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MOYA is back with New Acts! New Original Music! New Members – Same MOYA Magic! #ZipZapCircus

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Circus enthusiasts! Brace yourself!

The circus is coming back to town after a successful tour of Europe earlier this year.

Over the course of 90 shows in 13 cities, Zip Zap Circus performed to over 350,000 people during their tour of France and Switzerland at the beginning of 2023, showcasing their Proudly South African talent to the world.

With the wind in their sails from this life-changing opportunity, they return to the Teatro at Montecasino to share MOYA with Johannesburg audiences from 31 August – 10 September 2023, in response to the incredible demand for their return, following their successful 2022 season.

The circus spectacular, MOYA – which means Spirit – encapsulates not only the spirit of Zip Zap’s proudly South African roots but also tells the story of this non-profit organization which had opened its doors to thousands of South African youths completely free of charge over the last 31 years. The show tells the story of how a sense of belonging can change the narrative of the youth of this country.

This revamp run of the mesmerizing MOYA will be a foot-stomping, heart-warming event, an infusion of heart-pounding performances that will leave you on the edge of your seat and ideal for the whole family. Prepare to be amazed by a flawless display of aerial skills, a masterclass in juggling as well as a thrilling acrobatic wheel routine and so much more.

Prepare to be transported into a world of wonder and excitement as MOYA takes you on a thrilling journey like no other.

At the centre of the tale of MOYA, we find Trompie (Jacobus Claassen) whose own story reflects the transformative power of circus.
MOYA is back with New Acts! New Original Music! New Members – Same MOYA Magic!
Jacobus’ Story
Things were tough at home – money was scarce and domestic violence pervasive – so around the age of 10, Jacobus decided to rather live on the streets. Handouts dried up as he grew older and he started using drugs as an escape. A chance meeting with a good Samaritan led him to a shelter in Salt River. He was able to go to school and sleep with a roof over his head for the first time in years. At the shelter, children were given the opportunity to be part of Zip Zap’s 2nd Chance programme, which helped vulnerable youngsters develop their talents.

‘Trompie’ as he’s affectionately known, chose the circus and he’s never looked back. He completed his schooling in 2011 and after progressing through Zip Zap’s youth and outreach programmes he became a full-time performer.

He now uses his craft to share his story on stage.

Trompie has flourished as a performer and excelled at circus disciplines. He’s performed around the world and was also the main character in the Canadian documentary ‘First Man’ for 5 months. He performs unicycle, juggling, hand-to-hand, and Cyr wheel, and is a talented acrobat. His sense of fun, comedy and quirky character makes him an endearing audience favourite!

“You make your own choices in life. You can choose to stay on the streets forever or you can decide to step out of that life.” – Claassen

Enjoy a sneak preview from rehearsals last week (19 July) at the Zip Zap Dome: CLICK HERE

MOYA’s New Music
Since MOYA was last in town, the show has been infused with new life, new acts and completely new music. Zip Zap engaged the rhythmic talents of Josh Hawk, former bass player for Freshlyground, to produce a soundtrack that amplifies the vibe and vivacity of MOYA.

Hawk partnered with local musicians and voices, including Freshlyground’s Zolani Mahola as well as Zip Zap performer, Jason Barnard. Barnard not only recorded with Hawk but performs some of his self-written lyrics live during the show. His lyrics tell a story of struggle, hope and eventually joy.

To get a taste of the show, please watch the MOYA trailer here.

MOYA is also welcoming a stellar line-up of new cast members:

🎭 Akho Narwele joined Zip Zap in 2016 after being introduced to circus at the DCAS (Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport) afterschool programme. Akho was part of the cast of Rhapsodie that toured France and Switzerland in 2022-2023. He is currently completing Zip Zap’s vocational programme, Dare2Dream (D2D). Akho's acts in MOYA include Club Juggling and Group Acro. "Being part of the MOYA cast is helping me achieve my goal of becoming a professional circus artist," says Akho.

🎭 Masizakhe Kovi: A passionate handstand artist, Masizakhe fell in love with circus when he joined Zip Zap's Ibhongolwethu programme in Khayelitsha in 2015. He is currently completing Zip Zap’s vocational programme, Dare2Dream. He's now mastering Contortion, Handstand, and Acrobatics for MOYA. Masizakhe shares, "It feels amazing to work with professional circus artists and learn from them."

🎭 Silumko Ndulula: Having started his Zip Zap journey in 2009 at the Ibhongolwethu programme in Khayelitsha, Silumko progressed to Simunye programme in 2014, and Dare2Dream (D2D) vocational programme in 2018. Silumko is a seasoned performer known for his versatility. His acts in the show include Diabolo, Group Acro, and Dance. Silumko is thrilled to be part of a professional production, stating, "I now have more time to practice my specialties."

