Friday 31 May 2013

Inferno - Dan Brown - Book Review

Hi Guys,

Inferno by Dan Brown is a book in hardbound cover and with mystery and thrill set in about 460 pages. The book is able to keep it's readers glued to the run Robert Langdon is running though this time in Florence, Italy. The book has all the elements that makes Dan Brown's writing famous. But if you have read the earlier ones, you will definitely make out many of the things or may be solve the whole mystery before it is revealed to the readers. The city of Florence is explained in detail; all the paintings and architecture is explored. The book is a definite read for all the fans of Dan Brown and I really loved the flow with which novel unravels itself chapter by chapter. I don't think this one will be turned into movie as it is but it remains a great thriller novel. Don't want to reveal the mystery so ending with giving it 4.5/5 for this Robert Langdon new run in Florence, Italy.

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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Virtual Escape Into Freshness - An Indiblogger Meet

Hi Guys,

Indiblogger planned another meet on the occasion of Renie's birthday in the city where he can enjoy the same with all his blogging community and friends. This time the sponsor was AmbiPur Mini Vent Clip and turn smelly air into smiley air and join the “Smelly to Smiley” movement! Febreze CAR is the first car product to use Febreze Odor Elimination technology to eliminate odors and leave nothing behind but freshness.

I was not in Chennai and neither registered for the event as I stay in Gurgaon but I wanted to join the event somehow and social networking channel Twitter fulfilled my wish of being there in the meet. The tweets started flowing on the hashtag defined for the event by AmbiPur

I started following the tweets based on the hashtag, the Ambipur & Indiblogger twitter handles. It really kept me live in the meet with all the fellow blogger tweeting so as to win Samsung S4 and other goodies.

The Admin of AmbiPur was really active and responded to my tweets also, so the interaction was really great on this virtual meet for me.

Here are some of the tweets I sent - First of all birthday wishes -
many many happy returns of the day! Enjoy your day!

my fav road trip was 2500 kms of Drive from london to lake district, highlands, inverness, Edinburgh! Wow

Based on this snap, my reply was -  

Nice looks great context for the meet RT : The meet set up looks like this.

Just like the Microsoft meet, this time also a choosing of number games was also played at this Chennai meet and people won various prizes along with a Rock. 

The other game that was played was - 

Game of tables seems great! Do all on table get Goodies? RT : Wait, you couldn't make it to the event?

I asked them if all on the table wins to which they replied - 

if you win, yes :D

Other tweets - 

So much wanted to come to chennai gor this event from gurgaon RT : Our centurions at the meet. 200 bloggers

Oh great! I am on a virtual table of twitter just like aroma of ambipur fragnances! RT if you win, yes :D

really ambipur fragrances made my 4 years old car free of bad smell & awesome freshness for a great drive!

The admin of AmbiPur asked me to try the new Mini Vent Clip and try for myself to which  I replied- 

I hope to get one from you guys soon! else I will be happy to buy once my stock of 3 new ambipur ends!

During the presentation round by AmbiPur technology behind keeping the car fresh, the various challenges were posted like - 

yes, smell of socks n farts are the biggest challenges ambipur faces each day!

what a day for Chennai! One Indiblogger meet, one bday to celebrate, one MATCH to see, one CUP to lift!

I m virtually enjoying the meet through tweets n pics from fellow bloggers! :-)

just saw a slide of technology behind freshness of Ambipur! Awesome is the word!

tweeples & indibloggers of Chennai will definitely win goodies on my behalf from

if you are fresh, you feel happy automatically! Ambipur brings in freshness in difficult situations also!
There were some skits that were prepared impromptu by the teams then and there and I really missed this one because all the tweeple bloggers were engrossed in the act so no tweets flowed.
prizes makes me happy and keeps me fresh but so far on the other side of the country, i can only wish! ;-)

I think I crashgated meet in Chennai through my tweetroid tsunami! Enjoy the fun! ;-)

What's your favorite road trip? Tell us using & you could win a Samsung Galaxy S4!

my fav road trip was 2500 kms of Drive from london to lake district, highlands, inverness, Edinburgh! Wow!

a bike trip from Haridwar to rishikesh with my fiancée! Awesome drive & evening to remember!

road trip from London to Wales! Awesomeness at it's best!

