Friday 27 February 2015

#MakeItHappen - 4 Apps to Work the Smart Way

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We live in a world that’s connected and on the go. More and more workplaces are encouraging their employees to work remotely or even work from home. Smartphones like the Lumia 535 keep you productive, even when you’re not at your desk and are value for money devices too. These Windows Phone productivity apps will help you #MakeitHappen on the move:

OneDrive (Free)
Every superhero has an Achilles heel and for workers on the move, it’s needing access to important documents. Thanks to OneDrive cloud storage, you have easy access to docs, images, folders and attachments, no matter from where you are working. You can also organise folders, share important files and pin folders to your start screen.
 Post It Wall Pro (R19.99)
Need to remember to buy milk on the way home? Pop a digital Post It note on to your phone and it’ll remind you. In fact, pop a Post It anywhere on your phone for an instant brain-bump when you need to remember something urgent!

OneNote (Free)
You’re only as good as the notes you take, and OneNote helps you be great! With OneNote you can keep track of your progress, thanks to the check boxes that are integrated into your to-do lists. You can also organise your notes in a way that makes it work for you by using photos, drawing onto your notebooks and customising the format of your notes. OneNote automatically synchronises with OneDrive so you can access your task list wherever you are and allows you to share your notebooks with colleagues, friends, and family for input or co-creation.

TeamViewer (Free)
Need to tap into a machine at the office but you’re miles away from the workstation? That’s why TeamViewer is so handy – it enables users to remotely control Windows, Mac and Linux computers. And now, you can log in via your phone! Great for providing IT support to staff or helping mom connect her printer, TeamViewer turns chores into easy tasks you can manage on the move. Best of all, it’s free.

Microsoft is going ahead with it's strategy to launch a lot of Windows phones in all price ranges and it's marketplace is growing as I write so keep invested in this mobile operating system also. Follow them on twitter  and facebook.


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Sunday 22 February 2015

Mercedes-Benz BOKEH Fashion Film Festival - Cape Town, South Africa

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The Fashion Film is the hottest new marketing genre pioneered by fashion icons such as Carl Lagerfeld, Bruce Webber and David Simms. It is fast gaining traction with top fashion houses, brand and sponsors as a way of exposing their brand and new ranges to a global audience while encouraging the viewer to engage with the DNA behind the fashion label.

Founder of Africa’s Bokeh Fashion Film Festival, Adrian Lazarus has made his initial dream a reality. His first festival which was held in Cape Town last year proved to be a resounding success resulting in international acclaim and a massive submission of new entrants eager to gain access to this dynamic showcasing platform. The audience connects with the film on an emotional level, giving personal relevance to the brand and deepening the level of engagement, and it is for this reason that Mercedes-Benz has again aligned itself with the event.

“Mercedes-Benz lays great importance on the support of local and international fashion platforms and the promotion of young designers. We support various initiatives in the fashion world and we are always looking forward to seeing the latest collections from all the exciting young and established designers showing at our Fashion Weeks. As our involvement with fashion is a central component of our lifestyle marketing activities, the Mercedes-Benz brand partnership with the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival plays an important role in highlighting our presence in the world of fashion and film. Fashion and automobiles are actually quite closely linked and design and image are pivotal to the success of both automobile and fashion brands.  Our customers are highly fashionable and their automobiles are an extension of their lifestyle,” says Selvin Govender, Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Cars.

As the creative hub of sub Saharan Africa, Cape Town is the perfect city to host Africa's Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival. The city is already a top destination for fashion shoots and a prime location for international film crews with a wealth of local talent in both the fashion and film industries. This event provides the opportunity to align these two thriving industries in the city.

Lazarus comments, “We have now created an annual event that holds its own on the international fashion film festival calendar alongside the La Jolla, Madrid, Miami, San Francisco and Berlin Fashion Film Festivals. The festivals provide a platform for both local and international up and coming talent to showcase their films on the same stage as established international brands like Chanel, Prada, Dior, Gucci, Yves St Laurent and Givenchy who have all embraced the genre and have had tremendous success with their films going viral on the internet. We have been inviting International and local film submissions and look forward to what can only be yet again an incredible platform to showcase these focused masterpieces. Films need to be edited to between 1 and 15 minutes and span the themes of fashion, beauty, chic brands and products, lifestyle and current trends.”

