Sunday 27 April 2014

Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 6

Hi Guys,

Amazing are the colors of nature and I love it a lot. I visited Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden in Roodepoort, Johanesburg and came across some of the beautiful creations of nature. Check them on facebook

Stay Together to bring beauty all around you.

So what if it's a day, I can create a twinkling effect right in full sunshine!

Blood is all around in Game of Thrones and so am I, full of color!

The Power of One - I want world peace and a uniformity all around to treat everyone as one!

I am omnidirectional and collecting all the negativity to convert it into Smiles, joy and laughter!

The moon shining bright amongst the twinkling stars and so can you! The yellow represents the SOUL that is the living force for all of us to shine brighter and brighter!

Every moment is great when you are one with nature! Do go and take a walk in a park near you and enjoy the beauty! 


Clicked using Panasonic FZ5 Camera
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