Finally back to business -

finally getting back to home and glued to IPL FINALS between CSK & MI!

thanks a lot guys! Enjoyed the meet via twitter from Gurgaon! Thanks to all bloggers! :-)

I hope that you guys got the feel of the event but I really enjoyed the event on twitter very much. 

Thanks a lot!

Ignored Warning Signs Completely!

Hi Guys, 

Your life can change in a second of time if you are not watchful of the early signs. My life did changed in a moment's time as I was not paying attention to the signs shown to me by the Universe. It happened way back some 10-12 years back when my family along with my father's brother's families joined us in TATA Sumo to travel to Salasar Balaji in Rajasthan from my hometown some 300 km away. In total we were 6 adults and 7 kids of vaious age groups from 2 years to me being in my 19. We started our travel around 10pm towards the holy town. The driver seems to be a good guy wearing a safari suit and continuously chattering about the recent political rally where he met some of the senior leaders of some political party and had snaps shot with them. As every Indian common man has some interest or cribbing involved with the political system, my dad and his cousins were really amused. I was thinking when he will stop speaking so that I can fall asleep on the last seat of the Sumo. The car also held the stickers of Lord Bajrang Bali and we were traveling to one of his avatar's temple so my uncle has full faith on the driver and the vehicle. The lighting on the roads in rural Rajasthan is very very less and roads are not wide enough also so everytime another vehicles approached in your direction, you have to take one side of the vehicle on the kaccha road. My uncle was sitting along with my father on the front seats along with the driver. The middle seat has my mom, 2 aunts and one other uncle sitting. All the kids were in the back with myself guarding the gate on one side and my younger brother on the other side of the back seat. Small kids were all sleeping on the space between the back seats as we carried our beddings. Now it seems to me on the thought, how so many of us were inside the a single vehicle and 3 families fitting into the vehicle and traveling together. But at that time it didn't seem so difficult to travel as there were small kids occupying very less space and enjoying the travel playing games like antakshri and singing songs.

The ride was smooth and slowly we all fall into the hands of sleep and only my uncle was awake to keep talking to the driver so that he doesn't fall asleep. But no matter how harder you try, sleep overpowers you when there is nice cold air in the summers, vehicle on the roll and you are sleep deprived. Suddenly, my uncle's voice of saying the driver in full voice “dekh ke” made all of us fully awake so as to find what has happened. The driver was sleep deprived due to his political rallies travel and agreed to travel with us in the greed of making more money. He slept for 2-3 seconds while driving and there was a turn on the road and the sumo was going straight ahead where the next thing was not at all visible. After the driver heard the yell, he tried hard to control the vehicle and bringing it back to the road by making it steer back on the road at high speed. The vehicle did moved back to the road and the tyres tried to come back on pakka road where one of the tyres bursted and the vehicle turned to one side while dragging on the road and at the end of the road, turtled upside down before coming to rest. 

I was fully awake by then but could not think that the gates on my side is now switched location with my brother as I kept looking for the knob to open it. The smallest kid of 2 years was sleeping in my arms so I was very tensed and was looking for her. When I saw her standing alright outside on the road, I immediately pulled myself out from the window opening, the window glass flew in the air during the impact of vehicle with road. By the time I came out, my brother was able to open the back gate and slowly all my cousins and uncle aunt started coming out of the vehicle. In the middle of the night, there was no light and there was no other vehicle traveling, so it was difficult to judge our condition. Due to the impact the front window of the vehicle crashed and my uncle came out from the broken window. The driver was hurt because of the steering wheels hurting him on his hands and head. He was conscious as the injuries were minor. The bedding was thrown on the desert land full of small thrones and we asked all the family members to sit there and relax. In the end on of my father's cousin was missing as he was sitting on the side so we started looking for him immediately. The window of his side was open before the crash and he has taken his hand resting on the window. As we found out he was buried under a lot of beddings and luggage that it took him time to become fully aware of his location and to say something. We helped him come out of the vehicle and sit on the bedding. By that time the other travelers I.e night buses traveling in Rajasthan saw the vehicle turtled and saw children crying immediately came to help and offered some help. Finding all of us alive and without any major injuries, all thanked Lord. The vehicle was brought to upright condition with the help of bus passengers. 

