Saturday 29 June 2013

Castrol Biking Goodies

Hi Guys,

I won these amazing biker's delight goodies from Twitter contest of @CastrolBiking. The goodies bag has this colorful tshirt and a collector's edition of Biking tips and tricks.

The magazine contains articles to plan for a road trip to LEH and other higher motorable roads and how to prepare for the same. Getting your bike ready, dress ready, safety gear and other nitty-gritties of being a biker. This one is really a great read and I am looking forward to spend some time reading the magazine for sure.

Cheers!!! Happy Motoring!

Friday 28 June 2013

My 100th Post - Celebrating with BOSE MIE2i Mobile Headset

Hi Guys, 

This being my 100th post, I wanted to make sure that it represents the best thing I have ever received. Considering my love for headphones and earphones, my cousin came up with an idea to exchange goodies amongst us. He has this BOSE headphones received as a gift from his employer on NEW YEAR. I had several gifts as already mentioned on my blog so a day arrived when I exchanged my gifts for this ULTIMATE experience of my life and passion for MUSIC.

I am a huge fan of Sennheiser and I loved my Adidas CX-310 more than anything else but I did feel the difference when I was listening to these earphones. The difference I felt was that of the SURROUND SOUND. Wearing and listening to BOSE earphones really gave me a feeling that I am sitting in the movie hall or concert hall with voice coming from all sides. I am not aware if Sennheiser also produces same kind of effect in any other headphones/earphones as it's range is very large but I am loving these BOSE earphones a lot. 

I am really grateful to my cousin for choosing me to have these earphones. I am really grateful to Universe too that I receive my goodies whenever I truly deserve them through it's grand design. Thankyou. 


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Thursday 27 June 2013

Philips Neckband Headphones SHS390

Hi Guys,
Received these great looking headphones from Tradus for the TATA VISTA Click2WIN contest held on their website for 3 months. I always wanted to use headphones supported by the neck. I havn't opened the box yet but will surely test them out soon. These are priced at Rs. 500/- MRP and will be available in the market a lot cheaper. Let's see it's worth the price in coming days.

TATA Motors has been a great company sponsoring many events on facebook and twitter via their multiple pages and handles for different cars.I havn't won anything from them on Twitter but won in many of their facebook contest. The goodies sent by them are simply awesome. This time though they mentioned Sony headsets on the winning page but sent these Philips due to non-availability of the SONY model with TRADUS is what i presume. But I am thankful to receive the same after I won them on 25 Feb 2013 and received these on 26th June. The wait has been for more than 4 months so I hope these headphones turns out to be great.


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Monday 24 June 2013

SanDisk Cruzer Pop 4GB

Hi Guys,

In an online contest last year by Sandisk received this amazingly good looking 4gb pendrive. Sandisk is one of the most reliable SD/micro SDcard/mini SD Card/Pen drive maker. I have used many companies pendrives but found Sandisk to be the best. Follow them on facebook

My car's inbuilt audio player with USB is only able to play songs using Sandisk pendrives and unable to read the local and cheap pen drives.

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Twitter Contest - Reliance Securities Goodies

Hi Guys,

Received this pen and paste-it-notes package as a part of Twitter wins in one of Reliance Securities (@Rsecurities) contests.


Thursday 20 June 2013

Book Review – Dongri to Dubai – S. Hussain Zaidi

This is one of those books which you can't put it down until you complete the same & leaves you craving for more when you had finished reading it. It's the whole journey of Mumbai Mafia over the span of 60 years. The book is mainly the rise of one man who rose to Stardom from the streets of Dongri to become a multimillionaire & into the Forbes most powerful people's list. He can easily influence governments to his side, policemen, intelligence agencies, companies & his own army of people. The book is very well researched and a lot of movies have been made by Bollywood on this theme. Shootout at Lokhandwala and Shootout at Wadala is one of the latest ones. Dayavan is also one of those featuring one of the Dons.
Mumbai has always been the center of action for the police and smugglers. Due to Indian government policies of trade, there has been a lot of opportunities for people to find loopholes and smuggle a lot of Gold, Silver, Watches and other valuable items. The funds and income created made these people more powerful. A lot of people came and became pawns to one or the other so-called DON of a particular locality trying to rule the Mumbai, but as it happens in Chess, pawns are the easiest ones to sacrifice for the King. The Mumbai police could never reach for King and as the Kings hold the astute brains to save itself from CheckMate. The best police could ever reach was always till Rook or discarded Bishops of this never-ending Chess game. Pawns were created and sacrificed daily to save Bishops, rooks and even Knights.

The context of what started it all was the loss of job of his Head Constable father due to some police audit case due laid out on several policemen while catching some illegal gang activity. His father was the most respected man in his circle and police. Even big Dons would listen to his advice and he was the man who never fell for any easy money. He tried his level hard to make his son listen to his advice but once on the path of Underworld there is no return route. Dawood has been the most shrewd guy and easily became a leader of youths and created his own gang. He fought the mighty Pathans and due to some misunderstanding was vengeful to one of the Pathan Dons because he insulted his father and brother. Because of his highly intelligent brain and courage he slowly reached ranks of being the King of Underworld. There have been many events that molded him the way, he is today. Anyone passing through all these kind of trails would not have even survived. With the whole world looking out for the D Company, mere survival is difficult and in that pressure, you are ruling the Mumbai and Dubai and world mafia is really for the man who knows his strengths and has worked on his weaknesses to become his strengths. Mafia is ever-changing and there have been many powers rising and falling with time but still, the King has not been replaced till today. 

The book is well written, keeps you engaged, leaves you wanting more, introduces multiple characters & follows their journey to their ends. I would rate this one as a great read with 4.5/5. If you really want to know more about what happened in Mumbai Mafia, their encounters with Mumbai Police and it's connections to Bollywood, this is definitely an awesome read. The author has created the whole narration to keep you engaged until the end. The book is published by ROLI Books and priced at Rs. 350/-. I got the book on KINDLE APP for Free using the newly launched AMAZON.IN website – a free book drives each day from 14th June to 26th June 2013. You too can enjoy the scheme and read on some of the amazing books written by Indian writers.