These incredible newcomers join the existing MOYA cast members, who recently wowed audiences during their successful tour of France and Switzerland with Zip Zap's production, Rhapsodie.

Let's reintroduce you to the fantastic talents gracing the stage:

🌟 Bridgette Berning: An accomplished aerial performer, Bridgette discovered circus at Sisonke, an after-school circus programme created by a Zip Zap alumnus in Stellenbosch. Watch her soar through the air with her trapeze and silk acts.

🌟 Jason Barnard: This multi-disciplinary performer brings a compelling stage presence like no other. He joined Zip Zap when he was just 8 years old, for an initial 4 years, and returned when he was 19. As one of South Africa's premier jugglers, Jason astounds with the only gravity-juggling act in the country. Don't miss his poetic rap and performances as Porter, Bounce Juggler, Acrobat, and Dancer.

🌟 Luqmaan Benjamin had big dreams of becoming a football player but lost interest when he discovered acrobatics and tricking at the age of 17. In 2020 he discovered Zip Zap Circus during a flash mob performance in Cape Town City Centre, and joined its vocational programme, Dare2Dream. In MOYA he performs as an Acrobat, Porter, and Dancer.

🌟 Matthew Risk has been part of Zip Zap Circus since 2012. After he matriculated in 2020, he joined Zip Zap’s vocational programme, Dare2Dream. Having a love for music, he is also a music producer and often makes instrumental tracks for musicians to rap/sing over. His acts in MOYA include Unicycle, Acrobat, Porter, and Dance.

🌟 Phelelani Ndakrokra, also known as ‘Ree’, joined Zip Zap in 2010. Ree has remarkable physicality which he blends artfully with intense creative expression. He won Best Performer at the International Circus Awards 2021 for his performance in MOYA, An Acrobatic Art Film. He provides a captivating display of his craft on the ground with his Cyr Wheel and in the air with Straps. His other skills in the show include Acrobatics and Dance.

🌟 Vuyani Lottering has been part of the Zip Zap family since 2015. He graduated from Zip Zap’s vocational programme, Dare2Dream last year after receiving the Zip Zap Student of the Year award in 2019. He is a polished, dedicated, and talented performer you will see in MOYA as a Ball Juggler, Acrobat, Porter, and Dancer.

MOYA runs for 1h20 with no interval and is appropriate for all ages from 3 years, with ticket prices ranging from R200 – R300. Bookings are via Quicket

The Teatro at Montecasino, Johannesburg: 31 August – 10 September 2023
  • Thursday, 31 August 19h30
  • Friday, 1 September 19h30
  • Saturday, 2 September 15h00 and 19h30
  • Sunday, 3 September 14h00
  • Thursday, 7 September 19h30
  • Friday, 8 September 19h30
  • Saturday, 9 September 15h00 and 19h30
  • Sunday, 3 10 September 14h00
For corporate and group bookings please contact Liz at

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Friday, 25 August 2023

Samsung Partners with Designer Thebe Magugu to Flip the Script on Consumer Experiences #GalaxyFlipTown

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Samsung has partnered with South African fashion design extraordinaire Thebe Magugu, to bring consumers a one-of-a-kind experience at Galaxy Fliptown from 18 to 30 August 2023, at The Zone in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Samsung created this platform to allow both its existing and future consumers to get close to and experience the true essence of the brand.

With Galaxy Fliptown, Samsung is flipping the script on how its consumers engage with its products and creating a stage where they can live it up, express themselves, and bring out all their amazing different sides from any angle they choose. Fliptown offers consumers an opportunity to join the flipside at a unique pop-up zone where they can express themselves like never before with the latest Samsung foldable phone sensation, the Galaxy Z Flip5. The platform is billed to give consumers an awesome platform where they can play, create unique shareable content, win fantastic prizes with Samsung, and explore digital fashion, through collaboration with Magugu.
Samsung Partners with Designer Thebe Magugu to Flip the Script on Consumer Experiences #GalaxyFlipTown
Joining the flipside at Fliptown unfolds a new world of self-expression and customisation. Visitors to Fliptown will enjoy a unique experience as they capture their journey with the new Galaxy Z Flip5. The experience begins with getting styled by make-up artists that will interpret your Fliptown look with Y2K designs and colours. Guests will also get a chance to do their nails like never before with the revolutionary Fliptown nail printer that will let them add their selfies on their fingernails, all in line with the essence of customisation and self-expression, and the Z Flip5 helping them along.
“The Galaxy Z Flip5 is a beautifully crafted device, with a combination of craftsmanship and playfulness that I really admire. Quality and novelty are two of my passions, and the sleek, multifaceted look that I always strive for has much in common with the Z Flip5. My work is multidimensional - which could be said for the Galaxy Z Flip 5; which finds its expression in so many ways. I Have designed two outfits that are a fresh take on Y2K, finding an intersection between the now and then. We will be launching these outfits in a novel way, to be revealed soon,” said Magugu.