The nearest town from that area was Churu which was some 30kms away. We couldn't sit there all night long so me and my uncle went in search of another vehicle from the nearest village along with one of the jeep drivers who offered help and the driver too came with us to call the insurance and some mechanic to check the vehicle. After searching for the vehicle in the middle of night around 2am, we got one vehicle to take us to Churu so as to decide whether we should continue our journey to holy destination or go back home from the city. Finally as all of us were walking on our feets without any injury at all leaving aside some due to the glass cutting here and there, we decided to higher another vehicle and complete the darshan. We finally were able to do darshan and reached back home safely. 

There are many early warning signs which we ignored and it almost caused 3 families into the grave. The very first warning was the driver's talkativeness which was due to the fact that he wanted to keep himself awake as he was tired due to all his earlier travel. Secondly, we could have booked seats in a bus and so many people in a small vehicle is always dangerous. Thirdly, the driver's greed which not only costed him the vehicle loss along with injuries to himself but also was a threat to all of us.

There are many lessons we can learn from this real life story which I am unable to rationally derive because of the feelings involved but for some it could have been the last journey of life! 

This post is a part of Indiblogger Contest for Colgate Total Pro.Gum Health Contest. 

Two out of every three Indians suffer from gum problems and are unaware of it. Blood can be the sign of bigger gum problems like gingivitis, receding gums or even tooth loss if left untreated. One should not ignore the warning signs your body gives you! 

More information is available at - My Healthy Speak Blog 

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Tuesday 28 May 2013


Hi Guys,

Received a DVD from HDFC Life for one of their facebook contest. The DVD has three movies - Fashion, Turning 30 & Life in a Metro!

thanks a lot!

From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom - Manoj Arora

Hi Guys,

A common man's journey in his life is always towards saving money and investing in whatever options he is aware of, but then sometimes we end up with nothing in our hands. Here's a book by Mr. Manoj Arora securing a way for a common man to build up his wealth with the Right Attitude and Planning Well! This book is about dreams and coming out of the rut of earning money at a young age - like i will be financially free by the age of 41, and once an individual is financially free, he can chase his passion, or true dream in life!

Published by Jaico Books, this book is priced at Rs. 299/- only.

More infomation about the book can be found out at - 

I will be reviewing the book once I am done with Inferno by Dan Brown. Till that time my financial freedom has to wait...

Thanks a lot!

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Friday 24 May 2013

WeChat with the people I admire - New way to Connect

 Life will never give you another chance if you had lost the opportunity to talk to someone with whom you wanted to. Communication is the only way which differentiates us from animals and we have unlimited number of languages and signs which helps us express ourselves to others. I still remember the movie Lost in Translation where two strangers meet in a country where they have no other understanding their languages and how they become friends and pass time in that unforeseen circumstances. Now with the advancement of technology and internet on the move with latest smartphones featuring instant messaging services, you are always connected to your own group of people and can share photographs, voice messages at very minimal cost of 2G/3G/4G connection.

WeChat is one of those advancements that has happened in APP industry which is available across all smartphone operating systems be it Android, BB, iOS, Symbian etc.

Thinking about using the features of WeChat and communicating with someone I always wanted to and what questions I have for them, here is the list of 5 people with whom I will stay connected. 

1. Steve Jobs – The founder of Apple Inc. The company behind iPOD, iPAD, iPhone, iMac, iTunes and various other inventions of our times which really changed our life for the better. The person behind the one of the greatest motivational speeches at Stanford University – Stay hungry, Stay Foolish. I am totally in love with the idea of talking to him through WeChat. I would love to ask him what made him continue after he was thrown out of Apple and what kind of motivation factors kept him going? We have often seen ourselves falling into dead trap after we lost something we wanted to have, so how you come out of that sinking feeling to create something amazing like Pixar and NeXT?
2.        Princess Diana – She is the one who has rose to fame with her charismatic personality and high-profile charity work. She was one of the most photographed women of her times and that eventually led to her death as paparazzi rushing to take her snaps on that uneventful night when her car crashed in the Paris tunnel. There are several theories behind her death and I would love to know the truth of her death. Also, I would ask her what has kept her focused on her humanitarian efforts in spite of a lot of controversies and every other person writing a biography of her linking her to security guards and other peoples? As a mother also, how she would explain the controversies if in any case they ask their mothers about the same?

3.        Satyajit Ray – The ace writer, director, filmmaker, calligrapher – what he has done in his 70 years in India is amazingly great and exceptional. I was reading the stories of Feluda by Penguin books, it's kind of detective stories written by him and was really glued to his writings. I have yet to watch all his classics but to win an Oscar has been a dream for many Indians and he has achieved the same too. What I can say is that he must really be a genius and so I will ask him what qualities he found are really required to be successful in the field of our choice? Secondly, what kept him moving forward experimenting with everything in every area and coming out as a winner in all those fields?

