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Monday, 31 October 2016

Teachers Test Their #Chess Skills in Fun Tournament @SilverStarZA @TsogoSun

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In a fun and informal chess tournament to thank educators for their valuable contribution to the Tsogo Sun Moves for Life Chess programme, 110 educators from nine primary schools in the West Rand area pitted their skills against each other in a series of friendly games and quizzes on Monday, 17th September at Silverstar Casino, which sponsors the programme in the area.

Nationally, Tsogo Sun Moves for Life operates in 57 schools around the country, with 23 766 participating learners, 569 educators, and 22 tutors from the local communities. The programmes are sponsored by eight of Tsogo Sun’s casinos, which also sponsor annual chess tournaments for learners from the schools in their catchments areas, as well as separate chess tournaments for the teachers, to give them a well-earned break from teaching for a day.

The teachers are from Avante primary school, F.J wells primary school, Hartzastraat primary school, Mashudu primary school, Mohlakano primary school, Nooitgedacht primary school, Paardekraal primary school and Randfontein primary school.
Says Shanda Paine, Tsogo Sun Group CSI Manager, “The aim of the Moves for Life chess programme is to use chess as an education tool that helps to improve maths, science, and problem-solving in learners – particularly in disadvantaged areas. We’re extremely aware that the strength of the programme is dependent on the dedication, enthusiasm, hard work that the teachers put in, as well as the sacrifices that they make to ensure the success of the programme. We’re indebted to them and this is one way we can treat them to a day of entertainment and fun at our participating casinos.” The tournament also serves as social year-end event for the teachers in the programme.

In the Teacher Tournaments different work stations are set up where the teachers compete in friendly games such as quizzes and board games that test their chess knowledge, as well as the classroom activities and integrated lessons that they have implemented during the year.

This is the second year that Tsogo Sun Moves for Life Teacher Tournaments have been hosted. “The teachers are very enthusiastic about these tournaments – and every year the numbers of participating teachers increases. Not only is it a day of fun, but they also say they enjoy networking with teacher colleagues from other schools, and the chance to pick up ideas and suggestions on how to improve their own lessons,” adds Paine.

As these are not formal tournaments, there is no overall winning teacher or school, but there are constant small prizes that are won at every work station during the course of the games.

“We’re delighted at the growth and success of the Tsogo Sun Moves for Life chess programme over the past few years and proud of the youngsters who are moving up to participate in major chess championships around the country, but we’re also thrilled that the programme is proving to be an effective tool that is equipping teachers to master maths concepts, which in turn is helping children to master the basic building blocks of maths in a fun and incidental way,” says Paine.
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@HuaweiZA Collaborations With #MusicVendors Is Accelerating #DigitalEconomy In Africa

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The Huawei Southern Africa Partner Summit was held at the Huawei Innovation and Experience Center in Johannesburg. During the summit that attracted over 40 industry partners, Huawei signed music cooperation contracts with global and local music vendors.

The summit, which is aimed at creating a sharing platform to promote digital collaboration in Africa, witnessed Huawei’s efforts in leveraging its Digital inCloud, a software platform, to integrate content across music, video, gaming and other digital service genres of the likes to operators, so that more end users will be able to enjoy digital content at a convenient way. This Summit gathered partners from telecom operators, consultancy, service and content partners including Deloitte, Capasso, Mtech and Siphumelele Zondi as thought leader. At the summit, Huawei signed the music cooperation contracts with Spice Music, Mtech, CCA and other local music vendors, which marks a milestone of digitalization of music in Africa.
@HuaweiZA Collaborations With #MusicVendors Is Accelerating #DigitalEconomy In Africa
Huawei Partners at the Summit
Under the global digital wave, Africa shows great demand for digital services, like music, game and video, etc. According to Huawei’s analysis, in 5 years, digital services’ year-on-year growth will be around 40%. However, there still remains a big gap between the growing damands and the digital productions. Wilson Feng, President of Huawei’s Carrier Business in Southern Africa Region, said, “Huawei is willing to work hand in hand with Africa partners to create a better industry ecosystem. We will leverage our innovative technologies of digital services, and our global resources to improve African consumers’ digital experience, and accelerate African’s digital economy development. Through the cooperation, Huawei’s digital business cloud will also help our partners in monetization, which means it’s a win-win solution for all parties in the ecosystem.”