The journey on the flipside shows visitors the revolutionary edge of fashion through a dynamic interface featuring Thebe Magugu’s innovative designs. Guests will be able to explore their fun ‘flip side' by taking a walk on the Fliptown catwalk, and showing off in multi-angle dynamic shots only possible with a foldable phone. Furthermore, and as can be expected, Fliptown will come with lots of awesome prizes to win including a Thebe Magugu-designed outfit, tailored especially for the winner.
Samsung Partners with Designer Thebe Magugu to Flip the Script on Consumer Experiences #GalaxyFlipTown
The final stop in the whole Fliptown experience will be nothing but a sweet delight. This is a Y2K ice-cream doughnut station sprinkled with awesome taste bud-tingling toppings to sweeten the entire consumer experience.

“As a brand, we are at the forefront of design and Thebe Magugu is one person who lives on the flipside. It’s a marriage made in collaborative heaven. The Galaxy Z Flip5 is the ultimate tool for self-expression, Fliptown is about the behaviour of individuals who aren’t afraid to not conform and have the confidence to express their true, authentic selves. From both device and experience perspectives, Thebe Magugu is a great fit. The stage is set and all that’s left is for our consumers to flip their smartphone experience with Thebe’s exquisite designs and the Galaxy Z Flip5,” said Kgomotso Mosiane, Head of Marketing for Mobile eXperience at Samsung.
Samsung Partners with Designer Thebe Magugu to Flip the Script on Consumer Experiences #GalaxyFlipTown
Entrance at Galaxy Fliptown is free.

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Top 6 Innovative Features of High-End Luxury Electric Vehicles @AudiSouthAfrica #EV

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The automotive industry is currently experiencing a remarkable transformation with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs). Last year alone, electric car sales exceeded 10 million, up 55% from global sales in 2021. This shift towards sustainability is not just a win for the environment but also a testament to the advancements in automotive technology. High-end luxury electric vehicles are at the forefront of this revolution, integrating cutting-edge features that not only redefine driving but also contribute to a greener future.

Below, are six of the most innovative features that set these vehicles apart:

1. Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS): Paving the Road to Autonomy
Luxury EVs are equipped with sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which have already begun to revolutionise the driving experience. These systems offer varying levels of automation, enhancing convenience and safety on the road. From adaptive cruise control that recognises and adjusts to speed limits to automated parking, ADAS is a stepping-stone towards fully autonomous driving. As these technologies continue to evolve, they promise to reshape the very nature of transportation.

2. Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G): Empowering Energy Ecosystems
One of the remarkable features of luxury EVs is their potential to be a part of a larger energy ecosystem. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology allows EVs to not only charge from the grid but also give back excess energy, contributing to grid stability. This symbiotic relationship between vehicles and the grid could fundamentally shift how we manage energy, making luxury EVs not just modes of transportation, but also integral components of a sustainable energy future.
Top 6 Innovative Features of High-End Luxury Electric Vehicles @AudiSouthAfrica #EV
3. Power Electronics: The Nervous System of EVs
Power electronics are the nerve centre of high-end luxury EVs. These intricate systems enable seamless communication between various components, optimising the operation of the electric motor and battery. Unlike traditional internal combustion engines, which rely on mechanical components, EVs are driven by instantaneous electronic signals, resulting in rapid and precise responses. This technology is the backbone of the EV's impressive performance and efficiency.

4. Battery Management System: Mastering Energy Efficiency
The battery is the heart of an electric vehicle, and its efficiency is paramount. Luxury EVs employ advanced battery management systems to ensure optimal performance and longevity. These systems regulate temperature, voltage, and charging patterns, maximising the battery's efficiency and lifespan. With the ability to adapt to diverse climates globally, luxury EVs can thrive across different terrains and conditions.

5. Electric Motor: Redefining Performance and Sustainability
The electric motor is the driving force behind the impressive performance of luxury EVs. Unlike internal combustion engines, electric motors offer instant acceleration and higher torque, delivering a responsive and exhilarating driving experience. What’s more, there can be as few as 20 moving parts in an electric vehicle motor versus over 2,000 moving parts in an internal combustion engine vehicle. This innovation comes with added benefits, including reduced maintenance costs, quieter operation, and zero emissions. The electric motor embodies the shift towards sustainable performance and sets a new benchmark for driving pleasure.

6. Regenerative Braking: Efficiency Meets User-Friendly Driving
Regenerative braking is a game-changer in the world of luxury EVs, enabling what’s known as 'single-pedal driving.' This feature not only simplifies driving but also harnesses the energy that would otherwise be wasted during braking. By converting kinetic energy back into usable electrical energy that’s stored in the battery, regenerative braking increases the vehicle's overall efficiency. As drivers incorporate this into their driving style, luxury EVs become not only more energy-efficient but also more user-friendly.