4.        Spiderman – No need to explain as to who he is? Going by this saying that “with great power comes great responsibility”, I would like to ask him is he afraid to express his love? I can see that all the super heroes are either alone and have their parents & family members dead (Superman, Harry Potter, Batman etc). But that doesn't mean that they can't protect them considering they can protect the whole city when some alien forces attacks the city? Are they not courageous enough or they are childlike in case they lose any of their family members and will leave all their powers behind and starting to cry? What is the logic behind not marrying or not having a family of their own considering many of the girls going gaga over their powers and ready to marry them instantly? Yes, I do understand it won't look good seeing a spiderman picking veggies and groceries walking behind his wife to a car. :-) Also, listening to nagging and cribbing of wife will really make him more of a common man rather than a Spiderman.

5.        Roger Federer – Why? Because even God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar loves him watching play at the Wimbledon and wherever he is playing in the finals and that happens too often. Roger Federer is a force which everyone reckons as the greatest tennis player of all times. He is the FedEX where he packs up the other players and sends them home as soon as they show lack of motivation to win. I have seen several matches where the play has been extended to limits beyond a body can hold itself and still coming out as winner, there must be some assertiveness or quote that keeps you going? Secondly, how does a winner takes a loss in the series which will define his career? How different is the training program he has undergone to what our Indian budding players undergoes through? What can we do more in India so that our players also reaches Men's or Women's final matches? It's my dream to meet Roger Federer and to get the cap he endorses with his logo of Rf on it.
It's the only chance that I have in my life to meet the legends and WeChat has allowed my to express my feeling through this thoughtful concept of writing about the people we love. WeChat really is a new way to connect. 
More details can be checked at  WeChat's Youtube channel

Thanks All!

Thursday 23 May 2013

Chhota Bheem - Yash Raj Films Goodies

Hi Guys,

Won this amazing Chhota Bheem watch from Yashraj Films on the occasion of their release of the new Chhtoa Bheem & the throne of Bali movie.

 My daughter is the biggest fan of Chhota Bheem and all day our TV is only tuned to POGO TV.

One day she said that papa, take me to Chhota bheem movie in theatre just like you take me with you when you go to see any other movie. Really Green Gold films and Rajiv Chilaka are the Pied piper of India.


Aashiqui 2 Music CD

Hi Guys,

The biggest hits of 2013 is the music album of the movie Aashiqui 2. Arijit Singh has really left people enchanted by his voice and sing with him on Tum hi ho! I got the autographed copy of the original CD from Tseries. Really felt great to receive the same and listen to all the tracks of the movie.

This is one album you can buy now and keep it for life!

My personal fav from the album other than Tum hi ho is the Piya aaye na by KK. The song has great music and I really love the KK's voice in the same.


Wednesday 22 May 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown

Hi Guys,

Pre-ordered the book from Indiatimes Shopping and received the same the very next day the book was launched in India. I got the same on 15th May 2013. My wife wanted to read it first so I thought of gifting her this one. The cover of the book is great and here are the pics of the same.Will review the book as soon as complete this thriller set in Florence, Italy.


Quikr Goodies

Hi All,

Sometimes Universe grants your wishes faster than you think they will get fulfilled. Same is the thing that happened with me some days back. Last week I was in Chandigarh at my cousin's place and saw this nice F1 car with a clock from some Alcohol brand and really wanted the same for me too. And Bingo, the very next day on Monday, received the same car from Quikr in a nice package. Thanks Universe and Quikr for the same!

3 Things my daughter has taught me?

Hi All, 
Daughters are the angels in the your life because their cute smiles brings you an internal joy that no other thing in this world can. I am too blessed with an angel in my life and she is the hope and fuel of my life.

My daughter has taught me innumerable things which as adults we tend to forget with time and it's the adaptibility to smile and carry on, no matter what has happened in the past. She leaves me amazed when I see her living in the moment and enjoying herself fully. She quickly adapts to the surroundings and tries to make the best of the same. I still remember when I was in London and she used to live with her grandparents and my wife was working in another city. She quickly readjusted to the place of my parents and when my wife used to visit her every weekend she used to make the best out of those 2 days and one night with her mom. She understood that mom will leave soon and it took her monday/tuesday to come back to normal self but then also she enjoyed herself. It was really tough for us to adjust, but she really did cope up and built herself from there and she was just 1.5 years old.