An international panel of experts from both the fashion and film industries will judge the submissions; these judges comprise film directors, fashion magazine editors, designers, stylists, fashion bloggers, brand managers and art directors. They will each bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from their respective fields, ensuring all the stringent criteria are met in the judging process. The winning films in each category will then be showcased over the two Red Carpet ”Oscar Style” screenings on 27th  and 28th  March.

A pop-up retail space, this year offers the fashionistas the opportunity to purchase garments as well as meet the local and International designers personally. “Fashions films create a narrative that captures the ethos of the brands identity.” Bryan Ramkilawan: CEO Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC). The CTFC Designer Pop-Up, which will be located in the library of the 15 on Orange Hotel, will be open from 12h00 – 17h00 and 18h00 – 20h00 on both the 27th and 28th of March.

This year the thriving festival will be held at the trendy 5 star African Pride Hotel – 15 on Orange Hotel in the heart of the Cape Town CBD. 15 on Orange is renowned for being home to international business travelers, film industry moguls and international models, with Group Marketing Manager Nicholas Barenblatt commenting, “African Pride is an urban lifestyle brand which engages with a target market ranging from millennial’s to ‘forever young’ baby boomers.  The brand has always been known for its experiential, energetic brand experience which is expressed through the service culture that the staff deliver, the food and beverage concepts, the creativity of the physical design and the social happenings that occur within the hotel spaces.  We therefore have an appreciation for the elements such as Fashion, Film, Creativity, Lifestyle and Social happenings which is expressed and celebrated by the Fashion Film Festival; hence this having good alignment with our brand.”   

“With Hisense cutting edge technology and fashionability, Bokeh Fashion Film Festival was the perfect visual platform to collaborate with. Especially with our ultra-high definition TV’s and tablets that enable 4k playback, it made perfect sense to align ourselves with this collection showcase, where fashion meets film.”
Hisense Brand Manager: Ryan Curling.

Other prestigious, high-end sponsors include global fashion news leaders – Fashion-One TV, MAC cosmetics, GHD Hair Care, Sunglass Hut and premium drinks brand - RGBC. Craig Dore’ Marketing Director RGBC comments, ”There is good synergy and alignment between the progressive art of Bokeh films and our really great brand portfolio of premium and deluxe spirits. We strive to be innovative with our marketing to ensure our brands remain relevant with consumers but we also need to engage them in non-traditional marketing channels, like at Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival”.

This festival will have a positive and far-reaching legacy. It will once again be a spectacular showcase for the South African fashion and film industries, exposing both to an international market, putting them front and center on the world stage of this emerging genre. Local and international up and coming filmmakers will receive tremendous exposure both in traditional media and on social media platforms as the hype around the festival gains digital traction. For more information on the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival go to:

Awards: The highlight of the three-day festival will be the “Oscar Style” Award ceremony. Of all the films submitted five will be nominated in each category. The categories being:
Best Hair + Make Up
Best Fashion
Best Cinematography – this year sponsored by Sunglass Hut
Best Music
Best Art Direction
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Picture
Mercedes-Benz Star Award - Mercedes Benz, will be hosting their own special category, with details being announced on our website in the upcoming days. The winner of this category receives a cash award of US$10 000-00 from Mercedes-Benz. Selected VIP guests and celebrities have been dressed by Jenni Button and Hilton Weiner of The Platinum Group for the red carpet event.

Looking forward to the event whenever it happens in Johannesburg as launch event happened in Cape Town and I was not a part of the same. 

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Tuesday 17 February 2015

Indiblogger & IDBI Federal - Befikar Life Forever!

