Sunday 20 December 2020

8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post

Hi Friends, 

1 Dream to make The Life's Way a brand to reckon with!
8th Blog Anniversary on 27th December 2020 
2.86 Million Pageviews Achieved on 2222 Blog Posts

Reached Local Guides Level 9 Top Contributor in Johannesburg, South Africa
26 Million Photo Views Achieved on Google Maps with 10550 Photos
186k Views on 201 Reviews Posted for Google Maps #LetsGuide #LocalGuides

Posted 75 Videos on The Life's Way - Youtube Channel
235 minutes of new content
6192 likes on the videos
159,785 minutes watch time by viewers
315,249 views in 2020
Crossed 700+ Subscribers and gained 576 subscribers in 2020

#TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Thousands of photos on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook
Thanks to everyone who contributed and collaborated in the growth of The Life's Way! 

2020 has been an internal and external struggle between myself and the brands who were not providing me with any value in terms of any invites, review units or media or press drops or sponsored gadgets from time to time. Internal struggle in terms of heartbreaks I did of the executives working for the various PR companies who have been in constant touch with me for multiple years but didn't realize that I could say No. External struggle in terms of some of the brands taking my name off their lists of press releases and other invites whatsoever or anything happenings around their products. 

Meanwhile, I took out all the thousands of posts done for many brands in the mid of 2020 but then at the end of 2020, I thought that I have done all the hard work to put them on my blog so why take them down. It's bringing me some traffic and if the brand notices this then it will be a favour from my end to them considering my heart is bigger than them. Thought this kind of emotional atyachaar is not valued in the business world but I am an emotional fool. 
8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post
The biggest moment of my life was getting to meet Technical Guruji at Delhi Airport in Jan 2020
Let's start on the achievements and gratefulness for the gadgets and products received during 2020 even when it was lockdown for most of the part in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sometimes in life, you just have to ask the universe or the person in charge of something you desire and wants to have in your life. My first such experience came through when I asked the Huawei PR company for FreeBuds 3 and out of the blue they told me that we can give you one to blog about and keep also. I just picked up the same before the lockdown started in Johannesburg from their office. Many thanks and the same has been my partner in crime since the whole year or so. 
8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post
Huawei FreeBuds3 in Red
Similarly, I have been eyeing a great audio product from 1More called Stylish earbuds but they told me that a new one is coming on the market soon and you can review that one. I waited for some time and when the lockdown opened for the courier to start delivering - I received this awesome device called 1More ColorBuds which also my wife and I am using on a daily basis. She is using it more for her morning and evening walks and yoga exercises and I am only using it to attend to some office calls on MS Teams. 
8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post
1More ColorBuds
This year I joined the Huawei Developers Program and received some goodies from them from time to time by participating in their contests and attending their development sessions throughout the year. From t-shirts to pen drives to mugs to some of their most sought after products, you can win them all. I won some of the audio speakers I always wanted to have and also one of the Huawei Band 4e for my daughter just before her birthday. 

I upgraded myself from Samsung Note 8 (Bought from Amazon India in 2018) to Note 20 this year and it was a great feeling. I still feel that the camera on the Note 8 is better as compared to the Note 20 but thanks to Samsung for always creating new devices. This year I got invited to their online launch event after a gap of at least 3 years and got to eat some of the great snacks and drinks and check out the various products on display at their office. 

