Monday 27 February 2017

World’s First Super #SlowMotion Video in @SonyXperiaZA XZ Premium #SonyMWC

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Sony Mobile Communications announced its most ground-breaking smartphone to date, Xperia XZ Premium, with a camera so advanced it captures motion that the human eye can’t see, a beautiful 4K HDR display, super-fast download speeds, a stunning loop design and even more intelligent features.

Encapsulating decades of Sony innovation, Xperia XZ Premium incorporates imaging know-how embedded on Sony ‘α’ and Cyber-shot™ cameras to create the new Motion Eye™ camera system, for capturing life in ways no other smartphone can. The first smartphone to feature a memory stacked Exmor™RS sensor usually only found on premium compact cameras, it provides 5 x faster image scanning and data transfer. This means you can create sensational videos from your everyday moments by recording in 960 frames per second, providing Super slow motion video playback that is four times slower than other smartphones giving you more detail than has ever been possible in the palm of your hand. Plus Predictive Capture stays one step ahead and automatically starts buffering images when it detects motion even before you press the button, so you can find a moment your eye may just have missed from a selection four shots taken a second before you clicked. 
World’s First Super #SlowMotion Video in @SonyXperiaZA XZ Premium #SonyMWC
On top of this, the new 19MP high resolution sensor has 19% larger pixels to capture more light and provides exceptional detail and sharp images even in low-light and backlit conditions. Additional improvements have been made inside Motion Eye™ to the Bionz™ for mobile processing engine meaning you’ll get sharper motion images without noise. Whilst clarity, detail and texture are improved to give exceptional image quality thanks to the redesigned G lens.

For the first time ever in a smartphone, Xperia XZ Premium features a 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range, 2160 x 3840) 5.5” display. A truly unique Sony experience, it uses Sony’s BRAVIA TV technology to give you an immersive 4K HDR viewing experience in the palm of your hand, removing the constraints of your sofa. Astonishing brightness, colour, clarity and contrast are realised to create levels of realism you almost feel part of the scene. The sharp, vivid quality of the display is enriched by Sony’s native technologies TRILUMINOS™ Display for mobile, X-Reality for mobile and Dynamic Contrast Enhancer.

Xperia XZ Premium is powered by the cutting edge Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 platform, making it one of the very first smartphones capable of Gigabit Class LTE (up to 1Gbps). This is possible because of the integrated Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, which has the potential to transform how customers use their mobile devices by delivering fibre optic speeds on the go. The Snapdragon 835 platform also supports stunning graphics, superior performance and enhanced battery efficiency. File transfers are also super-charged thanks to the USB 3.1 connection which is 10 times quicker than USB 2.0 with a transfer speed of up to 5Gbps. And with the USB Type-C™ socket, plugging in is easy because the connector is always the right way up.
World’s First Super #SlowMotion Video in @SonyXperiaZA XZ Premium #SonyMWC
With so many advanced technologies working in harmony, it is only fitting that the Xperia XZ Premium has a harmonious design to match, making it beautiful on the inside and out. The exterior has an exquisite glass loop surface which when turned over reveals a luxurious mirrored effect on the back. Every aspect of the XZ Premium is unified, from its seamless flowing lines and intuitive finger-print sensor power button to the new live wallpaper which moves the elegant lops as you swipe, to the colours you see on screen which are matched to the beautiful colours of the exterior.

Rain is one less thing to think about when you’re out and about with the Xperia XZ Premium. It’s water resistant, dust-proof and reinforced with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 on the front and back of the handset, taking beauty and durability to new heights.

Taking intelligence to the next level Xperia XZ learns how you use your phone and adapts and makes recommendations to give you our most smartest and personal experience yet. The battery is maximised with Smart Stamina which uses the Xperia learning engine to accurately estimate how long your current battery will last based on your normal usage. It even warns you if it detects you’re going to run out of power later that day and prompts you to activate Stamina mode. Battery Care and Qnovo Adaptive Charging are also included to protect your battery and keep it healthy up to twice as long.
World’s First Super #SlowMotion Video in @SonyXperiaZA XZ Premium #SonyMWC
Xperia Tips and new Xperia Actions offer you handy advice about the features you’re using and even suggests map downloads based on your location, all aimed at making life that little bit easier.

