Friday 11 April 2014

Product Review - Creative Wireless Speakers - D100

Hi Guys, 

Audio and video devices are the most sought after thing in this world. It can be either high end speaker systems or small in-ear headphones. The music has brought the world more closer and so is the gap between the mobile devices and sound using Bluetooth Boomboxes. They help you stream your favorite music via Bluetooth to your audio devices for everyone to enjoy. Everyday some or the other company brings some designed in Countries, assembled in China products to the market.

Creative has always been a front runner in terms of offering diverse electronics products and have been making audio devices since a long time. Creative Technologies is a Singapore based company and I still remember the time when they launched the Zen Music players long back in 2006. I received these great metallic designed n printed postcards in Singapore showcasing their various products. I also remember discussing with someone on the MP3 players on offer by Creative at that time. I came across Creative D100 Wireless Speakers at Pick n Pay, Woodmead for the first time. I really liked the pastel colors they were available in the store.

The device can be easily connected to your laptop or mobile phone or tablet using the Bluetooth connection. It comes with 5V DC Input charger with US socket and two pin sockets to power the device. The device is very light weight and can be easily carried for picnics, beaches or in the car etc.
It has only three buttons on the front. One is to pair the Bluetooth devices and other two are for volume up and down. Behind the cloth mesh are the two powerful speakers which will give great audio output enough for a small room listening pleasures. Though the cloth mesh can easily be torn if you don't take proper care of the same and it's not replaceable.
The back of the device has power on off button along with an AUX in socket and 5V DC IN plug. The best thing about this device is that you can power it using 4 AA size batteries and carry it around easily.
The sound produced by the device is very nice for the price range they come in. They are not BOSE or Harman Kardon but yeah for a small room they produce enough sound to dance and watch movies with good sound effects.
The batteries can be inserted at the bottom of the device and gives an audio output for 20-25 hours on Duracell Alkaline battery. I am still testing the same by inserting the brand new Duracell batteries in my device. It's working fine with normal 1 hours usage since a week. I think it will carry on till the end of month. Also in India, electricity can go anytime so these will really help me listen to my songs without electric power also and everyone can enjoy the same too.

I really like the Creative D100 and watch a lot of movies bypassing my laptop speakers using Aux in cable. I fully enjoyed watching Hobbit 2 using these speakers. The trapezoidal design of the device is really beautiful and Bluetooth connectivity is fast. Creative has launched various other Boomboxes after this one but I got this one in a reduced to go prices at Pick n Pay


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