Sunday 16 June 2013

Western Digital - My Passport Essential SE 1TB Portable Harddisk

Hi Guys,

I was always a data cruncher meaning that I was always on a look out of songs, videos, books etc from friends, internet etc. Earlier I used to carry the hard-disk of my desktop at that time it was something of the size of 40-80 gb capacity. As time progressed, I bought this Transcend 640gb hard disk on 22 July 2010 but that didn't worked well and lost all my data by June 2011. At that time I had to invest in another hard disk as I got the transcend one from Delhi and I was in London at that point. I still have that hard disk as I couldn't complaint to Transcend for the same, but at the time of writing I think this month I will file a complaint. 

Coming back to the buying decision, I had listened about Western Digital but never thought that their hdd will be so small and great in looks. I went on to see the same at the nearest PC Curry showroom and saw the one kept there. I compared the prices with their online store and found out that there is a scheme going on where we can get the same 1TB hdd at cheaper rates of around £65 only using some codes etc.

I ordered the same in  Sep 2011 and got the same within 2-3 days time. This is the amazing piece of technology which has kept my data safe till now and I am really happy with my purchase. To add to my love, I ordered the same model for 3 of my friends and they were equally happy with the purchase. 

I hope that as now the 2 years limited warranty will end but my data will remain safe inside the walls of the hard disk. 

More information at -


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Product Review - Sennheiser CX-310 Earphones

Hi Guys,

I was trying a lot of earphones/headphones and spend a lot of money on many of them in search of perfect sound quality but nothing came close to Sennheiser. I won these amazing headphones in the last week of my stay in London on the last day of the contest held by Sennheiser UK on their facebook page. I got the news of winning from my cousin in India. The earphones was delivered to me at the fastest speed possible and as soon as I opened the package, I was in the middle of a rock solid music performance on the songs I loved. 


I really liked the dual color of the earphones and felt amazingly great to receive them. 

At that moment they were trading at £35 on Amazon.UK and each penny was worth paying for these amazing piece of technology. 

It's been 2 years, I am using these earphones and I never felt need to buy something else. I lost some opportunities in India to win other several models of Sennheiser headphones including MOMENTUM & their HD series. 

Sennheiser CX-310 series is a special edition ADIDAS branded earphones based on the CX-300 series earphones. They have great bass and fits your ears completely to isolate external noise. This helps to bring all the tones of music right into your ears. This also helps you to travel without listening to others talking in metro or trains or buses as you can be totally immersed in your own musical world. Be aware to remove them while crossing roads or any other place where listening to external noise is of utmost important.

I feel very happy whenever I listen to music via my Sennheiser earphones. Now I am looking forward to have any of the model of HD series headphones to test them out and what more in Music quality is unknown to my ears? Let Universe listen to my wish and come with something soon....

till that time...enjoy all of your favourite music whatever way you like it best! 


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Yes Bank Maximum IPL Goodies

Hi Guys,

I won these amazing IPL goodies from Yes Bank towards the end of the IPL 2013 in their Twitter contest. The goodie bag has this funny hat, a tshirt and the balloons.

I hope to continuously win amazing and funny goodies from my Twitter handle @araijain by participating in the great contests held by various companies.


Wednesday 12 June 2013

HP PRINT ART - A Project Managed by PIRATES

Hi Guys,

Indiblogger in collaboration with HP Printers came up with a meet on Saturday 08 June 2013 to take away our summer sweat and give us a new lease of refreshed life using #HPINKADVANTAGE. The venue chosen this time was Fortune Select Global and it was easily accessible due to it's location just opposite Dronacharya Metro Station. Moreover, this was a family affair so you could bring in your families along with you. My wife and daughter accompanied me to the event so the event was double the fun, double the activities and simply superb.

We reached the destination on scheduled time but the necessary preparation for the event were still going on so we waited outside the hall and met other fellow bloggers and friends. My daughter was very happy to see ROB's posters all around the hall. Rob is the host of the program M.A.D on POGO TV. My daughter watched POGO TV from the time she wakes up in the morning to late night till she is asleep. She gives us very less of TV time to watch our programs and mainly asks to watch TV from 8-10pm only. 
The meet started after waiting for some people who called that they are running late, meanwhile we were sent to meet other fellow bloggers on their tables. We went on to meet a group of tech bloggers who were also working on Android Apps. It was a time well spent and really the reach of Indibloggers was felt by all of us. We took down the names and blogs addresses of all the people we met on the Fortune Hotel's notepad which really came handy along with the sweet candies to pass time. Indiblogger meets are meant to socialize and share our ideas and listen to others too. Meanwhile, Anoop started distributing HP goodies based on the age and number of people you have brought to the meet. A child aged 1.5 years was the winner of being the lowest in age and many others win goodies too. 
Finally Anoop was on stage and came up with that that game to pick any number between 1 to 11. Bingo! The first person to pick the numbers always gets the ROCK and this time there was no change in that scheme by Karthik. I was not picked up for any number or so, but a friend on our table got a COOKIE on the last number left. 

30 seconds of fame was again a random profile generator but this time also, it didn't picked up my blog. Some of the people it picked were new and for some the luck is always on their side, but our ears are not. :-) After spending some time on this, Anoop wanted to find the most insane blogger and people started sharing how they are insane? I also tried to be insane but was Certified to be completely SANE by Indiblogger's Team. Thank God, I am SANE certified and signed by AnoopZombie.