This opinion piece is from Audi South Africa's Head of Marketing, PR, and Product - Tarryn Knight

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HONOR Announces HONOR 90 5G @HonorZA The AI-Powered Smartphone #SouthAfrica #Honor90 #ShareYourVibe

Hi Friends,

The global technology brand HONOR has officially unveiled its latest device, the HONOR 90 5G, from the legendary HONOR N Series in South Africa under the theme “Share Your Vibe”. The all-new smartphone designed with the content creator in mind showcases HONOR's cutting-edge AI technology and best-in-class innovations, including a 200MP ultra-clear Camera, AI Vlog Master, 512GB large storage and 5000mAh battery.

The newly launched device is a testament to the brand’s commitment to advancing technology and living up to its brand ethos of “Go Beyond”.

200MP Ultra-Clear Camera for the Ultimate Photography Experience
The HONOR 90 showcases a powerful triple camera system, consisting of a 200MP Main Camera with a 1/1.4-inch sensor for exceptional light capture and impressive low-light performance, complemented by a 12MP ultra-wide and macro camera with a wide field of view, and a 2MP Depth Camera for accurate distance estimation. This camera setup produces detailed photos with a high dynamic range.

The HONOR 90 5G also introduces a new Portrait Mode, delivering well-defined facial features, accurate skin tones, and a natural bokeh effect. Additionally, the HONOR 90 5G features a 50MP Front Camera that captures stunning selfies with exceptional detail, catering to the needs of content creators.

The camera on the HONOR 90 5G empowers users to effortlessly seize every moment, capturing fine details with precision. From stunning landscapes to intimate gatherings, this camera ensures exceptional clarity and vibrant colours.
HONOR Announces HONOR 90 5G @HonorZA The AI-Powered Smartphone #SouthAfrica #Honor90 #ShareYourVibe
Create Videos Easier than Ever with AI Vlog Master
HONOR 90 5G opens a world of endless possibilities by embracing AI technology in video creation and vlogging with the AI Vlog Master, which includes Instant Movie, AI Video Recommendation and AI Noise Reduction.

With Instant Movie, users can transform their footage into a captivating 15-second video clip, perfectly tailored for social media sharing. In just one second, your masterpiece is ready to be unleashed. Through AI Video Recommendation, the HONOR 90 5G analyses the scene and recommends the ideal video mode from five available modes, which include: Portrait Video, HDR Video, Close-up, Multi-video, and Solo Cut mode.

HONOR has also introduced the game-changing AI Noise Reduction feature, which utilises AI technology to remove background noise from videos. This ensures clear human voices without distractions from surrounding sounds, offering vloggers and video creators a hassle-free way to capture high-quality content.

Unrivaled Storage for Ease of Mind
The HONOR 90 5G boasts an enormous 512GB storage capacity, which allows users to store all their creative content without the fear of space depletion. What’s more, the HONOR 90 5G is equipped with HONOR RAM Turbo (12GB+7GB), an innovative technology that allocates part of the flash memory to RAM. This allows for a seamlessly smooth performance, designed for long-term use.

A Performance that Goes Beyond Bottom of Form
The HONOR 90 5G is the first HONOR N Series smartphone to run the latest HONOR MagicOS 7.1 based on Android 13 and supports Google Mobile Services (GMS). This advanced operating system offers a range of upgraded and customised features, providing users with a smarter and more convenient experience than ever before. The HONOR 90 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen Accelerated Edition 5G 4nm processor, which provides exceptional performance and can handle even the most intensive and demanding tasks with ease.

Additionally, the HONOR 90 5G is packed with a large 5000mAh battery that can power the device for an entire day, making it ideal for all-day productivity. With its 66W HONOR SuperCharge technology, the HONOR 90 provides a fast-charging experience. Users can juice up the smartphone to 45% in just 15 minutes using the provided charger, allowing them to quickly power up their device and enjoy gaming, music, and video streaming while on the move.

The Revolutionary 0-Risk Eye-Comfort Display
HONOR has set a new standard in eye care technology with the HONOR 90 5G. This cutting-edge smartphone features the industry-first 0 Risk Eye-Comfort Display, incorporating the highest achieved 3840Hz PWM Dimming technology.

With the Dynamic Dimming Technology, Circadian Night Display and TÜV Rheinland Flicker-Free Certification, HONOR aims to deliver an unparalleled eye care experience, leveraging cutting-edge innovations to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Knowing that our eyes often feel more comfortable in natural light conditions, the HONOR 90 uses dynamic light that resembles natural light rhythm to stimulate ciliary muscle movement through Dynamic Dimming. This innovative feature helps to alleviate eye fatigue by as much as 18% by increasing blood circulation in the ciliary muscle.
HONOR Announces HONOR 90 5G @HonorZA The AI-Powered Smartphone #SouthAfrica #Honor90 #ShareYourVibe
With its Circadian Night Display, the HONOR 90 5G automatically adjusts the display to warmer colours and reduces blue light, promoting melatonin secretion for improved sleep. This feature can increase melatonin levels by 20%, resulting in better sleep quality and longer sleep duration for users.

