows brilliant colors and video's. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad core processor has clock set at 1.7GHz to take care of all your apps and games along with 2GB of RAM capacity. The phone has inbuilt 2300mAh battery which can last 9-11 hours based on my high usage of 3G always on and several apps running in parallel. The device looks really awesome and weighs only 143g, moreover aluminium back catches attention of everyone. The device takes micro-SIM into it's slot on one side of the phone. The other side has volume rocker buttons only. The top side contains the power on-off button which also serves as Infra-Red remote along with 3.5mm jack for earphones. The bottom side has mini-USB charger along with a microphone for the mobile calls. The HTC earphones are good  for their sound quality but you can use your Sennheiser or Bose for better sound quality.

The HTC UltraPixel camera was a breakthrough design with Pixel size 2.0 µm, Sensor size 1/3' and F2.0 aperture and 28 mm lens. The front camera has 2.1 MP camera with 88degree wide angles lens to capture your selfies. The rear camera can take great low light photographs and captures awesome day light photographs. HTC Zoe was also launched which can do Sequence Shot, Always Smile and Object Removals. Zoe was awesome feature as it used to take 20 quick photographs and made them into a video of around 3 seconds. The video captured by the camera is in .mp4 format and slow motion with variable speed playback was a new introduction to this smartphone. HTC Blinkfeed with give you all the latest social media news from your networks along with your subscribed news channels etc on the first page of the phone.

Overall, I fell in love with the speed of the phone for my twitter and social apps usage along with high quality video output. I felt that the ultra-pixels images captured by the camera sometimes contains noise when zoomed out and increasing the megapixels could improve the same. The Beats audio and BoomSound remained the love of my life till now on this device. Last year, there was some problems with the battery on my HTC One and they replaced the whole phone within 2 days of my complaint which was awesome service quality from the brand.

The phone has the processing power to play most of the high quality graphics games without any lags but phone does gets warm and battery drains very quickly too. HTC Sense always has some great features to use on HTC devices and the phone is now working on the latest Lollipop android OS. Lollipop OS offers some new features on HTC One M7 like floating notifications along with some added new camera capabilities like Camera booth, Split Capture along with earlier features to take selfie, Zoe, video etc. My phone is behaving extremely slow after this first update and I am waiting for the second update to stable the device. I will ask you to wait for the improvement package and continue on the earlier OS on this device.

HTC announced new phone and M7 was upgraded to HTC One M8 (#HTCTheOne) and the latest one is HTC One M9 (#HTCOneLife) in the same series of smartphones. Review for these devices will also be done soon on my blog.

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Product Review - HUAWEI Mobile WiFi E5220

Hi Guys,

Internet is what keeps us connected and data is what we are paying for to the telecom companies to stay connected. Smartphones are capable these days with Dual SIM to keep you connected to calls as well as data bundles. I am still using a single SIM mobile phone and data bundles along with calls is very expensive package. I bought only data bundle deal and was searching for something to convert that SIM card to wifi connection. I was using my old Nexus One mobile phone as a portable hotspot but with change to a particular telecom connection, it stopped working as one.
I bought Huawei Mobile WiFi E5220 and was very much impressed by the device. The device was easy to setup and takes your regular SIM to connect to your telecom provider. E5220 comes in white and black colors and is less than 30gm in weight. The package contains the main device, rechargeable battery (1150mAh), USB cable to charge the device. You can also use your mini-USB cable to charge the device.
Huawei E5220 can connect upto 10 Wi-Fi enabled connections at the same time with devices like tablets, smartphones, laptop and every device which has wifi receiver built into it. LED light display gives you information about the device in use and connection range just like mobile bars. The device can be switched on from the power button on the front of the device. The battery is replaceable and gives upto 4 hours of continuous wifi connection. On my regular usage after using it for 4 months, the battery life has decreased to about 2-3 hours on continuous switched ON. Also sometimes the device hangs and can't be switched on-off then you need to remove the battery and restart the device for a stable connection.
The best part is that it can be carried anywhere in your pockets and stay always connected to the internet upto the speed of HSDPA 21.6Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps. The device has internal antenna but sometimes in the basement floors or parking, it doesn't work on the same network based on your telecom providers range. The LED indicators are for Signal, Wi-Fi, Battery and Messages. Signal strength is shown by Green, orange and Red in decreasing order of reception. Battery strength is shown as Green, Blinking Green (charging) and Red as low battery.
The wifi device has the same password which is written on the inside of the back cover and can be shared with your family easily. But there is a process to change the same in case someone is using or abusing your expensive data connection. Go to the web management page ( and you can change your SSID and wireless network encryption key using the username and password as admin. Huawei has a Mobile Wifi app also which can control various settings related  to the actual device like battery power remaining, SMS and various other reports on data consumed etc. The device has a RESET button to restore it to factory default settings.

