Saturday 31 January 2015

Indiblogger & Garnier Pure Active Neem - Difficulties of Oily Skin

Hi Guys,

Every day we keep adding another day to our lives and we grow older per day. With growing age, there come difficulties which you have to face each and every day. When we are children we only want to eat chocolates, Ice creams and want that from our parents and grandparents every day. As we become teenagers we sought some other stuff which makes us cool and gives us an instant recognition amongst our peers.

As our bodies makes way towards the adulthood we come across various physical problems that we were unknown about earlier. Amongst the most popular is the problem of pimples which happens to both males and females during that age. We become aware our skin types and various other body functions as we continue to be under a lot of pressure to look beautiful and smart all the time. We all want to be stylish during that time of growing years as we are still teenagers and life is full of roses and no thorns.

I too had my share of these difficulties and I continue to suffer the same because my skin is very oily. My face keeps catching all the dust and pollution because of excess oil on the skin. My mother told me to wash my face again and again but it could only solve problem for some time. My grandmother told me that my stomach is not clean and I should eat a lot of veggies/salad to create a lot of fiber so that it helps. I did take her advice and it helped initially but with growing age we eat a lot of non-fibrous food like pizza, burgers etc all the time. My aunt told me to use multani mitti with milk and it really felt great to use the same but the effect was there for a day or two. Everyone in the family had ideas and advises which didn’t seem to give me a permanent solution.

TV was full of advertisements launching various products which help teenagers free from pimples and truly speaking I bought all of them from time to time. I had to save a lot of pocket money to buy those face wash and expensive products but then also some products did help but the problem remained. Oily skin is the most difficult to tackle and is the ultimate test for any new product launch.

I really loved myself a lot and continued to invest all of my time to look smart so that one day some girl will fall in love with me. At that young age, being a fan of Mithun, Govinda and Rishi Kapoor I wanted to be like them wooing every girl everywhere I went. As I came out of my age, the tension and stress of job and family responsibilities took all the time as I started to think less about my skin and worked hard to earn a living. In the air-conditioned environment of office/car/home the oily skin is tackled by itself as there is no direct contact with dust and pollution but then it created a lot of black heads and caused a lot of distress to my smart face.

Garnier products are really nice as I tried them after watching John Abraham endorsing the product and they have been helpful to keep dust away from my oily skin. Check more of the products at - and
(Photographs used here are from these websites only) I hope that you don't face the same problems & experimentation I faced and use the right product to keep your skin clear and pure.

Checkout this infographic about 6 Easy Things You Can Do To Get Rid Of Oily Skin at -

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Saturday 24 January 2015

Stephen Alvarez & Windows Lumia Phones - Capturing the World

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National Geographic photographer, Stephen Alvarez is no stranger to capturing the world in detail. He talks about what he sees as the simple secrets to taking  great photographs on your phone. With a phone being small enough to not attract any attention, you can capture images of people in their natural state, images you wouldn’t be able to with a normal camera. Windows Lumia devices have great camera capabilities with its Lumia 1020 having 41 Megapixel camera lens & other devices having 21 megapixel camera. His top tips includes -

1. Watch the Light
Shooting during midday when the light is the harshest? Find a way to use it to your advantage. Sunlight has an effect on the outcome of the photographs depending on the time of the day you shoot. Morning sunlight is the best time to shoot as the light is softer and adds a special glow to subjects.

2. Shoot High, Shoot Low, Shoot Sideways
Don’t be bound to the “regular” ways of shooting. Don’t be afraid to photograph from different perspectives and angles. Get down on the ground, climb up the stairs, or lean out a window for something new.

3. Make Friends
Portraits are great images that can captivate and also share a story about that particular moment. Make new friends and don’t be afraid to ask people if you can take their photograph.

4. Pay Attention to your Edges
Frame your photos with different layers like trees, leaves, mountains etc. This will add depth to the image. Also pay attention to whether you are cropping an image too much.

5. Shoot Early, Shoot Late
The best light is definitely during “golden hour” (the first hour of light in the morning and the hour preceding sunset) when the sunlight has been filtered by the atmosphere, removing the harsh blues. Take advantage.

All the great images used have been taken recently with a Lumia device by him. I am totally fallen in love with these images and tips. I am waiting for Lumia 1020 to be my companion all the time or whatever new Windows Phone has in store for all of us. Follow them on twitter and facebook.


