Friday 18 April 2014

Product Review - MAG-LITE Solitaire Torch

Hi Guys,

Before the invention of camera flash in mobile phones and their usage as Flashlight or torch, there used to be a time when we did required actual flashlights. I really wanted to use something flashy which can help me when I am able to use or find my smartphone. I did an online research on amazon and found out that MAG-Lite is the most popular in this category.
The torch comes in a nice and easy to carry plastic box. It can also be carried as a key chain. I got this from the points collected from some rewards based system of retailers for shopping in their shops.

 The Maglite Solitaire gives great high intensity light beam using a single AAA size battery by it's reflective surface. Using it's twist focussing head, the light can be changed from spot to flood. 

The biggest drawback in this LED world they are still using the ages old yellow light bulbs. 

But overall, this is a nice accessory and really helps me in need when I am searching for something in low light areas like the drawers etc. 

Let there be light where there is none using MAGLITE SOLITAIRE! 

Clicked using Panasonic FZ5 Camera
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