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Bambanani - Creating a Better Future for Children Through Education #BambaLearn #AfrikaTikkunBambanani #AfrikaTikkun #ATB

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Bambanani Sifunde = Coming Together To Learn

Afrika Tikkun Bambanani is the coming together of Afrika Tikkun and Bambanani Sifunde to form a group of ECD Specialists who implement a standardised ECD curriculum in rural underprivileged schools.

At the launch of the BambaLearn App by Afrika Tikkun Bambanani (ATB) last night, expert insights were shared around the upskilling and training of teachers required to assess and monitor learner development. Simultaneously the programme is designed to facilitate teacher progression equipping them to screen for learning difficulties and arrange an intervention, provide psychosocial support and monitor child growth and progress. The BambaLearn App aims to extend children on the curriculum ensuring that no child is left behind.

“The period from birth to six years old is the most vital stage of brain development for children and these informative years represent a crucial window of opportunity for education. The ATB programme is developed to ensure early childhood care and education that is truly inclusive. It is much more than just preparation for Grade 1, ECD is the foundation for emotional well-being and learning throughout life; and is one of the best investments a country can make as it promotes holistic development, gender equality and social cohesion,” shared the passionate ATB programme CEO, Theresa Michael.

Afrika Tikkun Bambanani’s Mission & Vision
To reach as many children as possible aged birth to six years of age across all rural and underprivileged communities of SA and to provide play-based learning through trained ECD teachers who will build a solid foundation for their education and overall well-being. The long-term vision is to standardise the ECD curriculum throughout SA to ensure that no child is left behind in terms of education which will lead to equal opportunity for all children in SA.

Afrika Tikkun Bambanani’s Impact
Currently, 800 upskilled practitioners working in 200 Early Learning Centres in disadvantaged communities and underprivileged rural areas are providing a solid foundation for 10000 children through this initiative.

ATB aims to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for South African children and invest in their education by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Early childhood education has a positive impact on our society as a whole; helping reduce poverty, promote economic growth, and decrease the likelihood of negative social outcomes such as crime and substance abuse.

What does Afrika Tikkun Bambanani offer?
  • ECD Curriculum age 0-6 years
  • Teacher training
  • Resource kits
  • Data-free online assessment centre to monitor student and teacher progression
  • Data-free online screening tool assessment for children
  • In-class teacher training and mentorship
  • The BambaLearn App for children from 2-6 years old
How does Afrika Tikkun Bambanani work?
The three-year ECD programme is presented as a customised ATB package to suit the needs of each centre/community. It includes a five-day teacher pre-training programme, monthly up-skill teacher training, an online curriculum, printed manuals and workbooks, an online assessment centre and in-class mentorship.

Registered as part of the Afrika Tikkun brand, the ATB training, assessment and curriculum programme has brought together a team of ECD practitioners, theorists, educators, investors and therapists to create the best ECD curriculum available in South Africa and make it available to ECD practitioners and children living in under-resourced communities around South Africa. The programme readily collaborates with the government and private sectors.
Bambanani - Creating a Better Future for Children Through Education #AfrikaTikkunBambanani #AfrikaTikkun #ATB
Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the period spanning from birth until the year before a child enters formal schooling. Research shows that children who do not have access to adequate ECD are more likely to struggle academically and have lower earning potential as adults, and they are also more likely to engage in risky behaviours, such as substance abuse or criminal activity. Furthermore, the effects of inadequate ECD can have an intergenerational impact on children, in that they are likely to struggle as parents themselves, trapped in a perpetuated cycle of poverty.

Sadly, the highest failure rate in South African schools occurs in Grade 1. Investing in ECD can lead to better school readiness, improved academic achievement, higher earning potential, and better health outcomes in adulthood. Additionally, a nurturing and supportive early childhood environment can promote positive social-emotional skills and behaviours, which can lead to stronger relationships and increased well-being throughout life.

We can change the trajectory of many young children currently at risk if we equip ECD practitioners with the skills needed to deliver quality early learning programmes that meet children’s developmental needs.

Many ECD centres in under-resourced communities are not able to employ qualified practitioners, and although a lot of their staff do have years of working experience, they do not have the formal training to design outcomes-based programmes. To support these centres, we have developed an innovative and comprehensive ECD curriculum that is designed to meet the developmental needs of children aged one to six years, which can be implemented by ECD practitioners who have little or no formal ECD training.
Bambanani - Creating a Better Future for Children Through Education #AfrikaTikkunBambanani #AfrikaTikkun #ATB
The key activities to support participating ECD centres to implement a quality ECD programme include: 
  • Developing an outcomes-based ECD curriculum that provides the framework for children aged one to six years to meet their developmental milestones and equip them with the skills needed for future academic success.
  • Providing the ATB curriculum to participating centres in the form of printed manuals, workbooks, theme posters and assessment portfolio files. An online version of the curriculum is also available.
  • Offering off-site training to ECD practitioners and principals up-skilling them to implement the ATB curriculum, as well as outcomes and teaching methods.
  • Providing in-classroom training and mentoring for the first three years of implementation.
  • Monitoring and assessing practitioner progress through online teacher progression assessments and monthly tasks they are required to upload. Any gaps identified will be addressed by our trainers through offering additional training sessions, as well as on-site implementation support.
  • Using tracking sheets to assess the termly progress of all children aged one to six years who are in the programme.
  • Providing the schools with screening assessment tools for children aged six months to six years.
  • Providing ongoing support through site visits from year 1, and into year 3.
These activities are supported by two innovative technologies, thereby removing geographical limitations as any ECD centre with the internet can access the programme.