Secondly, is her quality to get whatever she wants in the way she want. She will build stories around and will try to make you agree by the way of love, smile and sometimes tears but she will be persistent enough to get the same thing done from you. She will come running to me and will ask, Papa, you love me? I will say, yes. Then she will say that Ok, please get my long forgotten toy out of the storing area as I want to play with the same. Another story, is when her mother was doing some stitching on the sewing machine and she wanted to rotate the wheel of the same, but her mother disagreed, so she ran to her grandmother. She told her that my mom is ruining your sewing machine, kindly take away your machine from her. This expression was just because her mother didn't listen to her and she couldn't rotate the sewing machine wheel.

The third quality is the never ending Curiosity and the ability to question the logic and reasoning to understand the world she lives in. Blessed with great listening skills, she understands everything and asks relevant question and we have to tell her the logic and reason why that is so and why is goes like this? She has build up a whole Dholakpur inside her mind and everything runs from there. She thinks Dholakpur is in Singapore and she has to visit Singapore to see if it's there or not. Till that time, she doesn't believe that it doesn't exist in the real world. Last year, her grandparents went to US and she said that she has not seen US so she wants to go with them next year. My younger brother has a dog there in states, so she said she will personally visit to see if the dog does what my brother tell him to? She will question on anything and everything under the sun and it's our responsibility to give fuel to her imagination and curiosity. She loves to eat Parle-G and asked me once what is the G in Parle-G? And as shown in the TV advt, she asked how the cloth is flowing in the air? She tried to do the same with her mother dupatta but failed till she tried it in front of air coolar installed last month. The spark in her eyes and the happiness of achieving something she wanted really created moments that my family will cherish forever.

Thanks a lot.  

Thursday 9 May 2013

My Gourmet Indian Kitchen Party with ITC Chef's

Hello Everyone, 

It feels great whenever you are invited to a party or you are throwing a party because it gives you a lot of time with your loved ones and helps you relax, unwind and enjoy the moments. I was too planning to throw one since my daughter's bday last year where we enjoyed a lot. There were some things which were missing in the bday party of my daughter and I wanted to improve upon them this time. This time the occasion will also is different. The time is to celebrate the new home and I am throwing a housewarming party for all my friends and relatives. Making a house is a lifetime achievement award and I feel great that with the help of my parents I got this reward. Thanks a lot!

Let's start with the planning that goes into making a party which includes setting up a place, food & drinks, decorations, Music, games and finally a good garbage disposal system.

Last time, the music was not properly programmed and there was no playlist saved. This time I have all the music set with the help of my laptop and pendrives. This music will be connected to the best  speakers I have with me. They are not loud enough to disturb the neighbours but will set the mood right to dance. Ipod/iPhone docking with aux in cable will be kept in a room if anyone wants to play his own music and wanting to turn DJ, he/she will be most welcome.

As this is a housewarming party the place will be drawing room, lobby, kitchen, balconies of my house. There needs to be plenty of seating arrangement that needs to be taken care of, for that I will be fetching extra chairs from neighborhood.

Ambience will be a lot of shadow lights in the form of table lamps and wall lights. With soft music on the play in the background, it will be soothing to talk to people around and enjoy ourselves also. All the kids will be given a bedroom with TV as they can watch their favourite cartoon characters like Doramon and Chhota Bheem. They will also be playing with my daughter's toys if she shares and allows them to. Otherwise, TV is the best option with chocolates in their small hands.

Before the food is served it will be time to play some general games like Tambola. Tambola prizes will be those which I have showcased on my website . Some of the lucky people will surely get great goodies from tshirts, bags, music CD's & headphones/earphones. Whosoever will be the lucky winner will have to perform a dance on his/her favourite number to claim his/her goodies. This will be the added twist that will make everyone twist and swirl and bring in a lot of fun to the evening.

Finally coming to the food and drinks part of the party which is the most challenging part as it makes or brakes the party. This time instead of ordering food from local vendors I have chosen special ITC Chef's for my party. Kitchens of India is one the great products crafted by the ITC hotels Chef's. The variety of products available will break away or atleast bring flavors to the regular dal and paneer in a vegetarian party. To check the whole range of dishes available I checked the website  and narrowed down the following items for my party.