I also started using the Canon EOS M50 camera for shooting my youtube content and felt so great to become one of the vloggers in the world who trust their M50 to the core. Most of the videos on my Youtube channel as well as my daughter's Keisha Youtube channel are shot using the M50 camera. If you have not followed me on the channel, please hit the Subscribe button.
8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post
The photo was taken using Vivo Mobile X50 Pro
vivo Mobile send me their X50 Pro Smartphone for review and also one of their new Neo TWS earphones which are still not used by me and will be unboxed in 2021 on my youtube channel. I totally loved the smartphone and wanted to hold onto the same but the budgets were not there to sponsor me the same. My wife wants to own the phone which I will gift her after buying it from India as the price difference is really huge and it's almost half the price there. 
8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post
26th Jan 2020 was the day when we met again after a long gap of many years since our MBA together!
After a gap of many years, Montecasino sponsored my 40th birthday dinner at one of my favourite restaurants named Thava Indian Restaurant and I had a quiet lovely delicious dinner with my family during the lockdown restrictions were relaxed. I also got the chance to join various other dinner and lunch events by Dine Jozi Style - Edward and enjoy some of the great evenings in the great company of like-minded people. 
8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post
My best friend since June 1997 first day of Engineering College
I also got to do some of the sponsored posts for Mattel which Keisha did on her Youtube channel and if you like her videos and wants to send her products to review do send me an email and we can feature your products and toys. 
8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post
My first time to Golden Temple in Amritsar in Jan 2020
We also visited India in Jan 2020 and had an awesome trip in Dubai (Feb 2020) on our return where we got to see the famous sightseeing points in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I really enjoyed it but we didn't shop as 4 days is too little to go on a shopping spree in Dubai if you are a first time visitor. My brother too flew in from California and he hired a Land Cruiser Prado which made roaming around in Dubai much easier. 

At the end of the year, for the first time in the life of The Life's Way - I received the Christmas Gifts from Samsung in terms of Galaxy Buds Live and from Huawei too in terms of Huawei Watch GT2e which are going to my daily devices in 2021. I still have to unbox them and start enjoying which I am planning to do it on the 8th anniversary day of my blog i.e. 27th December 2020. Before this, I only received a Christmas gift from Montecasino once long ago maybe in 2015 which were some gingerbread snacks and a soft toy. 

Thanks to all of the readers, brands and PR companies for trusting me with your products and services. I hope I have been able to do justice to them. I look forward to a great 2021 for my blog and youtube channel and will focus on getting the niche which is Lifestyle and Technology. Have a great festive season and a Merry Christmas and wishing you all a great Happy New Year 2021!

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Friday 18 December 2020

4 Great Reasons to Use @HuaweiZA #PetalSearch - A Mobile-first #SearchEngine

Hi Friends, 

Having given users a new search engine for the mobile era, Huawei’s Petal Search is specially developed and designed primarily for the online user experience of its device users. As an internet user, you likely interact with the web mostly via your mobile device, so it’s useful to have a search service that has a mobile-first approach, providing an optimal search experience for your handheld device.
4 Great Reasons to Use @HuaweiZA #PetalSearch, A Mobile-first #SearchEngine

Petal Search is that search service. Here are just four reasons why it’s a cool tool to use.

1. Find just about anything you are looking for
With vast search capabilities on Petal Search, you can get any information, apps, and services easily in more than 20 categories. Whether you heard about a new cool mobile app you would like to download and try out, or you simply want to keep abreast of the latest global and local news, or you need to quickly and conveniently shop for items online, Petal Search has all your needs covered. Providing localised search services, you can search for services from local businesses, book flights, and much more. 

2. Search results are neatly presented in information cards
When you search, rather than presenting your search results in numerous visually bland links, Petal Search collates the search results into 300-plus types of information cards in a way that is visually engaging and easy to navigate for the user, and according to the users’ needs.

3. Multi-search inputs: Text, voice and visual search for your search convenience
Sometimes your hands can get tied up in a time when you really need to do a quick online search. Luckily, with Petal Search, you can just use your voice in place of a text search when you press the mic icon and speak into the device speaker, and Petal Search will give you your required search results. 

4 Great Reasons to Use @HuaweiZA #PetalSearch, A Mobile-first #SearchEngine

Think about how convenient that is. Imagine you are baking, hands all covered in a mess of flour and dough, but you need to grab your phone to check the next step in the recipe. Thankfully, Petal Search’s voice search tool can come to your rescue.

In addition, a picture speaks a thousand words and sometimes you may be so intrigued by an image that you want to trace it to its source. With Petal Search’s visual feature, you are able to do a search via images. Petal Search leverages AI to recognise objects in the pictures such as people, animals, landmarks, products, recipes and more. 

