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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

#TheEmptyShop - Charity begins @SandtonCity Johannesburg

Hi Guys,

Sandton City has a heart of gold and while the centre is proud of being Africa’s ultimate shopping destination, Sandton City always seeks ways to help those for whom just buying a loaf of bread every day is often a struggle.
According to Statistics South Africa’s 2014 figures, 23-million South Africans are still living in poverty. To help combat this reality, Sandton City, in partnership with McCann Johannesburg, is proud to announce the launch of the award-winning global CSI campaign, The Empty Shop. Pioneered in 2013 at VillaLobos Mall, São Paulo, Brazil by Loducca, The Empty Shop has created a unique way of donating, and now it’s finally coming to South Africa. 
A novel approach to giving to charity, The Empty Shop concept is very simple: donate, style and empty. From the general public to fashion bloggers, stylists and celebrities, everyone is invited to contribute pre-loved clothing, which is then transformed daily on mannequins with show-stopping looks. Not only will people be able to donate alongside famous fashion and personality faces in South Africa, everyone who donates clothing will unite and be part of a new initiative, bringing charity and fashion together! Every evening the store will be emptied and ready to receive new donations the next day.
Launched yesterday on Tuesday, 28th October with a media and celebrity presence, The Empty Shop will see the first clothing donations displayed from 29th October to 16th November 2014. This ingenious fashion and charity store will be open in Sandton City’s Checkers Court daily from 9am to 7pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 8pm Friday, and 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.
All clothing contributions will go to Sandton City’s selected charity for 2014, HospiceWits. “We urge South Africans to embrace The Empty Shop campaign - remember that your previously loved clothing can change someone else’s life,” says Joy Ruwodo, HospiceWits’s Marketing Manager.

The Empty Shop has since been successfully hosted all over the world including Milan, Berlin, Austin, Buenos Aires and Riga. See more about this global initiative:
So don't forgot to clear your closet and almirahs for all the old clothes that you think you need or will wear them one day. That one day will never come and you won't wear your old clothes as you continue to buy new ones. Donate these at #TheEmptyShop and give some breath to your closets. 


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@Zomato - The delicious evening @WalnutGroveSA @SandtonCity Johannesburg

Hi Guys,

The festival of lights is the time when we find ourselves deep into the desserts and sweets. It's the time to celebrate the best things of life in terms of food, clothes and jewellery. For me it was the time to celebrate with Zomato in their Foodie Meetup at Walnut Grove in Sandton City, food court. The place is simply amazing and has an increasing fan following because of their commitment to quality and they simply make your time at the restaurant enjoyable.
Walnut Grove is being run by Elle Ruschioni and her brother Fotis Drakopoulos. It was started by their parents in 1975 and ever since the food has become more tastier and healthier year after year. Here is Elle with Zomato's Heino Gehle.
The setup and decor of the restaurant is awesomely beautiful and this is the chandelier representing their strong belief in great food brings great moments in your life which keeps shining throughout your life in your memories and that's what you cherish.
I never thought or saw the place in all my previous visits to Sandton City but now after spending some timer there and eating some of their vegetarian delicacies I want to go there again and again.
Walnut Grove specializes in cakes, cookies, coffee, tea, milk shakes, smoothies along with various other food items. 
Every item they make or bake is special. Once you have tasted their stuff, you will forget all the other bakeries in town. The first photograph shows variety of Micro Wraps with Hummus, grilled halloumi, polenta crumed feta, olives and avocado; Quinoa with crumbed feta, roast butternut, mixed greens and beetroot relish.
This is my vegetarian board containing Fried Vegetables Lemon Zest Basket, Rustic African Nachos, Paneer Cashew Saffron Curry, Herbed Mushroom Red Velvet Burger. Every food items that was served was extremely delicious and tasty to eat. By the time desserts came I was so full that I could not take more than a bite of each of them. 
Here is the Trip of Gourmet Milkshake Shots, Summer Macaroon selection and Red Velvet Cupcake. Desserts are so nice and tempting that I should have left main course and start from there only.A special Mascarpone Spoon with Coffee Caviar really was an experience of lifetime.
The departing gift from the Walnut Grove was this out of the world Rainbow Cake to keep your family and friends hooked to this restaurant. It not only looked awesome but tasted divine. Even if you don't have time to visit and sit at the place, go and buy a slice of this cake. This is the best I have ever eaten in my life till now. In all of my self obsession with vegetarian food, I completely forgot to take even a single snap of Non-vegetarian food that was served.

