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Wednesday, 27 November 2019

@DJIGlobal Top Product Picks for the 2019 Holiday Season #BlackFriday

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Whether your readers are bargain shoppers, photographers, drone newcomers, travelers or technology enthusiasts - there’s something for everyone.

DJI's Black Friday Promotion will run from November 28 - December 2 and the End of Year Promotion will run from December 12 - January 1.

*Please note that Osmo Mobile 3’s holiday pricing will only be available for the End of Year Promotion.
@DJIGlobal Top Product Picks for the 2019 Holiday Season #BlackFriday

The cutting-edge answer to the demands of the creative content community
Top Features
A unique dual-color screen design that gives a live feed of the camera to the front display, perfect for composing selfies
RockSteady, a high-performance stabilization that reduces unwanted camera shake
Dustproof, shockproof, waterproof and able to operate in sub-freezing temperatures
Capture 12-MP photos and 4K video up to 60fps @ 100Mbps
Capable of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video in 4K/30fps
Offers intelligent features including timelapse, slo-mo and custom settings

RRP: 6,999 ZAR
Promotion: 5,499 ZAR
@DJIGlobal Top Product Picks for the 2019 Holiday Season #BlackFriday

Capture life’s moments with ease using the DJI Osmo Pocket
Top Features
Capture quality videos and photographs with the help of its mini 3-axis gimbal
Just 4" tall and capable of recording 12-megapixel photographs and 4K video up to 60fps
The battery life of up to two hours
Advanced preprogrammed intelligent features include ActiveTrack, FaceTrack, Timelapse, FPV Mode, and 3x3 & 180° Panorama

RRP: 7,499 ZAR
Promotion: 6,999 ZAR
@DJIGlobal Top Product Picks for the 2019 Holiday Season #BlackFriday

Advanced yet simple, new design and features enable users to capture life’s memorable moments in cinematic quality
Top Features
The new design is foldable and makes operation manageable with one hand
Switch between portrait and landscape with a click of a button
Offers features, including Story Mode, Gesture Control, Sport Mode, ActiveTrack 3.0, Time and MotionLapse, HyperLapse, Panorama, and Slow Motion

Standard Model RRP: 1,899 ZAR
Promotion: 1,699 ZAR *End of Year Promotion Only*

Combo RRP: 2,299 ZAR
Promotion: 2,099 ZAR *End of Year Promotion Only*

Take smooth, shake-free video and crisp photos and add a cinematic and professional look to your work
@DJIGlobal Top Product Picks for the 2019 Holiday Season #BlackFridayTop Features and Technology
Designed for larger DSLRs and cameras with a max payload of 8lbs
Easy to set up, easy to balance so you're up and filming quickly
The Auto-Tune Stability feature intelligently adjusts motor parameters
Features a redesigned carbon fiber monocoque style frame
Battery time up to 12hrs
Includes intelligent features: SmoothTrack, Panorama Mode, CamAnchor Mode, and Timelapse

Standard Model RRP: 13,999 ZR
Promotion: 12,999 ZAR
Essentials Kit RRP: 9,399 ZAR
Promotion: 8,699 ZAR
@DJIGlobal Top Product Picks for the 2019 Holiday Season #BlackFriday

A tiny toy drone ideal for learning to fly that performs the fun pre-programmed trick
Top Features
Offers a stable flight experience with the ability to hover in place
MP camera, HD video (720p)
Up to 13 mins of flight time
Great learning drone
Cool pre-programmed tricks including 8 directional flips, Throw & Go, Bounce Mode
Ideal drone for beginners

Standard Model RRP: 1,999 ZAR
Promotion: 1,499 ZAR
Boost Combo RRP: 3,199 ZAR
Promotion: 2,499 ZAR

Buying Guides:

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@AcerAfrica Launch Incredible #BlackFriday Deals That Can Save You Up to R20,000!

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@AcerAfrica Launch Incredible #BlackFriday Deals That Can Save You Up to R20,000!~Acer reveal a series of Black Friday deals to suit any pocket ~
Acer Africa, today announce their awesome 2019 Black Friday deals that can save you up to R20,000.

Available from the Acer Store

@AcerAfrica Launch Incredible #BlackFriday Deals That Can Save You Up to R20,000!
Get the Predator Helios 500 from the Acer Store for only R34,999 – a whopping R20,000 discount on the original price. With its Intel Core i9 processor, colour accurate IPS screen that will win any staring contest and perfect, full HD view, this unit will most certainly make any gamer weak at the knees.

@AcerAfrica Launch Incredible #BlackFriday Deals That Can Save You Up to R20,000!Acer will be also be offering deals on their 24” and 27” Predator Gaming Monitors, also from the Acer Store at R5,999 and R6,999 respectively offering you a saving of up to R2000. These zero-frame monitors have been designed to immerse its users with the large active display that is adjustable from a swivel and height perspective and 1 millisecond response time.