Overall, this is a great device which you can get in the market for around Rs 2500-3000 or R700-800 and it will serve  you well for connecting all your wifi devices to internet. 


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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

#DisneyAfrica - Frozen, Avengers, Star Wars and beyond!

Hi Guys, 

It’s been a week of milestones and big announcements from The Walt Disney Company. From a galaxy far, far away to the streets of Joburg and a journey to a world beyond, there is something from everyone from the house of Disney!

It’s of-f-f-f-f-icial: Frozen 2 is in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios with directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and producer Peter Del Vecho, the Oscar®-winning filmmaking team behind Frozen. The news was announced at Disney’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders by Bob Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company; John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios; and actor Josh Gad, who provides the voice of Olaf from Frozen. A release date and production details are on ice for now.
Fans will soon be able to see the brand new animated short film, Frozen Fever, which hits cinemas in front of Disney’s upcoming Cinderella on Thursday 2 April nationwide. Frozen Fever welcomes back to the big screen the voices that helped bring the Frozen favorites to life, and introduces a new song Making Today a Perfect Day. For a limited time, the track is available exclusively at iTunes ( In the short film, it's Anna's birthday and Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but when Elsa catches a cold, her powers may put more than just the party at risk.

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron - Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The trailer set a record with 35 million views in 24 hours, breaking the previous record set by the last teaser trailer which debuted October 22, which got 34.3M global views in 24 hours. Eagerly awaited the world over, South African fans have a special reason to celebrate as the Johannesburg skyline and CBD will feature prominently in key breath-taking sequences, following the production’s filming in the City of Gold early last year. The film releases nationwide on 24 April 2015.

Rogue One is the title for the first film in a unique series of big-screen adventures that explores the characters and events beyond the core Star Wars saga. Rogue One will be directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla) and written by Oscar nominee Chris Weitz (Cinderella, About a Boy, Antz). The first actress cast is Felicity Jones who garnered an Academy Award nomination and critical acclaim for her performance in The Theory of Everything. The film is due for release on December 16, 2016.
In addition, Iger confirmed that Rian Johnson will write and direct Star Wars: Episode VIII. The film, which continues the saga after the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (18 December 2015), is set for release on May 26, 2017 — forty years and a day after the release of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977.
Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out is the major emotion picture event of the year, as we travel deep into the most remarkable location of all: the mind. Releasing 19 June nationwide, it’s sure to become a family favourite!

And finally, we welcomed a more in-depth look at the Disney’s riveting mystery adventure Tomorrowland – A World Beyond, where a jaded scientist (George Clooney) and an optimistic teen (Britt Robinson) embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space. The film releases nationwide on 22 May. This is a great year as planned by Disney for the unlimited fun and joy! There is no looking back for the company this year and I am really looking forward to enjoy each and every one of the movies in the schedule.
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