The Sony experience is continued through to the audio and gaming capabilities. High Resolution Audio playback allows you to hear every nuance and detail in a track as if you’re right there with the artist. Sony’s native DSEE HX™ technology even up-scales streamed tracks or MP3s to near High-res quality and if you connect with wireless speakers or headphones, LDAC ensures you don’t lose a drop of sound quality by transferring three times more audio data than normal Bluetooth. Working with your PlayStation®4 console, you can play the latest cutting-edge games on your Xperia XZ Premium. Its advanced processing and fast memory access means gameplay is always smooth and responsive, plus the 4K screen and powerful stereo speakers make it feel like you’re actually in the game.

Availability, RRP and colours for the Xperia XZ Premium in South Africa is yet to be confirmed.
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Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra Brings Superior #Camera Quality #SonyMWC @SonyXperiaZA

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Sony Mobile Communications unveiled two stunning super mid-range models in its refreshed “X” series, Xperia XA1, and its 6” screen big brother Xperia XA1 Ultra. Building on the success of last year’s XA models, the XA1 and XA1 Ultra feature a beautiful borderless design to make the most of the edge-to-edge screen, cameras that are worthy of a high-end premium status and octa-core processors.

Take pictures that exceed your expectations
Camera expertise are taken from Sony’s digital camera division to deliver a leading rear camera for both Xperia XA1 and Xperia XA1 Ultra that offers 23MP high resolution with a large 1/2.3” Exmor™RS for mobile sensor, bright F2.0 lens and superior lowlight capability. You’re guaranteed a superfast journey from launch to capture in 0.6s and incredibly fast and accurate Hybrid Autofocus, so even the most spontaneous moments are always in focus.

Front cameras are the backbone of the selfie world and the 8MP, 23mm wide-angle lens on Xperia XA1 will let you capture all the action even in a group selfie without missing anyone out. The Xperia XA1 Ultra features a 16MP front camera with Optical Image Stabilizer to eliminate the effects of handshake and improve low-light selfies, plus a smart selfie flash to naturally illuminate your face. Both models allow you to capture the perfect selfie easily with just a wave via the ‘Hand Shutter’ camera feature.
Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra Brings Superior Camera Quality #SonyMWC @SonyXperiaZA
Sony Xperia XA1
Edge-to-edge Beauty
The beautiful borderless design introduced in 2016 has been refined to create the illusion of a seamlessly never-ending surface whose curvature aids the perfect fit in your hand. The edge-to-edge HD (720p) 5” screen on XA1 and Full HD (1080p) 6” screen on XA1 Ultra are supported by display technologies to deliver a crisp, sharp viewing experience.

Sony craftsmanship is clear to see with the diamond cut-like finish on top and bottom, along with the choice of materials such as the aluminium sides which create a rich feel in the hand.

Creating performance that lasts a lifetime
With their power-efficient Mediatek octa-core processors you get a quick and smooth experience, whether you browse the web, watch a video or play your favourite game.

Both XA1 and XA1 Ultra are designed to ensure a longer lasting performance over the smartphone’s lifetime. Qnovo Adpative Charging monitors the battery’s health and adjusts charging current accordingly to avoid damage and maximise lifespan whilst Stamina Mode keeps your battery going for longer when you really need it the most by disabling some of the functions and extending the lifetime. Sony’s Smart Cleaner cleverly manages the performance and memory of your device by clearing the cache and unused apps automatically in order to attain the best speed and performance without degradation over time. Additionally, both models support quick charging to give you hours of power in just a few minutes charging.
Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra Brings Superior #Camera Quality #SonyMWC @SonyXperiaZA
Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
Making life easier
Xperia Actions is a new addition to the latest Xperia range including XA1 and XA1 Ultra that aims to learn your usage patterns to simplify your daily life by suggesting customisable settings and personalised recommendations. For example, when you go to bed your Xperia can learn your bedtime routine and automatically adjust the screen brightness and call volume.

Availability, RRP and colour for the Xperia XA1 and Xperia XA1 Ultra is yet to be confirmed.
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Genuine, Quality Devices are #Gifts that Keep on Giving @SamsungMobileSA

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With 2017 in full swing, as our friends and loved ones engage in the act of giving and receiving for special occasions, Samsung’s smart devices are perfectly positioned to fulfil many of these wish-lists. Whether the gift you are purchasing is a smartphone, fitness device, 360 camera or one of Samsung’s many other electronic devices and appliances, you will undoubtedly be looking for the best deal you can find. The trouble is that, while there are many bargains at any given time, inevitably some of these fantastic offers turn out to be too good to be true, simply because the products themselves are not genuine.