Hi Guys,

It's true that we all want to do a lot of things but family responsibilities make us take another path to keep both ends meet. I too am tied up in a lot of responsibilities from time to time which always took an alternate turn which I never wanted in my life. But if someone gives me a choice to do some things without considering about any of the financial liabilities then I definitely can enjoy my life a lot. #BefikarUmarBhar

The top 5 items in my bucket list are

  1. Work in London – My first onsite trip from job was London, UK and I really loved the city and the country. I didn’t want to come back but family wanted me to return and I had to sacrifice my onsite trip in 14 months time. I really want to go back and see the remaining cities I have not seen in UK and also see Europe from there. London has everything a city can offer; you have Indian touch as well as International feeling. It has a lot of cultural heritage as well as great night life.
  2. Full time Blogger & Photographer – If there is no financial liability on me and all my home loan debt is paid off, I would definitely want to focus on my blog and writings. I will build on my dream to become a fashion photographer by becoming an assistant to the top one of the country and learn from them. I can then follow my passion to click those moments which takes your breathe away.
  3. Review latest tech gadgets – I would love to attend events organized world over to launch new technology products and gadgets. I would love to go to all the new product launches and meet a lot of technology geniuses around the world. It will be so awesome to be present in front of CEO’s of top companies as they announce their latest gadgets. Imagining a life of going to all the launches of mobiles, tablets, TV, Cameras and much more stuff.
  4. Vacations on beaches & 7 wonders of the world – I would love to spend every summer from now onwards in one of the best beaches of the world. That ways I will be able to enjoy all the beaches while my body picks up tanning. I would love to see all the 7 Wonders of the World. Seven wonders always attract a lot of people around the world and that’s where I want to start from for all those selfies moments.
  5. Tennis – I love watching Lawn Tennis and would love to see once in a life, all the championships like French Open, US Open, Wimbledon and others than happens every year. I would love to see the Finals in all those matches. I would love to meet Roger Federer in person as I adore him. It won’t be bad at all to see Maria Sharapova live in action. I remember watching Mahesh Bhupati live in action (semi-final mixed doubles match) in Wimbledon way back in 2011 but couldn’t get the tickets to the final day of the event.
Some of the stuff is easy to do but then we can’t do because our focus is required in some other area as well. As when we were kids, our whole focus was on play and while we become teenagers, the whole focus went to studies and clearing entrance exams. While we were doing our engineering, the focus was on learning and getting a job after that. Once we join the job, the whole focus was to pay education loan and learn the new skills required for the job description. Once you are married, then unlimited responsibilities ties you down and you need to focus more on making money all the time to meet your ever increasing expenditures. This is a vicious circle of life which we need to live but in-between we shall take some time off to complete our bucket list and keep adding new stuff to the same.

Check out more information at  -
The picture is taken from the contest page at -

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Thursday 12 February 2015

Windows Phone - Valentine's Apps for #Lumia

Hi Guys, 
Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love and what better way to make the day memorable that capturing those special moments. The Windows Phone store has great apps to help you take a perfect selfie for your significant other, plan an amazingly romantic and fun-filled day with your sweetie and capture the moment with the perfect “us-ie”, or get that unique and special Valentine’s Day gift idea. 
Below are some of Windows apps that will help you create that special moment:

(Free) Capture a photo of you and your Valentine using Lumia Selfie—the perfect app for snapping a self-portrait using the front or main camera on your Lumia. You can even use the Treasure Tag accessory as a remote shutter. Once you’re done, use the app to fine-tune your image and apply high-quality effects.

(Free) Don’t let Valentine’s Day slip by without showing you care—use the Valentine app to countdown the days, get romantic ideas, and see gift suggestions

(Free) Zomato is your best option to search for and discover great places to eat. It's a beautifully designed, easy-to-use social restaurant finder app that lets you explore all the dining options in your city. Browse through updated menus, pictures, and user reviews to decide where you want to eat, and use the map feature to guide you there. Build a trusted network of friends and discover great new restaurants through them. Show off your own food journey with reviews, stunning filtered pictures, and check-ins at restaurants.

(Free) To make sure you don’t run out of fuel halfway through the night, use the BigOven app to search over 300,000+ recipes for the perfect snack options.