The cooperation with content providers means that Huawei will have the copyrights of millions of latest music from the international and local vendors. This is Huawei’s first breakthrough into the global music space. Huawei will be able to provide the music and platform to telecom operators in South Africa, like Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, etc, and the operators can provide their music Apps to their end users. The end users can download the operators music App , such as MTN Music+, to listen or download the latest and most popular music.
Spice Music @HuaweiZA Collaborations With #MusicVendors Is Accelerating #DigitalEconomy In Africa
Huawei signing contract with Spice Music
At the Summmit, Mtech and Grafton, Huawei’s partners from Nigeria shared their successful case in the Nigerian music market-- how they used the MTN Music+ platform to attract the users and monetize the music products. Praiz Adejo, one of the best musicians from Nigeria, also presented his story of attracting more fans through digitalizing his music through technologies from Huawei.

South Africa music copyright association Capasso, SABC, Deloitte, CMGE, MTN,CellC, Telkom also shared their opinions on how to develop the digital services in Africa.

Siphumelele Zondi, industry though leader, senior producer and anchor of SABC, said during his presentation at the summit: “There is a great need for local South African artists to venture into the digital space. Often local content is on demand but not available on digital platforms, which then promotes piracy. Africa is a mobile device intensive environment, and platforms such as Huawei’sDigital inCloud can aid the availability of local content to Africa.”
Mtech @HuaweiZA Collaborations With #MusicVendors Is Accelerating #DigitalEconomy In Africa
Huawei signing MOU with Mtech
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An Epic #MonteMadness Is About To Begin @MonteCasinoZA @OpelSA #OpelAdam

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In a traffic-stopping event, Montecasino, Opel South Africa and elite guests buckled up to pull off the longest Opel Adam convoy in the country. The 31 car convoy that travelled from the William’s Hunt dealership in Cedar Square Fourways to Montecasino, is courtesy of their latest promotion – Monte Madness that kicks off on the 4 November and sees an Opel Adam being given away every day for 31 days with a total value of over R7 million!

“What makes this promotion truly insane is that anyone visiting Montecasino can be part of the fun and stand to win. We’re looking forward to welcoming each and every one – and giving them an experience to remember.” Glenn Joseph, General Manager – Montecasino
An Epic #MonteMadness Is About To Begin @MonteCasinoZA @OpelSA #OpelAdam
One of these could be yours! Stand a chance to win your very Opel Adam
Brian Olson, who is the Vice President for Sales, Service and Marketing for General Motors South Africa (GMSA) says they are thrilled that Montecasino decided to buy the 31 Opel Adams. This trendy car comes with all the latest technology of modern city movers. He believes the winners of the cars will truly experience something special with the stylish supermini.

“The Opel Adam is built with German-engineered precision and is packed with the latest driver-focused technology, infotainment, safety items and convenience features that are usually reserved for more premium-priced vehicles,”, says Brian
#OpelConvoy @OpelSA @MonteCasinoZA #MonteMadness
The longest Opel Adam convoy in the country was also attempted along Witkoppen Road, Fourways
Anyone can join us for the ride and hopefully win an Opel Adam Jam as the promotion is not restricted to cardholders. Guests qualify by playing slots or tables on the main casino floor from 4 November to 4 December from 12h00 to 20h00. Selected players will receive a draw ticket that is valid for that day’s draw only and subject to promotion selection methods.

Selection Methods
  • In American Roulette, players who get a straight up winning bet on the day’s date or a straight up winning bet on number 31, will receive a ticket into that day’s draw; in Blackjack, players who get ace and a three from the initial deal will receive a ticket into that day’s draw, as well as all other players who betted on the respective winning box
  • In Poker, players who get a straight or higher, or a mystery, will receive a ticket into that day’s draw, as well as all other players who betted on the respective winning box
  • Dice, a shooter who gets a hardway bet will receive a ticket into that day’s draw
  • In Slots, patrons with be selected using a random selection device 
#OpelConvoy @OpelSA @MonteCasinoZA #MonteMadness 31 Drivers
The JMPD team was there to escort everybody and ensure safety at all times
Players will need to place their entry ticket into the entry bin provided, from 18h00 to 20h30. The daily draw will take place immediately after the entry bin closes at 20h30 – first ticket out wins a brand new Opel Adam! For further information on Montecasino, visit Be sure to join on Facebook at or follow on Twitter at @MontecasinoZA. Follow Opel on twitter and facebook.