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Indiblogger & ASUS - Go Sleek on Work & Entertainment

Hi Guys,

Technology makes our life easy and efficient as it brings a lot of accessibility to us all the time. Computers have now reached everywhere in all the jobs, in all the schools, college & universities, in all the scientific & innovation areas. A lot of brands keeps innovating their products and ASUS is one of them. Latest in their stable are these two ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040 which can enrich our lifestyle needs as we continue to do more in our busy lives.

Let’s look at what I loved in ASUS EeeBook X205TA as it takes the market by storm because of its features and specifications including Windows 8.1 Operating System. It weights less than 1 kg which makes it easy to carry as 10 inch tablets with limited features weights about 800 -900 grams. In such a compact sleek body, it gives 12 hrs of battery backup for web browsing, 13 hours of music and 11 hours of video playing capabilities. Thirdly, the price is just Rs. 14999/- only which includes Microsoft Office 365 one year subscription which we take care of all your document needs. Asus Netbook has display screen of 11.6 inch with 32 GB EMMC and comes with micro SD card slot which allows memory expansion up to 128 GB.
On the other hand ASUS All In One PC ET2040 brings all the entertainment at home and office and the best thing I liked in this PC is the gesture control by which you can control multimedia features and web browsing from 5m away also. The ET2040 comes with one hour of battery back up to save your documents and unfinished work. The display is 19.5 inch HD LED backlit which brings full clarity of viewing experience. ET2040 has great speed to play 3D games as well as editing those RAW images and videos at much faster processing speed with its Intel Pentium J2900 processor.

I am more inclined to watching movies and enjoying music at home, ASUS All In One PC ET2040 makes much more sense as I can easily play movies using its USB 3.0 ports from my hard disk. It has bigger screen for easy viewing and has inbuilt 500GB of space to keep & process all my photographs to post it on my blog. I am not a frequent traveller so ET2040 makes a good companion which I can buy for            Rs. 26000/- which comes in a compact package and takes very less space as compared to regular desktops available in the market. The only thing I am worried about in this device is the backup time which I can have more in ASUS EeeBook X205TA to finish all those movies which I will not be able to if an electricity cut starts to happen in summers.

So, I need both the devices as it will make my life easier and comfortable as I am least worried not have entertainment all the time. These devices will complete my life and makes me accessible to internet and entertainment. They will suit me in my office as well as home and can bring a lot of fun in my life.


Indiblogger & CloseUp - Cupid Games 2015 for Valentine's Day

Hi Guys,

Valentine’s Day is one of the most sought after day after the religious festivals we all celebrate in the whole year. It’s the day of love and romance when we share our feeling with our loved ones and the ones whom we love a lot without their knowing. It’s a day that brings your adrenalin level so high in the anticipation of what happens when he/she has said yes or no. It’s the day you try to look your best for the love of your life.

I would plan a lot of stuff for my valentine before the actual date. I will first start preparing a goodies bag of all the stuff she loves and bundle them together. The source of information will be her friends and from my previous talks with her. It would definitely charm her with all the goodies from cosmetics to bags, chocolates to cards in that bag.
The feelings of the heart needs to be written on a special card so that it can be read over and over again by her to finally decide whether she loves me or not? Girls do take time to understand you first and then only commit to a relationship. Words written in cards will be my feelings to read and understand me better.

The next thing will be to take her out on a drive to relax and see the charming side of me. While she opens her goodies bag and go through the same as we hit the highway for some 100 km drive near to some lake. As we enjoy our journey we can talk about ourselves and show our hearts.
We will have an awesome lunch at the most famous dhaba on the national highway which will fill us with renewed energy. I would order the dishes she likes and enjoy the conversation. Relationships are based on conversations and can only be built by talking to each other. Problems start to arise when we stop communicating with each other and as it’s the start of our love, we need to have good communication even through thick and thin.

I will pray to God if it starts raining as we take shelter and have tea on the corner of the roadside tea stalls. They definitely make the best tea and after a stomach full of lunch, it’s the most sought after drink in the rain. I would probably take this time to propose to her about my feelings for her. She will know in her heart all this while but it’s about timing and I would choose this one to say my heart out.
It will be a great time to celebrate if she says “Yes” and we can go eat chat or have wonderful coffee as day is set. It was a full day picnic with the one I admire the most. Whatever is her decision I will respect that and continue to charm her in all the manners possible. I will drop her home after spending a full day with her and wish to have great moments created forever each and every day of my life with her.
Check more info at -
All photos are taken by me.