“Counterfeit goods have become an increasing challenge in South Africa, across a range of industries. Not only are these detrimental to the economy by replacing legal and taxable goods with fakes, but counterfeit products are of an inferior quality, meaning that software upgrades often don’t function and the devices do not work efficiently,” says Richard Chetty: Director for SSA Service at Samsung Electronics, adding that what looks like a good deal often ends up hurting consumers’ pockets in the long run.

Chetty points out, however, that there are some simple steps that consumers can take to ensure that the electronic device they are purchasing is legitimate.
Genuine, Quality Devices are #Gifts that Keep on Giving @SamsungMobileSA

The first step is to familiarise yourself with genuine Samsung products at any one of the company’s approved retailers or official stores. This will enable you to examine the products so that you can effectively note the physical differences between these and counterfeit devices. Always study the device itself before purchase; never rely purely on the packaging.

Chetty suggests that if you are unsure of a device’s legitimacy, you should immediately take it to a Samsung brand store or Service Centre for evaluation.

He adds that consumers making online purchases should be extra cautious. Ensure that you are buying from a reputable and recognised source, as opposed to an individual or illegitimate seller. In particular, beware of online traders that do not allow for returns, as these may not be genuine products.

Consumers can further protect themselves by ensuring they buy their Samsung products only from well-known locally approved operators. In addition, authorised dealers will be sure to provide you with the Samsung South Africa two-year warranty – anyone who doesn’t offer this, is not an authorised dealer.

“Counterfeit products may appear cheaper, but this is only in the short term. Genuine devices not only ensure peace of mind with their 24-month warranty policy, users also get access to Samsung’s full range of up-to-date and comprehensive technical and product support. So when the time comes to buy gifts for your loved ones, always remember the age-old maxim that states if a deal sounds too good to be true, chances are it is,” concludes Chetty.


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The Complete Smart #Fitness Watch Arrives @HuaweiMobile WATCH 2 #MWC2017

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Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) defined a new category of wearable technology with the HUAWEI WATCH 2 which combines the connectivity of a smartphone, the smarter living applications of a premium smartwatch and the detailed performance coaching and tracking of a leading sports tracking device, all in the form of a stylish classical wristwatch. HUAWEI WATCH 2 inherits the classic design of the original HUAWEI WATCH while introducing new innovations in every category to better empower users’ spirit of exploration and help them enjoy an active lifestyle.
In a world where technology has become more and more integrated into our lives, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 is a product for those who yearn for the freedom to explore while staying connected, without having to be glued to a smartphone. Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 2100 processor HUAWEI WATCH 2 (4G supported version) has independent connectivity, allowing users to send messages or make calls independently of a mobile phone. It also features compatibility for the latest smart living applications. Featuring support for cellular networks and running on the new Android WearTM 2.0 ensures connectivity for both AndroidTM and iOS users and means the HUAWEI WATCH 2 embodies the spirit of openness and exploration for all.

The Complete Smart #Fitness Watch Arrives with @HuaweiMobile WATCH 2 #MWC2017

Independent connectivity to suit your exploration
With HUAWEI WATCH 2 (4G supported version), users can leave their mobile phone at home and go running, cycling or just exploring while staying connected. Thanks to independent mobile connectivity and a built in GPS chip, users can respond to calls and text messages, use independent apps like Uber, Foursquare and Telegram. The innovative design means that this extra connectivity comes with no sacrifice on quality. VoLTE support and dual-mic noise elimination help ensure a stable and clear telephone experience while the integration of the antennae on the upper watch case for dual 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC in the device significantly strengthens connectivity, allowing HUAWEI WATCH 2 to stay compact while ensuring good signal reception.

Besides the SIM version working with mobile network carriers worldwide, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 also provides an eSIM version (available to limited countries). What’s more, some carriers feature a one-number-multi-SIM service. There’s no need for a new number, as the watch and your mobile phone can share the same number. Going far beyond being just a partner to a smartphone, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 (4G supported version) provides the flexible connectivity required in a modern active life and gets everything controlled by one hand.

The complete health and exercise partner
HUAWEI WATCH 2 is also a high specification fitness device that uses multiple sensors with advanced algorithms to provide fitness solutions and make working out more efficient and effective. Built-in smart sensors collect comprehensive data on user activity, including distance, speed, steps, heart rate, heart rate range, calories, gait, route and more.