4. A secure search experience
When using a search engine, you need assurance that your information is safe and secure as you are dealing with personal details such as banking details for shopping, or location tracking. With Petal Search, you can browse in Safe Search and Incognito modes for privacy.

Petal Search uses industry-leading privacy and security technologies to ensure users’ privacy and security. The search engine is compliant with security policies, laws, and regulations in South Africa.

Overall, Petal Search is an awesome tool and search service because it provides a more convenient and enjoyable search experience. Download it today on HUAWEI AppGallery and get exploring on the web by accessing it via the home screen widget.

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Why Building Your #PersonalBrand Can Help You Stand Out In The Job Market? Lerato Songelwa @HK_EMEA

Hi Friends, 

As hundreds of thousands of Matrics write their exams right now, both these Matrics and their families are no doubt wondering what kind of future lies in store for them next year. With our employment rate hitting an all-time high of 30.8%, and the ravages of COVID-19 still being felt across the country, job opportunities are rarer than ever.

Undoubtedly, in today’s competitive job market, there is no room for being just another face in the crowd. You have to separate yourself from the competition and be more appealing to potential employers. It’s much easier to achieve this if you create a personal brand for yourself. 

What is a personal brand?
A brand is a name, design, or symbol that distinguishes a company or product from its competition in the eyes of the customer. 

Your personal brand is your calling card and it’s what you are known for. Just like a brand name – such as Nike, Coca-Cola, or Apple – it is your unique strengths and skills that will make you stand out in the eyes of potential employers or customers.

Building a personal brand is first and foremost developing an understanding of who you are and what you can offer, and then portraying that image to the people with who you come into contact. Personal branding is really the ongoing process of establishing a certain impression about yourself in the minds of others.

What is your vision? 
An important step in creating your personal brand is having a vision for yourself.

A vision statement for a company describes where that company wants to be in the future, based on its goals and aspirations. The same applies to your own vision statement, which will give you a focus and help you reach your goals, be it to land a job, get that promotion, or start your own business. 

A common question people get asked in job interviews is: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Surprisingly, few people can answer that question. You can gain an edge over other candidates and your competition by creating a vision for yourself, focusing on it, and being able to explain it to others.
Lerato Songelwa, Deputy Managing Director, Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Lerato Songelwa - Deputy Managing Director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies
What are your core values?
Your core values are what you believe in and what is important to you, for example being reliable, or showing commitment, or valuing honesty, or being efficient.

What would you like potential employers to think of you? Your personal brand is built from how you present yourself publicly. This is something that you have control over and is rooted in your core values. You can decide how you would like people to see you and then work on portraying that image.

What is your purpose?
Most successful companies have a clear purpose or goal that they aim to achieve. For example, Capitec Bank, which has grown impressively over the past 15 years, states that its purpose is to “help people bank better to live better”. The company’s policy on low banking fees is one of the ways that it proves this commitment to its customers every day.

Another example is the social media site Facebook, which has over two billion active users. This company has said that its purpose is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected”.

To figure out your purpose in life, you need to ask yourself what motivates you, and find your strengths and passions and try to incorporate these into how you live your life. Reflecting on these questions is very important if you are going to build a personal brand that will impress potential employers or customers.

How does social media contribute to your personal brand?
Social media presents numerous opportunities to grow your personal brand, but there are many dangers you should be aware of.

Remember that anything you post online is out there forever, so think before you share anything on social media. Every tweet you send, every status update you write, and every picture you share, reflects your personal brand. Once you work out how you want people to see you, you can start to be much more strategic about your personal brand and be purposeful in what you share on social media.

Every day, ask yourself: “What are you going to do tomorrow to grow your personal brand?”