#AvengersJozi - SA Fashion Week & MARVEL Designs

Hi Guys,

The Walt Disney Company Africa has announced in collaboration with SA Fashion Week,by paying a tribute to the super hero team up of a lifetime – Marvel’s Avengers. On 21 March 2015, at the ’15 Spring/Summer Collection Showcase, six designers revealed their ready-to-wear lines, entirely inspired by the iconic characters featured in the upcoming 24 April cinematic release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.
After a month-long search in December 2014, six designers from across the continent were chosen to showcase their lines at SA Fashion Week. They are South African designers Siyabonga Ntini (Ralfe), Roman Handt (Roman Handt) and Luiz Delaja (M4S) as well as Zimbabwean designer Rumbidzai Muzofa (Rumbie by Rumbie), Zambian designers Christina Kabamba and Donna M’shanga (Kamanga) and South African-based (Spanish-born) designer Amos Tranque (Amos Tranque). Drawing inspiration from Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and The Incredible Hulk, the designers were given free rein to bring each character’s iconic imagery and style to their chosen men’s and women’s lines.
Each designer’s unique take on the Marvel brand and their incorporation of the Avengers characters showcased remarkable use of fabrics and materials, whilst playing with silhouettes, shapes and colours in both men’s and women’s fashion. An exciting fusion of designs from across the continent provided eye-catching and celebratory pieces that included futuristic, traditional and contemporary elements mixed with a distinct blend of African themes and, of course, some daring twists.
“As fans the world over anticipate the release of the next chapter in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, we are thrilled not only to be celebrating the Avengers but also the immense talent that the designers have brought to the SA Fashion Week runway,” says Deirdre King, Head of Marketing for The Walt Disney Company Africa. ‘The Inspired by Marvel campaign truly showcase the timeless and universal appeal that these characters have, whilst remaining relevant in since they first appeared in comic books almost 5 decades ago.”

This is not Disney’s first foray into high fashion – even as far back as 1937, the company collaborated with Cartier for a piece inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Recent collaborations globally include the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, D&G, Castelbajac, Philipp Plein, Chopard, adidas, Havaianas and Desigual to name a few. Earlier this year, world-renown shoe designers such as Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, revealed their own Inspired by Cinderella Shoe designs at the European Premiere of the film. On the local front, 2013 saw Suzaan Heyns becoming the first designer on the continent to participate in the Inspired by Minnie campaign that debuted at SA Fashion Week in October.
The Inspired by Marvel Collections mark the upcoming 24 April cinematic release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. South African fans have an extra reason to celebrate as the hotly anticipated film features key action sequences shot entirely in Johannesburg. Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron stars Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as The Incredible Hulk, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

#MakeItHappen - Spend less and save more with Lumia Apps

Hi Guys, 

How are you tracking against your goals for 2015 so far? It requires a persistence effort to do so and smartphones these days helps us do so with their apps. Improving finances was the most popular goal from the survey results conducted by Microsoft South Africa because financial freedom is ultimately what we are all aiming to achieve. To help you achieve this goal, here is a list of some great apps from the Windows Phone store to help you better manage your finances and accomplish those goals set out for this year.

Spending Tracker (Free) 

Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user friendly Personal Finance App in the store. And best of all, it's free. The simple fact is, by tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore SAVE MONEY. This app helps you track your spending quickly and easily and it also offers an option of choosing to track weekly, monthly and yearly. So give it a try and have instant control over your spending.

Budget Buddy (Free)
A multi-functional expense tracker and budget manager featuring the ability to track expenses by taking a photo. Just snap a picture of your bill, receipt, cash register total, or whatever is available when you are making a purchase. No fumbling around with your phone while you are paying your bill or checking out. The Live Tile feature makes it easy to track your spending and manage your budget. You can know exactly how much you've spent and how much is left in your monthly budget simply by looking at the live tile on your home screen.

My Budget (R9.99) 

My Budget is an easy solution to balance your accounts, track your expenditure, and manage your money and more. As a personal finance application one can enter receipts, assign each transaction to a category and to an account. My Budget day view, week view and month view gives you quick snap shot of your pending and upcoming activities.

Money Wallet (R23.99)
Money Wallet is a simple, useful and intuitive personal finance assistant with online synchronization between several devices. The application combines all your accounts in one place, monitors budgets and always reminds you about scheduled transactions.