With one click on the crown HUAWEI WATCH 2 opens the workout App to start training in an instant. Quick start running modes “fat-burning run” and “cardio run” allow runners to start quickly and the watch will guide your speed to stay in the correct heart rate zone. Running with HUAWEI WATCH 2 enables you to get real time guidance including notifications on distance, target completion status and racing heart warning and based on calculated workout plans, HUAWEI WATCH 2 can also dynamically notify you to either accelerate or decelerate to guide you through every stage of your run. With the support of HUAWEI WATCH 2’s GPS and heart rate detection system, HUAWEI WATCH 2 measures your VO2max after each run. After a valid run the watch automatically generates a report that advises on recovery time and training effects.

The Complete Smart #Fitness Watch Arrives with @HuaweiMobile WATCH 2 #MWC2017

Other supporting elements include the built in GPS that tracks your exercise route. HUAWEI WATCH 2 also allows you to add music to your workout through the Google PlayTM Music app. Users can download songs, stream music and access their playlists.

Beyond just exercise, HUAWEI WATCH 2 promotes healthy living all day. The Daily Tracking App accurately tracks users’ daily steps, record time taken for medium to high intensity exercises, and detect the number of times you stand up after long sedentary periods. All this information is reported via progress bars to encourage a healthier and more active life. Continuous heart rate monitoring tracks your heart rate in the background and reports your heart rate of the last six hours in a curved line. HUAWEI WATCH 2 also measures your Resting Heart Rate, which is recorded in the activity monitor app.

Chronograph watch design
The HUAWEI WATCH 2 has a classical wristwatch design that integrates its smart features and sport functions while maintaining a stylish look. Made from sophisticated materials, a dual crown design delivers a premium feel. While honouring the classics, the watch is adaptable to the wearer’s personality, with both classical and sporty design options. The high-definition display is customisable with multiple face designs, allowing users quick access to their favourite and most frequently used apps. In addition to a chronograph design, HUAWEI WATCH 2 features a ceramic bezel that provides a fine quality while offering a comfortable wearing experience. The watch is also designed for comfort and fit during exercise, meaning it is curved to sit perfectly against the wrist. It is smaller and more compact than the previous generation HUAWEI Watch with its parts on one side accounting for 88% of the total area of the watch.

A smarter experience

With a new smart OS and intuitive controls, the HUAWEI WATCH 2 is a personal assistant that brings convenience without infringing on daily life. Running on the new Android Wear 2.0, the on-watch Google Play Store allows both iOS and Android users to benefit from a vast library of compatible applications. Touch control, intelligent speech recognition and voice instructions enable users to quickly interact with the HUAWEI WATCH 2 and reply to complex messages. The Android PayTM* app and NFC technology allows for convenient and secure payments. The battery is smarter too thanks to an optimized battery with greater density and longer life. The battery lasts for up to two days with regular use, up to 10 hours in “training mode” and up to three weeks in “watch mode”.

The Complete Smart #Fitness Watch Arrives with @HuaweiMobile WATCH 2 #MWC2017

Porsche Design HUAWEI Smartwatch
Technology innovator Huawei and premium lifestyle brand Porsche Design extend their partnership with the announcement of the new Porsche Design HUAWEI Smartwatch. Complementing the Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate 9, which was launched in November 2016, the product further enriches the user experience. Again, the collaboration brings together the latest innovations in technology with the most functional design, creating an equilibrium of aesthetics and function. It combines the latest activity tracking and fitness management functions with the connectivity and smart technology of a leading smart wearable device. For those who demand style and substance, the Porsche Design HUAWEI Smartwatch delivers professional standard fitness tracking, the latest smart functions and sophisticated design - all from the wrist. The innovative smart watch is the first ever to be created by Porsche Design and part of a continuous roll out of smart devices, which will be released in the upcoming months.

The watch will go on sale in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany and China this March, priced from 329 € depending on the design and features being chosen. It will become available in additional countries including the US, the UK, Russia and Australia from April.


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Meet the @HuaweiMobile P10 - A Stunning Combination of Technology and Art #MWC2017

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To kick off Mobile World Congress 2017, Huawei Consumer Business Group launched the new HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus. The highly-anticipated additions to the P series feature a combination of beautiful hardware and the latest advances in software technology. Additionally, the new smartphones feature striking new colors and finishes, and introduce new Leica front and back cameras with cutting-edge portrait features to make every shot a cover shot.

