Sunday 29 September 2013

I am Explorer -The Road Less Travelled

Hi All,

The journey always starts early when you have to reach home and the travel is long enough that takes quiet a lot of time. Longing for your home and family is the top priority whenever you have some holidays. I too started a journey early in the day as sun rays was ready to kiss the planet earth.

As I traveled I came across diverse road and paths which really took my breathe away but the heart still was wanting to see the faces of my family only. 

A lot of traffic early in the morning showed that many of us love our families and travel a lot to see different cultures, place or to meet friends etc. 

Small breaks at regular interval really helps the drive as it keeps you awake and energized all along the way. 

The sun was at it's full bloom when it was giving it's full power to the grass and a lot of Vitamin D to my skin and body. 

The country side makes you think whether the people living are concerned about ratings, salaries, promotions etc. Whether they know brands and wants to wear them? Whether they want to eat in five stars hotels or are happy with whatever they eat at home? 

There is no difference rains or sun creates between rich and poor, caste or creed. It gives all it's rainbows equally to everyone without any difference. It doesn't think of inequalities created by peoples based on religion, countries, lands, sex, cultures.
The fresh and growing farms will definitely bring a lot of good food and health to everyone.

 As changing clouds changes the amount of sun light we get and same is the luck we get in our lives. We keep receiving the same daily but sometimes when we are not in touch with our heart we miss that luck. When again we get in touch with our soul, we are lucky again. We all are born lucky.

 The path keeps changing so is the scenes as monotonous landscape can really fall you asleep. I have traveled many times via some paths which were same through 100 kms and really felt like sleeping as there was no change and it sets in your subconscious and makes you fall asleep. Beware of such spots.
It was the time to choose the right road to reach the home at the earliest. Many times in lives we have these decisions to take which way we want to travel.

 We should always build or mend the bridges between those torn relations which are still there in our hearts.
 It will take a lot of courage but it will be worth it.
 It was those crossroads where you have left behind to live a life of your own. It was time when you cross those again and do what you always wanted to do in life.

As life changes so are the roads and weather. A certain gloominess took over the skies as I was nearing home.

 But the next very moment - some previous memories made me feel better and so was the weather change as I passed the moments of sadness. The only thing constant is change. Always remember that as it will help you in whatever you do in life.

 As it was dawn so was the time to take the next few kilometers to cover and the destination is near. As the mountains meets the roads so is my dreams to come to reality.

The sun too was going to say good bye as I traveled the whole day along with it and it's been a great partner.

 It was time to take a break and say final good bye to the sun. The next destination will be home as I traveled the entire day and it's time to take some rest.

As I took the last turn I could see my destination right in front of my eyes. The joy to meet my owns took over the heart.

The final frontier is the home and so my journey came to an end. The road less traveled took a life being but the joys to reach the destination is immense. Living your life to make it more beautiful and for those around you is the only road that should be traveled by all human beings. As I met my owns, I felt happy and the as the night took over the sleep really took me into my arms and slept peacefully away from the pace of life I was in. Thanks home and the drive and the roads. I feel happy.

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Escape Into Freshness - Kids and Cars

Hi All,

We all have cars and we all love our cars. The only purpose of cars is to make our ride comfortable while we take care of the car just like our kid or as a closet family member. We flaunt our brand new cars via it's brands or may be via it's length CAAAARRRR in a recent advertisements or via it's mileage and looks. After a while all we think about is the car's maintenance, the petrol/diesel it drinks every kilometer and clean interiors. 

I do have my dream to own a car got fulfilled when I bought my Santro with the help from my dad as he took most of the loan. The basic logic of the car purchase was to make a comfortable ride for my wife and kid who was yet to born as it was a travel of 300kms from the place I was working and where my family lived. 