(Free) Who needs a romantic getaway for two when you can plan a fun trip with friends? If you are single this Valentine’s Day make plans and get together with your friends and celebrate love and friendship. Being single doesn’t mean you have to be lonely on this special day. Windows Phone Store has some fun apps that will give you ideas on how to plan a fun “anti-Valentine’s Day” get together with your pals, explore a new city with friends or even book a hotel last minute with Hotel Tonight. Use the Hotel Tonight app for a last minute stay and great prices on hand-selected, top-rated hotels.

(Free) Customize and share images of your Valentine’s bash via Instagram, a simple way to capture and share moments on your Windows Phone.

(Free) And if you would like to try and find love this Valentine’s Day, try this Tinder app. 6tin is the way everyone is meeting new people. Swipe left or right, see Moments, etc. 6tin will find out who likes you nearby and connect you with them if you're also interested.

Now with the Windows Phone branded Lumia (starting with Lumia 535), you can do even much more and I hope Windows will be able to provide great after sales service on it's branded accessories. I still have to receive the review device and blog about the same.


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Wednesday 11 February 2015

#MissionSamsung - My Love Affair with #GalaxyNote4 @SamsungSA

Hi Guys,

Sometimes in your life you come across something which completely changes your perception and perspective to live and enjoy life. I was introduced to the #MissionSamsung program which truly brought out my competitive spirit which I thought was lost somewhere in the vicious circle of day to day living.

We live to enjoy our lives and to follow our bliss but then there is something which makes it easy for you to do so. I am inclined towards capturing the moments and whenever I find something unique, I take the picture of it. I do write a lot and think about all the ideas that I can implement on my blog and sometimes I can’t find my diary/pen near me and the idea is lost forever. These days concentration is a scarce commodity and it requires great effort to produce something of quality and within timelines.

I was chosen for the #MissionSamsung Challenge5 to check what I love the most about Samsung Galaxy Note4 and to review it after using it for a week. After having the device for a week, I can surely say in Bollywood dialogue of “Dirty Picture” that Galaxy Note 4 is full of Entertainment, Entertainment and even more Entertainment. What I mean by that and why I am saying so will be the agenda of this post.

Entertaining The Unique Way – We all have mobile phone with smartphones capabilities but Note4 is different. It’s the phablet, a category invented and started by Samsung way back in 2011. Since that time I always desired to have one and as years passed by Samsung continued to notch up the performance & capabilities of these phablets to reach till Galaxy Note 4 which has Octa Core (1.9GHz Quad Core + 1.3GHz Quad Core) processor along with 3GB RAM and branded accessories.

Galaxy Note4 is an niche product in terms of it's build quality and really has some great features which differentiates it from other smartphones. Considering the average consumer, what are the things he wants from the basic phone are voice calling, SMS, messaging apps, video calling and long battery life?
Galaxy Note4 not only has 3220mAh battery to support all its features but also have adaptive fast charger which can really charge your device in less than 100 minutes from zero battery to 100% full. 50% of battery can be charged in nearly half an hour. With load shedding in South Africa, you only get to entertain yourself by either walking in the park or by chatting with your friends or family. But these things are not accessible all the time and we switch to our favorite devices in our pockets and try to be active on social media or finish off some pending posts or office emails.

The Power saving mode converts the phone to Grayscale, a feature which gives you complete functionality but saves a lot of battery drain. The Ultra-Power saving mode gives you access to 6 applications and can go for more than 10 days in standby mode in full battery. The best part is the removable battery so in case you are travelling then can buy another one to keep you going.

Also the memory can be expanded using the microSD card up to 128GB. This can be used to compare between buying a device with built in memory of 128GB as it costs fortune whereas memory cards are cheap and replaceable making Galaxy Note4 a value for money gadget.

S Health with Cigna keeps track of your lifestyle and stress levels. It gives you regular notifications to walk after every one hour of inactivity. Also it can measure your heart beat by using camera flash. This application has a galaxy of its own to keep you in shape and good health.