Financial freedom is what we all have to achieve and work towards. It keeps us happy and ensures our living continues as per our lifestyle for the times to come. A lot of books and websites are made to teach and guide those who seek the same. Keep looking and learn from them and finally do execute those ideas.


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#MakeitHappen - Resolutions South Africans made!

Hi Guys,

This year, a staggering 91% of South Africans made a New Year’s resolutions. According to a survey commissioned by Microsoft South Africa, and carried out by Columinate, the number one reason for not sticking to a New Year’s resolution is lack of motivation (50%), followed by not having enough time (33%) and lack of support (22%).

In 2015, South Africa has money on its mind, with 60% of all resolutions made relating to finances, specifically spending less and saving more – which should please the Minister of Finance. This beats out regular New Year’s resolution chart-topper: weight-loss.

How many resolutions does the average South African make every year? According to the survey results: 8% only made one resolution, 29% made 2 – 4 resolutions, 50% made 5 – 10 resolutions, and 13% made more than 10.

Do you recognize some of these resolutions:

· Eat healthier (listed by 48% of respondents)
· Be a better person (34%)
· Get a better job (33%)
· Spend more time with my family (26%)
· Buy a house (20%)
· Finish that degree (17%)
· Quit smoking (14%)
· Do more charity work (11%)


How to make a resolution stick -

Whatever your resolution, it’s sticking to it that proves a challenge for everyone. The question is how to fix this? Support from family helps said 48% of those surveyed, as well as support from friends, said a further 29%.

Another factor that helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself is tracking your progress. The most popular ways to do this is using a calendar, a to do list and a journal. Overall, 79% respondents agreed that it would be ideal to use technology – like a smartphone app – to help you measure your progress towards your goal.

With this in mind, Microsoft Lumia has launched the #MakeItHappen campaign. It’s goodbye flakey New Year’s resolutions and hello to making a pledge that shows results. Lumia fans are encouraged to enter their pledge at, and set a target date by which they aim to achieve their goal. Once completed, you upload a photo or video as proof of completion. You can share your progress online with the #MakeItHappen hashtag, and check out what other people are pledging, as well as completed pledges. You are encouraged to set tangible goals, paired with a sense of community, and powered by technology and Microsoft Lumia.

The infographic that condenses the findings of the survey on South Africa’s New Year’s resolutions can give you more insights into your habits.


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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Life is only fun, when we are TOGETHER!

Hi Guys,

Our life is a journey which we can’t travel alone. We need people to come into our lives from time to time and be with us for some of the journey. I was born in a joint family so was always surrounded by grandparents, uncle, aunts and a lot of kids. I was the eldest son of the family so I was the leader of the young force at our home. It was always my responsibility to take care of them and to save them from other kids who tries to beat them or make fun of them.

My optimism and togetherness story is about the time when I was married and had a 6  months old daughter. It was the time when I had huge debt on my shoulders because of our MBA education loan and also my wife was not working at that time due to kid. My wife got job after some time and I was offered onsite to London and my daughter was 10 months old at that time. I had to leave for London alone as my wife just got job of her choice after a span of 2.5 years and didn’t wanted to let it go because of our financial obligations. I waited for more than 7 months to see both of them as I could only get holidays at that time and came back to India for Holi festival. I also wanted to get them their visas etc but there was a lot of documentation that needed to be taken and submitted. I tried to complete all formalities and came back to London. From that day onwards, I kept waiting for them to come to me and it took them another 4 months before they landed on Heathrow Airport in London.