Post kid's birth, it was the first time when I took my daughter to the place I work and came to know that Car really made the travel easy as well as entertaining. Because of the kid, many a times it was time to change the nappies, sometimes milk vomiting and many other things made the car stink for quiet for some time. It was a difficult time cleaning the smell these things left in the car. As my daughter was growing so was the things that fell in the car. From corn snacks to popcorns to soft drinks spilling, the car took quiet a beating till 4 years.  After many years of travel, the smell was always subtle present in the car. 

As I received a Light Citrus version sample of the Ambi Pur Vent Clip from the company in a Indiblogger drive. While I was very confused that what this 2ML of liquid will do to the car but as the first clip vent inside the car the bad smell really left the car forever atleast for about 30-40 days. But after this was over, I really need to find out another one quickly in the market so as to make the ride more comfortable. 

The mini vent was spill free and there was no problem that it should be upright only which happens with other kinds of available in the market. The price is just about right at Rs. 200 only. I really felt refreshed as I went on the drive to the nearest mall and to a relatives place. My wife generally takes the car to her office as her office is nearly 30kms drive and this really helps if the car is free from any odour. I am really happy that my car is really great after nearing 4 years and 40000kilometers and still feel as fresh as new one. 
Cheers to AmbiPur products which keeps interiors of the car FreshnHappy.

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Ambi Pur Home Range - Boiling Boiling BURNT

Hi Guys, 

The power of fire is very strong as we can have a lot of things done using it starting from cooking food to running a train. Some time back, I was having a holiday and no one was at home as my mom and dad went outstation and my wife went to her company. My kid went to school and I was left all alone to boil the milk. 
As planned I thought I will be boiling the milk and it hardly takes 10 minutes so I poured the milk in the container. It was complete 2.5 litres of milk that I put on the gas. I promptly kept the light of kitchen ON to remind me of the boiling milk. 

Meanwhile a call came and I went on to attend to that and after that I was completely lost in a movie watching the same on my laptop. It was after around 1.5 hoursas I smelled something pungent flowing around. I checked my laptop wires and other bathroom appliances to check what happened? But then as I went on to check further, I saw a lot of smoke in the kitchen and saw that the gas was still on and there was a huge black stones insides the container which had milk earlier that day. 

I forgot completely and slowly and steadily milk converted to rabri to burnt rabri and finally into stone. I quickly moved the burnt milk with container to the open atmosphere and poured a lot of water in the same.

It was a dark heavy air that took the whole home and I quickly opened all gates and windows but the burnt smell was very strong. It took another hour to atleast bring the kitchen to the visible level without smoke. But by the time maid came at 130pm she smelt something unbearable and she was not able to stand in the kitchen to wash the utensils. And also I was afraid that my wife and family members will keep this event in mind always and will give me a hard time forgetting the same. 

I tried some local room fresheners and agarbatti/dhoop we used for Puja purposes but nothing was taking away the burnt smell so strong from the kitchen. 

Somehow I remembered that I got these amazing AmbiPur air effects range from Delhi meet so quickly I searched for the same and found out them in the bathroom hidden in the almirahs. It was time to the final countdown and I quickly sprayed a full five six sprays so as to completely wipe out the burnt smell. But it was not easy to go and Ambi Pur has to fight it's best to give some pleasant fragrance. I don't know how it worked but I went on the kitchen again after half an hour and sprayed some more so as to completely wipe out the bad smell to turn my misdeeds from Smelly to Smiley! :-P 

Thanks to AmbiPur the smell was so subtle but it became visible to my family via the burnt container that took around 1 month by the maid to slowly clean it. The milk became so hard that knife was also not able to cut through. The maid kept me saying that it's difficult to clean the container and we should throw away the same. 

It was a great day when I forgot myself in the work I was doing while the whole house burnt to milk smell. Never ever go out of the kitchen when you have put the milk for boiling is my moral of the story.

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Cheers!!! & Enjoy!