Entertaining The Work Way - S Pen has been the competitive edge Samsung always had in this category of phablets and now with 2048 pressure sensitivity level, SPen works even more smoother and as close to as our hands can write and do stuff. S Pen works completely as a PC mouse giving a lot more functionality that was not thought of earlier on the smartphones.

I loved every aspect of working with SPen, I shifted from taking my diary for office meeting to taking Note 4 and open the SNote App, make notes and then send the minutes of meetings instantly after the meeting using the exchange server email. Even my bad handwriting looks awesome with S Pen’s Calligraphic font. This is also my personal initiative to save paper as I can’t grow trees myself and it will take ages to grow big, so this is the easiest option I can think of other than reducing carbon footprint by not taking printouts and using mobile e-tickets as passes to concerts, movies and even Table Mountain etc. Photo Note is converting your photo into analogue text and then can add further memos to it using SPen. Pen.Up is an app which can give you motivation of how S Pen can be used creatively and how people around the world are using the same for? I loved this app and felt inspired to see all the drawings created by the talented individuals.

Note 4 have useful and unique multitasking features where you can continuously work on several apps and switch from one to another or can divide the screen between them. This is what Personal computers used to do for us but Note4 has this amazing capability to play video’s while you reply to your emails etc. or got a call and need to note down some message or number its always easy with Galaxy Note4.

Entertaining The Play way – Galaxy Note4 is your best friend when it comes to enriching your life via music or movies. With its 5.7inch AMOLED HD screen having 551ppi giving you picture clarity even better than your large screens HD TV’s. I love watching all my TV series and Youtube videos on my smartphone and wow! When I watched the videos on Note4, I was astonished and tried to finish all my planned content within a span of 7 days while the device is still with me.
The sound is loud and clear and you can play around with the Sound Alive equalizers built in the Note 4 to get your desired sound settings. The device also has 3 mics for directional video recordings along with normal Voice recorder which can do voice memo, interviews and meeting modes to give you edge to refer back to conversations held previously. The best thing is you can use the Sound detector feature of the phone for baby crying and doorbell ring so that you don’t miss your responsibilities while enjoying music at home. You also have option to convert music to mono audio if using a single earphone. Galaxy Note 4 have built-in infrared remote to take control of your other electronic appliances with remote.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rear Camera has 16MP AF OIS which takes extremely great photographs. I found that I no longer need to carry my DSLR and loved the #macro #lowlight snaps in Galaxy Note4. Front camera is 3.7MP with wide selfie mode which can cover 120 degrees of view as compared to normal selfie mode of 90 degrees. Also it can click using the voice commands – Say “Cheese” and counter starts from 3 to click your snaps. Check out more photographs that I clicked on twitter and Instagram for #missionSamsung. Gallery has a feature where it sorts all the photographs clicked or saved from social media to be filtered in terms of People, scenery, documents, food, pets etc. Videos can be shot in full HD quality and the screen shows you how much memory has been taken up by the video at any particular second of recording. This feature enables you to decide which video setting to use in a typical situation of memory running out.
Overall, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is something that will come into your world and then you won’t ever want it to leave your small Galaxy of home and office. For me what stands out is the great 16MP AF OIS camera, fast charging with replaceable battery, wide selfie from front 3.7MP camera, 5.7inch AMOLED HD display and above all S-Pen. Oh man! The device has thousands of hidden features in its android environment (upgradable to Lollipop) which makes this phone productive as well as efficient for which I will need to keep exploring further and write a book to explain all of them in detail.
SPen or Pen - Choice is yours!!!

For me the choice is even simpler, if I win this phone in #MissionSamsung challenge 5, I will stop myself from venturing into any other product or brand as Galaxy Note4 gives me whatever my heart desires and I feel fully Complete and One with it. Thanks to Samsung for making such a niche and awesome gadget and by giving me an opportunity to blog about the same. As the picture says, “A true Love Story never ends…” hoping that mines is one too as I celebrate my 7th Marriage anniversary today and have a seven year itch to fall in love once again with Galaxy Note 4.
Till that time...Cheers!!!

Note- All pictures and screenshots are clicked by me using #GalaxyNote4 camera & when it's in pictures then taken using DSLR camera! This post is a part of Penultimate Challenge for #MissionSamsung bloggers contest!