I had fun driving the brand new Purple Fiction Opel Adam 1.0 litre car and I was driving the car number 13. The overall event trended on twitter and really brought the Fourways side of jozi to standstill. Helicopters, drones, paparazzi, action cameras, radio channels were all capturing the event in full. Thanks to Montecasino and PR team for the invite. Let's see who are the lucky 31 winners!!!


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Thursday, 27 October 2016

@Sprite_ZA Launches Unique Temperature Sensitive Can #Refreshinglikethat

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Sprite launches unique new temperature sensitive can Sprite is launching its brand new thermo can, which are innovative temperature sensitive cans aimed at driving Refreshment. The idea is to get a cold can out of your fridge, as you hold the can and begin drinking, you will notice the colour change on the Sprite Logo as well as key messages change colour on the back of the can. 
Coupled to this- Sprite is going on an exciting nationwide roadshow communicating to the youth- to launch this exciting innovation and share with them a similar concept applied to the Sprite Misting Umbrellas- i.e. these are umbrellas that literally refresh you, they emit fine mist from them,- and the Sprite logo on them also changes colour. Sprite is giving all of its fans a chance to be exposed to this refreshing innovation and also participate in the Lip Sync Battle, where they can stand a chance to win some cool prizes. Come and refresh yourself with some fresh props and select a song that you can identify with to express yourself in a refreshing way.
Some of the funky, urban youth messages that you will find on the back of the temperature sensitive cans are “More refreshing than facetime with bae” and “More refreshing than umswenko” , just to name a few designed to entertain and delight consumers. 
@Sprite_ZA Launches Unique New Temperature Sensitive Can #Refreshinglikethat
Sprite wants to conceptualise a cool and refreshing way of bringing like-minded people together, incorporating the type of urban lingo widely used by the youth of today. The messaging on the new thermo cans, launched in conjunction with the Lip Sync Battles, is the perfect way of doing this. The brand is driving messaging that will resonate with the urban savvy youth on campuses around the country as they unite in the name of refreshment and just being themselves. 
The campaign will enjoy appearances from Matli Mohapeloa who will be embarking on a nationwide Lip Sync tour in selected locations, battling it out with local students to create hype around the Campaign and innovation introduced through the Sprite Cans and Umbrellas. 
In a Lip Sync battle twist, the participants’ performances will be based on the messaging of their complimentary thermo can of Sprite. In these guaranteed-to-be-epic battles, the MC will call up one contestant at a time and treat them to a burst of refreshment as they each throw back a can of Sprite. Following that, each contestant will need to be on top of their performance game to ensure they Lip Sync with attitude. The lucky winning contestants at some campuses will get to perform alongside the one-and-only Matli. 
Join Sprite as it travels South Africa, pushing its refreshing taste and innovation via the temperature sensitive colour changing cans and umbrellas. Sprite does refreshment allowing you to do you. Search #Refreshinglikethat for more.
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@Hasbro Launches #SouthAfrica's Own Monopoly Mzansi #MonopolyMzansi

Hi Guys, 

The wait is finally over! Monopoly Mzansi, South Africa’s very own Monopoly board game, with 22 proudly South African locations, has launched in the local market. The popular board game, which showcases local attractions and city highlights, was officially revealed by Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy, game and entertainment experience companies, at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, a key location on the local board.

Monopoly, which has celebrated its 81st brand birthday has been enjoyed by over a billion people worldwide and now South Africans will have the opportunity to ‘’own’’ their piece of this beautiful country. Ever fancied purchasing Kruger Park or Kimberly’s Big Hole or daydreamed of building a hotel on Cape Town’s Boulders Beach? Monopoly Mzansi could make these dreams come true just make sure you have enough Mzansi moolah in the bank, and a handy ‘get out of jail free card’ in your stash, especially when you land on a friend’s property and the rent is due.
@Hasbro Launches #SouthAfrica's Own Monopoly Mzansi #MonopolyMzansi
Earlier this year, South Africans were encouraged to vote to get their favourite South African location, street attraction or destination on board to be part of Monopoly history. Over the past few years numerous regional country versions of Monopoly have been produced and to date the game is licensed in 103 countries, with Monopoly Mzansi being the latest addition.

