Monday 28 April 2014

Product Review - Old Spice Deodorant Spray

Hi Guys,

Old Spice has been in the market since 75 years and has been able to create an own niche in men’s shaving range of products. I have always been fascinated since childhood towards the red bottle of Old Spice after shave lotion. I have used my uncle’s bottle of Old Spice several times whenever I used to get some wounds while playing or just for the cool fragrance. 

The very first time I bought my own bottle of Old Spice Whitewater and Musk after shave lotion was in Hyderabad when I was doing my MBA. I still remember it was on sale combining two lotions in one pack. I immediately bought two Old Spice After shave lotion packs (one for me and other one for dad) and they really served me long. In between I switched to Clarins as I got that as a gift from my brother in law and as soon as that one was over, I bought Gillette but I dearly missed my red bottle.

As life events happened, I moved to Johannesburg and my roommate gifted me Old Spice Musk in this small white bottle. It felt like a home coming while being outside the country. I was really happy to use the same.

Meanwhile, I always wanted to use their deodorant range and wanted to break away from the fascination owards BRUT. Old Spice new red deodorant spray cans with several versions namely Kilimanjaro, Hawkridge and Wolfthorn really motivated me to buy them immediately. I bought them from the nearest Pick n Pay store.

I really felt in love with their fresh and refreshing fragrance and long lasting effect. All the versions are great and I really loved this new range of Old Spice deodrants. Try one for yourself and you will like them too!

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