Five steps to building your personal brand
  1. What is your vision – where do you see yourself in 5 years? How are you planning to get there?
  2. What are your core values? Make a list of the most important values that you live your life by.
  3. What motivates you, and what are your strengths and passions? Find a career aligned with your purpose.
  4. Be true to yourself and tell your story, on social media, on blogs, and to potential employers
  5. Beware of being irresponsible on social media.
The article is written by Lerato Songelwa, Deputy Managing Director, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

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Tuesday 15 December 2020

#TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides #LetsGuide

Hi Friends, 

We all are so heavily invested in Google's ecosystem that sometimes we also start contributing towards the same knowingly and unknowingly to appreciate the benefits everyone derives from the various platforms they run. I too started my journey as a Local Guides which is a voluntary program for contributing to Google Maps around the world and I am representing Johannesburg, South Africa from the start. 

#TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides

If I see where I was in 2019 to the place where I am now on Google Maps Local Guides journey it's absolutely amazing. This year I started contributing to the Local Guide Community platform too and reached several milestones there too. I reached Level 9 Contributor level this year from last year's Level 8. Overall I made 5793 contributions as a whole on the platform and successfully contributed for 27 weeks in a row. That's an awesome achievement by someone who is not regular on any platforms whatsoever. 

#TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides

I got more than 3 Million views on the photos published this year but overall in 2020, I have crossed 26 Million photo views which were just over 1.4 Million in 2019. That's around 25 Million photo views in a single year on all the 10550 photos uploaded since I have joined the program. 

#TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides

I also got 5813 views on the reviews published this year with an overall tally crossing 186000 views in 2020 for reviewing 204 establishments around the city and country. I wanted to take the same to 500 reviews but felt lazy and was focussing more on the Youtube channel also. 

#TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides

The biggest feeling is to stay in the Top 1% contributor in Johannesburg, South Africa month after month for the whole year and I am looking forward to reaching the Top Level 10 contributor by 2022 and be part of the Connect Live Program in 2021 if luck favours me and Google sees my contribution in South Africa. 

#TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides

I am a big fan of the Google Android Ecosystem and started my smartphone journey with Google G1 and then Nexus One smartphone but now I really want to use the latest Pixel 5 device as my day to day smartphone. I will continue to contribute to Google Maps and create more lists, write more posts on Connect Local Guides platforms, review more establishments and restaurants towards reaching a place where I shall feel satisfied with myself. Thanks to Google for making us part of them and giving us a platform where we are contributing to our city and country and building a local community too. 

#TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides

This I am doing from a feeling of love and respect point of view for the Google ecosystem and I am sure, you will also want to become part of this amazing program called Local Guides! So don't forget to login into Google Maps and start contributing from wherever you are in this world! #LetsGuide #LocalGuides

#TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides
@TheLifesWay contributions as of 15th December 2020

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Monday 14 December 2020

Family Who Plays #ScrabbleSA Together, Stays Together @Mattel #8YearsofTheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

Scrabble is a board game from the house of Mattel which keeps you engaged and comes with the motto of Bringing Letters and People together. The package contains the playing board, 4 racks to keep your letters, 100 letter tiles, cotton tile bag to keep all 100 together when not in play and the rules booklet for the first-timers. This original crossword game is suitable for age 10 years and above as well as can be played from 2 to 4 players. 

The basic rule of the game is to use letter tiles to make words by crossing the words already on the board along with covering premium squares to maximize your score as the highest score player wins in the end. There are multiple benefits of playing this game together with your family or friends and can be enjoyed when there is no electricity or you are on the trip or just relaxing after a full day of work or on weekends. 

Family Who Plays #ScrabbleSA Together, Stays Together @Mattel #8YearsofTheLifesWay

The benefits which I really loved playing the game is it improves your vocabulary and spelling and also you need to think of words on the board keeping your letters stack in mind. So this not only develops your focus and concentration but also your skill to keep checking your available resources to create something unique along the way. 

The second benefit is to calculate your mathematical score by placing the letter tiles while creating words on the board and thinking which option will benefit and fetch me most points. Also, simple addition and multiplication keep you entertained and you learn mental mathematics too. 