Thank Lord, it gave me strength and took away all my depression and stress. I was so happy to see them again and show them around the city. Those moments of celebrations were extended when my daughter started speaking there as well as my birthday came also. Some part of the city I only thought of visiting with my family and as soon as they came for 23 days, I planned for all the outings while continuing office work also. My wife and kid used to board a tube to Central London and used to come to my office during evening so that we can be together for some time and can also see some of the landmark buildings and locations. Those days really helped me come out of all my tensions and reconnect with my family and daughter. I keep checking some of the moments captured via camera and handycam to enjoy and relive that time.Here is one of the pics from that time! :-)
Our life is only wonderful if we are together or if we are with someone who loves and take care of us. Life is great with companion and family and is to be lived for those who want to be with you always. It’s during those times when you can’t access your friends and family in person, you come to know how much you miss them? I had my share of tears when I was staying all alone and it’s a part and parcel of my life. But being together – it  all starts from the house we call home and check out these humble adobes which can change your life forever!


Product Review - @Kinivo BTE40 - Bluetooth Stereo Earphones

Hi Guys,

Bluetooth devices have taken the digital world by storm. Each and every brand is producing some nice gadgets having the latest Bluetooth capabilities to enhance the customer's experience of rich sound and less battery consumption. Kinivo has been such brand that has always kept itself in the loop to produce some amazing gadgets at value for money proposition not only for themselves but also for the end users.
Kinivo BTE40 Bluetooth In-Ear Headset is designed to provide high quality audio wirelessly from Bluetooth capable devices. This device can be also be used to transform your home speaker system into a Bluetooth sound system with the BTE40 3.5mm audio output port. You can connect the BTE40's stereo output to your home theater and stream music from your smartphone or tablet. The BTE40 Bluetooth In-Ear Headset is ideal for listening to music wirelessly on the go from your phone or music player. The device has all the manual controls for your easy access to play, change and pause the songs as well as calling and accepting voice calls.
Kinivo BTE40 is very similar to Sony MW600 which I reviewed earlier in some of it's features. Kinivo BTE40 has micro-usb charging which is common these days for all the android phones and accessories. It helps as you need not carry any extra cable for charging the device. The best part is that it can be used with any of your costly headphones and to turn your car's speakers into bluetooth also. 
The device has red and blue LED lights to indicate low battery & charging status. The device gets charged fully  between 2-3 hours and gives battery output of more than 5 hours of continuous music play. You can easily control your music player directly from the headset with functions such as play, pause, next & previous track, and volume controls. The buttons are easy to press and works perfectly great.

On-Off switch on the side helps to save battery when the device is not in use. Kinivo has been a front-runner in making some nice devices for everyday use. BTE40 comes with two auxiliary cords (long and short) to match all your needs. Also the package contains a pair of earphones with once cord longer than the other one to go behind your neck but there are no extra pair of ear plugs of different sizes. The charging cable is provided in the package.
The earphones that comes in the package are nice to use and will go a long way in your day to day usage. For better sound quality and performance, you can use your higher end earphones from brands like Sennheiser and Beats using it's 3.5mm audio output port

The user can easily switch between calls and music using this BTE40 as it comes with noise cancellation microphone. Also, it can be connected to two simultaneous bluetooth devices for example it can be connected to your video player on your tablet as well as receive call from your smartphone.

There is an app for iOS devices called "Bluetooth Battery Meter" which shows the remaining battery capacity for this BTE40 main controller. All Kinivo devices come with a warranty of 1 year. 

Keep an eye on Kinivo products if you are considering buying some bluetooth gadgets to enhance your audio experience at value for customer prices.  

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@TheCapital_SA - 20 West - Stay Contemporary!

Hi Guys, 

The Capital 20 West is the place where you stay contemporary and it's the place to stay where you count.
The superbly central location of The Capital 20 West makes it the superior choice of business professionals. Smart money knows where to stay – and with 139 rooms a choice of either 1 or 2 bedroom apartments or standard rooms, they have ample accommodation for overnight or longer-term stays. All the guests enjoy complimentary parking, complimentary laundry, complimentary scheduled transfers to Sandton and complimentary Wi-Fi access throughout their stay.
A state-of-the-art conference centre makes The Capital 20 West the choice of companies who know how to make money count. The main conference room can accommodate 200 delegates, plus we have 3 breakaway/meeting rooms, 4 boardrooms and 1 executive dining room/boardroom, all with natural light and equipped with the latest technology.
The Capital Hotel Group consists of 6 luxury  Sandton-based properties, at the very pulse-point of Africa’s financial and business hub across the 3, 4 and 5 star segments. They offer standard hotel rooms, fully furnished serviced apartments and modern conference facilities. The Capital offers accommodation solutions for short, medium and long term accommodation. I have not seen other properties from inside but considering 20 West, I assume they all will be great to stay in.