1. Learner Tablet App – BambaLearn (Data Free)
BambaLearn is an app that allows young children to develop their critical thinking and to reach their milestones through play. Created by experts, and designed for (and loved by) children ages 2-6 years, this app ensures that age-appropriate milestones are reached through rigorous performance monitoring through games. These include a wide variety of educational puzzles, story books, numeracy activities, problem-solving games, literacy, shapes, tracing, counting, and letter and number recognition. This app ensures that no child is left behind by enabling stronger learners to work ahead and providing extra revision and repetition for weaker learners.

2. Afrika Tikkun Bambanani Assessment Centre (Data Free)
The goal is to improve and standardise the ECD content in our nation’s ECD centres, empowering practitioners to spend more time with the children. The ATB assessment centre ensures that no child or teacher is left behind. ATB provides tracking sheets and termly reports to monitor learner progression, focusing on critical developmental milestones, screening tools to red-flag learners that require intervention, and practitioner tracking and evaluating.
Bambanani - Creating a Better Future for Children Through Education #AfrikaTikkunBambanani #AfrikaTikkun #ATB
A state-of-the-art remote upload portal allows us to assist and observe our learners and teachers, especially schools in remote areas. ATB’s online trainers assess and report on all activities and video tasks assigned to the practitioner for the week.

The potential of millions of young children is lost due to our inability to provide families living in marginalised communities access to quality early childhood education programmes. ATB’s vision is to uplift the lives of our children and improve the quality of ECD teaching in South Africa to reach remote and disadvantaged communities and ECD centres with the knowledge and resources needed to implement an effective ECD curriculum, changing the trajectory of thousands of young beneficiaries of this programme.

What makes Afrika Tikkun Bambanani different is their approach to sustainability. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals aim to promote sustainable and responsible practices, with the SDGs addressing a wider range of development issues on a global scale, and ESG goals focusing on the environmental, social, and governance factors of companies and organizations. The underlying value of the ATB programme is to “leave no child behind”, and in so doing supports several SDGs, including:
  • SDG 1 (No Poverty): Effective ECD programmes can break the cycle of poverty by improving children’s development, health, and learning outcomes, which ultimately leads to better employment opportunities and higher incomes in adulthood.
  • SDG 4 (Quality Education): This ECD programme has been designed to prepare children for school and lifelong learning by providing high-quality early learning experiences, such as language and literacy development, social-emotional skills, and critical thinking.
  • SDG 5 (Gender Equality): As inclusivity is one of ATB’s priorities, the programme aims to address gender inequality by providing equal opportunities for boys and girls to learn and develop, addressing gender stereotypes, and empowering parents to support their children’s education.
  • SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities): This programme can be adapted to include all children, including those living with disabilities, and has been designed to be relevant to all children, including those from poor households, in the spirit of “leave no child behind”.
ATB is looking at how to link its centres to its health and psychosocial programme, which focuses on nutrition, psychosocial intervention, eye screening and audio screening, Once this is included, ATB will also be supporting SDG 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing).

Afrika Tikkun Bambabani Curriculum Overview:

Play-Based Learning
A play-based programme which nurtures vital life skills including social, emotional and cognitive development. This enhances the whole child by providing the self-confidence required to explore new environments and experiences.

Broad-Based Curriculum
A curriculum based on an eclectic education system which combines knowledge from multiple disciplines and educational theorists that is developmentally appropriate. The approach encourages children to think independently, with an emphasis on teaching a child how to think, rather than what not to think.

Child-Centred Approach
The approach is child-centred, ensuring children play an active role in the classroom. Children are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas, enabling them to learn from each other.

Measurable Results
The assessment model monitors key learning areas like cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. These skills are continuously assessed through ATB’s tracking sheets and screening tools.

Unfortunately, many children in rural communities lack access to the resources they need to succeed academically. That's why ATB is reaching out to corporations and individuals to join them in their mission to close the education gap.

Through sponsorships, it becomes possible to work together to provide early learning centres with the resources, curriculum, and training necessary to give children the best possible start in life. This ‘Adopt-an-Early Learning Centre’ will make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless children and help create a brighter future for all.

Corporations and individuals are invited to join ATB in this effort by adopting a learning centre enabling ATB to ensure that children have access to the education they deserve. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of children and help build a more equitable society.