Check out this awesome place in Sandton City in your next trip and enjoy your best moments of life in Walnut Grove. Follow them on twitter and facebook. Check out Zomato at


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NutriBullet - Blends an instant dose of health

Hi Guys,

It’s summer time which means healthy living, outdoor activities and easy meals. The revolutionary NutriBullet extractor is the ideal companion for enhancing your wellbeing not just over the holiday season, but every day. NutriBullet extractor has just won a coveted Fairlady Consumer Award because of its revolutionary, easy-to-use and ultra-effective design along with being a great kitchen appliance which is changing the way health-conscious people eat.

Unlike everyday juicers and blenders that remove all the fibrous pulp from fruits and trap the best vegetable chunks in their blades, the NutriBullet is a superfood nutrition extractor. It completely breaks down raw ingredients to their most nutritious, most absorptive state – in just 30 seconds.

The prestigious Fairlady Consumer Awards recognize the best household goods of the year – and serve as a valuable guide to consumers who want more bang for their buck. Ranked according to both efficacy and price, the products are rigorously tested by a panel of respected judges. NutriBullet emerged as the clear winner in the Best Small Electrical Appliance (Handheld and Countertop) category.

Local A-List celebrities such as style maven Bonang ‘B’ Matheba, radio personality Poppy Ntshongwana and rugby stars Pierre Spies and Jan Serfontein, have also discovered the winning NutriBullet revolution.

Perhaps it’s time you do too… After all, being healthy doesn’t mean being boring! You can choose from hundreds of innovative and simple recipes, including energy drinks, breakfast smoothies, snacks, daily diets and even morning remedies after a big night out. The list of easy blends grows daily as converts submit their tasty creations online. Find them at
With its 600-watt electric motor, the NutriBullet makes it super-quick to boost your nutrition intake. The patented stainless steel blades and unique cyclonic blending action shred, crack, grind and break down tough seeds, stems and skins from unprocessed food. The end result is a raw, smooth, health-packed superdrink that offers you the vitamins and nutrients the way nature intended. It’s so simple to use.

Maximise healthy summer days by purchasing your NutriBullet online for R 1995 incl. vat and free delivery at or call 0861 777 997. Check their interactive Facebook community for weekly special offers, recipes, competitions, promotions and special offers here: Follow them on Twitter: @NutribulletSA

It looks costly at first thought when you compare it with your hand blenders from thousands of other brands but the price is right if you care about getting the highest level of nutrition from your food. It is indeed a revolutionary product which you can carry on your trips this summer and stay healthy. 

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Product Launch - Microsoft Lumia 730 #LoveThySelfie

Hi Guys!

Microsoft has launched Lumia 730 Dual SIM, exclusively with consumer champion, Cell C. The device will be available soon at Cell C stores countrywide for just R229 per month on a SmartChat 1GB contract. The recommended cash retail price is R4499. 

The Lumia 730 combines slim, compact design with powerful performance creating an uncompromised smartphone experience. Alongside dual SIM support, the Lumia 730 provides outstanding personalisation with the latest version of Windows Phone 8.1 along with Lumia Denim. The phone is very light weight and comes in matte and glossy back covers. I really loved the Green Matte back cover. 

Lumia 730 has it’s first wide angle, 5MP front facing camera, enabling people to easily capture and share more of what they want - #LoveThySelfie. The front facing camera means a great experience when making Skype video calls, and consumers that purchase their Lumia 730 this year will also get the benefit of three months of free Skype calls to landlines around the world. 

The powerful front facing camera also takes unbeatable selfies in full 5MP resolution, with videos recorded in 1080p. These can be shared quickly and easily via social networks like Facebook and Instagram. With a focal length of 24mm, the Lumia 730's front facing camera captures more of the scene, ensuring people are never cut out of the group. 

A powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, featuring a quad core CPU at 1.2GHz, means a fast and smooth user experience. The 2220 mAh battery keeps you going for a full day, and the 4.7 inch HD OLED display has a viewing angle of almost 180 degrees, making it possible to watch your favourite videos even in bright sunlight. 

Microsoft services such as Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint bring a great mobile productivity experience, and 15GB of OneDrive cloud storage allow you to sync, store, access and share content online. Additionally, you can access a world of apps through the Windows Store, with favourites like Instagram, Adidas miCoach, Vimeo, Uber and Flipboard. 

