Saturday 19 April 2014

Product Review - GAME - MyLight Wireless 12 LED Lamp

Hi Guys,

I keep checking various stores from the Walmart group which are here in Johannesburg and keep visiting GAME to check on the deals or reduced to go sale. Most of the items I buy here are from DionWired or Makro but now GAME has also been added to this list. These deals are not shown in their catalogs or sale items which really make me go visit the stores and check the special desks kept for reduced to go items.

I always wanted to have some white light as the bulbs installed in my home throw yellowish light. I came across a nice looking LED Lamp in GAME which was priced at ZAR 80. On my next visit to the store, the price was reduced to ZAR 60 making it a good deal.
The Mushroom shaped lamp comes in 4 colors - White, Black, Green and Pink. I chose the Black color as I really loved it.

The device runs on three AA sized batteries and has a touch button which switched on-off the lamp. 
The 12 LED lights glows and gives enough light to read on your kindle or books, work on your laptop and also helps me when I don't want to come out of my duvet early mornings and want light to wake me up.It is a multi-purpose device which can also work as a Lampshade on the side of your beds.

It is really a good China made product and the quality is nice. I hope it will serve my time here and thereafter. I also hope the DURACELL batteries delivers the same performance as it promises.This product is definitely a BUY and you can use it anywhere you want to.

Just saw the same lamp in SHERLOCK Season 3 episode 2 at around 45 min when Sherlock and John are shown drinking beer at several places and in one of the tables, the same lamp is lighting the table.


Clicked using Panasonic FZ5 Camera
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