A twitter contest was announced where you need to send the biggest prank you have done during your childhood. I started sending many entries but really got nostalgic. 
As usual it was time for the serious aspect of the meet, the person from HP Printers was ready with his presentation with real facts and figures. He really was quick in his presentation and left the forum open for queries. I asked him about the POGO HP Contest where the advertisement shows SMS that needs to be sent is wrong, but he said that don't worry, we get all the responses to us (no matter how you send them, with space or underscore) & you might be lucky to have a meet with Rob & MAD team. I was more than delighted as my daughter is a big fan of Rob.
After the presentation, it was time to announce the winner of the twitter contest and bingo, our friend Murtaza Ali won the brand new HP INK ADVANTAGE Printer. Congratulations!
The stage was all set for Creativity to roll out from the Technology using HP Print ART INK Advantage printers. It was the time to introduce a Paper Art & Craft entrepreneur, Ms. Karuna Chauhan. With B. Com. & MBA (Marketing) degrees on her side, she left her job after working for 6 years in Corporate World and really took this giant leap to work on her dreams and passion. It really paid her well to listen to her heart and she was there to teach us some art and craft. She displayed some of the art work she has done and how easy it is to do the same at home using HP Printers. She showed slides of her various cards, photo books, invitation cards, party cards, gift wrappers etc. It was really motivating factor for all of us as the child inside us all really kicked in hard. She called for volunteers to make some of the goodies with her and some children went on to win amazing HP goodies with her. 
Karuna, Anoop, HP team meanwhile knew that the child inside all of us is ready to accept the challenge so they introduced that we all make a team of 15 members and join our hands once we are 15 people. Our table fetched people from other table saying that this table is a winner's table as Murtaza already won HP Printer and so we were 15 in no time. Indiblogger team asked us to choose a Project Manager based on his knowledge of Android OS and I was the choice of my team. I really felt great to be the Project manager for my team. They asked us to come up with the team name and we chose MICKEY ADVANTAGE using Mickey Mouse from a child's cap whose mom was in our team & #HPINKADVANTAGE the hash tag on which Murtaza won the printer. I really wanted to give my best along with my team. 

The work that we need to do was to Celebrate a birthday party based on a theme which was randomly picked by the Project Managers. Project Managers were called to go back of the hall and get goodies to celebrate the birthday. I called my team members to help me pick a lot of art and craft material including fevicol sticks, balloons, chart papers, chocolates, markers, pencils, sweet jellies, cake, paper plates, glasses, stapler, scissors, glitter tubes and many more stuff. We had to decorate our table, make a invitation card, a poster to display for the party and all of this in just 25-30 minutes of time. 

The theme which we received was {PIRATES}. I am really a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series so really felt motivated to go for it. 
We quickly checked out the things which were given to us and asked team members to work on their strengths. Initially it was a chaos as everyone was running to take their space and decide on what to do? I was totally confused too but slowly small small teams was formed with someone helping with cutting things from the material we got. Some people started with balloons and clearing table to decorate. My team had 9 girls and 6 guys so it was an advantage as girls immediately started working on table decoration and Invitation Card. For the Poster I started working with Ramit Narang. After initial cutting and pasting, I didn't liked it much so had words written to attract more people into Pirates party like – FREE BEER for ALL, HUGS and KISSES, ALL GIRLS Invited and got this poster signed by Captain JACK SPARROW! After the poster was done, the table has been set by the girls from my team. We also thought of having our one eye covered like Pirates and used thread to put it on. I had none left for me so used another Pirate logo to put in on my head as a SARDAR of PIRATES. Also we used those badges to display on our clothes also. Meanwhile, our team was running for use of resources and ideas kept coming in continuously and we incorporated what we could. Overall, it was a great chaos and the tides really made our journey great in the sea. Finally, when it all got settled, we saw that we have done really great as a team of Pirates. 

The time of presentation started from back of the hall and meanwhile my team was telling me to explain all the stuff they designed in detail while I was working on the poster and other stuff. So I was fully prepared by the time, a group of HP and Indiblogger Judges came to the PIRATES Party. They asked the Project manager to explain what all we did and what special we designed for the {PIRATES} Birthday Party. I started my story saying that we were traveling in Titanic and Pirates attacked us wanting HP Printer and other goodies won by our team to which we declined. They put us all inside the lower chambers of their ship. As this could be our last birthday (KAL HO NA HO), so we celebrated everyone's birthday on this Pirates ship. We also said that we have music, borrowed using the HP laptop from the HP team & the HP speakers but it was taking some time to play, so I started singing...

PIRATES ki kashti mein, lehron ki masti mein, Gagan ke shor shor mein, chalein hum zor zor mein, Gagan se door.... (from the movie – Kaho na Pyaar hai) which went really great with the judges as they got impressed by our story and enthusiasm we showed while presenting and the song. The invitation card was really awesome as it got special mention by the judges. 

Meanwhile, I went on to see the competition entries around the hall and found Mermaids to be visually and amazingly great but kept thinking we will win somehow. There was several great things in all of the birthday theme presentations. It was time to announce the winners and as thought MERMAIDS was the most beautiful one and they got the prize as 15 HP speakers for all the team members. 

There was a photography contest also on twitter for Project Managers to send in their team's birthday table all decorated and Mermaids team leader won the HP Printer for the same.
I was thinking that this will be the first time, I will be going home without any goodies won in the event and suddenly a turn of events, Anoop announced that there will be a runner up for the Birthday Party and was PIRATES! I yelled like heaven and all the team jumped with joy! We won 12 HP speakers and 3 HP wifi mouse. It was a Pirate Loot and my gang of Pirates picked up their goodies as per their choices and stared eating the candies, chocolates and cakes we presented in our party. As we were Pirates, we looted other team's cakes also. :-) 
Finally the meet was concluded with amazing snacks and food lined up by the Fortune Select Global on their 4th floor. It was time to discuss and meet other fellow bloggers while munching Samosas, Cutlets, Idli/Vada Sambhar etc. The food was amazing and so was the meet where we put our creative juices to display using the theme given to us. It was really the most satisfying meet I have ever attended and working as a Project Manager really helped me learn a great lot of management skills. Thanks PIRATES, Indiblogger and HP PRINT ART for all the FUN, CREATIVITY and GOODIES! 