Thursday 22 January 2015

Indiblogger & TimesofIndia -The Great Indian Litterburg

Hi Guys,
We are the creatures made of habits and many times habits govern us a lot. When it’s our country, where we have all the freedom to do whatever we never think what we are doing? Some habits like pissing on the walls, throwing stuff anywhere and everywhere is an irony to that same person at his own home walks barefoot and not allows sandals to also come inside. Isn't our city the place where our home is? Isn't it the nation we want to build for our children? Every action has its own reaction time and someday sooner or later it will all come back to us.
What can we do? Is it just laughing when Kapil Sharma comments about the same on his Comedy Nights or just agreeing to when our Prime Minister sweeps the streets himself? What happens to us when we are in Singapore on our honeymoon and takes care of even a toffee packaging to be thrown properly to a dustbin? Is it the fear of fine or the respect we have for other nations? What is the reality behind human mind is still not known to me?
I am thinking of what I can do to achieve the same only and that’s the only thing every citizen has to take care of. We just need to take care that we don’t add to the list of people throwing stuff here and there. Automatically with everyone’s decision to change them, the whole nation will be moved to be the best in the world. Foreigners who come here learn all these things and do the same which they will not even dare to do in their countries. It’s our responsibility to let them know that we do have Ahimsa and Forgiveness as our virtues and we do teach Yoga to the world but at no time our great nations can be a dumping ground for anyone.  
As Rabindranath Tagore said, “Every time a child is born, it brings in a new hope that God has not yet disappointed with man” we also need to start learning our duties along with our children. We also need to study those Civics and Social studies book that we have long forgotten to keep our community, city and country clean. We all want to live in posh localities but can’t we make every locality clean and worth living. I have taken a pledge to clean my home of all the stuff my daughter throws away and as she sees me cleaning it, she will automatically learn one day that garbage needs to go in dustbin. I am the caretaker of my home, my community, my locality, my area, my city and my country and so are you!
Think about the same and come forward to help government and media drive this nationwide campaign and learn more at - 
The banner is from the Indiblogger campaign for Times of India. 
We do want to project that we do respect our country and will take all the efforts to make it the best in the World!

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Sunday 18 January 2015

Windows Phone Apps to Stay Fit!

Hi Guys,

Losing weight after the festive holiday always proves to be such a challenge for most of us. However losing that holiday weight gain and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a struggle at all when you have help from these fitness apps available on Lumia phones via Windows Apps store. If your list of resolutions includes leading a healthier lifestyle, Windows Phone Store has the fitness apps to help you reach your goals:

Fitbit Free on Windows 8.1, the recently updated Fitbit app brings you even more features than before, with no band required! Fitbit tracks your activity, diet, body and sleep to help you reach your fitness goals, and now includes Challenges and MobileTrack features for friendly competition with up to 10 friends or family members as well as bandless tracking by enabling motion data on your Lumia. 

Track Runner Track your run, analyze your performance, and train smarter with intervals. The award-winning Track Runner app is packed with run-centric features and is completely free. The app tracks your heart rate so you can train in the right zone, provides interval workouts, and analyzes your stride rate. 

Misfit  The Misfit app, along with the Shine fitness and sleep tracker, inspires you to live an active life. Wear Shine anywhere on your body and it automatically tracks your activity and sleep. Discover your daily activity and set goals to improve your life. With wireless syncing you’ll spend less time plugging in and more time moving.

Bing Health and Fitness  Includes calorie, step and GPS activity tracking, workout videos, symptom checker and great articles from trusted sources to help you stay healthy and fit. Set your daily calorie goal, record what you eat and get nutritional information for over 300,000 foods, as well as choose from hundreds of workouts and exercises with step-by-step instructions, photos and videos.

Adidas miCoach Train & Run  Turn your phone into a personal coach; your smart running companion, using GPS and real-time voice coaching to pace you through your exercise, regardless of whether you’re indoors or outside. In addition, get access to hundreds of strength & flex exercises to achieve your fitness goals.

LEKI Trek and Ski With full pedometer support, LEKI Trek and Ski can track a variety of sporting activities, including hiking, walking, skiing and cross-country skiing. The app also includes an action photography feature for active sports, as well as social sharing options for when you’ve completed your exercises.

Active Fitness Active Fitness is a fitness, health and activities tracking app and social network of more than a million users. Great for running, cycling, hiking, skateboarding, kayaking, and hundreds of other activities. Also includes new interval training and a pedometer using SensorCore on Windows Phone 8.1.