For more information about Afrika Tikkun Bambanani or to find out how you can donate to the programme, please visit

Telephone +27 83 453 4792
Address: Ground Floor, Eastwood Building, 57 6th Road, Hyde Park South Africa

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Thursday 20 April 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 07 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

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Week 7 started with a trip to Pilanesburg on the Suzuki Vitara Brezza I got for Valentine's Day with my wife. This time the kids stayed at home with the nanny. It was something we never did for such a long drive leaving behind kids at home so I was not comfortable much but then I do think that parents should take some time away from kids to talk and discuss life and what is next? 

1. Suzuki Vitara Brezza - The car came for around a week and stayed for 10 days and I was feeling so sad once it left me to go back to the company it came from. It was a wonderful ride and the second car really helps to sort many things out. The petrol engine is peppy on the Vitara Brezza GLX model I received and it also gave me an average of around 15.4 km per litre with long drives to city school drops as well. This is really a nice car priced around ZAR 310000 but it was not as stable driving above 120kms on a long drive, below that speed range, it was working fine. I also loved the SUV body design so that it can take me to the farthest parts of Pilanesburg that I have never seen before. 

2. Thank You - I completed another 18000 Thank You to take the total number to reach the 159500 mark. Let's see how much we can do by the end of the month or so. If I am not doing it for the week, I will keep the mark constant and also will remove the point as well for the week thinking of it as a failure to do this exercise. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 07 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023

3. Launch Events and Goodies - I received the Samsung Galaxy S23+ to review and enjoy it to take some photographs and test drive the same as well. I also got a Valentine's Day gift from Huawei which is showcased in the video underneath. Many thanks to Huawei for the same. I also won a Twitter contest to go to the Momentum One More Fan event where we watched the cricket match between South Africa and Australia which was eventually won by Australia but totally loved watching it on a big screen with so many other fans of the Women Cricket T20 World Cup. 
4. General Knowledge Quiz - I have always been a fan of the GK quiz and always try to participate in the same from time to time. The company I work for has an annual quiz competition and last year I reached the regional finals but somehow missed reaching the world finals and got some ZAR 800 as a participant to reach the regional finals. This year I will definitely try again. The initial virtual round was this week and I was able to answer most of the questions in the fastest time possible - they only give 10-15 seconds to read, choose and answer the question so there is no scope for Google search at all unless there is someone sitting next to you. But I don't do any such thing because it's a day-to-day job to learn and remember what questions can be asked. I have won so many small prizes in TATA Crucible Quiz - Corporate online and in-person contests. 
5. YouTube - I am trying a lot to get some regular income from YouTube views and monetization but it's a struggle. I have to bring a lot of production value to my videos with a well-written script and why people will watch the video also. I have to solve the problems and also share what I did in the same situation if talking about the home loans or education loans etc that I paid in my life. I am doing a lot of videos that I have created and edited but they all are the same style and don't show my face at all. In YouTube language, it's called a faceless channel and mines is like that only. Maybe I should try to show more of my face and let people know that this is me and me alone all the way. I have always thought that the product or service is more important than my face but it has to change now. 

Many thanks for your time and time again watching my videos and reading my regular weekly updates. As I always say, your time is my only blessing! Cheers!!! - Aashish

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Tuesday 18 April 2023

@HuaweiZA SoundStone Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Small Package with Loud Sound Quality!

Hi Guys, 

I got this Huawei SoundStone Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Huawei South Africa at one of their smartphone launch events. This has been a gift from them in various other events as well. I have had this one for several years but kept the packaging intact for the historical technology videos on YouTube. Check out the unboxing and review of this audio product. Our playlist is definitely getting stronger on the audio products as I have a lot of them and will review all of them one by one. Keep watching as your views are our only blessings. I need to grow myself to reach USD 1 per day at least for the start and this is also not the case currently. Thanks for your views but please do share as well!

The main features of the Huawei Soundstone Portable Bluetooth Speaker are -
  • Light and Portable palm-sized speaker design. 
  • A threaded loop to carry the speakers around. 
  • The threaded cloth design looks really premium. 
  • IPX5 Water Resistant. 
  • Loud Sound of RMS 3.5W. 
  • Handsfree calling. 
  • 750mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Playtime of around 8.5 hours. 
  • Bluetooth v4.1 
  • Frequency Range - 90Hz-20kHz.
  • Available in 2 colours - Red and Grey. 
  • Voice Outputs. 
  • Micro-USB Charging port. 
  • Weight of 190 grams. 
  • Control buttons are at the bottom of the speakers. 
Huawei at the end of their smartphone launch event gave me this portable speaker and I handed out many of them to my friends on their birthdays as well. This Huawei device is really nice and looks fantastic in this price range of ZAR 700 only. This is now succeeded by another model from Huawei which we are going to unbox soon on my Youtube channels. Also, if you have not seen our videos go check them out we have recently crossed more than 850+ videos on my channel. 

Till next time...Aashish Thanks you Cheers!!!