NOTE - This blog post is a part of HP PRINT ART INDIBLOGGER MEET in GURGAON. #HPINKADVANTAGE More info at‎

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Tuesday 11 June 2013

TATA NANO Pendrives 2GB

Hi Guys,

Last year TATA NANO held many contests on facebook page and gave away these awesome TATA NANO pen drives in the shape of the car. These look cool and I was really happy to receive them.

However, some of my goodies won never reached me  (Beat the traffic 2 game)  and I asked TATA Nano admin but got no response so stopped participating in their webpage completely. You can go ahead and participate in their amazing contests.


CarWale Pendrive 4GB

Hi Guys,

CarWale is one of the best websites which regularly holds contests and I always try to participate in them. I have been lucky with them many times and keeps getting goodies from them. The very first time I won with them on facebook, I received these paper coasters from them way back in 2010. Again that year, I received a 2GB pen drive in the form of Car from them, which I still use. The quality of their goodies is awesome. Last year I won this 4gb Pen drive from them. Loved the shape of this pendrive. Thanks a lot Carwale!

In their recent very big contest, I was unable to win anything....may be my choices didn't match up with the winning Cars in their awards night.


Friday 7 June 2013

The Power and Magic of The Secret

Hi Guys, 

As a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and Law of Abundance, I am a big fan of Rhonda Byrne books. I have watched The Secret video way back in 2008 and have been manifesting a lot of great stuff in my life knowingly or unknowingly.

At the start of this year I received this amazing iPAD cover from Hitachi Data Systems out of the blue. I remember filling their survey somewhere in Nov end last year. This was the very first gift I received this year.

From that moment onwards, I was sure that I received the iPAD cover and soon Universe will grant me my dream to have an iPAD. I kept the cover always infront of my eyes by keeping the same in my study table. Everytime I saw the cover, I would thank Universe for the iPAD that gonna be placed in this cover. Finally after a span of a month and 5 days, My dream got fulfilled as I won the iPAD Mini. The timing of Universe was perfect in the way that I received the news of winning on my Wedding Anniversary and received the iPAD very next day. WOW! 
Though the cover was meant for big iPAD but who cares as I finally got my Apple iPAD which I always wanted to have since it's launch.
Thanks Universe for manifesting iPAD mini in my life! I am really grateful for all the gifts and wins I receive due to the Law of Attraction. I believe and promote you go through all her books and the video asap. 
Thankyou! Thankyou! Thanksyou!

FC Bayern Munchen - Adidas Cap from AudiIN Twitter Contest

Hi Guys,

Received this awesome UEFA Champions FC Bayern Adidas Cap from AudiIN twitter contest held on the match day! The quality of the cap is really great and above all it's the original Adidas Merchandise. 
Thanks a lot Audi! This is my first win with this amazing twitter handle. Their prizes are always big and grand!

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Thursday 6 June 2013

WeChat with Comedy Characters Who Are Everywhere

Hi Guys,

This time in my Wechat group, we have with us the very renowned TV characters from Comedy serials like Jetha Lal jee from Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma, Kajal Bhai and Sweety from Hum Paanch, Chandramukhi Chautala from F.I.R., Maya Sarabhai from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Mussadi Lal from Office Office.

The question to all of them is regarding Sreesanth, do you know who he is? And is IPL match fixing ethical or what is your point of view?

Jetha Lal - Jai Shri Krishna, Accha accha aaiye jee. Kaun Sreesanth, kya chahiye usko? Hamari dukaan mein sab milega....fridge, AC, washign machine, Geyser, LCD, home theatre, DVD player etc.

Sweety – Sreesanth, kaun hai woh? Is he superstar from South Indian film industry?

Kajal bhai – Haan, Kajal bhai ko sab pata hai beedu! Rotru hai woh apna...underworld mein uska yehich naam hai!

Chandramukhi – Arre, hamare raaz mein usne aisi harqat kaise kar dee? Dekha daal diya nah salakhoon ke peeche chorre ko!

Maya – Disgusting. Shameful. This is really bad to what methods these young generation is following to earn quick money? I am totally shocked!

Musaddi Lal – Janab aisa hai...bijli paani ke bill ki line mein khade reh kar, itna thak jaata hoon ki IPL dekh hi nahin paata...shaam ko sabzi laani hoti hai...kahan match follow karenge...biwi ko hi follow karte hai bhai hum log toh!

Nahin Sir, woh ek cricket player hai, jiska naam IPL ke match fixing mein aaya hai?

Jetha Lal – Accha, yaar humein toh dhayan hi nahin diya, woh kya hai nah, Dukaan aur Pakwaan ke alava humein kuch pata hi nahin hota. Paisa kama kar thoda jod lein, usi mein dhandhe ki bhalai hai! Pakwaan sehat ke liye zaroori hai aur khakhra jalebi khane mein jo mazza aave nah, woh IPL mein kahan se aave!

Sweety – Arre haan yaad aaya, dekha tha uska dance Dard-e-disco pe, ek award function mein naachne ki koshish kar raha tha, par no one can dance like my Hrithik Roshan. Senorita sunoh sunoh...kehte hai hum kya (humming)

Kajal Bhai – Arre fix vix nahin kiya re kuch...sportmanship se hi khel raha tha...ab Gayle khada ho saamne toh kisi ki bhi bowling bekaar lagegi re beedu! Aisech hi naam badnaam kar rahe hai apun ke underworld kaa!

Chandramukhi – Ek fuse bulb toh fix koni kar sake woh, match fix ke karega...bawli booch seh woh toh , thode se paise ko chakkar mein maara gaya!