The HONOR 90 has received the TÜV Rheinland Flicker Free Certification, guaranteeing a flicker-free viewing experience even at lower brightness levels. It achieves a risk-free dimming level, making it perfect for today's content-hungry generation who spend prolonged hours viewing and watching on their smartphones.

As part of the HONOR 90 Series, HONOR has also revealed the HONOR 90 Lite 5G. This smartphone with a slim and elegant design features a rear 100MP triple camera system, 6.7-inch Edgeless Display, 13GB (8+5) RAM + 256 ROM storage.

The HONOR 90 5G will be available in two stunning colours in South Africa: Diamond Silver and Midnight Black. While The HONOR 90 Lite comes in Cyan Lake and Titanium Silver — all of which were inspired by the beauty of nature and designed for style–conscious users.

Pricing & Availability
The HONOR 90 5G is priced at R14,999 for 19GB (12+7) RAM+512GB ROM, which will be hard bundled with the HONOR Watch 4 for free, and valued at R3,499.

The HONOR 90 Lite 5G comes at a price of R7,999 for 13GB (8+5) RAM+256GB ROM, which will be hard bundled with the HONOR CHOICE Earbuds X5 for free.

The HONOR 90 and HONOR 90 Lite will be available at your nearest MTN, Telkom and Vodacom.

HONOR is a leading global provider of smart devices. It is dedicated to becoming a global iconic technology brand and creating a new intelligent world for everyone through its powerful products and services. With an unwavering focus on R&D, it is committed to developing technology that empowers people around the globe to go beyond, giving them the freedom to achieve and do more. Offering a range of high-quality smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables to suit every budget, HONOR’s portfolio of innovative, premium and reliable products enables people to become a better version of themselves.

For more information, please visit HONOR online store at

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Paint The Town With Your Own Portrait at #GalaxyFlipTown @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyZFlip5

Hi Guys, 

Joburgers have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience exhilarating light painting artistry with graffiti artist and illustrator, Shaun Oakley, popularly known as That Damn Vandal at Galaxy Fliptown, The Zone in Rosebank, on 26 – 27 August 2023.

Since its launch last week, Joburgers have been coming in their numbers to join the flipside at Galaxy Fliptown, a unique pop-up zone where they express themselves like never before with the new foldable phone sensation from Samsung, the Galaxy Z Flip5. Galaxy Fliptown, which offers free entry and is open until 30 August 2023, gives consumers an awesome platform to play, create unique shareable content, explore digital fashion, and win fantastic prizes with Samsung (Terms and Conditions apply).

Limited to only this weekend, That Damn Vandal will be at Galaxy Fliptown to use his magical artistic hand and light painting to help you create awesome, unique content that you can capture with the Galaxy Z Flip5 and share with your friends and followers. With this new Samsung flip phone, you can shoot in new fresh angles as you take your selfie game to the next level and instantaneously lift your coolness to galactic heights.
Paint The Town With Your Own Portrait at #GalaxyFlipTown @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyZFlip5
Few things could be cooler than a signature light painting portrait that shows your lightest side. But you have to be there to see it for yourself and seize the rare opportunity of being a Fliptown resident. You do not want to miss out on a chance to enjoy this experience with one of Mzansi’s most creative street artists, and the Z Flip5 flex mode, with no need for a tripod.

Don’t forget, there will be plenty more still to enjoy when you join the flipside and unfold a new world of self-expression and customisation. From a unique product experience, getting styled up by make-up artists that will interpret your Fliptown look with Y2K designs and colours, and lots more including a Y2K ice-cream doughnut station sprinkled with awesome taste bud-tingling toppings to sweeten the entire experience.

“We are excited about this collaboration with That Damn Vandal as it presents our consumers with another fresh take on life on the fun flipside. Fashion, art and the new Z Flip5 go hand in hand and what better way to express and enjoy your individuality than with those three combined. Come and unleash your uniqueness at Fliptown and experience awesome art with the expressive and pocketable new flip smartphone,” said Kgomotso Mosiane, Marketing Lead for Mobile eXperience at Samsung South Africa.

Aum Namah Shivay!

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Friday, 18 August 2023

Take a Step with Samsung towards a Sustainable Future Together @SamsungSA

Hi Guys, 

South Africans are encouraged to take Small Actions for a Better Planet in their daily lives

Samsung is envisioning a world where technology can exist together with people to preserve this planet for future generations. It is for this reason that Samsung is encouraging South African consumers to join its mission of “Everyday Sustainability” - by taking small actions together for a better planet in their daily lives.