Runtastic  Your ideal fitness tracking app for all outdoor (running, walking, hiking, and biking) and indoor (treadmill, cardio, yoga, and weight lifting) health & fitness activities! Track your sports and fitness activities, boost motivation, burn more calories, achieve greater results and exceed your goals with Runtastic.

Gym Pocket Guide Powered by, Gym Pocket Guide is your own personal workout encyclopedia in your pocket. Lose fat, build muscle or find some new exercises. No matter your goal, Gym Pocket Guide will help you improve your fitness with 100+ exercises and stretches all accompanied with high quality images, videos and step-by-step guides.

Bodbot  A personal trainer, nutritionist and coach, all in one. The app personalizes your exercise and nutrition to you by tailoring to your goals, schedule, equipment and exercise history (including strength and fitness, as well as flexibility and posture), and adapts based on your progress.

Windows phone are slowly making their way to reach millions of people across the world. I really love their flashy colors and windows operating system environment. Looking forward to have one this festive season!!!

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Product Review - Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Hi Guys,
Some devices you always wanted to use but are afraid of the quality and value it will serve over the long period of time. Kinivo is one of the brands which have established themselves in making some good quality gadgets giving value for money.

Latest in their stable is the latest upgraded version of Bluetooth Stereo headphones BTH240 from BTH220. BTH240 has all the upgrades/modifications which were missing in the earlier version. This product has got all the features which will make you to carry this one only on your trips and for general day to day usage.

BTH240 is very lightweight (only 73 grams), sleek and comfortable design and rests on your ears using its unique neck band design. The ear cup covers your ears and isolates outside noises also. The headphones have a foldable design which really makes it easy to carry. The headphones have rechargeable battery built into the set and gives up to 9-10 hours of continuous music playback. The headphones can be easily recharged using the Micro-USB charging port. The device has 400mAh Li-Polymer battery which can be fully charged in 2-3 hours and Red LED indicator will show its getting charged which turns off once the headphones are fully charged.

One side of the headphones has all the controls to play, pause, next & previous tracks as well as volume controls. The headphone is compatible with all the Bluetooth enabled music players and A2DP enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phones and tablets. To do the pairing, we just need to press the middle multifunction button till the LED starts blinking red and blue. The headphones remember last 5 Bluetooth connections and connect with them automatically when in use. Once you are done with the headphones, it can be switched off by pressing the same button and a red led indicator will show that it’s going off now.

The best feature is that the device also has microphone built in for Bluetooth hands free calling. The device can switch automatically between calling and music as soon as your call is disconnected. The multifunction button can receive and end calls as well as if you press it two times in quick succession it can take voice commands also. The sound output of the headphones is really good in its price range and ear cups do give noise isolation for music pleasure. It has normal balanced sound for everyday listening to music on the go.

The package included the headphones, charging cable and cloth carrying pouch with Kinivo branding on the same. Good news is that the headphones are now available in four colors – Black, Red, limited edition Posh Pink and limited edition Arctic White. With the price ranging between US$ 25-30 these are one of the best valued products to offer a lot of features you want in your Bluetooth headphones which comes with a 1 year limited hardware warranty.

This is my third product from Kinivo’s range of products and I am totally a fan of their gadgets because they offer everything I want to use and their products are really very high on value for money.Of all the Bluetooth headphones I have with me, I loved this one for it's unique foldable design, light on pocket in value & weight, offers voice calling facility along with music playback, uses same micro-USB port to charge and awesome sound quality. Check out the product at


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Indiblogger Happy Hours - Dabur - A healthy child makes a happy home

Hi Guys,

It’s a message that has been passed from generations to generations as our parents took  great care of us when we were kids and now also as we become parents to their grandchildren. It’s a never ending process and as they say, “A healthy mind stays inside a healthy body only” and to achieve healthy body we continue to strive not for ourselves but for everyone around us.

Our kids are those special angels which brings a lot of joys and happiness to our family. We do everything in our capacity to take good care of these angels. We always take precautions to save them from any discomfort that they might face due to weather changes and any form of viral/sickness.

My daughter is my angel and I really want the best for her. During those times when immunization injections are done to her, it’s a great pain to her but we know it’s only for the benefit of the kid.

My mother took great care of us and gave us all the right stuff to eat. During our times, pizzas / burgers were not in the market but these days, kids are exposed to a lot of unhealthy food which can make them sick. And once a child is sick, the whole family is exposed to some stressful time. Kids get cranky as they face some unbearable pain which their bodies can’t take and as they suffer every parents & grandparents suffer too. It’s not wrong to say that “A healthy child makes a happy home” as there are several incidents from our own lives when will remind us of those times which we never want to face again.