The special localised Mzansi edition features 22 landmarks and 4 transport stations with the newest addition being the Sandton Gautrain station. V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain scooped the most expensive spots followed by Boulders Beach, Chapman’s Peak Drive and Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Other locations highlight South Africa’s natural heritage with the Big Hole and Addo Elephant Park making it on board. Additional beautiful nature landmarks highlighted on the Monopoly Mzansi board include The Cradle of Humankind and St. Francis Bay with Durban Beach front (The Golden Mile), Florida Road and uShaka Marine World vying for the most affordable locations on the board.
@Hasbro Launches #SouthAfrica's Own Monopoly Mzansi #MonopolyMzansi
“South Africans are known for their ‘gees’ and pride in their country. Which is why we are extremely excited to present the final locations that made it on board as they truly represent South Africa’s rich cultural diversity and natural beauty. Some locations are old favourites, The Kruger Park, Gold Reef City and the Union Buildings, with the addition of a few new trendy spots such as Nelson Mandela Square, Maboneng, 4th Avenue Parkhurst and The Oyster Box Hotel. There is also a strong link to Madiba’s legacy with the inclusion of Vilakazi Street and Robben Island,” says Siphiwe Thabethe, country marketing manager for Hasbro South Africa.

‘’Monopoly Mzansi is a fantastic tourism product and an ideal keepsake as it proudly showcasing the essence of South Africa and a fair representation of all that South Africa has to offer to visitors across regions.’’

Monopoly Mzansi, which will be available in all leading toy stores nationwide from 1 November, makes a perfect gift for the festive season and provides an opportunity for family and friends to come together and enjoy some quality time together in Mzansi style.
@Hasbro Launches #SouthAfrica's Own Monopoly Mzansi #MonopolyMzansi
For the full list of locations, visit or Monopoly South Africa on Facebook and YouTube

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Top SA #Music Talent @JamFestival #JamJozi @MontecasinoZA #JamFestivals

Hi Guys,

Montecasino, in association with Marshall Music and Sony ATV, has expanded their entertainment offering by staging a massive two-day, picnic-style musical festival that speaks to a vibrant and colourful South Africa: Jam Jozi! Taking place from the 29th – 30th October 2016, Gauteng’s premier entertainment destination will bring you some of South Africa’s finest local bands, DJ’s and musicians such as Jack Parow, Matthew Mole, Al Bairre, GoodLuck and Mafikizolo – all on one stage. With a weekend pass costing just R150 allowing access to over 20 performances, this unique festival is destined to become a firm favourite on the events calendar amongst avid local music lovers.
Top SA #Music Talent to Perform @JamFestival #JamJozi @MontecasinoZA #JamFestivals
As part of Montecasino’s celebration and showcasing of local talent, Jam Jozi offers access to 20 local artists on one stage for the cost of a minimal weekend pass – something which has been missing on the Northern Johannesburg live music festival calendar! This is a unique way in which to bring premium local acts to the broader music-loving communities whilst being instrumental in giving local music talent the opportunity to perform live. Once again Montecasino is making leaps and bounds in providing entertainment, with a view to making Jam Jozi a regular fixture for years to come.

Date: Saturday 29th October – Sunday 30th October
Time: Saturday 10h00 – 22h00 and Sunday 10h00 – 18h00
Cost: R150 Weekend Pass
R100 Day Pass

Jam Jozi Line-Up

Saturday 29 October:

  • 10h00: Adelle Nqeto (Pretoria-based afro-infusion musician)
  • 11h00: Nakhane Toure (Johannesburg-based SAMA Award winning singer-songwriter)
  • 12h00: Sutherland (Johannesburg-based indie folk band)
  • 13h00: Josh Kempen (Johannesburg-based modern blues and acoustic pop artist)
  • 14h00: Boxer (Johannesburg-based Box-&-Roll indie crunch band)
  • 15h00: Ben Dey and Concrete Lions (Cape Town-based afro/indie pop-rock band)
  • 16h00: BCUC (Soweto-based urban pop band)
  • 17h00: Matthew Mole (Cape Town-based urban pop band)
  • 18h00: Al Bairre (Cape Town-based, 4-piece symphonic indie pop band)
  • 19h00: Ross Jack (Johannesburg-based solo hip hop musician)
  • 20h00: The Kiffness (Cape Town-based live electronic band)
  • 21h00: Chunda Munki (Johannesburg-based groove energy band)
 Sunday 30 October:
  • 10h00: Lilly Million (Johannesburg-based urban pop solo musician)
  • 11h00: Bad Peter (Pretoria-based acoustic folk rock duo)
  • 12h00: Bye Beneco (Johannesburg-based eclectic dream-pop band)
  • 13h00: Urban Village (Soweto-based urban pop band)
  • 14h00: Rubber Duc (Johannesburg-based folk swing band)
  • 15h00: Shortstraw (Johannesburg-based indie rock band)
  • 16h00: Mafikizolo (Johannesburg-based afro pop band)
  • 17h00: Jack Parow (Cape Town-based Afrikaans rapper)
  • 18h00: GoodLuck (Cape Town-based electronic band)
Top SA #Music Talent to Perform @JamFestival #JamJozi @MontecasinoZA #JamFestivals
You can also take a break from the music to meander down Eat Street, Nosh Lane and Chow Avenue, all within the Montecasino Outdoor Events area where you can enjoy a variety of burgers, burritos, sweet treats, beverages and much more. For more information or to purchase your tickets, visit:

Jam Jozi’s official social media details:
Facebook: jamfestivalsjozi or follow updates on
Twitter: @JamFestival @MontecasinoZA
Hashtag: #JamJozi and #JamFestivals
Website: :


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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Escape The Ordinary with @MontecasinoZA @TsogoSun #Winners

Hi Guys,

Stand the chance to win your share of over R5-million in cars and cash up until 27 November this year, as Montecasino invites you to Escape The Ordinary.
Escape The Ordinary with @MontecasinoZA @TsogoSun #Winners
Gavin Snell from Newlands (middle) poses with Ganash Mathura, Assistant VIP Services Manager at Montecasino (left) as well as a brilliant Montecasino dancer (right)
Throughout the run of the promotion – which commenced on 15 August with the final taking place on the 27th of November - Escape The Ordinary participants stand a chance to walk away with over R840 000 in cash! As if that wasn’t enough reason to get down to Montecasino to try your luck, every month one lucky Black Rewards cardholder will win a slinky Audi A4, while a Gold or Platinum Rewards cardholder will drive away in an Audi A1 Sportback. But that’s not all…Montecasino is also offering loyal cardholders one extra opportunity to win big with monthly bonus draws which will see more lucky winners escaping the ordinary and winning the keys to their very own Audi TT.

Escape The Ordinary entrants simply have to be a Rewards cardholder and play Slots or Tables using their card to earn points for draw entries.
Escape The Ordinary with @MontecasinoZA @TsogoSun #Winners
Keith Brink from Boskruin (middle) poses with Ganash Mathura, Assistant VIP Services Manager at Montecasino (left) as well as a brilliant Montecasino dancer (right)
Be sure to join the action - if you are not a Montecasino Rewards cardholder, now is the time to sign up so as not to miss out. To become a Rewards cardholder and to view the full details of Escape The Ordinary, simply visit Follow them on Facebook at or follow on Twitter at @MontecasinoZA.
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@EmperorsPalace Presents Proudly Coloured #Comedy For The Whole #Family #29Oct2016

Hi Guys,

Proudly Coloured Comedy – “BrainOu – BrainOu” returns to Emperors Palace on October 29, 2016 with another stellar line-up of ‘proudly coloured’ comedians. Apt timing too, with the hashtag #coloureds recently trending on Twitter as South Africans tried to claim their piece of Wayde van Niekerk’s 400m Olympic victory.

The well-known comedy series adds colour to the stage at the Theatre of Marcellus with Kurt Schoonraad, Joey Rasdien, Roni Modimola, Neil Green, Farhan Esat, Mel Jones and Andrew Hughes. A community largely plagued by stereotypes, these guys are not afraid to tell it like it is.

