Thursday 24 April 2014

#IndiSpire - I blog because of Indiblogger

Hi Guys, 

Getting enrolled into Indiblogger community was the biggest motivation factor that made me think of getting into writing a blog. I used to participate in a lot of contests on Facebook and used to win some. The goodies that used to come really motivated me to participate more and more. One day one of my friends came to our house and she told me that she has won an Amazon Kindle from one of the contests held by Sony TV on Indiblogger. She showed me the website and her posts and various meets and drives she attended. It used to be in 5 star hotels where in my salary, I never dreamed of going also. I immediately wanted to attend those meets and when I saw a lot many people winning awesome goodies at the meets, I was so glued to the same. 

I started my blog on and posted some of the crappy photo posts so that I can reach some count to be inducted into the Indiblogger community. By the time I reached 15 posts, I was a part of Indiblogger community, thereafter I have never seen back. I won a lot of goodies from Indiblogger and met a lot of fellow bloggers. I have attended some awesome meets and wrote for many drives. It’s been a pleasure to meet all the people and share some part of our lives together during the meet. I loved when people recognize you automatically by your blog and meet you in those meets personally. We made a group of friends which still is together after a year of association. I learned various skills to make my blog noticed on a global level by buying the domain. My blogger friends set my blog for various admin settings and on how to set labels etc? It was a great learning which I received whenever I met them.

What keeps me going is the increasing numbers of page views every day and the target that I want to reach 100000 page views by the end of this year. Also, I want to reach 500 posts by the end of this year which will help me get there easily provided I am able to write a good content and take good photographs. 

As Indiblogger says, "I blog, therefore I am" which is really very true in my case as I continue to participate in all of the drives of the blog directory. Also, I have never won the top prize till now so that goal keeps me working hard and smart to attain that sooner. Whatever time I have after the office and on weekends, I think about my blog posts and increasing traffic on my blog. My blog is not making me money but it has given me much more pleasures and satisfaction that I am doing something creative at the end of the day. Also, I think that I have much strong will power and perseverance than others to carry on working on my blog from those who wants to start but are waiting for some miracle to happen.

It’s a great start as I just completed my first year in Indiblogger community and I will continue to strive whichever part of the world I am in. Kudos to Indiblogger and all the fellow bloggers!!!


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