Sunday 13 April 2014

Product Review - Mobi Headphonies MP3 Speakers

Hi Guys,

Sometimes in life, you come across somethings for which you have very less expectations and they perform beyond the same and you feel amazed. I have experienced something like that with Mobi Headphonies Ninja & Smiley. I thought them to be just good looking speakers with built in battery which will work for 1-2 hours maximum. But on the contrary these small speakers are powerful on only in their sound output but also has got great battery life. On a full recharge, I am using them for more than six hours now. Outstanding performance!!!

I saw them for the first time at GAME, Rosebank. As GAME is a part of WALMART so they get a lot of products from USA. These small great looking speakers comes in different variations. I loved the Ninja one and immediately bought in one of their REDUCED to GO sale. The price I paid for them and the value I am getting out of them is very very high. I recommended it to my many friends and they bought all of the pieces available in store. 
These speakers connect using the cable that comes with it to your laptop or ipod or mobile phone for your personal listening purposes. You can also use the Aux cable to connect also. 

The Mobi Headphonies hi-fi amplified MP3 speakers are located behind the head of the character you choose and AUX IN in located at the bottom of the character. The voice quality is clear and crisp, though at high volumes it starts to bring in noise disturbances. The lithium-ion battery charges quickly within 1-2 hours and gives a long music output with your ipod etc.
The graphics on the speaker body is simply breathtaking. These speakers are aimed at younger generation and kids. I use them while I write my blogposts on my and it really serves the purpose. Keeps me entertained and doesn't disturb others at home by the kind of music I like. 

The same cable works as charging cable and aux in cable. Also you can play them while the speakers are being recharged. Headphonies are enough to fill the volume in a small room for your music in the background levels. These are not meant for dancing purposes. These can be easily carried in your bag or can be attached to your car keys if you are comfortable with little big key chain.

I really loved Mobi Headphonies and they have performed beyond my expectations. Go for it! 


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