For one night only, these comedians will share insights from a uniquely coloured perspective, taking diverse audiences on a hilarious journey of what it actually means to be a coloured in South Africa.

The show is an opportunity to re-write coloured history and entertainment in South Africa, showcasing a proudly coloured nation through a series of carefully crafted comedic narratives.

“No swearing allowed”, the show promises loads of family friendly fun and endless bouts of laughter.

Taking the lead as MC for the evening is Kurt Schoonraad, one of South Africa’s most recognised stand-up comedians. Hailing from Mitchell’s Plain, which was highly influential in developing his sense of humour, Schoonraad is well-versed in all things “coloured”. The pioneer behind Cape Town Comedy Club, the comedic personality is determined to keep the comedy scene in this country alive and growing, while remaining at the forefront.
@EmperorsPalace Presents Proudly Coloured #Comedy For The Whole #Family #29Oct2016
No stranger to the comedic industry, colourful personality - and headliner for the night - Joey Rasdien has earned the title of "The Thinking Man's Comedian" - his comedy is thought-provoking and intellectual. A delight to watch, Rasdien never disappoints.

Roni Modimola is a regular at major comedy venues across the country. Known for his dry but witty comedy style, Roni adds a slice of charm to this year’s line-up and is sure to keep the audience glued to their seats.

Comics Choice Award winner for “Newcomer of the Year 2015”, Farhan Esat, will add a burst of energy to the coloured comedy crusade. The Zimbabwean born Esat made his professional debut in 2014 and has become a regular performer on the local stage. He opened for Riaad Moosa’s "Best of Riaad Moosa" shows in Lenasia, and has performed at prestigious venues across the country. In October 2014, Esat was a semi-finalist in the Montreux (Swiss) International Comedy Competition.

Another Mitchell’s Plain native, Mel Jones describes herself as “the favourite” of three siblings. As one of only a handful of female comedians in the country, the award nominated comedian continues to uplift and inspire young people in coloured communities in Cape Town and similar surroundings.

From Durban, Proudly Coloured Comedy welcomes Neil Green, a rising star in the SA comedy scene. His sharp wit, commanding stage presence and honest take on life is the driving force behind his success and a good reason to see the show. The man has jokes for days…

Last but not least, fresh on the comedy scene is Andrew Hughes. When asked what his aim on comedy is, he commented that it’s not to be the best but rather to identify what makes you different from the rest and to capitalise on that...

Date: 29 October 2016
Venue: Theatre of Marcellus at Emperor’s Palace
Time: 8pm
Tickets range from R150 to R250 and are available from Computicket

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

@ASUS_za Announces #ZenBook 3 #Laptop #SouthAfrica

Hi Guys, 

ASUS has announced the ZenBook 3 (UX390UA), the world’s most prestigious laptop which is an unrivalled blend of extreme beauty and unprecedented performance.
Featuring the latest 7th-generation Intel® Core™ i7-7500U and i5-7200U processors, the ultra-thin and ultra-light ZenBook 3 is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship that weighs just 910g. Its razor-thin 11.9mm profile makes ZenBook 3 the slimmest and most stylish ZenBook in the brand’s illustrious five-year history, while also being one of the most powerful. Designed to give discerning on-the-go users everything they need in a compact and luxurious device, the exquisite appearance and class-leading specification of ZenBook 3 mean that users are no longer burdened with the need to choose between style and performance.
@ASUS_za Announces #ZenBook 3 #Laptop #SouthAfrica
The world’s most prestigious laptop: ZenBook reimagined
Totally redesigned to accommodate its powerful hardware, ASUS ZenBook 3 has a unibody design crafted entirely from aerospace-grade 6013 aluminium alloy. This premium material is 50 percent stronger than the standard alloy used in laptops, allowing ZenBook 3 to be thinner and lighter than ever with no reduction in rigidity. Weighing only 910g and measuring just 11.9mm thin, and with a footprint smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, ZenBook 3 is undoubtedly one of the world’s most desirable ultraportable laptops.
ZenBook 3 incorporates the iconic design DNA that makes ZenBook instantly recognizable from any angle. The signature tapered edges and spun-metal finish on the lid — with its Zen-inspired pattern of concentric circles now milled even finer — are enhanced by unique new elements such as the golden ASUS lid badge and edge highlights, created with complex diamond-cutting and two-phase anodizing techniques. These tasteful additions are complemented by a soft golden backlight on the full-width keyboard. ZenBook 3 is available in three out-of-the-ordinary colours: sophisticated Rose Gold, nature-inspired Quartz Grey and luxurious Royal Blue.
@ASUS_za Announces #ZenBook 3 #Laptop #SouthAfrica
Unprecedented performance: 7th-gen Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD and USB-C
ASUS ZenBook 3 is designed to deliver unprecedented performance, and is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops to use the latest 7th-generation Intel Core i7-7500U processor. The powerful specification also includes 16GB of high-speed 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM, and a 1TB PCIe® 3.0 x4 solid-state disk (SSD) — one of the largest capacity SSDs available, and which is three times (3X) faster than SATA-based SSDs. There is also a reversible USB Type-C (USB-C) port for any-way-up connections, with support for display output and power delivery as well as high-speed data transfers.

