Monday 28 April 2014

Product Review - The Body Shop - For Men - MACA ROOT

Hi Guys,

I was introduced to The Body Shop product range by my brother who gifted me MACA ROOT range of products from the men's range when he came on holidays to India from USA. I have been using Gillette shaving products before using these ones.

The gift pack comes in a nice toiletries bag containing four tubes - Shave Cream, Face Wash, Face Protector and Razor Relief - all from the Peruvian maca root. The gift pack offers the whole range required for men for their daily shaving range except for Razors.

The best part about this shaving cream is the amount of cream that you need to apply for shaving. Only a small pinch of cream on your finger is enough to produce a lot of foam to glide the razor easily on your face.  The fragrance is awesome and your skin feels refreshed after the shaving. I really loved this cream so much that I bought another gift pack for myself in London. The Body Shop products are available at a lot of discounts in sale in London. I made use of one of those sales and bought them at 50% discount.

Maca Root face wash is also great and I feel great every time I use it. One thing with these products is that they last really long if you are not using them daily.
Razor Relief does what it says and is to be used after shaving to cool any cuts happened during shaving.
Face Protector can be used anytime as and when required and is a general multipurpose cream for men.

I really like this entire range of products and now I am on the verge of finishing my second set of these products. I need to go and check out the Sandton City shop of The Body Shop for some sale or offers to continue using them for another years to come.

Also, I want to try their Fragrance for Men range as my earlier perfume is also on the verge of completion. Follow them on twitter or facebook. I would love to review their products if any chance comes in future.


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