Expansion plans include 11 properties located in and around South Africa and the sub Saharan market, all of which will fall in line with the company’s strong business imperatives and ultimate objective to establish itself as Africa’s number one apartment hotel chain.
When it comes to accommodation, they think that unnecessary extras make for excessive costs that are simply a con, while low-cost can be uncomfortably cheap. Either way, you end up paying more than you should. That’s why The Capital is different. They’re about great value and a great experience.
Simplicity. Sophistication. Contemporary style. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. No unnecessary frills or silly sundries. No extravagant extras. At the same time, we absolutely refuse to scrimp on quality, cram you into tight confines, cut corners by offering fewer facilities or compromising on service standards. Anything that will add up to excessively expensive at the end of the stay is out. Everything you need is absolutely in. They already know what counts and will go a long way with this customer centric approach and setup. 


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Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - March 2014 #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra

Hi Guys,

March is the month of appraisal, bonus announcements, ratings, reviews and a lot of negotiations & discussions. It's the month where budget is discussed in detail and news will feature all the top leaders and industrialists to give their comments on the economy as a whole. 

I was so busy in March last year that I almost posted some of the Indiblogger contest posts which I never won and other twitter posts. Some of the posts are about goodies which I won here in Johannesburg.

1. Product Review – Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive – 3 TB- We all need memory to capture all the data we have collected through several sources. With blu-ray quality movies which takes more than 7GB space per movie, you are always short on the portable hard disk capacities. I thought about it and bought a desktop version of HDD for 3TB which gave me around 2.72GB space for myself. I immediately cleaned all my devices and put everything in the same. Now this year, I can see there is hardly 250GB space left in the same too and 4TB is already available in the market to buy. It's a vicious circle dear friends, I should delete some of the old data and movies. 

2. Valentine's date with New Balance @BallzRadio - This was one of the best days of my life when I got the New Balance FRESH FOAM running shoes for free by participating in the fun run called runnovation. I tweeted a lot about the event and won the first prize of shoes for myself worth R1200. I still wear them comfortably and wants this event to happen again sometime this year. 

3. Photo Walk - Wild Safaris in South Africa - I love photography and I try to click a lot of photographs which I realized yesterday only are total waste & crap and can't be used anywhere. So I thought that I will take some time to frame and then will capture the beauty instead of just clicking randomly. South Africa is a beautiful place to learn a lot of photography of landscape, wildlife and action. I will try to make the best use of the same. 

4. Product Review - Kjeldsens - Oat & Cranberry Cookies - Sometimes in life you try something new and become fan of the same immediately. It happened with me when I tried Royal Dansk cookies and contacted the company also. I received some packs to review which I did and received this mug and spoon also.  I love #goodies because those are things you can't buy as they are branded by the company and are only available to them.

5. Twitter Goodies - Incredible Connection #Selfie Contest - I love #twitter as I used to win a lot of contests in India and when I came here, I missed the same for a while. I only won my first contest in March and received these goodies. I always wanted a USB LED light and finally received one. Thank you Universe! #grateful Remember I love #goodies also received Canon goodies from Makro and NuMetro movie tickets from Fox Star Movies South Africa.

Enjoy and have fun always as it will keep you happy! The happier you are, the more you are in touch with your luck and then you receive a lot of #goodies! I love them all! 

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Starting a New Life with Constant Change!