Samsung knows that alone, it cannot achieve its sustainability goals without people taking an active role in the process. The company is therefore inspiring customer participation so that they can also play an equal part in this important journey towards a sustainable future. Samsung is striving to create inclusive and social innovations that empower everyone to build a better tomorrow, together.

Accordingly, Samsung is empowering everyone to make small and subtle changes in daily life as these can actually have a huge impact as a whole on the environment. These small changes come together to make everyone’s lives more sustainable – that is Samsung’s story of sustainable life.

In the last few years – companies and consumers at large - faced several challenges that included both the COVID-pandemic, most importantly, the acceleration of the climate crisis that is now threatening the sustainable future of humanity. These challenges served as a stark reminder that everyone needs to put in extra effort into securing a ‘sustainable future’.

Consumers nowadays also want to do their part and live more sustainably, but they do not think that a climate-friendly lifestyle is easy. About 85 per cent of consumers worldwide see a gap between their current lifestyle and how sustainable they would like to be1. Samsung also knows that drastic changes cannot happen overnight however, it is committed to enabling more sustainable lifestyles for its consumers by continuously creating premium technology that lasts with more power and less environmental impact.
Take a Step with Samsung towards a Sustainable Future Together @SamsungSA
To take a step towards a better future together, Samsung is advocating for consumers to make small yet meaningful changes every day. This is what Samsung calls: “Everyday Sustainability”. The company believes that Earth Day - the globally recognised day commemorated in April annually is an opportune time for everyone to protect the planet and demonstrate support for the environment. This year, Samsung is building on its environmental strategy - its Planet-First philosophy – a goal towards “Everyday Sustainability”. This environmental strategy is a comprehensive plan for Samsung to join global efforts to tackle climate change.

The current environmental challenges together with the upcoming commemoration of Global Earth Day have prompted Samsung to strengthen its governance even further and ensure that ‘sustainability’ continues to be a top priority in all its business operations. It is for these reasons that South African consumers are requested to follow suit and join Samsung on its mission towards a sustainable future.

Samsung believes that in order to overcome these challenges, everyone including consumers’ needs to commit to minimising the current environmental impact and aggressively move towards both sustainable business and lifestyle practices. To achieve these ambitious goals, Samsung is bringing local consumers four new ways to live sustainably, in particular, focusing on Recycled Materials, Eco-Packaging, Energy Efficiency and Recycling or Upcycling. As part of this environmental strategy for 2023, Samsung’s brand product lifecycle journey is focusing on:

1. Sourcing which includes Recycled Materials - in an effort to expand the use of eco-conscious materials. Samsung is expanding the application of recycled plastic across a range of product categories. Also, Samsung MX Business is aiming to achieve its own sustainability goals — by incorporating recycled materials in all mobile products, eliminating plastics in packaging, achieving zero standby power consumption for smartphone chargers and zero waste to landfill by 2025.

2. Production includes Renewable Energy & Chemical Management – this is an expansion of renewable energy that is factored into the manufacturing process. On chemical management – Samsung is developing alternatives for chemical substances and also striving to minimise the negative impacts of hazardous substances that may enter its products, as well as chemicals used in the front lines of manufacturing on the health of customers and employees.

3. Distribution now includes Eco-Packaging efforts & Logistical Optimisation – this process involves the constant application of eco-conscious materials to packaging. Samsung is replacing plastic and vinyl materials with paper and recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact of its product packaging. Also, Samsung is now reducing the volume and weight of packaging to mitigate Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation and shipping process.

4. Energy Efficiency, Durability and Repair & Re-use in Product Usage – Samsung is reducing indirect GHG emissions through products in high energy and is now improving product performance. Samsung’s commitment to sustainability as demonstrated by its environmental strategy - was recently recognised when it received two 2023 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

5. Recycling and Upcycling as well as Collection – this is where recyclables are separated by material for recycling. Through its latest Galaxy S23 Series, Samsung is now able to deliver a high-performance device that meets the highest quality standards while also using more recycled materials than any other Galaxy smartphone to date. The latest Galaxy S23 Series has used more recycled plastics and newly incorporated pre-consumer recycled aluminium and glass.
Take a Step with Samsung towards a Sustainable Future Together @SamsungSA
In particular, Samsung’s “Everyday Sustainability” vision is focusing on creating sustainable products for local consumers and how these can be designed to benefit the environment. Samsung has embraced the responsibility of ensuring that the future of this planet is healthy and secure. It has thus committed itself to incorporating sustainability into everything it does – from product design to development. Samsung is determined to continue championing responsible innovation in the future to ensure that it leaves a better planet for generations to come.

As part of its commitment, Samsung is continuing to make a concerted effort to not only achieve enterprise-wide net zero carbon emissions but to also use more renewable energy, invest in and research new technologies to develop energy-efficient products as well as increase water reuse and develop carbon capture technology.