The sexy, Intel Core i5 Swift 7 is retailing from the Acer Store from only R21,999. This beautiful, ultra-thin notebook comes in crisp white with a 14” NarrowBoarder display, backlight keyboard, and fingerprint reader. Acer felt that the flirtatious R7000 saving on this unit would be better spent pampering yourself.
@AcerAfrica Launch Incredible #BlackFriday Deals That Can Save You Up to R20,000!
Available through other retailers

For those gamers not brave enough for the Helios 500, Acer has also released a deal on the Nitro 5 gaming laptop for R11,999 through Makro and the Nitro 5 Intel Core i7 model from the Acer Store for R14,999. These devices have been designed for optimal playing comfort – from the onboard specs through to the physical, tactile gaming experience.
@AcerAfrica Launch Incredible #BlackFriday Deals That Can Save You Up to R20,000!

The gorgeous, red Acer Aspire 5 laptop is on offer from an online retailer, Takealot with an R2000 saving at only R6,999. This provocative head-spinner comes with an Intel Corei5 processor, 1TB HDD and sexy 15.6” display.

@AcerAfrica Launch Incredible #BlackFriday Deals That Can Save You Up to R20,000!
The Acer Aspire 3, with its responsive Precision Touchpad, is an Intel Corei3, Windows 10 Home Intel® Celeron device that helps you work more effectively. This device is the perfect way for you to join the Acer family and is available from Game from R4,999 – even at this price point, Acer is still offering an impressive R2000 saving.

These deals are valid from Friday, 29 November and ONLY while stocks last!

For more Black Friday deals, visit the Acer Store or check our social pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

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Hands-On with the #GalaxyFold: A Form Factor with a New User Experience @SamsungMobileSA

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Samsung captured the imagination of the world with its recently released category-defining flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. At IFA 2019, visitors had the unique opportunity to experience the Galaxy Fold for the very first time.

For those who were not able to experience this, the video above provides a look at what a hands-on experience of the Galaxy Fold looks like for users.

The Galaxy Fold’s unique design and foldable form factor, providing you with two options for screen size in one device, provides a brand-new user experience. When closed, you can comfortably access all your essential apps with just one hand. But when opened, the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display offers a truly immersive viewing experience, allowing you to get lost in videos on a screen that’s so big, you won’t believe you can fit it in a pocket. From the camera to the gallery to the latest gaming apps, users can enjoy next-level experiences with their favourite content on the spacious screen of the main display just by opening up the device.
Hands-On with the #GalaxyFold: A Form Factor with a New User Experience @SamsungMobileSA
In order to facilitate maximum productivity and ease of use when switching between the Galaxy Fold’s two displays, Samsung developed two features especially: App Continuity and Multi-Active Window. With App Continuity, you can switch between using an app on the cover display and using it on the main display seamlessly. For example, you can check an email when the device is folded, and then, when you open the device to reply, a version of the email app that is optimised for the expansive screen will open, allowing you to comfortably view the full contents of the email. Following the uninterrupted screen transition, you can then reply to the email using the keyboard, which is optimised for placement near each of your hands.

Multi-Active Window allows you to take advantage of the increased screen real state of the main display, as you can open multiple apps simultaneously and easily use them at the same time thanks to an optimized UX for next-level multitasking. Whilst reading an email, you can easily drag and drop your Calendar as well as Google Maps from the device’s side panel into the Multi-Active Window to work in three windows simultaneously and coordinate a meeting quickly and efficiently. You can also easily adjust the dimensions of each app window so as to see more, or less, as you require.

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Celebrating a Mom-in-Tech: Claire Carter @Lenovo_Africa Marketing Director for the MEA Region

Hi Friends, 

Claire Carter, Lenovo’s Marketing Director for MEA, chats about the business benefits of having more women in the tech industry and why Lenovo sees this as a priority.

1. When you started at Lenovo two years ago, you had spent nearly two decades in the FMCG industry, working for brands like KFC and Flora. From a gender balance perspective, what first struck you about the differences between working for a consumer technology company and an FMCG company?
CC: Tech is undoubtedly more of a male-dominated field, particularly in the Middle East region, which was very different from what I was used to in FMCG. But I moved to this industry because I wanted to be part of the digital revolution, as technology becomes more and more embedded in our everyday lives. It wasn’t an easy switch to make, but I was drawn to Lenovo particularly because of their focus on supporting women in their leadership journeys.

2. Only 25% of people working in the tech industry are female. What do you think is the reason for this?
CC: Certain fields have a gender-skewed legacy; for example, historically technology has been seen as a ‘male’ industry, just as areas like teaching have been regarded as ‘female’. It’s precisely this legacy that the Women in Lenovo @ Leadership (WILL) network are redressing by focusing on hiring, retaining, mentoring and promoting women. Thirty percent of Lenovo’s workforce is female, which is above the industry average.

3. Why do you think gender balance is crucial for companies, and specifically tech organizations?
CC: There have been many studies showing that gender-balanced teams perform far better than those that are dominated by just men or just women. Diversity in all forms – whether we’re talking about gender, or ethnicity, or age – is always beneficial for companies. Quite simply, diversity of approach delivers better results. For example, women generally go about their daily tasks differently to men and deal with people differently.

