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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Product Review - Royal Dansk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi Guys, 

Royal Dansk Chocolate Chip Cookies are great biscuits which you can have whenever you need to have some fun tingling with your taste buds. It’s really for all those people who love chocolate cookies. 

Being from the same brand Kelsen Group, the quality is always top class. Every penny you pay for the pack is worth the taste and satisfaction you get from each cookie. I have loved them and during EASTER long weekend, I offered them to my friends also. They also liked it and small pack of 100g was over in no time. It contains only 12 cookies so in a way, you can calculate how much cookies you will get as Royal Dansk have benchmarked their cookies. Every 25g is made up of 3 cookies. 

I generally don’t like Chocolate biscuits but these ones I really loved to eat. Try it out and you will enjoy them a lot over a cup of tea or hot milk. Follow them on Facebook & pinterest


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