Considerable engineering challenges had to be overcome to fit these high-performance components into the ultra-thin chassis, including the development of a revolutionary cooling system that is a mere 3mm thin. This cooling system incorporates a fan with liquid-crystal-polymer blades that are only 0.3mm thick and heat pipes with walls a mere 0.1mm thick. Warm air is expelled through discreet hidden vents in the hinge for efficient, quiet cooling even under full load.

No-compromise multimedia: Edge-to-edge glass display and quad-speaker Harman Kardon audio
ASUS ZenBook 3 has a crisp and detailed 12.5-inch Full HD (1920 by 1080) display, with an edge-to-edge covering of tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4. It is framed by an ultra-slim bezel that is just 7.6mm wide, giving ZenBook 3 a class-leading 82 percent screen-to-body ratio for a distraction-free viewing experience. The display features wide 178° viewing angles, 1000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks, superb colour reproduction with a wide 72 percent NTSC colour gamut. Video is also greatly enhanced by ASUS Tru2Life Video technology, which optimizes sharpness and contrast for every pixel in every video frame to produce smooth, natural-looking videos.

Adding immersive entertainment capabilities to ZenBook 3 is the stunning ASUS SonicMaster Premium quad-speaker surround-sound audio system, which was designed in cooperation with the renowned audiophile specialists Harman Kardon. The four powerful speakers are driven by a four-channel smart amplifier that intelligently maximizes volume levels without the risk of distortion or voice-coil damage, and the bass drivers use a special five-magnet design for low-distortion bass response. The result is sound that’s unlike anything ever heard from a laptop, with deep, rich bass and crystal-clear vocals, even at high volume levels.
@ASUS_za Announces #ZenBook 3 #Laptop #SouthAfrica
No-compromise productivity: Edge-to-edge keyboard, large glass-covered precision touchpad
On-the-go productivity demands the very best ergonomic design. ASUS ZenBook 3 has a full-width keyboard with just a 2.1mm bezel at each side, and the full-size keys have a pitch of 19.8mm, the same as most desktop keyboards. The impressive 0.8mm key travel is twice as much as rival devices, making typing much more comfortable.

The oversized touchpad has Windows Precision Touchpad support and is cleverly engineered for maximum comfort and accuracy, with a glass covering for smooth control. It also incorporates palm-rejection technology, handwriting input and support for four-point multi-touch Windows 10 gestures. The touchpad also features an optional fingerprint scanner located conveniently at the top right corner. This allows users to securely and rapidly unlock ZenBook 3 with a single touch using Windows Hello, and it also supports secure authentication in compatible apps and programs.  @ASUS_za Announces #ZenBook 3 #Laptop #SouthAfrica
Stylish and practical accessories: ASUS Mini Dock and ASUS Universal Dock
For enhanced on-the-go connectivity, two optional matching USB-C accessories are available for ASUS ZenBook 3. ASUS Mini Dock is a tiny, lightweight and handy expansion dock with USB-C, USB Type-A and HDMI ports. The stylish ASUS Universal Dock can connect to a wired network and multiple displays, and also provides HDMI, three extra USB ports — including one USB-C port — a combo audio jack and an SD Card reader. It also provides a USB power pass-through that can simultaneously power and charge an external device. Follow the brand on ASUS South Africa Facebook: and ASUS South Africa Twitter:


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