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Friday 27 September 2013

Product Launch - Nokia Lumia 1020 - 26 Sep 2013

Hi Guys,

It has been a pleasure to get invited to a Product Launch of something as grand as Nokia Lumia 1020‎. The venue chosen for the launch was Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Saket ( and this was the first time I was going to be there. With great hopes in my mind, I started my journey to reach the place by it's scheduled time of 12pm onwards. As I entered the venue, I found the place to be already filled with a lot of youngsters from various mobile .com sites and press reporters along with camera men. I met my contact and he welcomed me to the event and asked me to go ahead with some snacks for all invitees. After having tea and talking to The Hindu Cameraman, Nokia crew asked us to move towards the venue specially created for the launch.

The whole theme of the event was in Yellow color so there I got that Lumia in Yellow will be launched later or atleast it will have something in common.

The event starts with an welcome speech by Ms. Kaul from Nokia Lumia. 

She invited Mr. P. Balaji, Managing Director, Nokia India to take on the stage and introduce the product.

Checkout the O in WELCOME in the form of Camera Lens which remained the theme of the Nokia Lumia 1020 Product launch.
Some great facts presented to make a momentum to the amazing world of Lumia. 27mn Nokia Lumia handsets sold till now. Windows OS is India's second largest OS in mobile phone category.

A small audio video presentation brought about some amazing photographs of people with facts about mobile photography taking center stage in our lives.
 Everyone is a photographer now. From a VGA or 1.3 Megapixel camera person to huge Pureview 41 megapixels everyone wants to capture something or the other.
As we have eyes, these cameras have lenses which has the capacity to capture minute details which our eyes sometimes misses too. After three minutes of video, I was convinced that I too belong to the family of Mobile Photographers. Some 2bn photographs are capture everyday around the world using mobiles and 600mn are uploaded on the internet daily. AMAZING FACTS!

Nokia has over 450 Imaging patents with them starting from their first camera phone to Pureview. They has a long history of innovations with was the theme of the hall in which this presentation was going on with photographs of various sets like Nokia 7650, N95, N8 etc. It took Nokia 5 years to make Nokia 808 Pureview phone with 41 megapixel lens.

N8 has been my favourite camera phone as I got it for a month or two for testing purpose while I was in London. Really took amazing photographs using the same. But I told the team clearly to change it OS from Symbian to something else to make it a grand success.

 After this presentation, another audio-video introduced the new NOKIA LUMIA 1020 to Indian press and consumers.
Here is the phone in full glory.
P. Balaji along with Vipul Mehrotra, Director - Smart Devices, Nokia IMEA with hands full of Nokia Lumia 1020.

Some features of the Lumia 1020 presented
The main focus of the whole press meet remained it's mighty camera which is 41megapixels and took 1 year to develop GUI & the same for windows phone version from Pureview 808.

Many feature - Zoom Reinvented and Fine tuning of the camera setting with a single click was presented and demo was given live.

Every pixel in Lumia 1020 is made of 7 pixels so you can zoom in and out at ease.

 The phone comes with wireless charging shell, a tripod camera case with battery and wireless charging plate.
This was one feature which when demonstrated really left me saying WOW! 

The presentation concluded with the tag line  - THE BACK IS THE NEW FRONT

Now it was time to invite some celebrities and Nokia chose three from diverse fields. Here they are

J J Vallaya, Imtiaz Ali and Vikas Khanna. Nokia gave them a Lumia 1020 one week earlier and asked them to shot various images on themes given to them. They all find the camera very useful and the clarity of snaps while printing left them surprised. It was an eye opener for them to that smartphones too can take and beat DSLR in it's own game. A whole exhibition was scheduled for the images clicked by these celebrities by Nokia on 27 Sep at the art gallery.

J J Valaya talking about his other interest - Photography and upcoming Delhi Photo Fest starting today.

 Vikas Khanna was at his humorous best and really bring laughs to this otherwise serious presentation. He looked so humble and impressive. It was my first time watching these stars and I couldn't believe my luck as I saw 8 celebrities in two days from back to back events.

The event wrapped up with a lunch after the launch and a goodies bag for everyone invited for the launch. The phone was displayed to be tested by the guests. The goodies bag included a Nokia on rice keyring, Nokia Lumia 1020 diary and a pen stand from art gallery along with a book about various painters and artists with a brief summary about each of them.