Family Who Plays #ScrabbleSA Together, Stays Together @Mattel #8YearsofTheLifesWay

The biggest benefit is that there is no dearth as there are 225 squares on a Scrabble board where you can place your tiles to fetch more points and can think ahead just like the game of chess to score double or triple word as well as double or triple letter scores. Each letter tile has a small number written on the bottom right corner which is used to do the mathematical calculations. 

The normal 100 tiles have A-9, B-2, C-2, D-4, E-12, F-2, G-3, H-2, I-9, J-1, K-1, L-4, M-2, N-6, O-8, P-2, Q-1, R-6, S-4, T-6, U-4, V-2, W-2, X-1, Y-2, Z-1 and Blanks-2. If you add the letters and the points assigned to each letter then the total sum comes to around 187 points. The various alphabets have point value is as follows: 
  • 1 point - A, E, I, O, U, L, N, S, T, R
  • 2 points - D, G
  • 3 points - B, C, M, P
  • 4 points - F, H, V, W, Y
  • 5 points - K
  • 8 points - J, X
  • 10 points - Q, Z
  • 0 points - Blank Tiles

Each game can easily last for about 30-60 minutes and brings in a lot of entertainment for the whole family and also a lot of fights when you say this word is already made and a lot of references to the dictionary to check if the spelling and meaning of your words are correct and this place is now taken by the Google baba on your smartphone as compared to the actual dictionary. But I still believe that the dictionary should be the first book to be read by every student while growing up as it increases your vocabulary to the best of your abilities. 

Family Who Plays #ScrabbleSA Together, Stays Together @Mattel #8YearsofTheLifesWay

In the end, Scrabble can definitely create new connections to words, to friends and to the family - with this worldwide favourite board game across all age groups. I have been playing the same since the last 30-35 years and recently got this new Scrabble BRAND Crossword Game Original from Mattel which is available at all toys shops and online retailers like for easy order during this festive season. I really love playing the same with some of the chips and cold drinks by the side and enjoy food especially pizza while we put our brains to create some new words. You can also follow and become facebook members of the game at for different kinds of special and new boards that keep coming from time to time for various countries and interests. 

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#SamsungPay Now Available on @TheGautrain @SamsungMobileSA #YourJourneyStartsHere

Hi Friends, 

Made for the new normal, Samsung Pay continues to grow in popularity

Over an unprecedented year, Samsung Pay has amplified its expansion of contactless payments through significant growth in South Africa. Having already reached the 3 Million transactions mark, Samsung Pay has now achieved another major milestone with its introduction on Gautrain. Commuters can now make use of the Tap & Go convenience of Samsung Pay as they travel using a Galaxy device or watch. There will be no need to preload a Gautrain card when you use the Samsung Pay system.

“This is another major milestone for Samsung Pay and for all South Africans looking for a safe and secure way to make payments on the go. The introduction of Samsung Pay aboard the Gautrain is a wonderful example of our ability to adapt and grow during this New Normal and beyond. It’s great to see Samsung leading the way at a time when there is a major focus on health and security. The convenience of the platform will have long-term benefits for the country, “Kagiso Khaole, Head of e-commerce and Services at Samsung South Africa.
#SamsungPay Now Available on @TheGautrain @SamsungMobileSA #YourJourneyStartsHere
Contactless payment has been prevalent and popular over the years internationally, and now we are seeing the same trend locally, with how South Africans have enthusiastically embraced Samsung Pay. Its benefits have of course come into the spotlight recently with the need for social distance, sanitise our hands and limit human contact. The system allows users to load their bank cards and store loyalty cards and adds even more convenience with the ability to use it on Gautrain with over 40 Samsung Galaxy smartphones and watches – making their journey a breeze.

As a pioneer in the category, South Africans placed their trust in the system early on. The impressive growth of Samsung Pay locally is fuelled by the need for enhanced security, simplicity and convenience. Additionally, Samsung Pay offers users monthly competitions, allowing customers to win prizes for simply paying at their favourite stores with Samsung Pay. Customers can also buy prepaid vouchers for electricity, mobile airtime/data, gaming and multimedia streaming services like Netflix, Showmax and Spotify as well as the offer of a Newsstand subscription, which provides access to thousands of magazines and newspapers for a monthly subscription of R90 per month. Samsung Pay customers gain instant access to the multitude of titles both local and international, accessible from any device with a shelf value of approximately R45 a magazine, including categories of automotive, arts, health, sport, family, financial and entertainment to mention a few.