The technology giant’s “Everyday Sustainability” vision is now being entrenched in every aspect of its organisation. Samsung firmly believes that it's competitiveness and sustainable growth go hand-in-hand with harnessing its technological solutions to preserve the environment and contribute to building a better world.

Social justice and Samsung’s brand initiatives are deliberately focused on innovation and sustainability without any compromise. Samsung believes that it is everyone's responsibility to take care of the environment to make this planet a wonderful place to live in – that is why the company is advocating for all South African consumers to do their part and together - Re-Imagine A Better Planet!

Samsung proudly supports Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030.

2 Samsung’s five (5) key categories include: (Sourcing, Production, Distribution, Using, and Recycling – the pillars included above form part of these key categories.

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Taking Great Photos - It All Comes Down to Knowing Your Camera and Your Subject #shotonnokia

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90% of people who have ever taken a photo have not used a camera. Those photos were taken on a phone.¹ Whatever phone you have and whatever you like to snap, there are a few fundamentals that can help improve almost any shot. Alright, let’s jump in.

1. Clean your lens
Photos looking a little milky? This is the biggest problem we see with smartphone cameras. Because the lens is so small, it’s very easy for it to get dirty while you’re using your phone for other things. You spend the whole day holding your phone, so make sure you wipe away those smeary marks before you start snapping. Remember to clean the front camera, too.

2. Focusing
Focus makes the photo. Try not to just point and shoot, but take time to make sure that the main subject of your photo is in focus. Most Nokia smartphones have touch focusing. Just touch the most important part of the image on the display and the camera will adjust focus to make sure it looks nice and sharp.

3. Apply the rule of thirds
This is a simple concept that helps you compose your landscape-orientation images. It’s based on the idea that dividing an image into nine equal parts to form a three-by-three grid creates visual interest. You should aim to place the main subject of your photo – like a tree line or a group of faces – in the intersections or along the lines. The left or right third of the image usually yields the best results.

4. Consider the flash and use night mode
Using the flash on your phone can sometimes result in too much noise and not great photos. With increasing performance in low light conditions, turning off the flash could improve your nighttime photos. Shooting at a concert in dark conditions? The flash is not going to reach the stage, only the people in front of you. At a zoo shooting through glass? You will have a bad photo and you could scare the animals.

When you are shooting in daylight and the subject is in shadow, that’s the time to use a flash – it can give some great portrait results. But in low-light conditions, like in the evening, try using Night Mode instead. A lot of people don’t use it, but it’s a simple and powerful feature.

5. Steady your shot
Smartphone cameras are sensitive to movement. Even a slight shake can leave a smartphone photo looking blurry. So, we want to minimise camera shake as much as possible. A tripod will stop this. The good news is that you can buy small, cheap tripods specifically for smartphones from most online vendors.

If you don’t want to buy a tripod, then using a wall, a friend’s shoulder, or even your other arm will help reduce camera shake. Keeping the shot steady is especially important in low-light conditions when the longer exposure times are that much longer.
Taking Great Photos - It All Comes Down to Knowing Your Camera and Your Subject #shotonnokia
6. Try using HDR Mode
Ever tried to take a photo of the sky, only for the scenery below to become lost to shadow? Or tried to focus on a dimly lit subject and notice that the sky becomes overexposed? That’s where “High Dynamic Range” comes in.

HDR mode brings out the darkest and lightest parts of your picture and creates a better balance of colours overall. The only downside is that, in HDR Mode, photos take a little longer to process, so avoid using HDR mode on fast-moving subjects or when you can’t keep your phone steady. But in general, it’s great when there’s a big difference between the darkest and lightest parts of your photo.

7. Learn your camera features
Learn what your phone does, and when to use them. You’ll want to turn on HDR for most phones for day-to-day photography. Use night modes for shooting in dim interiors, or outdoors after the sun has set. Portrait mode blurs the background behind your subject and is sometimes called the Bokeh Effect. Panorama mode when you are taking landscape photos so you can see everything around you.

It’s also worth understanding aspect ratios. Common aspect ratios include Full, 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1. Professional photographers use 4:3 for photos because it works well for computer monitors and for 8x6-inch prints. 16:9 is used for video because it works great for TVs and the 1920 x 1080 resolution.

8. Set your resolution high
The higher the resolution of your photo, the better quality it is. When taking images, try to go as close as possible to the subject rather than zoom in when you take a shot. Using digital zoom will reduce the image quality, so avoid it if possible. Whereas, if you get up close, you always have the option of cropping the image later.

9. Shoot your videos in landscape
Vertical video only works if the audience is on a phone, like in Instagram Stories, for instance. It does not work on TVs and screens though, because they are wider than they are long – in other words, they have a landscape orientation.

If you are shooting a video of something amazing that you might want to share on the big screen, or even YouTube, you should always rotate your phone to landscape so that you can fill the frame with your awesome footage.