Commenting on the launch, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group said “As culture and technology continue to intersect in every aspect of our world, we want to deliver new products and experiences that ultimately improve and enhance life. Our impressive new HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus weave together the exceptional imaging capabilities of Leica and our stand-out design and hardware innovations to bring users a powerful device experience.”

The HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus, to be launched soon in South Africa, are a demonstration of Huawei’s continued commitment to setting new performance standards and inspiring creative expression. Key device features include:
Meet the @HuaweiMobile P10 - A Stunning Combination of Technology and Art #MWC2017
An artistic photography studio in your hands
The HUAWEI P10’s new Leica Dual-Camera 2.0 and HUAWEI P10 Plus’ Leica Dual-Camera 2.0 Pro Edition, featuring the rear dual-camera set up and Leica front-facing camera, means consumers can explore the full range of portrait photography. With a 12-megapixel RGB sensor, a 20-megapixel monochrome sensor and enhanced fusion algorithms, the HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus deliver superior technical and artistic photography features on a smartphone.

Iconic P series design with on-trend touches
With its industry-leading craftsmanship, the HUAWEI P10 is a beautifully designed masterpiece on the inside and out. Never content with the status quo, Huawei’s design team introduced the industry’s first Hyper Diamond-Cut finishing, in addition to their refined sandblast and high gloss finishes.

The HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus are also available in a selection of unique colors as a result of the first cross-industry partnership with Pantone Color Institute, the world’s foremost authority on color. By combining Huawei’s design expertise with Pantone’s trusted color thought leadership, two new colorways were created to reflect the personalities of the contemporary consumer and shape new color trends in the mobile market. Dazzling Blue and the Pantone Color of the Year 2017, Greenery, were designed by the Pantone Color Institute and optimized by Huawei to create a beautiful, glow-effect finish.

Meet the @HuaweiMobile P10 - A Stunning Combination of Technology and Art #MWC2017

Exceptional performance advancements for efficiency and connectivity
The HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus take smartphone efficiency and customization a step further thanks to the powerful Kirin 960 processor and all-new EMUI 5.1. Kirin 960 is Huawei’s latest high-performance SoC chipset.

With 3,200 and 3750 mAh battery, the HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus support HUAWEI SuperCharge technology. The low voltage, low temperature fast charging solution comes with a super safe 5-gate protection mechanism, which offers real-time voltage, current and temperature monitoring to make charging not only fast but safe.

Taking wearables to new heights
In addition to the HUAWEI P10 and HUAWEI P10 Plus, Huawei unveiled its second-edition smartwatch, the HUAWEI WATCH 2. This 4G sports wearable combines innovative technology with authentic craftsmanship, and features an athletic and stylish lightweight design that brings true independence to wearable devices. The HUAWEI WATCH 2 will be available soon in South Africa.

Looking forward to receive one of the awesome colors of P10 Plus soon in my hand too in South Africa! Till that time not all the pictures clicked will be cover shots :-)

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Sunday 26 February 2017

Valentine's Day Continues With #HuaweiNova #TakeYourBestShot @HuaweiZA

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Huawei Consumer Business Group continues to celebrate Happy Valentine’s Day with Huawei Nova. Love is in the air, and the Nova is a perfect companion for young love. The device is designed to support dynamic consumers’ unique personalities – the very fabric of young South Africans around the country. Though the day happened two weeks back but as the salaries just hit the banks of the people in love, this is the right time to check out the latest smartphone from the house of Huawei.

Huawei Nova is certainly here to help fast track the love lives of Millennials and keep up with their fast-paced lifestyles. With its new curved surfaces and 5inch screen made to create an efficient single handed usability. Stylishly designed and advanced camera features which helps with single handed shots.

The device is designed to capture the best selfie moments with loved ones, together with its powerful 8-megapixel front-facing camera. Huawei Nova series is driven by the Snapdragon 625 processor which contributes to increased performance for the phone and reduce power consumption allowing more talk time between loved ones.
Valentine's Day Continues With #HuaweiNova #TakeYourBestShot @HuaweiZA
“The young consumers of South Africa are critical to our success as a business,” said Zhao Likun, general manager of Huawei South Africa. “This device is perfect for the Millennials across the country, and those young at heart. We hope South Africans use their Nova to take their best shot this Valentine’s Day.”