This gender balance is crucial for the tech industry, in particular, bearing in mind that 60 to 80 percent of consumer buying decisions are made by women. It’s important that we focus on the human aspect of our devices, i.e. what they can do to enhance your life, rather than just the technical specifications. Lenovo ensures that women are a part of our product focus panels right from the design phase.
Celebrating a Mom-in-Tech: Claire Carter, @Lenovo_Africa Marketing Director for the MEA Region
Claire Carter_Lenovo Marketing Director, PC & Smart Devices Group, Middle East and Africa
4. What do you really love about your job and working at Lenovo?
CC: Leading a marketing team is not my only job; I am also a mom, and Lenovo helps me to be present and productive in both roles. I’m not judged on the number of hours I spend at my desk but rather evaluated on my outputs. I love our agile culture, which is leaps ahead of other companies. I have flexibility so I can pick the kids up from school in the middle of the day if I need to, and a team I can count on to keep things running smoothly while I’m out of the office. Lenovo empowers its people and in this way gets the best out of everyone.

5. What has been your personal experience with the Women in Lenovo Leadership’ (WILL) network?
CC: Lenovo established WILL back in 2007 as a global platform for local initiatives to support women in our company to succeed. To be honest, I didn’t realize how important it was for me personally to be part of a programme like this one until I started to become actively involved in WILL. You don’t know what a meaningful role you can play in paying it forward to other women until you get the opportunity to do so.

6. Are there any women working in the tech space who you admire and why?
CC: I’m a great fan of Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook. In her TED talk, “Why we have too few women leaders”, she focuses on the gender battle of confidence versus competence.

Men are just better at selling themselves, while women inherently lack confidence, even though they possess the skills needed to do a job effectively. This notion really resonates with me, and it’s something I tackle through my work with WILL and also as a facilitator for Google’s I Am Remarkable initiative, which focuses on women empowerment.

7. What three tips would you offer another woman who wants to work in the tech industry?
CC: Firstly, make sure you have a team you can count on and trust. Secondly, find a reverse mentor, i.e. someone younger than you who knows more about the ever-changing world of tech and can help you navigate through areas you need to build know-how on. Finally – be brave! Sit proudly at that boardroom table and don’t be shy to say your piece.

8. Why would you encourage women to consider roles in the tech space?
CC: Why would you want to work anywhere else?! Tech isn’t just a small department in your company, it’s how we all run our lives, both personally and professionally. It’s exciting to be a part of an industry that simplifies people’s lives and empowers them with tools, especially when working for a respected and innovative leader in the tech space like Lenovo.

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In the Market for A New Car? Tips to Ensure You Don’t Buy a Box of Troubles #ImperialAuto

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Once you have made the decision to buy a car, it is tempting to want to get it NOW! The fact, however, is that buying a car is a big purchase and it is advisable to contain your excitement. It is also a good idea to do some research and tick some boxes in order to eliminate the chances of buying yourself a box of troubles. According to an article on, the number one mistake made when purchasing a vehicle is not doing your homework![1]

Do that homework
Start off by knowing the market value of the car you like before you consider buying. Knowing the market value, for both new and second-hand options, will allow you to tell whether the seller is overcharging or not. It’s also a great idea to look at reviews of the car you prefer to see what drivers are saying about it. It’s also a good idea to get an idea of the upkeep and maintenance costs too. It is best to go into the sale equipped with all the knowledge available to you.

What questions should you ask the seller?
It’s really important that you ask direct questions about the car. Some private sellers may think that they can sucker you into buying a problem car.

The questions you should ask include:
  • How old is the car?
  • How many previous owners have there been?
  • How many kilometers has the car done?
  • Does it have a full-service history?
  • Has the car been in any accidents? 
  • Does the car have an existing warranty or maintenance plan? 
You will need to ensure that you receive honest answers to these questions, so it is a good idea to take someone experienced with you.
In the Market for A New Car? Tips to Ensure You Don’t Buy a Box of Troubles #ImperialAuto
Perform an inspection and test drive
Dealerships, who are part of the Imperial Auto group allow customers to perform inspections, but with a private seller, this might be difficult to arrange. If you are able to arrange an inspection of the car with the seller, then you will need to inspect it both internally and externally for any damages or irregularities. 

During your test drive, you will need to listen out for any strange noises coming from the engine. You will also need to feel the suspension and note how the steering and brakes feel on both town roads and on the highway.

Taking a car for a test drive at a dealer, as an Imperial Auto dealer is really easy to arrange. Just don’t forget to take your valid driver’s license with.

Inspect the paperwork
Even if the car looks great, drives well and the price is right, the next vital step in the buying process is to inspect the paperwork. Ask to see the ownership documents and any service documents, and the car logbook. The benefit of buying your car through a reputable dealer is that they make sure all of that is done for you.

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The Expo Industry in #SouthAfrica: An Insider’s View By Mr. Craig Newman, CEO, Johannesburg Expo Centre

Hi Friends, 

From MamaMagic to the Vodacom rAge Expo and HuntEx to SA Fashion Week, there are exhibitions for so many different niches in South Africa every year. And for the most part, the exhibition industry is showing no signs of slowing down. 