10. Always know where the light source is
When taking a photo, it is vital to know the light is coming from. Smartphone cameras can only take in a limited amount of light. A lot of light can overwhelm the sensor and can also throw off its exposure. You should always ensure that the light falls directly on the subject. So, when taking pictures indoors, make sure the subject is facing the light source. The light source should not come from behind them, otherwise, the subject will be underexposed.

Show us your photos!

Have a Nokia smartphone and feel inspired to try out some of these tips? We want to see what you’ve got! Head to Instagram and share with us the best photos you’ve taken lately using #shotonnokia. And don’t forget to tell us which Nokia phone you shot your photos on!

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‘THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL’ Star Belinda Davids Returns To @JoburgTheatre @Beldindadavids

Hi Guys,

“Belinda is Back” by popular demand! South African singing sensation Belinda Davids returns to the Joburg Theatre with The Greatest Love of All* at the iconic Mandela Theatre from 24 August to 10 September 2023. Last year’s sold-out run exceeded all expectations, resulting in an unprecedented demand for tickets which led to the 2023 return season. To avoid disappointment, fans are encouraged to book sooner rather than later. Tickets on sale at Webtickets

Belinda Davids, a RiSA chart-topping artist who has performed alongside the likes of Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole and Monica and featured on Fox TV’s ‘Showtime at the Apollo’, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and BBC1 TV’s ‘Even Better Than the Real Thing’ will be performing an extraordinary return season including additional songs from the Whitney Houston repertoire. The state-of-the-art sound, lighting, vision and theatrical effects together with mesmerising vocals by Belinda Davids bring Whitney Houston’s musical legacy to life.
‘THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL’ Star Belinda Davids Returns To @JoburgTheatre @Beldindadavids
The Greatest Love of all is an acclaimed tribute show described as “mind-blowingly spot on”. Critics and fans the world over hail this show as an “entertainment spectacle”. Broadway World says that Davids is a star in her own right; “she commands the stage and fills the space with her presence.”

The vocal prowess of Belinda Davids continues to wow audiences across the world including the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and of course South Africa. “The high demand for tickets for last year’s season was phenomenal. As soon as the shows sold-out we were inundated with fans asking for a return season,” says Xoliswa Nduneni -Ngema, Chief Executive Officer at Joburg City Theatres. “Belinda Davids will be back and we are privileged to host her return to the Joburg Theatre.”
‘THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL’ Star Belinda Davids Returns To @JoburgTheatre @Beldindadavids
The two-hour production will fill you with joy, nostalgia and wonderment as it takes you on a heartfelt journey through Houston’s greatest hits including ‘I Will Always Love You, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody, ‘How Will I Know’, ‘One Moment in Time’, ‘I Have Nothing’, ‘Run to You’, ‘Didn’t We Almost Have It All’, ‘Greatest Love of All’, ‘I’m Every Woman’, ‘Queen of the Night’, ‘Exhale (Shoop Shoop)’, ‘Million Dollar Bill’ and more.

Belinda Davids was invited to audition at the Got Talent All-Stars competition held in Spain earlier this year. Featuring acts from shows such as America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, Belinda’s “Golden Buzzer” moment is available on YouTube @gottalentespana or the website

Belinda Davids in The Greatest Love of All continues to wow audiences across the globe as it gathers glowing reviews worldwide. Don’t miss The Greatest Love of All at Joburg Theatre. It’s a hot, hot ticket! Book now, #TGLOA (*This production is not associated with the Estate of Whitney Houston).
‘THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL’ Star Belinda Davids Returns To @JoburgTheatre @Beldindadavids

JOHANNESBURG: Jo’burg Theatre
Thursday, 24 August to Sunday 10 September 2023

No Monday to Wednesday performances
Weekdays: Thursdays, Fridays 19h30
Weekends: Saturdays19h30; Sundays 15h00

TICKET PRICES including VAT R180 – R390.
Webtickets is the only exclusive official ticketing agent.
Joburg Theatre Box Office, tel. 0861 670 670,

For online bookings and in-store payments you can collect and pay for your tickets from ANY pick n pay store, including PnP Clothing, PnP Liquor and PnP Express.selected Pick n Pay stores (full list at

Discounts for groups of 10 or more: 10% off and groups of 20 or more: 20% off

Official hashtags #TGLOA #BelindaInSA #BelindaTour2023
Facebook @greatestloveofallshow and BelindaDavidsMusic
Instagram @greatestloveofallshow, @mail&guardian, @therealbelindadavids @openviewforever
Twitter @Beldindadavids @mail&guardian, @openviewforever, @TGLOAShow
TikTok @Belindadavids, @mail&guardian, @openview_foreveryone

Facebook: joburgtheatre, Twitter: @JoburgTheatre


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