The best thing I likes it the removable covers to replace it with your favourite colour and also you can change the batteries. Wireless charging has been taken off from Lumia 730 as compared to 720. Also the rear camera of 6.7 MP remains the same across both devices. Dual sim can be controlled via the settings and notifications will enable you to stay in touch always. 

The Lumia 730 will be available locally in dark grey. Consumers purchasing the devices from mid-November at selected stores will receive a free Xbox 360 with games. This offer is limited to the first 250 customers.

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Savanna's #QuestForZest #Summer - Limited Edition Angry Lemon

Hi Guys, 

Summer is the most enjoyable time in some countries and we all want to go out & enjoy ourselves with our loved ones in different tourist destinations. Even if we are not going anywhere we do a lot of Braai and get together to bring all the fun home. Savanna is one brand which definitely brings a lot of summer action to those who enjoy the real taste of Cider. 

Here’s some good news for all the summer lovers out there. It’s a new, ultra-refreshing Limited Edition Savanna Dry Angry Lemon – available for this summer only. With a refreshing splash of zesty lemon, you’ll want to join the #QuestForZest and try it while you can. 

Bringing you the quirky side of dry, new Savanna Dry Limited Edition Angry Lemon is a proudly South African, all natural premium cider with an added splash of lemon and an ever-so-dry attitude.

A new cider innovation, Savanna Dry Angry Lemon is a great choice. It’s the same familiar crisp, dry cider we all know and love, but with an added twist of lemon for a distinctively fresh taste. Stay refreshed all summer with Savanna’s Limited Edition Angry Lemon and visit your nearest liquor store or favorite watering hole.  

Live it up and enjoy summer with Savanna’s famous dry range of Premium Cider – Dry, Dark, Light and now, Limited Edition Angry Lemon. You are any which ways in love with Savanna’s Dry, Dark and Light flavors, so this is the time to cherish a new taste and if you don’t like it, you have something to fall back on. But this won’t happen as Lemons is what we like the most in salads, veggies, pickles, soft drinks, cocktails/mocktails so when it is in Savanna it will definitely make you go for it

For more information visit, be part of the action on or join the conversation on Twitter @SavannaCider #QuestForZest and #AngryLemon. 


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Sunday, 19 October 2014

SADAG - Making Mental Health Matter - 20 years Anniversary Dinner

Hi Guys,

Some organization starts with the determination of a single person and brings a lot of hope and happiness in the lives of many.The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) is also one of such organizations bringing change in the lives of many. Crisis Line number is 0800567567
SADAG has Crisis Centres, School Programmes and Rural Outreach Projects.
The organization is celebrating their 20 years this year as it was setup in 1994 by Zane Wilson. It was her efforts to help others after suffering from acute panic and anxiety herself. It's a problem that is faced by anyone and everyone no matter who you are. Recently we have seen many big hollywood filmstars and singers die of depression. They had all the money and luxuries of the world but still they chose death as the last venue so it's always relationships or someone to speak to that matters most. We all crave for appreciation, care and love throughout our lives.
They celebrated their 20 years Anniversary Dinner by auctioning some of the great art work, jewellery, books and other deals at Metro Restaurant, Benmore, Johannesburg.
Here is Aki Anastasiou who was the MC for the evening along with Auctioneer too.
Zane Wilson was given standing ovation for all her efforts for the last 20 years to bring this organization so far and to help thousands of families all around Africa and other countries. Kindly donate or become a volunteer for this organization at Follow them on twitter or facebook.


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Indiblogger Pepsico #GharWaliDiwali - Diwali with Ghar Wali

Hi Guys,

Diwali is a festival of lights and is the main festival for Hindus in India and people living around the world. I always loved this festival and always look forward to the same since my childhood. From the last many years, due to the job at onsite, I have been missing the celebrations of this fun time. Last year, I had to travel to Johannesburg a night before Diwali. Last year, I had no friends and car here and spent my whole day of Diwali all alone. I didn't had a phone or internet also to call my friends and family. This year also I am here in Johannesburg and will be celebrating the festival all alone but unlike last time, I have access to all the internet and mobile as well as my own vehicles to see the temples etc. 

Diwali with Ghar Wali is the story about the first Diwali we celebrated after I got married way back in 2008. My brother visited us from America and bought us a 32" LED TV on the occasion along with a PS2. We spent a lot of time watching movies and playing games on the TV before the day to travel to our native place in Sirsa from Gurgaon. My brother also bought a Leg massager for mom & dad to take care of their tired feet. Diwali is always an occasion to buy some new stuff and great clothes. The shops are flooded with new things and people do save to buy the Diwali celebration Deals. 