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16-year old JESS ROBUS releases debut Children’s Book #ArnoldtheNotDinosaur

Hi Guys, 

Childhood, family, identity, belonging and everything in between…

That is what sixteen-year-old author Jess Robus aims to tackle in her newest book Arnold the Not Dinosaur, set to be released on the 22nd of April 2023.

Beautifully illustrated by Holly Evers, Arnold the Not Dinosaur tells the tale of the great green galumphing dinosaur Arnold who must grapple with issues of personal identity and staying true to himself in a world full of people insisting that he must be something other than what he truly is.

Jess’s first book, an original anthology of poetry entitled a few slivers of Light, published in 2021, chronicled her experience with anxiety & depression in a way that was accessible to her fellow teenagers.

With Arnold the Not Dinosaur, she hopes to open discussions around mental health and identity with younger children - providing an opportunity for healthy dialogue around complicated questions.
16-year old JESS ROBUS releases debut Children’s Book #ArnoldtheNotDinosaur VividImages Photography
This book is perfect for children aged 0-7 years old, although readers of all ages can appreciate the sensitive story and beautiful illustrations.

Jess states excitedly, “I wrote this kids’ book when I was twelve years old – still a kid myself! – because I knew even then that I wanted to share the important message of kindness and self-acceptance with other young people. I’m so incredibly excited to release this book and open important conversations with young people, letting them know that they are loved, wanted, and good enough just as they are.”

The book is in a Dyslexic-friendly font, making it easier to read for those that battle with Dyslexia.
16-year old JESS ROBUS releases debut Children’s Book #ArnoldtheNotDinosaur
Award-winning speaker and 5-times best-selling author, Nikki Bush had this to say about Arnold the Not Dinosaur; “Jess's youth gives her unique insight into diversity and inclusion. Invisibility and not fitting in are real issues for children and can be damaging to their self-concept with long-term ramifications into adulthood. Children are a work in progress. Each one is different in some way that makes them unique. This book is a celebration of uniqueness and difference. Arnold the Not Dinosaur is a great conversation starter and a contribution to creating a kinder world.”

Arnold the Not Dinosaur is set to be released on Saturday, 22nd April 2023 as part of the weekend of World Book Day Celebrations (which is recognised on 23rd April)
16-year old JESS ROBUS releases debut Children’s Book #ArnoldtheNotDinosaur
The book retails for R130 (excluding postage & packaging) and will be available for purchase on Jess’s Website as well as via PayStack. Pre-order requests can currently be emailed to Jess at

The book will also be available at upcoming Storytelling Sessions that are currently being scheduled and finalised around Joburg and Gauteng.

Keeping checking her website for additional information and dates.
16-year old JESS ROBUS releases debut Children’s Book #ArnoldtheNotDinosaur VividImages Photography
Jess Robus is a 16-year-old high school student, poet, author and mental health advocate. She can usually be found listening to music, singing, writing, immersed in a book, or reading up on various obscure topics and she absolutely loves spending time with her friends.

She’s an avid songwriter, debater, performing arts aficionado, and budding linguist and her dreams include studying English at a UK University, writing for Marvel or Broadway (she’s not picky!) and eventually learning how to skip.

Jess has been writing since the age of 8 years old. She wrote her first poems at 8, wrote the lyrics and music for her first song at 9 years old and in 2021 published her first anthology of poetry called “a few slivers of Light”. She uses writing as a means to process the world around her but she also loves writing escapism. To date she has written poems, short stories, fan fiction, songs, and two mini-musicals and her new children’s book is due for release in April 2023.

Mental health and awareness around it are very important to Jess and after struggling with anxiety & depression she used her first book as a means to open conversations on these issues. She has spoken at a number of schools and literary platforms and is also a youth ambassador for Edu360 - a school for the neuro-diverse.

Arnold the Not Dinosaur” is a beautifully illustrated children’s book and is about family, belonging, identity and everything in between.

To arrange school talks, book readings and book signings, please contact Jess on

(Photo Credit: VividImages Photography)

Follow Jess Robus on Social Media

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Transforming the Insurance & Wellbeing Industry in #SouthAfrica is @YuLife #InsureTech

Hi Guys, 

YuLife, leading UK Insurtech, Expands to South Africa to Transform the Insurance & Wellbeing Industry Following a successful launch in the US, the global tech-driven financial services provider is redefining insurance with well-being, engagement and rewards that inspire life for South African employees

YuLife, the tech-driven financial services provider on a mission to inspire life, today announced its launch in South Africa. Founded in London in 2016, YuLife achieved rapid traction in the UK insurance market through its flagship product, group life insurance. The company's expansion into South Africa marks a significant milestone as it seeks to redefine how people worldwide derive value from financial products.

Transforming the Insurance & Wellbeing Industry in #SouthAfrica is @YuLife #InsureTech
YuLife’s Group Risk Protection (Life, Income Protection, Lump Sum Disability, and Funeral Cover) includes everything in a traditional group insurance policy – but also adds a globally award-winning well-being app and trusted support services. YuLife harnesses the latest trends in behavioural science and game mechanics to encourage employees to make proactive lifestyle changes, while also prioritising prevention by de-risking individuals through healthy activities.

