Saturday 5 April 2014

Promotional Goodies - Movie Tickets - Philomena - @Women24

Hi Guys,

@Women24 is a women's magazine and website catering to the women all over South Africa and world to read, learn and entertain.

They keep running some or the other competitions on their website and I was lucky enough to come across their website offering 120 Premier show tickets to Philomena movie for their lucky readers. I immediately applied for the lucky draw and received the great news that I have won the passes to the movie along with free cold drink and pop corns. 

The event was organized at Hyde Park Corner, Nu Metro cinema and show started at exact 8pm. The movie was much awaited as Judi Dench's acting was selected for the Oscars this year. She actually is the real power of the movie, as she takes audience back to the days and brings in a kind of humor and laughter along the way. The story has no happy ending but you always feel hopeful since the start of the movie and engrossed in the characters. The movie brings to the mind the rigidness of the religions sometimes affecting a lot of lives, separating mothers from their kids, brother/sisters from their siblings, kids from their parents due to some act which is against the law of Almighty Lord.

The director has really criticized the rigidness but in a subtle way where you don't actually feel against them also as it explains the view point of both the parties.

Thanks a lot to @Women24 for the tickets and looking forward to win more and blog about the same. 


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