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#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber

 Hi Friends, 

2020 saw an increase on Youtube as I thought of moving from writing blog posts to video creations but this process is still in the making but overall I got these amazing results from the Youtube email which I received as a content creator on the platform - 

  • 235 minutes of new content 
  • Gained 576 subscribers
  • Gained 315,249 new views
  • Viewers spent 159,785 minutes watching my videos in 2020
  • Received 46 Comments
  • Shared my videos 536 times
  • My 75 videos received 6,192 likes in 2020

#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber

Let's continue to create new content on a daily basis and I have a lot of historical technology which I want to showcase on my channel. Surely, once I start receiving the new gadgets before their launch I can schedule my videos to go live on the same day of the launch event just after the completion of the launch event. Let's see what happens but this is going to be my goal in 2021. 

#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
I am sure I will be able to make my own fan following in 2021 and also learn a lot of SEO optimization as currently, it's not the case on my channel. I want to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watch time to cross the monetization threshold in 2021. I need your support and I hope to do so by creating some of viral videos which can be shared again and again. 
#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
On this journey, I am going to make mistakes and learn from you guys, but keep appreciating my efforts and give me the power to entertain you on the go. I am still in the finding myself phase where I am not sure of which language to create content in and what to focus more on - travel or technology or launch events. This year was awesome for me based on this Youtube performance email and looking forward to creating something unique in my own voice which will be liked by you all in 2021. Have a great holiday and festive season! Take care and wear the mask to keep you safe and others too!

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Friday 11 December 2020

Experience Festive Gifting Magic @RosebankMall #RosebankMall #RosebankMallFestiveMagic

Hi Friends, 

‘Tis the season to be jolly and Rosebank Mall is bringing you the festive cheer. With a variety of activations, events and experiences the Mall of Rosebank is offering you this December, more than just luxurious shopping and tailored entertainment. As a premium shopping and lifestyle experience destination, 3 key experiences have been designed for one and all this season.

Greg Rollinson Pianos
In partnership with Greg Rollinson Pianos, Rosebank Mall has set up a musical extravaganza on its Level 2 opposite Lacoste. With more than 170 years in the piano trade, Greg Rollinson Pianos, along with Rosebank Mall bring you the gift of music with a space design to give music enthusiasts and pianists the opportunity to play their favourite score in public. If ever there was a moment to showcase your skills on a grand piano, now is that time. Bring the family along and take wonderful festive photos in the photo booth set up.

The Urban Spaces Pop-Up
From the notion to develop and assist small businesses looking to make it in the retail environment came The Urban Space, a beautiful concept centred around small businesses and providing them with a centrally located concept store in a mall environment to sell their goods. In partnership with Rosebank Mall, the Urban Spaces Pop-Up has been set up on Level 3 opposite H&M to give more people access to these amazing locally made goods. If you’re looking for unique products while supporting small businesses, this is the space to visit.
Experience Festive Gifting Magic @RosebankMall #RosebankMall #RosebankMallFestiveMagic
The Rosebank Mall Art and Craft Market
If you’re looking for an African experience inside an international shopping destination, look no further than the Rosebank Mall Art and Craft Market. As the Mall of Rosebank’s CSI initiative, this great concept provides a variety of African artists and crafters with a place to retail their products to shoppers they would have otherwise not have access to. On Level 3 opposite Woolworths is where you’ll find a variety of arts and crafts to suit any occasion.

So if you’re looking for a variety of gifting options for either yourself or a loved one, Rosebank Mall has all the options curated for you. All you have to do is come for a visit. Whether you’re looking for something a lot more artistic, artisan, crafted or finessed in fashion and beauty, Rosebank Mall’s gifting lane is the place to find it. And when you’re done shopping, take a stroll to the Greg Rollinson Pianos Extravaganza to take in some modern music. All COVID-19 protocols will be in place.