Gamification ensures that YuLife attracts unrivalled levels of engagement which is valued and enjoyed by all employees. The YuLife app enables employees to complete everyday wellness activities, such as walking, meditation, and cycling, in order to earn YuCoin, YuLife’s virtual well-being currency. Members can then use their YuCoin to buy vouchers for groceries, data, fuel, clothing and more from leading brands, or to improve the world through donating meals, planting trees, or cleaning the ocean. By incentivising healthy living, YuLife provides employers with a way to simultaneously boost retention rates, improve employees' standard of living, and safeguard their loved one's financial future.
In addition to day-to-day well-being, YuLife provides critical well-being tools and services to further prevent illness, both mentally and physically. All employees with YuLife get access to a virtual GP service through Kena Health, counselling and advice through ICAS, alongside access to multiple well-being apps like Meditopia and Fiit. 

“South Africa has the second highest insurance penetration globally, making it a perfect market for YuLife to expand into and showcase its innovative approach to insurance,” said Jaco Oosthuizen, YuLife Co-founder and Managing Director of YuLife South Africa. “There has been a big shift toward health and wellbeing in the workplace, with more and more companies adding new initiatives and resources to their employee benefits packages. YuLife is launching in South Africa to offer companies an easy way to provide extra protection - we’re looking forward to providing South African businesses and employees tangible value on an everyday basis in an accessible, engaging, and deliverable manner.”

YuLife South Africa’s policies are underwritten by Guardrisk Life, SA’s largest life cell captive insurer and the market leader in tailored risk solutions. “We are excited to be working together with YuLife to bring cost-effective insurance solutions to customers in South Africa,” said Herman Schoeman, CEO, Guardrisk Life. “As a company rooted in innovation, partnering with such a forward-thinking company like YuLife that shares our commitment to meeting customers’ needs makes good business sense. We look forward to developing our relationship with YuLife and providing our solutions to its customers while also empowering them to have a more thorough and holistic relationship with their life insurance and protection provider.”

YuLife has achieved rapid traction in an industry traditionally lacking in innovation. The company recently expanded into the US, and now covers >600k group policyholders across small to large businesses, with over $50bn of coverage in place. YuLife has seen more than 5x growth in premiums year-on-year, and in July 2022 raised a $120M Series C led by Dai-ichi Life with participation from T. Rowe Price, bringing the company’s total funding to $206M.
About YuLife
YuLife is a tech-driven financial services provider on a mission to inspire life and turn financial products into a force for good. By harnessing the power of technology and the latest behavioural science, YuLife’s insurance model focuses on risk prevention, not just claims compensation. The company is transforming the employee benefits market by rewarding employees for healthy living, supporting mental, physical and financial well-being and helping foster healthier, happier and more motivated teams. Founded in 2016, YuLife is headquartered in London and backed by global insurers and venture capital.

About Guardrisk
Guardrisk is South Africa’s largest cell captive insurer. We pioneered the cell captive concept in 1993 and provide tailor-made risk financing and insurance solutions for corporates, small enterprises and municipalities. The option of a third-party insurance offering lets clients sell insurance coverage to their customers, boosting their business’ earning potential and building their brand. Essentially, a cell captive facility gives clients all the benefits of owning their own insurance company without the inherent cost and administrative implications. Cell captives provide underwriting, reinsurance, claims management, investment, actuarial and accounting functions for clients (cell owners), which keeps costs down and gives clients access to a broad base of insurance skills. Guardrisk is a subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited, one of SA’s largest insurance-based financial services groups. The company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa and on the Namibian Stock Exchange in Namibia. 

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Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop Design - Drool-Worthy and Sound-Worthy! @SamsungMobileSA

Hi Guys, 

Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop Design is an excellent small portable speaker with significant sound quality that I only got for ZAR 10 which is less than 1 USD. How and when I got it is answered in the video underneath. This is also a historical speaker that I have and only unboxed now for your viewing pleasure. The retail price was around ZAR 550. 

I am sure you will like this dual-coloured design which has everything going right for the audio product. To make it to the top choice is the Aux cable input to make my non-Bluetooth devices work as well and I can even connect my laptop etc to produce more audio or sound output. Great design by Samsung. 
Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop Design - Drool-Worthy and Sound-Worthy! @SamsungMobileSA
The various features of Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop Design - 
  • Light and portable.
  • Metallic grill on the top.
  • Loud and clear sound - audio output of 5W RMS.
  • Scoop Design is really interesting. 
  • Splash Resistant.
  • Handy carrying strap in leather design.
  • Built-in micrphones for handsfree calling. 
  • 3.5mm AUX port - can be connected to any non-Bluetooth devices as well. 
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • The rechargeable battery lasts for around 9 hours. 
  • Micro-USB charging port to charge the speaker. 
  • Weight is around 150 grams. 
  • All control buttons are on the top - Pause/Play/Bluetooth pairing mode, Volume Up and Volume Down. 
  • The power On off button is on the side
  • A covered slot for micro-USB charging port and AUX cable input. 
I am thankful for the pop-up installations that happen at various malls whenever a new smartphone is launched. You should definitely visit these spaces so as to win some of the interesting products and if you are lucky enough the main smartphone as well. Thanks to Samsung for launching Samsung Pay in South Africa, they also run a regular monthly contest that I have never won though I got notifications/emails etc that I won it was a glitch in the system as they told me over subsequent emails. 