Hi Guys, 

As they say change is inevitable and to remain in perfect working condition all the time, we constantly need to strive hard towards accepting change in our life from time to time. We are so much comfortable in our comfort zones and don’t want anything to change around us. With the globalization and localization of markets, economies around us are changing all the time. What was popular in the market earlier is now outdated! Technology is making this possible to constantly perform better than before and be the best you can be.

I was constantly glued to the mentality of staying in my comfort zone since school and it was so difficult to me even when I changed schools during my metric and senior secondary classes. I loved meeting new people but then it was always so difficult to build friendships as it takes time to touch each other’s hearts.

It was a huge change of mindset as well as personality when I first came to New Delhi to prepare for the engineering entrance exams way back in 1996. It was the first time I had to stay outside of my home for more than 8 months and I only visited my home twice at most. The people and the places in Delhi are not my own and I never knew then earlier. I was always lost in the crowd and sometimes took the wrong buses to my destination. It all made me learn more about the city and the culture of our national capital. I was able to learn something new every day which made me more extroverts and I could now talk to random people freely. I made new friends which helped me to keep focused on studies and learn about the city.

The skills that I learned in the capital city helped me throughout my studies and life in Engineering and afterwards also. I did a CDAC course as I was unable to get a job of my choice and never wanted to be a Lecturer at that start of my career. It definitely impacted me a lot and I lost around 2 years of my life without any job. I was depressed as I went through 100 job interviews with no success at all. Then again it was the moment of change for me as I started my career after two years of engineering in a school as a computer teacher with salary just equivalent to what my parents used to give me as a pocket money. The moment definitely brought huge change in my life as it took me out of my depression as I met new people every day and it made me happy as I was working finally.

From that day onwards, I kept myself in check to keep changing from time to time to be the best in everything I do and learn. I changed many places, many houses, and many cities and met many people from time to time of my life and always it inspired me, taught me and made me a great human being. Check out for how you can bring change in your life by changing places.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

#Lookup Stories - Giving you wings to fly!

Hi Guys,

We live on hopes and aspirations; it’s that positivity which keeps us going to achieve whatever we want to. We all want the best for ourselves and to make these dreams a reality we need to constantly work towards them. Optimism has much more power than any other thing in the world. It gives you a lot of passion to easily overcome all fears and limiting thoughts to come out on top.

There are always some great things happening in our life which keeps our hopes hanging in there. It’s only at the time of distress we want something to keep us going. It’s during those moments that something lifts us up to make the journey easier. I too have many stories of Optimism from my life which brought the necessary power during those times to get it through.

My story happened at the time when I was in Class 12th and wanted to sit for the Engineering entrance exams. I was not much aware about the exams and was only preparing to pass the class 12th exam. As thought of I was not able to clear the entrance exam. The next step of action was to be aware about all the courses which can offer me help to clear the exam. I started watching all the advertisements in all the newspapers and came to Delhi from my home town. I went and checked some of the coaching institutes and found out one of the chosen ones near my relatives home. During that time in 1996, the Kota effect was not there and only some institutes in Delhi used to offer coaching for engineering students.

I took admission to the coaching institute and started living in Delhi. I was shifted to main centre of the institute and was travelling in Blue lines buses for the first time. The earlier institute center used to have their bus drop service available. It was a sudden change in my life as I never used to remember the route and always was travelling to unknown places in the city. Sometimes to reach class on time and missing the intended bus, I used to break the routes.

It was hectic but I stayed optimistic that I will be able to clear the exam. It looked like I was studying the class for the first time as the teachers were very great at the institute. I did whatever I could to clear the exam and always kept hope. I lost both of my maternal grandparents during that year and it was really sad. But one day, soon after their death they came to my dreams and my grandmother took me to one room full of new clothes and asked me to choose whichever I want to wear. She also offered me in a new jacket and it was so enriching experience and gave me a hope that elders blessings are with me now.

It was that dream which really gave me a lot of hope and set the future clear for me. I did my engineering and learned a lot during that one year in Delhi which helped me in my journey of life from time to time. I have so many moments to cherish from that period of my life.

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