Friday 25 April 2014

Movie Review - Jatt & Juliet 2

Hi Guys, 

Jatt & Juliet 2 have been able to recreate what the first part of the movie was famous for. The Jatt and Juliet broke all the records for box office collections in Punjabi Movie industry but the second one has outdone what records were created by the first part. Anurag Singh really made a niche for himself with these two movies.

I really loved the second part a lot and there are a lot of sarcasm and fun jokes about Punjab Police and difference between them and Vancouver Police in Canada. The story is not new but the treatment is amazingly great and refreshing. The movie will remind you of Namaste London and Jo Bole so Nihal

I really liked Diljit in this Dabangg avatar and songs are also nice. Neeru Bajwa looks amazingly beautiful just like ever and acted very well. Mr Chawla and Shampy continue to tickle your funny bones in this second part once again. Shampy continues to make his way to Canada in this movie also. The best part about the whole movie is the acting of Jaswinder Bhalla. I don’t think he needs any props or dressing to bring fun on the screen, even if the whole time camera is just focused on his face, he can bring laughter to everyone. He got a great comic timing and voice modulation by which he brings entertainment in every movie. The movie will never bore you for a single minute and I was laughing a lot during the whole time till the end. 

After watching the second part, I too wanted to see Canada for once in my life. The movie brought me a lot of memories of Hounslow & South Hall in London, UK which I have been to many times. It is a great atmosphere to be a part of extended Indian community in those areas and living the life which offers the best of both the worlds. It offers good income and Indian delicacies together which really motivates me to go and stay in London, UK once again. 


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