One of the most recent events, Vodacom rAge, is a perfect example of the extent to which likeminded people will turn out in support of an event that plays to their unique interests. 

Several exhibitors reported that they did so well, they had run out of stock by day three of the event. 

Vodacom rAge caters to a very specific niche – the toys, gaming, sci-fi, and fantasy market. According to PR Newswire, the global toys and games market is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% between now and 2025. 

That’s just one example of a powerful niche market that’s gaining ground year-on-year. 

Exhibitions are focused on marketing opportunities that bring your target market to you and allow you to network with your audience for ongoing sales. They’re fostering niche pocket economies everywhere. 
The Expo Industry in #SouthAfrica: An Insider’s View By Mr. Craig Newman, CEO, Johannesburg Expo Centre
Expo trends now 
Other niches are also on the rise, and the exhibition circuit is a great opportunity to capitalize on consumer interest, even in a struggling economy. 

It’s not just the big ones that are doing well. Smaller-scale exhibitions are also seeing an increase in attendance. For example, broadcasting, entertainment and communications technology expo, Mediatech Africa, attracted 7525 visitors in July this year – a six-percent increase over last year, with 701 brands on display and 148 exhibiting companies. 

South Africans love a good exhibition. We’re a culture of hobbyists and weekend project collectors who love to turn up for a day out at an expo centre to consult the experts who know about the things we like, buy the latest and greatest goods and enjoy fine fare from food trucks, donut stands, and boerewors roll sellers. 

Having attended many varying exhibitions myself, as an industry professional and exhibition enthusiast, I can confidently say that we’re in a business that’s growing every year. Trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions contribute to the local economy, boost tourism and enhance South Africa’s GDP. 

Exhibitions truly tap into the South African entrepreneurial spirit. An article published by Fin24 in 2018 states that visiting business delegates – many of them here for conferences or exhibitions – contribute around R115bn to our GDP annually. 
The Expo Industry in #SouthAfrica: An Insider’s View By Mr. Craig Newman, CEO, Johannesburg Expo Centre
The feelgood factor 
The common denominator, whether you’re at Africa Health, Discop Africa or Vodacom rAge, for the most part, is the positive energy you encounter as you wander between the stands and showpieces at most South African expos and shows. 

The Rand Show in April this year completely changed lives with a local entrepreneur making a whopping sale of over R500 000. And it’s a testament to the fact that destination shows can provide a captive audience for exhibitors. In this case, it was the Rand Show’s dedicated SMME section, activated by the South African Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. And I’m sure we can expect many more stories like this one to come. 
The Expo Industry in #SouthAfrica: An Insider’s View By Mr. Craig Newman, CEO, Johannesburg Expo Centre
What does the future hold? 
New tools and technology are making the exhibition business more exciting than ever before. Dedicated event management software is making it easier for organizers and exhibitors to plan their efforts to the letter, and electronic booking or ticketing solutions have done away with a human error when it comes to letting people in and out. 

Mobile technology is becoming more and more prevalent every year, with just about every big expo having its own dedicated app to help guests navigate their event and stay up to date with any panels, showstoppers or press events that are scheduled during an expo. 

Digital design and the advent of technologies such as 3D printing have made stands easier to create, set up and strike, not to mention more appealing to the eye than ever before. And if you’re not that keen on the crowds, who knows? There may be more Virtual Reality expo experiences coming up sooner rather than later. 

At the time of writing this, having seen the faces of the people in the crowds at the likes of the Rand Show, Vodacom rAge, the Design Indaba and more, exhibitions are still putting smiles on faces. And every year, they just get bigger and more advanced. Stay tuned for 2020’s exhibition circuit. It’s going to be the most impressive yet.

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Financing a New Car? Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Deal…#ImperialAuto

Hi Friends, 

Purchasing a brand-new car is really exciting – and once you have made the decision you are likely to want to get your car NOW! Be careful not to let your excitement interfere with financing option decisions. Here are some tips from Imperial Auto to ensure that find you the best finance deal possible.
  • Speak to the finance and insurance (F&I) manager at your nearest dealership. This will allow you to interact with a specialist and clarify any questions you may have. They can also assess your specific situation and offer you advice on structuring your finance agreement.
  • Ensure you structure your deal the best way for you. Here are some options: 
    • Deposit – paying a deposit reduces your monthly repayment. If this is possible – it would be a smart move to make from the get-go!
    • Fixed VS linked interest rate – during periods when interest rates fluctuate, you may want to consider discussing a fixed rate with your bank. This option has pros and cons to consider.
    • The contract period – remember that a longer period reduces the monthly instalments but attracts more interest payable over the period. This is entirely based on what you can afford on a monthly basis.
    • Balloon payment – opting for a balloon payment means that you will need to settle a lump sum in order to own the vehicle at the end of the contract period. Although a balloon payment will reduce your monthly repayments, it increases the financial burden at the end of the contract period. You need to be consciously aware of the future implications of this type of deal structure.
  • There are a range of insurance products available that cover both the car (warranties, service and maintenance plans) as well as yourself (death, disability and retrenchment cover) which you can consider. Whichever you choose, would depend on your personal situation as well as the car you intend buying.
The F&I will submit a single application to all the banks and obtain quotes from the various banks on your behalf, thereby making the process transparent for you to choose the best interest rate.
Financing a New Car? Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Deal…#ImperialAuto
There’s no guarantee that you will be approved for vehicle finance, but there are things you can ensure you do which will help improve credit health and greatly increase the chances of being granted credit. 