Till next time...Aashish Thanks you Cheers!!!

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Monday 17 April 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 06 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

The more you write or tell your story the more people are going to read it or follow it. I am also doing the same via these weekly posts where I tell the amount of time spent on web series binge-watching or doing something interesting also. I am feeling more and more in love with my own feelings or rather I am now much closer to my heart as I can see the effects of anything happening around me or the world and can feel the pain and empathy etc. Will I do something about it or just let it pass is a choice that I will keep for myself to decide via the brain cells kicking in at the right time? 

1. Google Maps - Local Guides is a community-based programme run by Google to enhance the experience of Google Maps users. Whenever you go and visit any location, you can write a review about the same on the Google Maps page and post some photos and videos so that the next person searching for the location can have some information before actually visiting the place. I reached the Top Level 10 on the same on 10-Feb-2023 after enrolling in the programme around 6 years back or so. I have not received any gift from Google during the course of my photo sharing across this platform but I am happy that I did it. I am in the Top 1% of Johannesburg Local Guides and 10% globally. Slowly and steadily, I will try to become the Top 1% at global levels as well. 

2. Thank You - I started from the last week's count to reach 42000 where the counter drops back to zero. Then again I take it to reach the 8000 mark by the end of the week. The total count is now 141500
New Year Resolutions - Week 06 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023
3. Entertainment - I watched the most illogical movie The Menu this week. There was nothing to enjoy in this movie. Totally time waste or negligible. I started watching FARZI Season 1 which I loved watching but didn't expect that it will reach the most viewed series on Amazon Prime. Since Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor has a dejected way to stand and the same is also showcased here and in other movies also. I don't like the use of the same again and again and I am definitely biased. I have to check his earlier movies if he has the same hand style in Jab We Met, Ishq Vishq or Dil Bole Hadiappa etc. 

4. The Life's Way - First Car Review - I was grateful to Suzuki Motors South Africa for sending their Vitara Brezza for the upcoming Valentine's Day and my 15th Marriage Anniversary as well. I took the same around the city and totally loved the pleasure of having a second car in a household. My wife can take my car to the office instead of doing an Uber or Bolt. I can then drop the kids to school and they also loved this dual-coloured car. The average that the car gave is around 15-16 km per litre of petrol and the mini-SUV body felt comfortable for long rides as well. We went to Hartbeespoort with the whole family in this nice car while enjoying the rain along with our marriage anniversary. I went gaga over the same as you will see in my Instagram posts. Thanks, Suzuki. 
5. Launch Event - I went to the CHOC event that was held at Sandton Sun Towers and Sky Deck. I loved the joy they are bringing on the faces of children suffering from Cancer and other diseases. It's an uphill climb all the time with these diseases but your support can help the organisation to reach more and more children and help their families as well. 
I also received the Cooler Master Goodies in a contest I won on Instagram. This is a massive package as you will see in the video underneath. I went to their Sandton Experience centre to pick up my goodies and it was lovely to see all the products on display there. You should definitely visit the same to experience the gaming products and setup. 
I think this is a lot of stuff to do in a single week and I feel grateful that I could do it. The clarity of thoughts and getting in touch with your own emotions is the best thing I learned from doing the Yoga starting 1-Feb-23. I am feeling stretched as this is the only exercise I have done in years to the upper body and many parts which were lying dormant. I have only done 1000km walking last year but that was it. This year walking is taking a backstage as I venture into the Yoga exercises. 

Till next time...Aashish Thanks you Cheers!!!

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Sunday 16 April 2023

Parker Luxury Vector XL Fountain Pen - Medium Tip with a Bold Distinctive Writing Experience!

Hi Guys,

Parken Pens has been my partner since the start and I have used various ball pens, roller ball pens and fountain pens from the brand offerings mainly the Parker Vector Series. Parker Vector is cheap and affordable with the right quality to last you long if you take care of the same. I have used their rollerball pens for years in the Lord Ganesha edition which I bought twice as the design gets faded out eventually. 