PepsiCo is also celebrating Diwali with and checkout their movie at -

That Diwali we reached our home town around afternoon with some great food prepared by mom. We also enjoyed some great time till it's time for evening tea and to discuss what to do for Diwali this year around. Dad always has some plans to take all of us to our religious Gurus every time we are together for their blessings and good luck.
It was time to meet some relatives and plan to buy firecrackers from some store in a remote area outside town. We spent a lot of money grabbing the best firecrackers in store. My wife and mother were busy decorating the house with flowers and other stuff. I was sent early in the morning to fetch 3 kgs of flowers along with roses for the decoration. The lights were also decorated on the roof walls by the electrician and I took care of the other lights for inside the house. 

We bought some good gifts to give them to relatives and visited each of them. Every time you visit any relative during Diwali festival, you get to eat a lot of stuff. We were fully stuffed with food, dry fruits, home made desserts, chat and tea/coffee. Finally the day arrived and relatives started visiting our house and we enjoyed serving them as they served us with love and care. 

It was the time to light the Diya's and take some blessings from Lord Almightly. It was the time to be grateful for everything we had and all the things we will have in our future. It was the time to celebrate the togetherness of family. 

My brother and me were waiting for all the prayers and everything to end so that we could start on firecrackers. We called all our relatives to a common place to lit the firecrackers. We had some great time of fun and laughter together. It did caused a lot of sound & air pollution and I thought that I will discontinue the use of firecrackers or at least will minimize the same from next year.

Looking forward to have an awesome festival time this year around too and wishing everyone the same. I wish all of you gets health, wealth and prosperity on this festival of lights. May light of hope enters every human being and World achieves Peace. 


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Movie Review - Laggies (2014)

Hi Guys,

Laggies (2014) is an American Romantic Comedy movie starring Sam Rockwell, Keira Knightley, Chloe Grace Moretz in the main lead. The movie is shot mainly in Seattle and revolves around the life of Keira's character and her choices in life.
Laggies (Say When in UK) is directed by Lynn Shelton. The movie is about the life of a 28 years old Megan played by Keira who is still living with her high school boyfriend and is working in her father's company as a sign flipper. On one eventful night Megan met Annika played by Chloe Grace Moretz. Some incidents brought them together and Megan went on to spend some timeout with Annika at her home. Sam Rockwell played Craig, the father of Annika and looks super cool in the movie. Slowly Megan falls in love with Craig while sorting out her issues with her previous boyfriend played by Mark Webber. 

The movie has it's ups and downs but overall the movie is enjoyable. It's an evolution and discovery of Megan as she finally finds answers to what she has been looking for in life. Keira Knightley is the right choice to play this girl's inner dilemma and thought patterns.

Chloe Grace Moretz is showing a lot of potential in this movie also. After "The Equalizer" this movie has given her much more screen time. She has the charm and talent to make it to the top of the Hollywood actresses.

Sam Rockwell has played it's character with a lot of conviction and even beaten Robert Downey Jr. in screen coolness factor.

Overall, Laggies is a time pass movie with some great comic scenes. Go for a light comedy evening with your loved ones in cinema or can wait to watch it on TV. The movie is getting released in Ster Kinekor on 14 Nov 2014. Book your tickets now. 


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Pink Pony - 5 KM Walkathon @CANSA #PIHT #PoloSA

Hi Guys,

Polo South Africa organized a 5 km Walkathon on a Saturday morning on 4 Oct 2014 in continuation with the Polo Horse Trials 2014. 
The entry ticket was fixed for R25 and all proceeds has been added to the final cheque which will be handed to CANSA at the end of the campaign.
The day was enjoyed by all and everyone was invited to join in on the Pink Pony Walkathon.
More than 200 people took part in the 5km walk around the Inanda Country base before a jam packed day of cross country. 
 Prizes were handed out for the Best Dressed Pink Walkers.
Some of the shots of pets as they were also covered in Pink.
Pink was the flavor of the day and CANSA #CancerSupport was supported by all the community present.
All these picture are taken by Polo South Africa's hired professional photographers for the event. 

Thanks a lot to Polo South Africa for extending the invite to me. Follow Polo on Facebook & Twitter. Follow CANSA on twitter.


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