1. Work out your affordability 
Find out how much you can afford to spend on a car. To do this, simply take your income (after taxes and deductions) and subtract all living expenses. These costs must be deducted from your total income to find out your disposable income.

2. Don’t forget the running costs 
Affording a car isn’t just about the monthly installment. Fuel, maintenance, and insurance are additional monthly expenses that need to be budgeted for.

According to an article on Business Insider, the latest motor trade sales from Statistics South Africa show that South Africans are spending more on fuel than on buying new vehicles. [1]

3. Save up for a deposit 
Financial responsibility reflects well on your credit profile and will assist in ensuring your finance application will be approved. If you’ve shown the bank that you can budget responsibly, you’ll really impress them with a deposit. Paying a deposit reduces the amount of credit required for the transaction which, means lower monthly repayments and improved affordability.

4. Get rid of unnecessary debt 
The National Credit Act requires the bank to take all credit facilities into account, so your credit card and overdraft debt is assessed. These figures are used in assessing your affordability.

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Public or Private transport? Factors to consider…#ImperialAuto

Hi Friends, 

For many people, using public transport is a part of daily life. Even if the opportunity is there to purchase their own vehicle – many choose to rather stick to the public transport option. There are various reasons for this decision, one of which is that, for them, it remains the most cost-effective option. 

In the 2018 General Household Survey (GHS), findings obtained revealed that 54.2million minibus/taxi trips are undertaken by South Africans on a monthly basis. followed by 11million commuters using bus transport and commuter rail operations are made up of 6million. [1]

Cost, location and lifestyle – are some of the primary factors to consider when selecting the best mode of transport, and whether to buy a car or utilize public transport.

Cost is the biggest consideration when deciding on a means of transport. One needs to weigh up the cost of buying a car vs using public transport.

There are direct and indirect costs which should be taken into consideration for private transport:
  • Direct costs:
    • Financing
    • Interest on a bank loan
    • Monthly installments
    • Warranties and insurances
  • Indirect costs:
    • Vehicle maintenance
    • Vehicle depreciation
    • Fuel consumption
Public transport costs vary depending on the mode of transport (bus, train, taxi, and the more expensive Uber) and where you live, but it is most often significantly more cost-effective than private transport.
Public or Private transport? Factors to consider…#ImperialAuto
Location and convenience
The main factor when considering transport options is the area you live in and the proximity of where you live, vs where you work.

The convenience factor can be affected when you look at transport outside of working hours when the options decrease. Most buses and taxis only operate until a certain time, and then there are options like Uber which offers the convenience and flexibility of private transport, but it is not as cost-effective as the previously mentioned options.

Owning a car offers you a lot more freedom and flexibility over your own life, but besides flexibility, there are still other factors to be taken into account like:
1. Do you need to transport goods or people?
2. Is it safe for you to use public transport in your area? OR Can you afford a safe and reliable car?
3. Do you need to travel out of normal public transport hours?
4. How much mobility do you require? (private transport offers maximum mobility whenever you need it).
5. Can you afford to purchase a car AND the monthly costs associated with owning a car

Should you establish that the time is right for you to purchase a pre-owned car, do some research on what is available online. You will find some amazing options through Imperial Auto.

Here are 5 tips to help you when making your car purchasing decisions:
1. Make sure you research first! Establish what kind of vehicle will best suit your needs AND fall into your affordability bracket
2. Work out your budget, taking long term monthly costs into consideration – and stick to that budget
3. Understand financing options
5. Test drive the vehicle

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Road Tripping Checklists to Make Your Next Trip Great #ImperialAuto

Hi Friends, 

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and for many, the excitement starts with the road trip to your vacation destination. Road tripping is fun… however, if you are unprepared, they can take a nasty turn for the worst.

In reality, a road trip needs careful planning with a number of things taken into consideration. Check out this road trip checklist from Imperial Auto!