Maya – Yeah, I know. This middle class mentality I tell you, ByGod is creating a lot of problems in this country. He must be just like my daughter-in-law, Monisha.

Musaddi Lal - Newspaper lagvaaya hua hai bete...usme agle din news aur sports chapta se hi pata kar lete hai desh mein kya chal raha hai? Kyon sahi hai ne jee?

All of them asking me - kaise kiya tha usne match fix during a live match?

Sreesanth, ne IPL match mein towel laga liya tha apne track suit pe to tell the fixers that his bowling will get more than 14 runs in this over.

Jetha Lal – Arre wah, sirf towel latkaane se rokda banta hai toh main bhi apni electronic shop pe towels latka doonga aaj se hi. Humein bhi milva do bhai in fixers se...

Sweety – Towel toh latkana hi padta hai...varna censor board scene cut jo kar deta hai...Ranbir Kapoor ne bhi latkaaya tha Saawaria mein... “Saawaria oh saawaria” (humming)...he looked so cute and sexy! :-) aur toh aur Simran ne DDLJ mein ek poora gaana gaaya hai towel mein... “kaisa hai kaun hai woh jaane kahan hai”(humming).

Kajal Bhai – Yaar towel kaa aur fixing ka kya relation re? Aise hi kuch bhi...bakwaas bol dete hai mama log...aur tum saale sab log paagal ban jaate ho! Apni akal lagao beedu...

Chandramukhi – Arre, bowling kar raha tha ki kanche khel raha tha...full toss ball pe toh koi bhi chakke jad dega! Galat maidan mein aa gaya tha sasura! Haar hi jaayegi woh team jisme aise player honge!

Maya – This is totally against the sportsmanship we used to have in our times with biggies like Kapil Dev, Mohinder Amarnath, Sunil Gavaskar. Games like Golf and Polo suits my personality and social status. Yeh IPL toh Monisha ke liye hai, jo TV pe dekh kar siti bajati rehti hai! So middleclass!

Musaddi Lal – Dekho jee, pehle toh log kehte the ki exams fixed hai, naukri ki selection fixed hai, political parties ka support fixed hai, reality TV pe Vindu ka jeetna fixed hai...aaj toh match bhi fixed hone lage...thode dino mein sab kuch fix ho jaayega sir jee, Lagta hai fevicol ne apna kamaal dikha hi diya!

What do you think is the future of IPL Cricket?

Jetha Lal – Agar bhai...hamare Gujrat ka player leta koi rishwat toh hum toh uski baje dete! Ab koi aur kya kar raha hai...humein kya lena jee...apna toh asool aapko bataya hi hai...Dukaan aur Pakwaan! Ha ha ha!!!

Sweety – Future is always good of sports and Cricket toh desh ki shaan hai. IPL mein har saal naye naye ladke bhi toh aate hai (uhmm uhmm) shayad koi mujhe bhi pasand kar lein!

Kajal Bhai – IPL toh jhakaas hai re...4 ghante ki entertainment party hai re...choke – chhakke jab lagte hai toh kya siti bajtee hai...ground mein kya mast mahaul hota hai baap! Ekdum rapchik! Chalega nahin bhai...dodega IPL!

Chandramukhi – is baar toh saala ghotala kar diya inhone...agli baar se toh darenge saale sab ke sab! Aur hamare raaz mein hum hone nahin denge! Samjhe kya?

Maya – IPL I don't know what to say? More governance and strict policies should be followed. It's not right and against ethics of sports and economy if the matches are fixed like that. I would recommend strong action to be taken against all those caught his year in match fixing.

Musaddi Lal – IPL hai toh bhai fun...ek match le gaya tha mera beta mujhe...itne log hai mumbai mein j o dekhne aate hai match...lajawaab tha environment toh...par yeh fixing – betting toh galat hai...jitna desh ko lootoge, utna jyada tax humein bharna pagega...toh bhai sports ko sports ki tarah hi khelo...haar jeet toh zindagi ka asool hai...Jiyo aur muskarate raho!

Thanks you all! Thanks to WeChat for making this possible to get everyone on a common platform and enjoy the fun to chat with all of them together. More infomation can be accessed at - WeChat's Youtube channel. Pictures are taken from the Internet search.

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Book Review - From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom by Manoj Arora

Hi Friends,

Rat race to Financial freedom is not a book, it's a journey. It is my dream to attain financial freedom one day and this book brought me so much closer to my goal in terms of mentoring & guiding me to become one, the rest depends on my intent and efforts I put in to do the same. This book is definitely different from all the books I have read on this topic by various international writers but I have never felt that connected with the author ever. The experience of reading this book written by Shri Manoj Arora is amazing as the book is his journey to achieve financial freedom and sharing the same with all of us. In a nutshell, it's combination of all the knowledge collected from various sources and reproduced in a way so that a common man like me feels motivated to achieve my dream of attaining financial freedom. I am really thankful to JAICO Publishing House for printing the book and pricing the same at Rs. 299/- only. This is a must have book if you ever want to come out of rat race of jobs, stress, shortage of time etc.

In my opinion, I have never agreed more with any writer on the way, book has been progressed. This might be possible that I myself was looking for ways to be financially free or it's his style of writing. The author's style of writing is very simple so that his words reaches masses. The way he has explained financial and technical terms is really great. The whole story behind the book and the journey thereafter is written in a hopeful & motivating style. You never feel that you can't achieve the same yourself while reading the book, which I have never experienced with all the other books I have read.

Let's me review the book as per the Index and also what I have learned and where I need more help from the writer via his website – There is no fees to access this website, even if you have not purchased the book and can directly seek his advice & guidance on your way to achieve financial freedom. Also all the excel templates created by him in his financial freedom journey are also available to download for free. Due to this half the battle is won as we kept postponing things based on the amount of hardwork it requires to create several headings & sections of an excel and never satisfied with the way our excel looks or works. This is surely a sure shot path laid out by the author and I really appreciate all of his efforts.