After using the same for multiple years, I wanted to try their other series of fountain pens so I bought this one from the online retailer which was offering the same at a discount. Thanks to OneDayOnly daily deals again initiated me into buying some of the products I like. This one is totally paid for by me and I used the coupon code from the FNB eBucks app to get ZAR 75 discount so the courier charges were waived as they charge ZAR 59 for courier fees for every order. 
Parker Luxury Vector XL Fountain Pen - Medium Tip with a Different Writing Experience!
This Parker Pen Vector XL Fountain pen was around ZAR 329 in the daily deal and I got it at that price. Available in multiple body colours too. I am still to get my hands set on this one but the pen body really feels balanced in your hands and looks premium too. 

The cap and barrel of the pen are generally of the same metallic colour with a transparent section where you will see the feed and the nib and the ink flowing into the same when you get that cartridge fit the first time ever. This is really a great pen but the Medium nib that came with the same feels like a broad to me. The nib is bigger than the other pens on this one for sure. Maybe it's size 5 as it feels bigger than all of my other pens especially Lamy Safari in EF and the same as Lamy LX in M nib. 

The weight of the pen is only 17 grams with a posted length of 13.5 cm and a diameter of 12mm only.
The stainless-steel nib is complimented by a distinctive ‘X’ engraving making it come directly out of the X-men series. The pen overall provides a comfortable and consistent writing experience when writing for longer periods as it writes in a bold distinctive style and there is something unique about writing with this pen. 

The cap of the pen has a Parker logo itched in a circular steel design and the clip also looks great and is different from the other pens I have. The clip is a little bit longer and elevated if you see it sideways. 

The pen is a combination of plastic and metal body with everything in a little bit grand style statement. I totally love the pen as it retails for around ZAR 420 each on Write Gear website and is available in 5 colours namely Blue, Teal, Black, Green and Lilac. I totally fell in love with the Teal colour but it was not on sale at OneDayonly from where I bought it. You can also pick up this pen at the same price from any retailer around you as well like Stationery & Print in Sandton City. 

Thanks to Onedayonlycoza for the R100 discount I got on the pen. I will keep a lookout for the same in the future as well as Parker Pens keeps coming on huge discounts on the online platform. Till that time....keep writing!!!

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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Thursday 13 April 2023

Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen in Fine Nib @WriteGearSA @Kaweco_Germany #KawecoBrassSport

Hi Guys,

I fell in love with the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pens when I first saw them on an Instagram post. Since then I have been falling in love on a daily basis with their various variants of pens in different colours. When I went and checked the website of the Kaweco, I came to know about their history going way back to 1883. Kaweco has around 21 types of different ranges of products. Kaweco is a German brand which masters writing instruments mainly fountain pens, rollerball pens, digital, dip pens and mechanical pencils along with other accessories like inks, pen clips etc. Kaweco is available in more than 50 countries. 

I finally took a giant leap to buy my most expensive Fountain Pen yet from Write Gear Store in Cape Town. Please do check out their website and you will enjoy this amazing series of Fountain Pens along with some other inks and stationery products. This is my 10th Fountain Pen in the last 2 years and my first Kaweco ever. Out of these 10, I have got 8 of them in the last 2 years spending so much amount of money I have never spent on fountain pens. I use them to write my journals on a daily basis. I specifically didn't buy the clip to tie this pen to my pockets as I wanted to go to the Woodstock, Cape Town store that's heaven for pens & stationery enthusiasts. 

Kaweco Sport Range found its way into the markets in 1935 and since then the design has changed once or twice to its current avatar. Hence the nostalgia that these pens offer as their success is attributed to inspiration through historical products of earlier periods. The brand's history and the nostalgic design of its products are deeply intertwined with modern technology. 
Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen in Fine Nib @WriteGearSA @Kaweco_Germany #KawecoBrassSport
I went through the Kaweco Sport range of products and found that it's mainly divided into 6 categories:
1. Plastic Body (Classic, Frosted and Skyline Sport along with Collaborations like Moleskine)
2. AL Sport (Aluminum)

I fell in love with the Kaweco brass sport version because it felt vintage due to its patina that's going to grow over time and second because the weight that's around 46 grams making it the heaviest pen I own. There are options to get your nib size based on your writing preferences - Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), and Double Broad (BB). They do have some calligraphy nibs as well. The material by which the nib is made is also available in different avatars like stainless steel and 14k Gold. People say Gold nibs are really amazing to write with and I have still to reach that point in my life when I can afford Gold on my pens. 

The last thing to check is the ink-filling mechanism which is the lifeline of any fountain pen. Here also we have 3 options available: Cartridges (pre-filled and available in 11 ink colours); Squeeze converters and mini converters as Kaweco Sport can't take full-sized ink converters. Cartridges are the best choice as you can easily change the colours and no need to carry bigger ink bottles or use a syringe to fill in the ink in cartridges. I agree that it's a little bit expensive to use the cartridge if you are writing too much but then the ease of usage is great for first-time users who can then experiment with different coloured inks. Kaweco has 11 different ink colours available and all of them are available at the Write Gear shop. 

Kaweco pens look so cool that you are definitely going to buy another one as there is an extra space in the metal tin the pen comes in. Next time I will go for the classic series pen with an Extra fine nib in one of the vibrant colours. I also want to try Kaweco's Orange coloured ink available in cartridges format as well. 