First things first………

1. Do a pre-travel car check
It’s a good idea to do a few quick checks to make sure your car is road-trip-ready. It will only take a few minutes but could save you a lot of trouble. Here’s what you need to check:
  • Fluids (oil, break-fluid, water and coolant) – this is an under-the-bonnet check
  • Leaks – following the under-the-bonnet checks of the fluid levels, it is a good idea to check for any leaks from various components and hoses underneath your car
  • Lights – check all globes, including brake lights
  • Wipers – ensure the wipers are clearing the water from the windscreen
  • Wheels and tyres – check the tread and the pressure. Also, check the steering to see if the vehicle pulls to one side
  • Spare wheel – make sure you have one and that it is properly inflated. Also, ensure you have a jack and spanner and while you are at it add in jumper cables
  • Brake pads – the composite inner part needs to be above 5mm thick. Also, make sure your handbrake is working correctly
  • Ensure vehicle registration is up to date
If you have no idea how to check these things – or if you know your vehicle is needing a bit of a service rather book it into your nearest reputable service centre.
Road Tripping Checklists to Make Your Next Trip Great #ImperialAuto
2. Eliminate towing troubles
If you are towing a caravan or trailer be sure to tow the line with these checks:
  • Ensure compatibility between your vehicle and the trailer or caravan you’re towing
  • Make sure it is roadworthy and that you have the correct license
  • Ensure that all the necessary components are in place and that they are in good working order. These components include: the tongue, the hitch, the coupler, safety chains, and brake and lights systems
  • Driving with a trailer or caravan generally requires increased concentration. Ensure you have enough space to overtake and remember that making turns are more difficult
3. Have a plan
Although throwing caution to the wind and driving off into the sunset spontaneously sounds romantic and fun… planning things out is a much safer option. Here are some things to consider:
  • Decide what route you are going to take and work out estimated travel time. Make sure you know the directions
  • Plan what time of day would work better for you to travel
  • Plot rest stops and decide if you need to sleep overnight somewhere to break up the trip
  • Pre-book overnight accommodation
4. Don’t forget to remember
When you are making your list of what clothes and holiday essentials to pack – make a separate list of these important road trip travel necessities:
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Money for toll gates
  • Petrol card
  • Music
  • Cell phone charger
  • Items to entertain the kids
  • Refreshments
  • Extra water
  • First aid kit
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@Acer_Education Renews The Innovative School Program for 2020 #AcerInnovativeSchools @AcerAfrica

Hi Friends, 
  • Acer Innovative School Program will be renewed for 2020 to support schools in their path towards digital transformation 
  • Acer for Education will meet the schools participating in the program at the Teachers Advisory Council in Barcelona
  • The goal of the program is to support schools commitment to using technology to transform teaching and learning
  • Acer Project Humanity winner will be announced
Acer for Education renews the Innovative School Program for 2020 and will meet the schools participating in the program at the Teachers Advisory Council in Barcelona. It will be a two-day event that brings together teachers from across EMEA, giving them the opportunity to share ideas and learn how technology can help improve learning outcomes.

Technology is an enabler. It allows to break down barriers as it helps teachers to develop new, immersive and inclusive learning experiences. As a result, more and more schools that have integrated technology in their approach to teaching and learning are finding how it helps students to boost their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, learn anytime, anywhere and improve academic results.

Acer for Education Innovative School Program is a tribute to those schools that have embraced technology as a means to give students new personalized and engaging ways to learn the abilities they will need to succeed in school and life. The program is targeted to all EMEA schools that are taking the path of digital transformation. Whether they are just starting or are pioneers, these schools are committed to helping each student to reach their potential and follow their dreams through innovation and technology.
@Acer_Education Renews The Innovative School Program for 2020 #AcerInnovativeSchools @AcerAfrica
Schools enrolled in the Acer Innovative School program can enjoy several benefits:
Teachers from Acer Innovative Schools are invited to attend the EMEA Teachers Advisory Council, where they can meet with peers, listen to education experts and participate in training sessions
Schools can participate in webinars covering a range of topics to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and tools. Topics include mini-training on Windows and Chrome platforms and their apps.
Acer Innovative Schools can share their stories, achievements or experiences on Acer for Education’s blog and become a source of inspiration for other schools. What’s more, schools receive a monthly newsletter where they can find updates on technological contents, alliance partner news, demo program, and other initiatives.
Each Acer Innovative Schools receives 2 demo devices per year, so teachers and students are kept abreast of the latest technological innovations and can find out how they can help them achieve more.

Acer Project Humanity
Acer Innovative Schools are also encouraged to join the Acer Project Humanity, a new global initiative by Acer to bring humanity at the center of our activities and give back to communities and the environment.

By joining Acer Project Humanity Acer Innovative Schools have the chance to encourage students to develop a positive community-centered approach and experience the importance of engaging in “green” activities. Through their green activities, Acer Innovative Schools have the possibility of supporting the learning path of a Charity Education Organization of their choice.

Winning schools will be announced during the Teachers Advisory Council on November 21-23, 2019.

About Acer
Founded in 1976, today Acer is one of the world’s top ICT companies and has a presence in over 160 countries. As Acer looks into the future, it is focused on enabling a world where hardware, software and services will infuse with one another to open up new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. From service-oriented technologies to the Internet of Things to gaming and virtual reality, Acer’s 7,000+ employees are dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of products and solutions that break barriers between people and technology. Please visit for more information.

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5 Tips for First-Time Car Buyers and New Drivers #ImperialAuto

Hi Friends, 

Learning how to drive and passing your driver’s license is a major life milestone. Now that you have that little card in your hands – the next step is to get your own set of wheels. 