The book is broadly divided into 8 sections.

Introduction and Overview – This section covers the idea to be financially free as and when it came in the mind of the writer and what factors motivated him to go for the same? It's his journey and the way he visualized it.

1. Wealth Myths – This is the section where writer breaks our age old myths about money and investments. The best thing he said is we don't require any fancy degrees to achieve Financial freedom but just the dream and passion to achieve the same.

2. Technical concepts in Financial Independence – This sections deals with some of the basic financial formulas and terminologies required to understand financial freedom. This section deals with calculating the returns based on your investments as per different scenarios and some investment rules like Dollar Cost Averaging and Rule of 72.

3. Financial Investment Tools –This section covers all the types of Investment opportunities available in India. He also explains the pros and cons of investing in those investment tools e.g. PF, PPF, VPF, Gold, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate etc. This section really is an eye opener to many of us as we continue to put all our money in one basket which will be taxed heavily later. He explains all of these tools with relevant examples from his own life and how to create a perfect bouquet of benefits out of all of these investment tools.

4. Principles of Wealth Accumulation – This section covers some of the knowledge which he has acquired through wide reading and from working in different environments across the Globe. He has summed up the knowledge which he has gained in all these years of his existence for us. I loved this section because it really made me jump out of my bed to make a plan for myself. I really felt resonated with all the learning as I was able to reflect it with my life. I did my engineering in 2001 but I am nowhere near financial freedom as lost some years due to learning decisions of my life and started working in 2007. 6 years is what I want to cover with the help of this book & adding on the time till 2013 which is again 6 years – I have a lot to make up for.
Reproducing some part of the Index for reader's benefit -
1. Have a strong reason
2. Decide to become Wealthy
3. Start Early
4. Unleash the power of Compounding
5. Get rid of credit cards
6. Sharpen your financial saw
7. Stop Procrastinating, get started
8. Invest regularly
9. Keep your partner informed
10. Win in the margins

These are some of the learning and all of them are explained in a unique style and you will learn them very quickly as author comes up with his life examples.

5. Financial Freedom Planning and Tracking – This section is the main part where you need to actually get down to work. This section is more about doing and execution. This is the main part of the book if you want to achieve the financial freedom. If you just want to read through and no action taken will leave you with nothing in the end. The author has divided the process in 8 simple steps but this journey takes lifelong for many of us. I had to read through this section without actually getting down to work but as soon as I post my review of the book, I am gonna spend coming weekend downloading all the excels from author's website and charting out a path for my own Financial Independence. These 70 pages section is the summary of author's many years of hard work and learning put in front of you so that you achieve your dreams. At this juncture of my review, I remember words of Swami Vivekananda, “Arise, Awake and Stop not till the Goal is reached”.

6. Saving on Taxes – This section tells you about safeguarding your income & cash flows from the teeth of tax. He tells you various ways to save some tax through different Sections of Income Tax. As Income Tax is a very big field so he has covered some of the relevant topics only.

7. Before Calling it a Day – This section helps you decide on when to say bye to your job as you are fully confident that you have achieved your goal of Financial Freedom.

8. Go For It – These section deals with the feeling and confidence it gives you once you are Financially free. Author shares his experiences and wants the same for us too.

Glossary – All the financial terms are explained as a part of this section.

I would definitely give 5/5 stars for this book as author has shared all of his knowledge & experience so that we too can achieve what we set out for! This book is definitely better than reading some International Authors which explains things as per USA or UK economies. This book is for all Indians dreaming to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!

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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Indian Independence Revisited via WeChat App

As WeChat App came into existence along with the idea to get any number of people in a group chat, I thought what would be the debate if I can get people from different era in the struggle of Indian Independence came along and present their point of view. It's going be controversial but let's see it from an social perspective. The people whom I choose to be in my chat are Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawahar Lal Nehru along with Mohammad Ali Jinnah. 

Mohandas KaramChand Gandhi is called as Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu and known to us as the father of India. We came to know more about his principles through “Lage raho munna bhai” where the main character followed his simple teachings of life and wins a lot of hearts in the end and saved a lot of lives. He was the central character in the Independence struggle as he captured the essence of Indian public and motivated them to join in his non-violence (Ahimsa) movement. He started many andolans, one of which is featured in our currency note today. I still remember these remarkable words in a song – De dee humein aazadi, bina khadag bina dhaal, Sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamaal! 

Bhagat Singh referred to as Shaheed Bhagat Singh was the most revolutionary freedom fighter who was hanged at the age of 23 years. He has inspired more number of people worldwide than any other freedom fighter till date. According to some books, he was the first one to come up with Poorna Swaraj idea which was later advocated by INC. We have seen his life journey in many of the movies and Rang De Basanti too.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was called as Lokmanya because of his exceptional leadership skills and trust of people conferred in him. "Swaraj is my birthright, and I shall have it!" is the slogan people remember him for. He was the one who started the Sarvajanik Ganeshtosav in 1894. He was the BAL of the famous trio of BAL-PAL-LAL. 

Subhash Chandra Bose also known as Netaji was the one who attempted to overthrow the British rule by creating an army of his own. He has been the most pragmatic leader whose death is still a mystery. As per Clement Attlee, then PM of Britain, the INA activities led by Netaji was one of the biggest reason to leave India. He showed exceptional courage throughout his life and saw an opportunity to lead Indian soldiers working in British forces to turn against them during World War II. His famous motto was: "Give me blood and I will give you freedom".

Jawahar Lal Nehru, lovingly called as Chacha Nehru whose birthday is celebrated as Children Day in India, was the first Prime Minister of Independent India. He was the longest serving Indian PM as he held the office for 17 years. He wrote many books like Discovery of India & his speech “Tryst with Destiny” is one of the greatest speeches which he gave on the eve of Indian Independence. 

Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the first Governor General of Pakistan and leader of All India Muslim League. He is known as the “Father of the Nation” in Pakistan. He was instrumental in having a separate nation for Muslims when the power sharing failed between Congress and his party for United India. 

So we have all these people amongst us on WeChat and they are talking to each other and after initial talks about what they did in the struggle of Indian Independence and how their standpoint was right, it was my turn to ask them questions regarding the present state of India and their opinions on the same. Though this discussion can be continued for the life of the blog but let's say this time for WeChat thing, we will restrict to a single question. 

Let's start with the issue we are facing daily in terms of numerous incidents of eve teasing, rape and many forms of exploitation of women and kids? How will you tackle this issue and what can be done to stop them or how can they be eradicated from our society?

MG – This is really a bad state of India. Every girl is the daughter of India. We have a history of strong culture and value of respecting women. During Independence struggle, women were equally participating through various ways for this common goal. Many of the great leaders of modern India were ladies only and showing this kind of disrespect, I will not accept at all. As I said in one of my quotes, “Be the Change you want to see”, each and every citizen has to stand up against this crime. I know initially some of you will face the heat as faced by many but then slowly when everyone's respecting their wives, daughters, women this problem will be solved. It's all in the mind that they are weaker sex but it's not the case. Women should also not accept this type of behavior from anyone and should immediately confront the person who is doing it to them. Women should always be the empowered citizens of Modern India.

BS – I lost my life at the age where people are watching movies and having fun. I am really angry to see what has happened to Nirbhaya and many other girls and it is happening daily. If this has been my time, I would have killed all those who even eyes any women with disrespect. I think strong action should be taken against such people and it should be swift action. It's time that every one from the younger generation has to stand against these anti-social elements. It's the youth who defines a country and I see my country's teenagers and students as the courageous lot. They have to stand as a wall against all who disrespects women even if he is one of their close friends. They have to stand on the values and principle to respect women. They will be standing for their mother, sisters, friends & society. They have to educate those who falls into this peer pressure to pass lewd comments to become cool or something like that. It's the right attitude towards women that matters. 

BGT – Being a lawyer myself, I want the cases like these to be taken immediately. In the present state of affairs many of the cases are pending in the courts for like ages. The court taking so much time, makes the criminal fearless and more powerful as he feels that he is above everything in this country. He continues to do several such things again and again. Our judiciary needs to be as much advanced as advanced is our science and technology. With a strong judicial system in place, a feeling will come that LAW is above everyone and has the same rules for every citizen of India. It serves all with equal eye and not being biased towards some minister's son or minister himself or powerful ones. 

SCB – I totally agree what BS has said that country's youth is the key and they will be the army to change India. I also think of the government and bureaucracy should be held by strong leadership. Law enforcement holds the key to successful solution for this problem. Government have come up with this helpline numbers and several other funds etc but we do require an infrastructure built up in this country. With the roads, telephone, television penetrating in all the villages and country so is the knowledge that women are equal part of the society. As country has more infrastructure facilities, more and more people will get more opportunity to change their lives through better jobs and social interactions. 

JLN – Totally in sync with all of your ideas, I think, Education too should be made compulsory to everyone irrespective of age and gender and can sit in a class bench. To teach everyone is the responsibility of youth who can serve as volunteers. The education system should incorporate some compulsory Social Initiative as a part of their courses for which they will be graded. This can happen through NGO's or various government initiatives. They will be given degree certificates if they are able to successfully add value to the society as a whole in all the years of their school and college education. This is in sync with foreign countries where you have to compulsory serve in Army or other initiatives as a part of social security program. Education can enlighten human mind and can be a solution to this problem. 

MAJ – You all are aware about what happens in some of the Arab countries to someone who disrespect women. I strongly recommend that the same action should be taken and that happens in full public view so that the there is a fear of such crime. Democracy has given us power but that doesn't mean we misuse the same. A single incident showcased live on TV will definitely change the country's attitude towards women. If even then these crimes are reported, then let many of these criminals face the heat. I have seen many criminals getting punished for the crime and then after serving their jail time, they again enter the society to do the same crime in a more severe scenario. It's better to make citizens of country fearful rather than criminals. 

After listening to all of the ideas, I think the power is vested with all of us to stand against this crime. I will do my part for this India Shining & social change initiative, ARE YOU DOING YOURS? 

WeChat App can really help us all to stay connected all the time and can have a group to ping in case we find ourselves in some life-endangering situations. Anyone from the group can come to your rescue and this way we can stand together as One for All & All for One. 

More features of the application can be seen at YouTube - WeChat's Youtube channel.

In the end I would like to add a disclaimer that this is my personal interpretation and doesn't represent anyone else ideas and should not hurt sentiments of anyone. 

Thanks & Regards!
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Monday 3 June 2013

Connected HUM TUM always

Hi Guys,

As soon as Abhay started advertising of this latest reality show from Zee TV, it caught a lot of eyeballs. HUM TUM has always been a topic which no one could understand. The best book that could ever touch this topic is "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". I was totally glued to understanding the show better and suddenly I checked the tweet from Indiblogger that this show will be launched to bloggers in Mumbai and worldwide as a meet. I felt really proud to be a part of the Indiblogger network. 

Coming back to Connected HUM TUM, it is a real life experience of 6 women who has lived their lives on their own terms obviously as a mother, daughter, student, housewife, working women serving various roles with perfection. In this world where we don't trust ourselves, sharing our lives with million of people makes us vulnerable and does requires a lot of courage. If I think of myself sharing my life on camera, I would not be able to do it. Projecting an image as an actor is easy but showcasing your real life, in your real world home and friends and scenario is really difficult. I really salute the guts of all these six women which were revealed to all of us at the meet.

The show will start on Monday 3 June 2013 and will be broadcasted daily from Monday to Friday.