To make it more effective so that food don't spoil all the fun on the D day, I went to the nearest superstore to check the products before buying them in bulk for the party. I picked up Mirch ka Salan and Mughlai Paneer as my favourites to taste beforhand.


Mirch ka Salan has a taste which was totally different from what we have ever eaten. This was the taste of Green chillies cooked in white gravy and will be great as an additional dish. So I will be buying 2-3 packets for my party. This is priced at Rs. 95/- for 285gms.


Mughali Paneer is a great Paneer dish and that's maximum Vegetarians can do at their homes or order from the market so Paneer has to be included in all the parties in various dishes. I will be procuring 5 packets of the dish priced at Rs. 100/- per packet of 285 gms.

Dal is a compulsory item as many of the people don't like paneer and other dishes and what's better than ITC world famous Dal Bukhara. I will be procuring 6 packets of the dish for my party.

I will also be serving Vegetable Biryani Masala Mix – 3 Packs and Paneer Makhani Masala Mix – 3 packs as an added servings.

This will all be served with the Laccha Paranthas and tandoori roti procured from the nearby Dhaba or if possible will ask my maid to make roti's for the people who don't like both the above ones.

For the Desserts, Ice cream will be the first choice in summers & will be always available at my party, but then I will introduce people to Hazoori Petha Halwa – 3 packets and Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa – 3 packets.

So overall, I have a big list of Kichens of India products to buy from the market and need to find out any discount stores for the upcoming party. I am procuring around 25-26 packets of dishes and will cost me around Rs. 3000/- only.

For drinks we will be providing the basic cold drinks available in the market – all the three flavours generally sold in the market. I would love to add APPY Fizz as the welcome party drink because it will set the right taste on everyone's tongue. As a valedictory gift for their coming to our home and celebrating our happiness, I will give them a pack of sweets per family procured from best sweets shop in town. We can also think of gifting KOI desserts also if I get them at discount and if people like to break away from Laddoo's and Barfi!

Thanks all, I hope you will feel to come to my party...thanks for reading and enjoying! 


A good garbage system will save you from tension as you can push all the used stuff like paper plates, tissues, glasses and packaging in big black bags and keep them in a corner for ready throw early next day. 

More about KOI - Kitchens of India brings to you a wide range of Ready to Eat dishes and desserts, giving you a gourmet meal in the comfort of your home - just Heat and Eat ! Each of these recipes have been crafted by the Masterchefs of ITC hotels, from royal recipes guarded closely over the ages. You can also choose from exotic chutneys and conserves to add the perfect twist to any meal.

Wednesday 8 May 2013

The love of my life...

Hi Guys,

Madhya Pradesh is the heart of Incredible !ndia....

but what lives in my heart and what I like the most is....


I still remember asking my landlady in London before reaching there if Tea is available in plenty there and can I make it myself using their gas stoves and utensils? She told me, Yes and only if when you prepare the same for me too. I always loved Taj Mahal Tea so bought some packs of the same and continued the Taj Journey in London too! 

Waghbakri tea was the most popular tea there in Wembley area as it's mainly Gujrati community living there. Waghbakri Tea hails from Ahmedabad. Oh...i remember Waghbakri tea has to send me goodies pending since many months for their PredictAndWin Contest!


Books to read in 2013

Hi Guys,

These are some of the fiction & non-fiction to be read during these summers...

Injustice - Sanjiv Bhatia

Chocolate Guitar Momos - Kenny Deori Basumatary

Yoga For You - Prahlada & Shameem

Focus, Sam

The CRISIL Story - Westland Books

I am one of the biggest fans of Westland Books. I have got a lot of books published by them. Last year also, I read a lot of books published by them. Let's hope that I get more before completing these ones...


Monday 6 May 2013

Sony - MDR ZX100 Headphones

Hi Guys,

No no I have not won them, rather I bought them to gift them to someone. These are one of the best and cheapest headphone from the stable of Sony. They are light in weight and comes in two colors. I chose White so that it suits the personality of the person I was gifting them to.

The set has a long cable so that you can use them on your laptop also. Also the cable is thick so it remains untangled most of the time.

The sound coming out from the headphones was way better than some costlier headphones and Sony has a champ in this category for all the students and general users.