Buying your first car can be quite daunting – that’s why we have put together these 5 tips to help you through the process: 

1. Do your research before and during the car-buying process
Car-buying research includes searching for the make and model of your desired car and making sure there aren’t any major consumer complaints, recalls, or safety-related defects. Just because you like the look doesn’t mean it’s a good first-time car. It’s important to keep your emotions at bay when researching your ideal first vehicle. Research the costs of fuel consumption, maintenance, and repairs.

2. Establish a budget
Be realistic with your car budget. If you have to pay for the car yourself, this is an important time to demonstrate responsibility. While the best option would be to pay cash, usually that’s just not possible. Most car buyers need some sort of financing.

Remember that you don’t only need enough for the monthly repayments, you also need to take into account: insurance, maintenance, registration, repairs and of course petrol. South Africans currently spend more on fuel than on new cars.¹ 

With this in mind, it may take you some time to figure out what car you can, but it’s definitely worth it.
5 Tips for First-Time Car Buyers and New Drivers #ImperialAuto
3. Look for Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles
Certified pre-owned vehicles are the best kind of used car you can buy. Instead of buying a new car, visit your nearest reputable car dealership and let them assist you in finding a pre-owned vehicle that’s right for you.

4. Inspect the car, inside and out
In addition to a visual inspection of the inside and outside of the vehicle, you’ll want to take it for a test drive. Now is the time to find out the history of the vehicle – ask questions like:
  • How old is the vehicle?
  • What mileage has it done?
  • Does it have a full-service history?
For more info on what to look out for check out this article.

5. Secure financing
When financing your new vehicle, try to put at least 20% percent down. This makes it a lot less likely that you will default on your loan. The more money you put down, the more secure your purchase will be and the less your monthly repayments will be.

Before you approach a bank for a loan, check with the dealership. They often have better financing options if you are purchasing the car from them. And since all the payments and purchases come from one place, it makes things a lot simpler.

For more useful tips on purchasing your first car visit blog and join the conversation on Facebook -

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The Future of #Audio Solutions is Almost Here in SA: Meet the new @HUAWEIza #FreeBuds3

Hi Friends, 

Digital music lovers are now moving beyond basic streaming services and are enjoying higher quality streaming that demands higher network speed and lower latency. The rise of audiobooks and podcasts are also shaping the market for earphones, as audio tracks require a level of sound quality for an optimal listening experience. The true wireless stereo headset will also become the norm in the 5G era. Huawei will be launching its flagship headset, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3, in South Africa next week. They pick up the human voice efficiently for call quality that feels like a face-to-face conversation and supports active noise cancellation for immersive music experience. Here’s a sneak peek at the main features of the brand new HUAWEI FreeBuds 3.

Intelligent noise canceling
Keeping user behavior in mind, HUAWEI’s FreeBuds 3 is designed to provide active noise cancellation features, even in noisy environments, without compromising on comfort. The earphones use advanced technologies to filter ambient noise, thus blocking environmental interference for a more immersive and high-quality music and call experience, even in noisy environments such as malls and restaurants. The noise reduction effect is further complemented by the Open-fit TWS design, which makes the earphones more comfortable to wear.
The Future of #Audio Solutions is Almost Here in SA: Meet the new @HUAWEIza #FreeBuds3
The HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 also use a bone sensor feature that picks up vibrations of the head to better distinguish the user’s voice from background noise, further enhancing call quality by reducing ambient noise. To further improve call quality, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 use an aerodynamically designed wind cancellation microphone duct that reduces wind noise. This patented air tunnel blocks all wind, making the headphones effective to use outdoors.

Ultimate performance with Huawei’s wearable chipset
The HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 house the proprietary Kirin A1 chipset, the world’s first Bluetooth 5.1 and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 wearable chip designed by Huawei. The chip will ensure a stable and seamless connection to provide an overall enhanced experience, including better anti-interference, lower latency while gaming, a more stable connection and a smoother call experience anytime, anywhere. The chip also brings an immersive high-quality music listening experience, thanks to lower latency and better synchronization for audio and video. It is designed to provide optimum data sharing between the two earphones, while also greatly reducing power consumption for longer battery life.
The Future of #Audio Solutions is Almost Here in SA: Meet the new @HUAWEIza #FreeBuds3
Booming bass for studio-like sound quality
Premium quality music is one of the core focus areas of the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3. To deliver studio-grade music, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 are manufactured with customized acoustic components and innovative architecture developed by Huawei. The components and architecture work together to balance treble, middle and bass, while a custom-designed bass tube reproduces crystal clear details for a music experience like no other.
The Future of #Audio Solutions is Almost Here in SA: Meet the new @HUAWEIza #FreeBuds3
Long-lasting battery
Based on Huawei’s famed fast-charging technology, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 offer 2W SuperCharge technology. This supports both wired and wireless charging, allowing users to charge up with either a USB Type-C wire or a wireless charger. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 can also be charged with a HUAWEI smartphone that supports the wireless reverse charge, by simply placing the case on the back of the phone.