Why do we feel connected? 
 I think we feel connected to someone as we all go through the same emotions and feelings in this life. The struggle for someone may come in different package but it will come and everyone will be facing the same. When you see someone surviving in that face of problems, you kind of reflect or introspect into yourself and a real life thing you faces comes to mind immediately and so comes emotions that you felt at that moment of time in your life. Our life is based on emotions and feelings which explains why we feel connected. 

I salute the idea of featuring and shooting this amazing series by Zee TV and the serial director Paromita Vohra. I wish the series a lot of TRP and success. I hope that the more I see the episodes daily, more I will miss the lives of these 6 really courageous ladies. Till that time, I hope to live my life with laughter and joy! 


Whose responsibility it is to Ring the Bell for Women's Safety?

The safety of Women- a topic that called for heated discussions and massive protests throughout the country. India has witnessed a huge uproar, a revolution against lecherous members of the society who have caused immense shame to the entire country through their henious acts.

The question on everyone's lips… the question that has been echoing around the globe, which has been blaring out of televisions and radio stations worldwide – “What is wrong with Indian men”?  Why is it that there are incessant incidences reported almost every day and even after numerous claims and promises by the government, police and judiciary nothing seems to have improved? Infact, the situation has worsened over time. Who is responsible for the safety of women in a country of 1 billion people?

The answer lies within each one of us, the only problem is we do not realize it. It needs a lot of brainstorming to identify that WE are responsible for all that is happening around us. Eve teasing, molestation and rape are the draconian forms of everyday petty incidences at our homes that we ignore. Each time a couple repents the birth of a girl child, however secretly, a shameful sin transpires. Each time a family favors their son over their daughter, the seed of superiority is sown in the mind of the little boy. The family gives fuel to this fire of superiority everyday by showing preferences towards the boy. It can be as trivial as letting him to go out and play while refraining his sister from doing so or dividing the responsibilities of household work among siblings in such a way that the girl gets to be holed up in the kitchen while the boy can go out to the market. As Mahatma Gandhi has said, for the first seven years of their lives, children are like clay. They will mould into respectful, responsible and honest citizens if you teach them to. This is the time children need to be taught equality and respect towards the opposite gender. We have to nip the mere thought of gender inequality in its bud.

The momentum gathered by the fight for a woman’s safety reveals a sad and bitter truth about our society. I believe that this issue cannot be solved superficially by shouting slogans or amending a few laws. After all, it is upto us to either follow the laws effectively or to flaunt them. If every father stops feeling the burden of his daughter’s marriage, if every mother seeks pride in letting her daughter make important decisions of her life herself, I bet the problem is solved there itself.

The situation we face today is not because of a man’s libido. Nor does it depend on the clothes of the girl or how late she chooses to come back home. The problem lies in the eyes of the beholder. The problem is the lack of respect given to women in this patriarchal society, by men and women alike. If every individual recognizes that a girl is not an object, that her place is not reserved in the kitchen, that she is not merely meant to cook and make life easier for her husband, that she is someone who has her own priorities, ambitions and dreams, we will triumph over this problem.

A major lesson that we all need to learn is that the Indian man is not solely responsible. At a time when everyone is ready to jump down the throat of every man they see, we must not forget the brave men who stood up to protect their friends, girlfriends, sisters or even complete strangers. Many men, like Keenan and Reuben have lost their lives fighting to stand up for the equality they believe in. Let us not forget that women are equally responsible. A few days after the Delhi gang rape, a woman sensitization program was being conducted by a senior woman scientist. In front of a large audience comprising of policemen, the public and senior government officials she lambasted the victim .In her opinion the gang rape victim should not have fought back while being raped since that may have ‘saved’ her intestines. She also wondered what she was doing at 9 PM alone with a boy. When powerful women are actively participating in victim blaming, how do we expect to change the mindset of boys who are brought up by these women?

Let us not forget that the responsibility of keeping a woman ‘safe’ is not merely restricted to protecting her from rape. It encompasses protecting her dignity and self esteem even after she has been raped. It means to never, ever blame the victim or make any excuses for the crime. It implies never questioning her intentions of staying out at night or wearing what she wants to. Would we question our sons if they wanted to wear shorts and go out for ice cream at midnight? Protecting her safety signifies protecting her from discrimination at every single step of her life.

Today, when the entire nation is clamoring over the problem, cribbing over the rules, critising the judiciary, the police and the government, I appeal to the people of India, dig deep into your family, because you have the capacity to bring about a change in your family and your neighborhood. Feel proud to be the father of a girl, don’t curb her freedom. Instead teach your son to respect his sister. Teach your daughter to be fearless and independent. Teach your children equality. Do not let their genders guide what you teach them. Irrespective of their sex, teach your children to cook and to play cricket. Teach them to sew buttons and to plan for their future. If your son is interested in fashion, send him to an art class. If your daughter is an athlete, coach her for the Olympics. While many have labeled this period in India as a fight for woman empowerment, I believe this is a fight for equality.

Thanks a lot! 

This blog post is for #RingTheBell initiative. More information is available at 
Laws alone are not enough. Ring The Bell believes in the power of individual and collective action to challenge the habits, norms, and cultures that perpetuate violence. One person adds up to one million; one million acts add up to change. You can be a part of the change by telling us how YOU will Ring The Bell, and inspiring your readers to do the same. What action will you take to bring violence against women to a halt? Blog about your experiences, your intentions, and make a promise!

Saturday 1 June 2013

Yorkshire Tea Goodies

Hi Guys,

The very first gift package I received when I was in London through one of the lucky draws from the website of Yorkshire Tea. 

The package contains three goodies - A Tea Mug, 40 tea bags of original Yorkshire Tea and a Tea table cloth. I still have this mug and really likes to drink a lot of Tea in it. 

Tea has always been my first love. Many of my days I don't eat food and can stay alive on Tea only. :-)