With today’s fast paced lifestyles amongst the youth, Huawei Nova, launched in early 2017, features a competitive retail price for a high-spec phone at just R 6999. The affordable handset features enhanced usability, multi-curve design and camera advances for vivid photography capabilities. The device includes an 8MP front-facing camera, with the Beauty Makeup 2.0 and Beautiful Skin 3.0 applications. The 12MP rear camera features a wide-aperture lens and imaging sensor. Huawei nova is powered by Snapdragon 624 processor and a 3020 mAh battery. The Huawei Nova is available now at all major carriers.


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Protect and Connect While You Away @Logitech #Circle

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Keep home in your hands with the Logitech Circle – the modern, wireless home camera designed to help watch over your kids, pets and home while you’re away. Whether you’re at work or just next door, always know what’s happening at home, in the office or at daycare, in real time with instant alerts to your mobile device. Users are able to login or join in Circle’s unlimited live streaming, two-way audio and smart recorded video which are accessible anytime from anywhere at no additional costs. You will always be “in the loop” with Circle.
Protect and Connect While You Away @Logitech #Circle
Because life doesn’t stay still, the Logitech Circle is portable and rechargeable. Take the camera room to room with you, and when you need to recharge it simply place on the magnetic charging ring. The rechargeable battery can stream for up to three hours, and lasts up to 12 hours in power save mode.

The Circle works as easy as plug and play with just turning ON the device and connecting to your smartphone. Download the app on the iOS and Android phone and you will be ready to watch your loved pets or anything you want to.
Upgrade your device today to either Samsung or Huawei and receive the Logitech Circle for R150 per month on a 24 month contract available at any Vodacom Shop in South Africa.
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@HuaweiZA Debuts #HuaweiNova Smartphone in South Africa #TakeYourBestShot

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Huawei South Africa has made available its newest smartphone, Nova. The new device is designed to meet the needs of today’s most dynamic consumers. The device features a stunning multi-curve design feature, camera advances for more vivid photography and performance updates for enhanced usability, meaning consumers can take their best shot. Every feature of the Huawei Nova is designed to support consumers’ fast-paced, dynamic lifestyles, and to express their unique personalities – reflecting the young demographic of South Africa.

The devices are priced competitively at a recommended retail price of ZAR R 6999 for the Nova, making it a high-spec, affordable handset for young consumers. The device delivers brilliant usability features combined with stunning looks, powerful performance and fantastic camera which continues Huawei’s commitment to innovation and design.

“South Africans by nature are dynamic consumers. As such, they demand a device that keeps up with their fast-paced lifestyle,” said Zhao Likun, General Manager of Huawei South Africa Consumer Business Group. “Huawei Nova is an excellent device for South Africa’s youthful market with a growing share of smartphone users. These devices will bring new experiences to life with its incredible performance, design and camera features.”
@HuaweiZA Debuts #HuaweiNova Smartphone in South Africa #TakeYourBestShot
Ergonomic Design
The Huawei Nova smartphone’s curved surfaces and 5-inch screen connect seamlessly to create an ergonomic, compact design that fits perfectly in the user’s hands, enabling single-handed functionality. As beautiful to look at as it is to use, the Nova draws inspirations from curves found in modern architecture with its curved metallic back polished by an advanced sandblasting process, hairline finishing and signature oblong composite panel stretching across the top of the phone. The subtle contours and smooth curves reflect light to emit multiple shades of brilliant colours and sheens.

Fantastic Camera
Today’s smartphone users demand a device that empowers them to take their best shot and share their favourite moments, anytime and anywhere. With its powerful 8-megapixel front-facing camera, the Huawei Nova enables users to take and share better selfies in any lighting condition. Additional features include the proprietary Beauty Makeup 2.0 and Beautiful Skin 3.0 applications, which apply cosmetic effects and skin smoothing filters to create more flattering images.

Huawei Nova’s 12-megapixel rear camera with 1.25um larger pixel sports an enhanced wide-aperture lens and imaging sensor allowing it to capture photos in low-light conditions. In addition, the Huawei Nova supports fast autofocus for amazing accuracy, helping consumers to capture wonderful moments in their life.

Real-world Performance
The Huawei Nova is powered by the Snapdragon 625 processor, which uses advanced 14nm technology to increase performance and reduce power consumption. The Huawei Nova’s 3020 mAh battery with Smart Power 4.0 can power longer sessions for users to easily navigate between different apps. With a next-generation 3D fingerprint sensor, the Huawei Nova supports faster and more accurate 360-degree unlocking for improved security, convenience and single hand selfies.