Food and drinks are the only inputs we give to our bodies and a good balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables builds our immune system and keeps us free from any kind of sickness. Sometimes when we are not able to control our diets due to travel and other commitments, we need to take some extra nutrition in the form of Chyawanprash and dry fruits. Same need to be given to kids as per their body requirements based on age and to build their immune system. Kids generally are always busy in their play and keeps running away from food and it’s a duty of parents to catch hold of them and give them regular nutritious food and necessary vitamins.

My daughter needs to be brought back to home to have a glass of milk with almonds and some Chyawanprash in winters to keep her strong and fit. She really loves Dabur Chyawanprash and eats a spoon of it every morning and evening by herself. This habit has definitely kept her strong during these winters and will continue to till the time she follows the same. If she is happy, we will be happy and if we all are happy, we make a great home which builds our life and happiness.
Photographs are used from the Dabur's website &

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2014

Hi Guys,

Jan 2014 was the time when I was fully here in South Africa and has to remain here until the next holidays comes in Dec 2014. I was still getting my Internet connection sorted as I could not get something which can give me unlimited data at cheaper price. I started posting some photographs which I clicked to maintain my Indiblogger rank.

1. Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature - I started sharing some of the photographs of flowers which I clicked across various places and countries. This is one of the walks that I would love to take whenever I have time and camera with me. This is a series of posts which will continue this year too. Have a look!

2. Moments of Silence - We went to Drankensburg National Park and I clicked this bird which is equivalent to Indian sparrow and posted the same with a catchy title.

- Another photo posts.

4. Social Apps impact on Indian General Elections 2014 - Indiblogger & WeChat contest in which I participated but couldn't make it to the winner's list. 

5. Indiblogger Sunsilk - Recharging my hairs and life! - Another Indiblogger contest with Sunsilk but didn't make it to the winner's list. It was a huge disappointment for me as I was not able to win any contest in Jan from a place where I was winning a lot many prizes the previous year. 

As new year starts, we all make some resolutions and my resolution was to work on my blog and made a goal to cross 100,000 pageviews using 500 blogposts by 31 Dec 2014. I was still looking to get some 100 pageviews per day at that time and it seemed like a huge task for which I had to plan and execute. 

The Journey to achieve this goal continues in the next posts...
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A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Dec 2013

Hi Guys,

Last year in Dec 2013, I didn't blogged for whole of Nov and my Indiblogger rank dropped considerably due to non activity. I went back to India and posted some of the Product review posts about some of the latest gadgets that I won between Nov and Dec 2013. It was my second month in Johannesburg and I visited several places and made some great friends.

1. Product Review - Sony Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5 with NFC & Bluetooth- This great bluetooth speaker I won from @SonyPix twitter contest on #Skyfall and totally loved it since then. I still am using the same and liked the volume and sound clarity these small speakers produce. 

2. Product Review - LG HBS-700 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - This is one great device which my brother bought from USA for himself and I totally loved the design and comfort of these headsets from LG. These headsets Vodacom here is giving for free with LG G3 mobile phones. The deal is totally worth it because of the headsets. 

3. Product Review - Logitech Mini Boombox - This is the only prizes my wife has won for her blog post on one of the Indiblogger meet contest. The sound is impressive and loud. The size of the speaker is perfect for a picnic and produced great sound with bass. Thanks to Indiblogger & ZeeTV for such an awesome prize. 

4. Product Review - Amazon Kindle 3G Keyboard - When Kindle got launched it revolutionized the market and everyone who loves reading was looking for the device. There was a huge discussion between paper and digital editions as everyone has their own favorite. But fact remained that Kindle is a powerful device which has grown over the years and taken digital media to a new level. I totally loved this device and has been reading on it for years now. 

Headphones being my first love, I always try to review as many as I can find, buy or lend from friends and family. My brother got Sennheiser HD280 which were heavy to wear but produces amazing sound quality. I got my friend to buy Harman Kardon in sale and he totally loved them till the time, he got BOSE in another sale next season. 

The year 2013 ended on a high note as I won many contests during the whole year and received a lot of prizes. The amount of time spent is also huge to win those gifts and goodies. I totally enjoyed it but if I look at it now, I won't be spending that much time ever again on those twitter contests. It's an addiction which grows if you start winning and then you don't want to lose ever in any of the contest. 

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