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Monday 9 February 2015

@ZEEWORLD Launches @DSTV Channel #166 - Indian TV meets SA

Hi Guys,

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam – the world is my family. 
This philosophy is the driving force behind Indian-based content giant Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). Their new channel, known as ZEE WORLD, has launched on DStv (channel 166) on 3 February and will offer a range of scintillating shows, which will grow in variety by the end of 2015. I have been a fan of ZEE TV since it's launch in 1992 in India. I have loved every new program they have launched since that  time.
You’ll be thrilled by nail-biting reality TV, cry your way through bittersweet Bollywood dramas, leap out of your seat with adrenaline-fueled action and even catch a quick nap while the kids watch their favourite shows. And that’s just the beginning. Kicking off the ZEE WORLD launch will be three award-winning series: Saloni, Laali, Married Again, The Promise as well as a myriad of blockbuster Bollywood movies. Bollywood needs no introduction as I have met many Non-Indian people who have seen 3 Idiots and many other movies multiple times. They are big fans of Sharukh/Salman and Aamir Khan. They all loved dance of Hrithik Roshan & charmed by the beauty of Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Katrina Kaif.
ZEEL Chairman, Subhash Chandra’s message is: “We want you to become a part of our growing family” - his aim is to bring authentic and entertaining content to the world stage. And that’s not an exaggeration - ZEEL’s 33 channels reach more than 730 million viewers across 169 countries.
ZEE WORLD’s content is for everyone, a sentiment echoed by MultiChoice’s GM for Content Aletta Alberts: “Content from around the world is increasingly becoming more accessible to African audiences. Critically acclaimed Bollywood content and its stars such as Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwariya Rai is mainstream. In light of this, ZEE WORLD was specifically developed for African family audiences. Extensive research has been conducted on every aspect of the channel; from the look and feel to the content mix as well as the English dubbing. Zee World will be a compelling addition to the DStv family.”
To make the shows even more accessible, they’ve all been dubbed into English using our very own South African talent. ZEE WORLD is available in South Africa to DStv Premium, Extra, Compact and Family customers. The launch event was awesome and here are some of the pictures taken by me using #MissionSamsung #NX300 camera. Launch in every way was a grand party with Bollywood meet South Africa style with #notimeforordinary. Thanks a lot for the invite. Looking forward to more launches from @DSTV
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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Product Launch - Microsoft Lumia 535 - Let's #MakeItHappen

Hi Guys,

Microsoft SA announced the availability of the Lumia 535 single and dual SIM in South Africa on 3rd Feb 2015, available from R1699 on prepaid, and on contract offers starting from R149 per month. Lumia 535 single and dual SIM features five free, integrated Microsoft experiences, a spacious 5-inch display and a 5 MP front facing camera - all for an affordable price – the Lumia 535 helps people do more of what they want, for less.

1. Make memorable Skype video calls and seamlessly switch between voice and video with built-in Skype integration.

2. Access, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and OneNote notebooks wherever you are, with the pre-installed Office suite.

3. Save and sync photos, videos and Office documents securely with 15GB of free OneDrive cloud storage.

Connect with work and personal e-mail while on the go, with Microsoft Outlook built-in.

4. Showcase photos and videos or get even more productive with Office on the large, 5-inch qHD display.

Fit more memorable backgrounds or add more friends into Skype video calls and selfies with the 5 MP wide angle front facing camera.

5. Never miss a call or text, and be reachable on both SIM cards at any time with Smart Dual SIM for maximum flexibility.

“Many people, especially the younger tech-involved audiences, aspire to own the latest flagship smartphone, but often don’t have the means,” said Patrick Henchie, Head of product, Microsoft Mobile Devices, Sub-Sahara Africa.  “With access to the best services right out of the box, including the Windows Phone 8.1 update, Lumia Denim, Lumia 535 helps people do more of what they want, for less.”

The Lumia 535 is available now, in black and white colors.