The Huawei Nova with 32GB ROM, will be available at all operators. I will review the device once I receive the same from the brand.


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Saturday 25 February 2017

@Vodacom #VideoPlay Launches New Local #Comedy Channel #Gunga7Com

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Vodacom has extended its Video Play bouquet following the launch and addition of a new comedy channel called ‘’ This follows a content licensing deal with production company Diprente Films and takes the total number of channels to 10 (and they include; music, gospel, sports, kids, news, lifestyle, NXT LVL, Siyakha, TV shows)

‘’ is a subscription channel that goes live today. For R4, 99 a day or R14, 99 a week or R39, 99 a month viewers can now enjoy a large selection of local comedy shows. These include:
  • ‘The Bantu Hour’ hosted by Kagiso Lediga and Hugh Masekela,
  • ‘Next of Next Week’ featuring comedians Skhumba Hlophe and Thapelo Seemise, “Tips Shampoo”, Ntosh Madlingozi and Celeste Ntuli,
  • ‘Late Night News’ with Loyiso Gola
  • And old favourite ‘Pure Monate Show’ featuring a host of comedians including David Kau, Joey Rasdien, Chris Forrest, and Riaad Moosa.
Ashraff Paruk, managing executive of digital services said; “the introduction of ‘’ forms part of Vodacom’s content strategy to bring more targeted local video content to consumers in an easy and simple way via their mobile phones”.
In November 2016, Vodacom announced plans to offer video on demand streaming service in partnership with a range of content providers which include MultiChoice (DSTV) and Showmax. Vodacom Video on Demand will launch in April.
@Vodacom Video Play Launches New Local Comedy Channel #Gunga7Com
§ How to subscribe to Video Play
o To subscribe to Video Play SMS video to 31116 from your Android phone, download Video Play and click on ‘Gunga 7’. Ts & Cs apply

§ Fast facts about Video Play
o Video Play has circa 150 000 active monthly users since its launch in 2015
o Subscribers can choose from a range of video content which include the latest music content and over 25 of the best local soapies like; Uzalo, Skeem Saam, Generations, Inkaba, The Wild and many more
o The Video Play app is available on Google Play or the Vodacom App Store
o There is no charge for browsing or downloading, only for the minutes of the video a user downloads (In the case of subscription the downloads are unlimited as long as the subscription is active)
o To get the best experience out of the App customers are encouraged to purchase a prepaid bundle of minutes which is available in the App
o Once content has been downloaded (when the network is quiet, usually within 4 hours of the request), the customer can watch the videos offline whenever they want
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Music Streaming: The Now of Digital Marketing @EclipsePR

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In today’s competitive world, brands are tapping into new ways of becoming more accessible and relevant to their consumers. Some are turning to music streaming networks to differentiate themselves from their competition. They realise that the way we listen to and acquire music is always changing. This can prove to be another tool in their arsenal to gain more customers.

“Music streaming services see millions of music lovers signing up daily. From Apple Music to Spotify, the online music sphere has become a platform for brands wanting to connect with individuals that they would otherwise have not been targeting,” says Jacki McEwen, Co-owner & Managing Director at Eclipse Public Relations.

Leading the front line in company curated playlists is Spotify. This platform is one of the largest music steaming services in the world. It was established before Apple Music, or even Tidal for that matter, were a twinkle in their creators’ eye.

For the past couple of years, businesses have been working on innovative projects in the hopes of building their brand and strengthening their relationship with consumers. This involves the creation of playlists that suit a brand’s style and image.
Music Streaming: The Now of Digital Marketing @EclipsePR
The Big Four: The benefits of music streaming for business
A music streaming strategy for brands goes hand in hand with social media tactics. There are four main benefits of music streaming that Senior Vice President of Pandora’s Strategic Solutions, Heidi Browning, identified in an article written for The Drum:

1) Engagement: Music streaming services enable consumers to create a personalised experience. In doing so, they have created an audience that is constantly engaging with these platforms through creating content unique to their interests. It has been reported by Vevo that millennials are spending on average 25 hours a week streaming music. If brands want to reach Generation Z, they need to be in tune with the streaming market.

2) Attention: We live in what is known as the “earbud generation”. What does this mean for marketers? While most adverts are focused on what we can see, what people hear commands more attention, as the brain can only focus on one auditory process at a time.

