Friday 18 April 2014

Product Review - Sony Ericsson MW600

Hi Guys,

I always have been in love with the headphones and earphones and when it has the bluetooth technology built into the same, that's like icing on the cake. I have been looking for the perfect bluetooth device which can connect with my Nexus One and gives me the functionality to add my own pair of Sennheiser earphones to the device. Also, I wanted to have the functionality to change songs without taking my mobile phone out from my pocket or bag. These all features I was able to find in a device known as Sony Ericcson MW 600 which I ordered from Amazon

Sony Ericcson MW600 has also built in FM radio into the device. FM radio is a cool feature by which you don't need your mobile also when mobile battery is running low to listen to songs, news etc. It will keep you connected to the world on the go. It's a device full on features.
MW 600 comes with buttons to control play, pause, forward and rewind on one side of the panel.
The other side of the panel has a touch slider kind to control the volume up and down. The same will be shown on the display while you glide your finder on the button. Really cool feature.

The clip on the back helps the device stay on to your shirt or jacket.
The microphone is also built in for voice calling on the front panel of the device. Also the front panel shows the songs being played if you are using any of the Apple devices. There is a phone button to answer the call or disconnect the call. The device is really easy to setup with your phone. The device can be attached to two different mobiles, one laptop in one go. With built in rechargeable battery, it goes on for a long time.
The HPM-78 earphones that comes along with the device are good noise isolation earbuds. They produce nice sound quality and can be used to enjoy music as well as for voice calling.

Also with MW600, I can turn any normal speakers into bluetooth speakers controlling them from my mobile phone from far. This is one of the device which really offers so much in it's price.

I really loved my purchase and really looking forward to upgrade to the Sony Smartwatches soon. If Sony Mobiles wants to sponsor, I will be more than happy to receive the same and blog about it on Follow them on twitter at Sony Xperia ; Sony Mobile News ; and on Facebook

Looking forward to the time when companies will be wanting to send me the products on their own to review on soon it will happen...I see it coming!!! :-)

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