Lumia 535 Specifications -

Operating system - Windows Phone 8.1 with Lumia Denim 1905

HERE location services - Free global HERE Maps and HERE Drive + Free HERE Transit available in the Store

Display - 5” qHD 960 x 540 screen Sunlight Readability

Battery  - 1905 mAh battery

Processor  - 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor

Main camera - 5 MP AF, Lumia Camera, LED flash

Front facing camera - 5 MP wide-angle Fix focus FWVGA  864*480  for video recording  & video playing

Memory  - 8GB + 15GB free OneDrive, micro SD up to 128GB

The phone has all the Microsoft branding on the shell, on the battery, on the front glass screen and on the body of the phone behind the battery. The phone is light weight and looks fabulous with its big display. The phone is also launching it's own #MAKEITHAPPEN campaign where buyers can pledge for anything they want within the short span of three months and then Microsoft will try to help you do the same. For me I will prepare for Half-Marathon within the next three months #makeithappen @MicrosoftSA

The #Selfie app is still not inverting the picture automatically so the words written, if any are still mirror imaged. I hope its me that is taking the wrong selfies but will try and test if Microsoft sends me review devices soon!


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Tuesday 3 February 2015

NutriBullet helps you Implement your Resolutions

Hi Guys,

January is already over and so is the holiday season. It’s a complete full three months of work before you can look out for Easter eggs. You’ve set out your New Year’s resolutions earlier before the start of the year; you’ve made your plans – now you need to implement them. Look no further than the revolutionary new NutriBullet, which is taking nutrition to a whole new level and helping people world-wide commit to healthy living. With over 14 million units sold globally, the NutriBullet is the must-have superfood nutrition extractor that’s super-easy to use and super-easy to clean. But best of all, unlike ordinary juicers and blenders that trap all the beneficial fruit and veggie fibre in their blades, the NutriBullet liquifies everything – meaning your NutriBlast superdrink is packed with nutrients.
There are no complicated recipes to follow – the basis of the NutriBlast smoothie is ½ greens, ½ fruits and 2-4 tablespoons of ‘booster food’ such as nuts or seeds. You can switch and swap ingredients, depending on the results you want from your NutriBlast – whether it’s a good night’s sleep, lower cholesterol, an energy boost, a youthful blast, or stronger bones.
This legendary gadget is not just a tool that saves you time in the kitchen when preparing nutritious meals. As we get older, we don’t chew our food well enough to derive all the benefits. We also have fewer digestive enzymes, meaning we aren’t getting the best from our food – even if we are eating healthily.

With the NutriBullet, you can make super-smoothies that pulverise all the most beneficial parts of your favourite fruits and vegetables, without making your digestive system work too hard to absorb all the goodness. If your goal is to follow a healthy, balanced diet this year, make sure to include a daily NutriBlast in your eating plan.

Here are a few favourite recipes to get you started:

The Beauty Blast
Reclaim your youthful glow with this delicious blend.
·         2 handfuls swiss chard
·         ½ cup pineapple
·         ½ cup strawberries
·         1 tbs goji berries
·         12 cashews
Fill to the max line with spring water.
Extract and enjoy!!


The Skinny Blast

Looking to shed some weight?  Try this tasty treat for breakfast-on-the-go!
·         2 handfuls spinach
·         1 banana
·         1/8 cup pumpkin seeds
·         1 orange (peeled)
·         1 carrot
·         1-2 tbsp hemp seeds
Fill to the max line with water or almond milk.
Extract and enjoy!!

Cholesterol Crusher Blast

Reduce cholesterol the natural way with this tasty concoction!
·         2 handfuls kale
·         1 cup blueberries
·         ½ banana
·         1/3 cup cooked oatmeal
·         10 almonds
·         2 tbs raw cacao
Fill to the max line with spring or coconut water.
Extract and enjoy!!

For more innovative recipes visit

Maximise your health by purchasing your NutriBullet online for R1995 incl. vat and free delivery to your door at or call 0861 777 997. Join their growing interactive Facebook community for weekly special offers, recipes, competitions, promotions and special offers here:
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Enjoy your resolutions and make it a passion to do so daily! 

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