Utilizing the highly efficient power consumption of the Kirin A1 chip, HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 is able to provide four hours of playback from a single charge, and a total of 20 hours when used alongside the charging case.
The Future of #Audio Solutions is Almost Here in SA: Meet the new @HUAWEIza #FreeBuds3
Nature-inspired aesthetics
Available in black and white finishes, the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 come in a pebble-shaped rounded charging case and are designed to fit comfortably in the user’s pocket or their hands. The case pops open for easy access to the HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 earpieces that have an ergonomic rounded curve with a natural open-fit design that ensures a comfortable and stable wearing experience while also housing a hidden power button in the middle of the right side. The ergonomic open-fit design not only fits better but also reduces stuffiness and discomfort, making it easier to wear in all scenarios, be it during your daily commute or while you’re at the office.

The HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 will be available from 2 December. RRP is R2,999.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Bigger And Better With A Fresh New Face On The Team @Rand_Show #myrandshow

Hi Friends, 

Hot on the heels of a highly successful 2019 Rand Show and with planning for Rand Show 2020 already well underway, the Rand Show management team has just revealed an ace up their sleeve. An ace by the name of Didi Okoro, their newly appointed Sales Manager. 

With a passion for media and sponsorship sales that started in 2005, Didi joins the Rand Show team with 15 years of hands-on industry experience. A founding member of boutique media house Contact Media, she started off as part of the sales team and rapidly rose through the ranks to become Head of Sales. After launching and managing several high-profile titles, Didi’s creative influence truly came to the fore on The Afropolitan magazine, one of South Africa’s premier black business and lifestyle magazines. Didi’s vision and creativity assisted Contact Media in developing The Afropolitan into a brand that now boasts global recognition, and led to her developing Afro Nights, a music-inspired event that celebrated being an Afropolitan, which she successfully ran for five years. From there Didi decided that she wanted to strengthen her digital media knowledge and joined digital communications agency, TouchBasePro, where she cut her teeth on all things digital for a year before joining the Rand Show. 

This remarkable young woman is a force to be reckoned with and has big plans for Rand Show 2020. We took some time to get to know Didi and get her to take on this exciting new challenge.

Why are you excited to take on this new challenge? 
DO: This for me is a dream role. I have always loved events and the adrenalin rush that comes with them. Rand Show is clearly the front runner of events in terms of size and is so close to a lot of our hearts because of the memories most of us have from it. I cannot wait to not only apply everything I have learned over the years, but I am also so excited to learn truckloads more from this great team that I am joining. The most thrilling part for me is the fact that I came on just as we began the rebranding and repositioning of the brand, and I can’t wait to be a part of this change that is going to blow away the City of Johannesburg. 
Bigger And Better With A Fresh New Face On The Team @Rand_Show #myrandshow
The Rand Show has been around for many years, do you have any personal memories that you’d like to share? 
DO: My first memory of Rand Show is from 1990, as a 12-year-old girl, when I traveled out of town alone for the first time with my friend and her mum to come to the Rand Show. I remember being super excited about all these wonderful things to see and do, and after the show was over it almost felt like I had traveled overseas. From there I would visit the show as a young adult again on a number of occasions with my mum and sisters. To date, my mum remains a die-hard Rand Show fan. My goal for Rand Show 2020 is to leave visitors with that same wonderment which I felt decades ago, to truly leave them feeling like they’ve never experienced anything better. 

What are your thoughts about women in this industry? 
DO: Women in this industry are a force to be reckoned with and I have met the most inspirational and amazing leaders in my time, who happen to be women. We are not in competition with men, there is simply too much work to be done, so why lose focus on something like that. We are proud to be strong, smart, intelligent and knowledgeable women, and with these traits, backed by passion and drive, our focus is always on the job at hand and doing it to the best of our ability. 

What are you hoping to achieve in 2020 for the Rand Show? 
DO: Firstly, let me say, we will always appreciate our past exhibitors and remain loyal to them. However, the demographics of South Africa have changed over the last 125 years and the things that our core target market is interested in have changed with it. I hope to succeed at embracing this change through my strategy of attracting new and exciting exhibitors, new and exciting activations and just an all-round reigniting of excitement in the Rand Show through our offering. 

Finally, why should people visit Rand Show 2020? 
DO: Let me start by saying - the rand show is for you not for us. That is why we have gone through the aggressive rebranding and repositioning of the Rand Show. One of the most exciting additions is our new eight themed zones which will allow consumers to go straight for what excites them. The Zones will host everything, from the Kids Play Zone, Gaming Zone, Lifestyle Zone, Motoring Zone, to the all-new Foodie Zone, all of which are an experience not to be missed. Rand Show 2020 is earmarked to be the best show we have had in over a century, and there will be something to delight every member of the family. With the show now shortened and jampacked into six days, we can only hope you will be able to visit all the Zones and stands because there is going to be so much to see and discover, every Zone will be better than the next. The Rand Show is not a trade show…come connect, make memories and discover something new. You will not regret it. See you there, at #myrandshow! 

To exhibit/participate in any way at the 2020 event, please contact Didi Okoro at or Willem Jordaan at

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