For more information on Rosebank Mall, visit

Follow Rosebank Mall socials on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and Remember to share your festive magic at Rosebank Mall on social with the hashtag #RosebankMall #RosebankMallFestiveMagic.

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@Lenovo_Africa Brings World's First Foldable PC to #SouthAfrica #ThinkPadX1

Hi Friends, 

Lenovo has today announced that its latest technology breakthrough, the ThinkPad X1 Fold PC is soon landing in South Africa. The launch builds on Lenovo’s extensive history of evolving its ThinkPad sub-brand, leveraging the latest in foldable technology and connectivity to meet the requirements of agile working and staying connected while on the go.

Durable Design
The ThinkPad X1 reimagines the possibilities of mobile computing, by shifting from its compact and foldable form into a crisp 13.3-inch OLED display – weighing in at less than 1 kilogram. Constructed from lightweight alloys and carbon fibre, the X1 Fold offers both portability and durability, while its leather folio cover provides a premium look.
@Lenovo_Africa Brings World's First Foldable PC to #SouthAfrica #ThinkPadX1
With more than four years of research and development behind the PC, the ThinkPad X1 Fold builds on the reliability and performance ThinkPad devices are synonymous with. The X1 Fold features multi-layer frames to support and protect the display, while a unique multi-link torque hinge mechanism ensures the smoothest folding experience. The OLED display has also undergone extensive performance and durability testing, ranging from ball dropping, to pen tapping and dynamic stress tests.

Seamless Performance
Co-engineered with Intel, the X1 Fold features an Always Connected PC, powered by Intel Core Processors with Intel Hybrid Technology. Users requiring additional speed and connectivity can also opt for a 5G-enabled version of the device.

For ease of use, the ThinkPad X1 Fold comes with unique mode-switching software, designed specifically for Windows 10. This technology enables the PC to seamlessly adapt to multiple use cases, depending on user preferences and their surrounding environment.

Multiple Modes
As an ultra-versatile device, the ThinkPad X1 Fold enables users to leverage two independent displays to optimize efficiency. Scenarios may include participating in a video call using the upper screen while taking notes or editing a presentation on the lower screen. Use cases include the flexibility to operate the X1 Fold in either portrait or landscape mode for added convenience.
@Lenovo_Africa Brings World's First Foldable PC to #SouthAfrica #ThinkPadX1
When used in landscape mode, the integrated kickstand within the leather folio cover ensures optimal viewing angles. The X1 Fold comes with a Bluetooth Mini Fold Keyboard – a slim accessory that can be wirelessly charged inside the system and secured using magnets. For faster note-taking, signing of documentation and creative brainstorms, users can harness the Active Pen.

“Change-makers in South Africa has always been at the forefront of embracing new technologies to power their growth, which is why we are delighted to be launching this PC in the local market. The ThinkPad X1 Fold is unique in that it not only combines lightweight with durability, it also increases the screen size to enhance productivity – all while being easy to slip into a small bag. We look forward to seeing how users in the country leverage this device to accelerate their own achievements and we are confident in the positive impact it will make,” said Thibault Dousson, General Manager, Lenovo South Africa.

Pricing and Availability
The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold is available for pre-order now and comes with a Bluetooth Mini Fold Keyboard and Active Pen.
@Lenovo_Africa Brings World's First Foldable PC to #SouthAfrica #ThinkPadX1
To pre-order the world’s first foldable PC, please visit South African pricing starts from R69,999 – price is dependent on configuration and exchange rate. These prices can be viewed using the same link Shop Lenovo link (above).

The X1 Fold will land in stores in early 2021.

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How Tech Companies Have Managed to Stay Relevant During Covid-19? @Lenovo_Africa

Hi Friends, 

Digital Transformation by Thibault Dousson, General Manager at Lenovo Southern Africa

Covid-19 has redefined what we previously deemed as normal in all aspects of our lives. It has thrust digital transformation to the forefront of the business arena and shown that if you cannot innovate and adapt to this new norm, then the end is imminent.