This is the first time I saw that you need to buy a clip also to keep the pen in the pocket so Kaweco promotes you to have more than one pen for your desk use and another one as your travel partner. 
Thanks to Write Gear for fulfilling my dream to own a Kaweco BRASS in South Africa at a great price. Their prices are really competitive and there is no discount etc that they offer so your pen value will remain the same and you won't feel betrayed in the long run. Also, their price is competitive with the international markets considering the economic impacts on the currency exchange rates happening in South Africa. They only run an annual sale where some discount is offered and I am sure whatever products are on sale will vanish in no time from the online and retail stores. 

I bought Kaweco Brass Sport for ZAR 1600 ($87) from the Write Gear shop and the shipping was free. Despite the holidays, I made the payment on  5-Apr and received the product on 11-Apr despite the Easter holidays (7-10Apr). Along with the pen, there was a hand-written card and a bar of chocolate to enjoy your first purchase. I really feel special about the handwritten note with one of the futuristic pens or inks to look forward to from the store. Thanks a lot Write Gear for the same. 

I really loved the fairness and the community they are bringing together that helps if you have any questions about any kind of stationery products before making the actual purchase as well. After so long, I found that there are people in the world who are as crazy as I am or even legendary craziness I want to achieve in terms of stationery items helping you in the group as a community. A QR code is shown in the video to join. I hope to see you there soon.

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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Monday 10 April 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 05 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

This is the last few days of January 2023 and then the new month will start. Time flies so fast and I definitely feel that your goals and resolutions are what make and bring you the purpose of your life. So no matter whether you are able to complete your resolutions or not, you should always make some or rather make a long list of resolutions. Then you will always remember that there are a lot of tasks that you can do or finish when you are free because sometimes your brain will put you into sleep mode where you have time, you are getting bored but nothing will come to your mind as a task to complete. This long list can be referred to during the times like those and you can cut some lines for sure and feel a sense of achievement. 

I still remember my boss, who used to have a single diary with tasks that he wants to do numbered starting from 1 onwards and will keep writing in the same one for the whole year or so. He will eventually check all those tasks regularly and cut off those that have been completed. I tried to follow his idea but I keep changing diaries and keep switching from analogue systems to digital systems to online systems and this interrupts my focus and capturing of the tasks. This system is a direct representation of the capture step of the GTD i.e. Getting things done book which I first read way back in 2005. Last year I listened to the same on Audible and this year I want to read the copy on the Kindle
New Year Resolutions - Week 05 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023
1. Entertainment - I think I took the liberty to watch as many movies and web series as possible in a short span of time. 
  • I watched Avatar - The Way of the Water documentary on Disney+. It's behind the scenes of the actual films. 
  • Cinema Marte Dum Tak I only watched the first episode and then left it there. Pending to date.
  • Watched the Pathaan movie in theatres with family and friends at Montecasino. Totally loved the big-screen fun along with popcorn and a cold drink. Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are at their best performance in the movie. 
  • I watched Vadh (Neena Gupta and Sanjay Mishra) and Plane (Gerald Butler and Mike Colter) movie in a single day. One-time watch if you have time or you can also neglect both movies as well. 
  • I started watching Kacis/Runaway S1 and I found this interesting. The story of coming out of the war zone has been showcased in a lot of movies and web series. You can watch this one if you have not seen anything else. 
2. Thank You - I completed the first month of Jan-23 to complete the 91500 mark. This week I started and completed 18000 more so the total count is now 109500. I have to feel grateful much more as I am not feeling it much this time. 

3. Launch Event - Samsung launched their S23 series of smartphones and I was lucky to be part of the launch event and watch the proceedings live from the international launch event and then see the actual products live in person. I totally loved the camera on S23 Ultra but I and Ultra are still so far from each other. I have not used the S21 or S22 Ultra as well. I also got my much-desired earphones Galaxy Buds2 Pro in the goodies bag which you can watch here. 
4. Life Lessons - I came across a quote the source of which is Naval Ravikant. You should definitely read his book which is available free of cost on the Internet. 

More Work is not equal to More Output. Work like a lion, not a cow! 

Working like a cow means here that you do the same monotonous activity day in and day out. Like in the industrial age, factory workers have to do the same tasks again and again. Whereas working like a Lion means that you focus on the task at hand in a burst of 2-3 hours whereas you rest for the other time. No one can focus on the 8 hours work day. So just like a lion attacks the springbok when it sees them, captures them and eats them and for the rest of the day, he just enjoys the surroundings. He says that software engineering is not going to write the same code again and again, he will always find some creative juices flowing to write a new line of code and the same is for the other creative streams as well. 

I have been following this principle but in a different way. I used to preserve energy rather than time so as to put all my efforts into the tasks assigned at whatever time of the day. For the rest of the time period, just enjoy the company of your colleagues or work on improving your workflow or automation your tasks. 

Thanks for your time, Aashish

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