3) Context: Streaming music has made it easier for brands to reach their audiences without interrupting them. Listening to music has become a daily activity in the lives of many people and brands can only benefit from using these platforms to reach their target markets. Consumers use music for a variety of different reasons, often based on their moods. If brands can tap into a genre or theme of music, they can reach the right the people simply by aligning themselves with the right platform or playlist.

4) Resonance: Nielsen Catalina Solutions reported that audio is the most effective channel in delivering a Return On Investment (ROI). These platforms give brands the opportunity to interact with their customers in an environment that Browning calls “emotionally and contextually relevant” which sends a message that resonates with their consumers.

Music streaming platforms are inter-aligning themselves with the same practices that they offer businesses. Streaming platforms are turning to lucrative partnerships with artists to increase their subscriptions. They are using their own spaces within these platforms to draw in a very eager consumer. With almost 30 million subscribers signing up to streaming platforms, music streaming has changed the way we listen to and experience music.

Music streaming has allowed for the creation of a database that brands can pull from. With each playlist being made to the fancy of the consumer, it has become easy for brands to find their target market on these streaming platforms. Imagine an entire database of people that fit your brand that you can access purely by aligning with the right platform. By creating a playlist, you can get your brand’s name into the ears of a generation that is constantly listening to music.

“The digital era of music is constantly growing and expanding. It’s impossible to think of what could be next, but in 10 years’ time we could be listening to music in unexpected new ways. In order for brands to stay relevant, they need to embrace what these platforms have to offer. They are the now of media and the now of marketing,” concludes McEwen.

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Explore The Language of Colours @HuaweiZA New Devices @Pantone #MWC2017

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In a move that brings the worlds of technology and colour closer together than ever before, Huawei Consumer Business Group and The Pantone Color Institute have partnered to feature the latest trend colours in Huawei’s upcoming product launches.

By combining Huawei’s advanced engineering expertise and industry leading metal craftsmanship with the trusted colour thought leadership and direction of The Pantone Color Institute, consumers can look forward to devices that seamlessly marry ground-breaking innovation together with stunning beauty.

As the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer, Huawei CBG debuted on the prestigious Interbrand Best Global Brands list in 2014 and rose to number 72 in 2016. This partnership with The Pantone Color Institute looks to build on the success of recent devices, including the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus which have exceeded 10 million global shipments worldwide.

The Pantone Color Institute collaborates with brands around the world to help them leverage the power, psychology and emotion of colour in their design strategy. A unique destination for colour, the Pantone Color Institute forecasts future colour direction, expressing how colour influences human emotion through seasonal trend forecasts, custom colour creation and social commentary, including PANTONE Colour of the Year.

Through this exciting partnership with Huawei, The Pantone Color Institute will continue to explore the language of colour to bring Huawei customers the most striking and on-trend colourways in the palm of their hand.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group said, “As the world’s leading authority on colour, we are very excited to work with The Pantone Color Institute on developing our product range to bring our customers the very latest trends. At Huawei, we believe strongly in the power of collective wisdom and collaboration and this partnership will allow consumers to express themselves more vividly through the universal language of colour.”
Explore The Language of Colours @HuaweiZA New Devices @Pantone #MWC2017
Laurie Pressman, VP of The Pantone Color Institute adds, “With consumers increasingly comfortable using colour as a form of expression, we are seeing more experimentation and creative uses of colour. Colour is truly a medium through which individuals can express themselves to the world around them. Huawei recognises this evolving consumer dynamic and through our partnership we’re looking forward to providing Huawei customers with the ability to make a bold colour statement.”

More details and information about the partnership between Huawei and The Pantone Color Institute will be announced at the Huawei CBG press conference taking place at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, on Sunday 26 February.

About Pantone and The Pantone Color Institute
PANTONE®, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated, is the global color authority and provider of professional color standards for the design industries. Today Pantone’s universal language of color is used by 100 million design professionals worldwide to access color trends, communicate color choices and control consistency of color across every imaginable surface, texture, material and finish.

Through The Pantone Color Institute, Pantone continues to forecast future color direction and study how color influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions. Pantone furthers its commitment to providing professionals with a greater understanding of color and to help them utilize color more effectively. Always a source for color inspiration, Pantone also offers designer-inspired products and services for consumers. More information is available at For the latest news, trends, information and conversations, connect with Pantone on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


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