How consumers engage with businesses has also changed dramatically over the last few months, with technology and digital processes being more prevalent than ever. Companies that have been innovative, have made their products and services readily available, and could easily adapt to digital transformation stood a better chance of succeeding. Technology companies are a prime example of this, and they are well-positioned to thrive in this new norm.

Keeping up with times
The tech companies that continued to thrive throughout the pandemic are those that were poised for change. With consumers being home and already engaging in the digital space, whether it be for leisure or business, it was easy for tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft (with collaborative software) and Netflix to have a big financial and social impact. The result of this impact was driven by the services offered by these tech companies, as it was what consumers wanted and needed, thanks to the new reality created by COVID-19.

The repositioning of some of these companies was integral to their success, along with the use of e-commerce, collaboration with competitors, as well as thinking outside the box. A great example of this was Amazon. Even though the company’s business model is based on e-commerce, they still had to make a slight pivot when the pandemic hit. Amazon has never really done well in terms of food sales but by changing their business model to suit the needs of quarantined consumers, their sales skyrocketed.

Unfortunately, not all tech companies thrived during these times, mainly because their services were in opposition to Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Some examples here are tech companies associated with the tourism and transport industries. It is important that small businesses learn from these tech companies, the good and the bad lessons, as they have mapped out the blueprint of continuing to forge ahead even through adversity.

Survival, rather than growth, is at the forefront during a pandemic. And for a business to survive it is important to safeguard your business’ culture and reassure employees and customers of a better tomorrow while still making the pivotal shift to adapt to the times. Should a business reposition its tools and skills correctly, surviving undoubtedly turns into thriving?
How Tech Companies Have Managed to Stay Relevant During Covid-19? @Lenovo_Africa
Thibault Dousson, General Manager at Lenovo Southern Africa
Going increasingly digital
Working from home and going completely digital during the pandemic was something that Lenovo was ready for and all that was needed was to implement the structures that were already in place. Due to Lenovo being fully digitised, by the time the pandemic hit, the shift to employees working from home was seamless, and it was surprising just how much more productive everyone was under these circumstances.

However, once lockdown regulations were lowered, we became cognizant of the fact that some of our employees wanted to return to the office, under the correct protocols of course, as a result of their home working situations being less than ideal. This was due to a number of reasons, for example, lack of a proper workspace, distractions at home, or just needing to interact with co-workers. Collaborative work between co-workers and various teams was at the top of the reasoning list for employees to return to the office.

Although some of our employees choose to now be back at the office, our approach is still digital, especially as many people are still working from home. Lenovo has not lost any of the lessons taught by this lockdown and continues to look for more innovative and efficient ways of working that provide our people with more flexibility and choice.

The success of this model has also resulted in us at Lenovo investing more into digital marketing and training, which included our annual Lenovo South African Channel Award going completely virtual, with our resellers, retailers and distributors not missing a beat. The event saw over 500 partners were glued to their screen on the 3rd of September, proving our ability to be agile and adapt to the times, whilst keeping our key stakeholders engaged. Furthermore, we also underwent thorough online training to learn about the latest Lenovo product ranges and services via live online training sessions, with participation being incentivised using Lenovo care packages and prizes that were distributed ahead of every session. This new norm still drew upon the inspiration of a one-to-one experience without contravening any Covid-19 protocols.

Weathering the storm and where to
Moving forward, it is paramount for businesses to understand the importance of digital transformation. By leveraging technologies such as the cloud and other remote working tools, businesses will continue to evolve and thus stay relevant. Most of us take for granted how Zoom, Google Hangout and Microsoft Teams kept us in touch with the working world. Although they have always existed, they were underutilised and can be said to have been the best tech innovations during this Covid-19 period. These applications gave businesses the opportunity to continue to connect and function in a world that had come to a standstill.

Tech companies have always been a step ahead because of their already digitised systems. The future is digital, is your business ready to embrace it?

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