Thanks a lot! Cheers

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Sunday 5 May 2013

Tantra by Adi - Book Review

Hi Guys,

This is my second book review for Blogadda and this time it was a difficult read for me as I was busy with a lot of household works. Also, I was not a Vampire on a hunting mission. Coming directly on the book, this one is published by Apeejay Stya Publishing, New Delhi and MRP at Rs. 195/- only. The cover of the book is really beautiful and shows a girl with two blood stained knives with in a full moon night and someone overlooking what she is doing through clouds. Overall the covers really helps you pick this one weekend read. This one will really suits you if you are so much into mystical vampire world. This book is a great channel between reality, spirituality and twilight zones. The central character Anu Aggarwal comes to Delhi from New york with previous memories that keep haunting her until she finds the purpose greater than her own loss of beloved lover. 

The story unravels itself chapter by chapter with new characters introductions. She is faced with different challenges to understand the culture we live in Delhi. She also understoods the night culture followed by the Vampire world. Mysteries are unfolded slowly and at the right pace. A strong emotional connections is felt between the characters mainly Anu and her aunt in Delhi, Anu and Gaurav, Anu and Mr Sharma etc. Anu falls in love with Gaurav and overcomes the lost Brian from New York. How brian dies and what happened to him remains a mystery till the end of the novel.
Senaka seems to be a great villain and really keeps everyone on their feets throughout his introductions and afterwards. He is the constant source of mystery and drama for this novel. Anu learns dekhan dekhi culture so closely followed by Indian Society and the preparation associated with the same also. She does learn a lot from that event which takes more than 2 chapters and covers the same vividly. 

What I could learn from the novel is the meditational practices to master something in life is repetition with pure heart. She does learns the lost secret powers of astras so big for her only through repetitions and chanting. We too can become big if we chant whomsoever we feel like praying or loving. It can be money, health, wealth, studies etc. There are connection of threads in this world shown which seems to be strong and real. I really fell in love with the threads. The writer has beautifully packaged a story inside a religious belief system and introduction of chanting to those who doesn’t read these big religious books on meditations etc. He does arouse my interest in the subject and I loved that I don’t need to read anything else than this story of Anu finding her way in this spiritual world with the help of a right mentor. In my case the mentor will be the book Tantra and Adi. I would give 4 stars out of 5 for the novel. This is a kind of spiritual book covered in a vampire world and will not be favourite for everyone. I too struggled hard to complete this one but then I touched some threads which helped me going till the end of the book. Thanks Adi.

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Friday 3 May 2013

Wimbledon, United Kingdom - On a walk

Hi Guys,

Here is another walking trip to the All England's Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon Village from the nearest Tube station. This is a trip during a non-event day and will post the event day pics in my next blog post.

This is the Borough of the Wimbledon

This is the map of the Wimbledon Park featuring some tennis courts, a small golf court, good lawns, a lake etc. It was the longest walk ever across any park. The other longest walk can be of Hyde Park in Central London.

These are the tennis courts I am talking about. Yes, it indeed is the budding ground to motivate locals to perform well against USA players.

This is the walk that I am talking about. This is one of the best entries in any park and really makes you walk the park again and again. You feel that you are walking the aisle of your marriage steps.

 This is the lake on one side of the Wimbledon Park.

This is the Golf Course just opposite the All England's Tennis Courts.

 This is the first look of the stadium.

 This is what it!
 The names of all participating tennis stars with results are displayed for the last year's event.
The famous Rolex watch to keep the timing at Centre Court and other courts too at Wimbeldon.

 This is Sir John "Fred" Perry - he won the Wimbledon Championship for UK.

 The world famous symbol of Wimbledon. It is shown repeatedly on TV during the event if you have seen some matches.
 This is the last tube station on that particular line.
This is the shopping complex and is names after CentreCourt as in Wimbledon Club. It features a lot of branded shops and also has a good food court featuring Pizza Hut etc.

Thanks Guys, I hope you have liked the view at Wimbledon.

Do comment.

Regards & Cheers!!!

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Photo Walk - Khajuraho - A weekend trip in Pics

Hi Guys,

I made a weekend trip to Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh to see the famous temples & nearby areas. This is my journey in some pics.

This is the Western Group of Temples welcoming us all!

The local art in the form of Bell Chime. 

 This is the entrance to the Jain Temples of Khajuraho.

  This is the  light and sound show held every evening at Western group of temples. The weekend trip from Delhi to Khajuraho offers a great way to relax and learn a bit about the history of Indian temples and cultures. Cheers!!!

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