I felt great after the event and participated in their twitter contests also so as to win a Lumia device myself or the any other of many Lumia series phone or goodies. Hoping and fingers crossed! 

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Live_InStyle - McDowell's Karaoke World Championshiop - Zonal Finals

Hi Guys,

I was a lucky fellow to be selected by Live_InStyle ( to cover one of the most sought after Karaoke Title Championship in the city. LiveinStyle is one of the best guide to leading a glamorous and stylish life. I really loves to watch all the events unfold in front of my eyes on their website. This is really a tool to remain aware about what's happening in your city.

The venue selected for the Zonal finals of this year's 2013 KWC Indian Trials was 100% Rock at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj. It started raining in the evening and in Delhi, during evenings if it starts to rain, you can caught up in traffic jams for hours. I was a bit anxious about reaching the location on time so I called up the McDowell's contact & he said don't worry as the event will start late by around 900pm. As I traveled to the venue on a rainy day on my bike, the cool breeze really relaxed me a lot. I loved the time in the travel to reach the destination around 830pm. I called up the contact and he briefed me about the event. 

McDowell's is associated with Karaoke World Championship ( for the last two years and this is their third season with the event. The winners from India (1 Men and 1 Women singer) will take on the other nationals in Finland. Today at Delhi, it was the zonal finals between 25 top most amateur singers from all around this region. They could have been walk-ins from regional rounds or via their Google Play app ( or wild card entries. All the selected 6 winners from all the zones will meet in Mumbai to fight for the grand title along with a wild card entry to make the competition again 25 contestants. All the very best to all the contestants.

Coming back to the Zonal finals held at 100% Rock, Delhi - The place was full of energy as I entered the arena. Contestant were already practicing on their prepared tracks and there was a lot of enthusiasm all around. Let's check out some of the pictures clicked by me and more pictures can be find out at the or

 The sponsors pad

The stage waiting for the contestants to perform.

The trophies looking for their well deserving winners. 

The people chilling before it's time for action. 

Some inspiration was there in the surroundings and setup was amazing to perform.

 The host for the evening introducing the judges to all of us.

Behold....who are the judges?

Let's keep this a mystery and let the next image bring about them all in one shot!

Wait for it....

Any Guesses????
Here they are - the some of the most famous and well established names in the Music Industry. Stating from left is Aditya Jassi, Meiyang Chang, Nandini Srikar, Shibani Kashyap & Ishq Bector. WoW! The cheering was loud and full of whistles as they took the seats of judges. I was really very very happy to see all of them together in front of my eyes. I have only seen them on Television and youtube video's. I am thankful to for this amazing opportunity to see the stars in front of my eyes. Let the competition begin -

 The very first contestant rocked the stage completely.

The judges with their notepads judging contests on the defined parameters.

The singing continues on original sound tracks. I can tell you all one thing, that I tried singing the song on the Karaoke App at home some days back and I found myself so funny that I never tried it again. It's not at all easy to sing Karaoke. Hat's off to these amazing participants.

The singer from Lucknow with a bollywood track - O re Piya from Aaja Nach le

The Delhi Girl totally rocked the stage.  
Some buddy time together between the otherwise busy guests.

Another girl brought to us Adele song. She was so great, I hoped she could also sing another song of Skyfall track. 

The Delhi Daredevil rocked the stage with his unusual song and performance. 

The smartest contestant of the evening from Gurgaon. Some whistles from a lot of girls came along. 

This contestant must have got all the marks for taking the stage and burning it up. Awesome stage presence. 

Finally, it was the company who stood behind and covered for all the event for all of us. McDowell's No. 1 Soda thanks a lot for taking out the talent from India and taking them to World Karaoke stages. I hope someone's dream will come true in another week's time to travel to Finland and perform to the world.

Thanks for fulfilling a dream come true to witness a singing competition live.

Looking forward to be in this glamorous and stylish world always!!!