Sunday 23 February 2014

Indiblogger & 5 Star Contest - Condition Serious hai

Condition serious hai for those people who have forgot the fun of enjoying life and running around the vicious circle of 99. This may be for the second house, second car or something or the other and not concentrating on what they already have. I myself sometimes feel a part of this condition as I keep focusing on winning the next contest and not enjoying the gifts received from the previous contests. I keep running after Silk where as I have 5 star in the fridge. So whenever something like this struck me, I do relax and think as to even Ambani’s might have 21 floor house but they must be sleeping in a single room at night and that too on the same side of the bed, so there is nothing to run after if you have to die one day. This doesn’t mean that I wait to die but to start living more purposefully and in the present. My future should be secure enough to take care of myself and my family and I want to stay active to live joyfully with my family, friends and relatives.

Condition serious hai for those people who are joining IT companies after doing MBA from not so rated colleges thinking that they will be welcomed like a marketing guru or something. The reality is totally different where you are not given any choice as to what you will do as it all depends on the managers you will be assigned to. They will start their talk with oh! MBA, why did you joined this company? This is not a good company to join after MBA? Then they will ask if you know any technical stuff because it will become handy, if you know it as developers can’t make you fool? You keep thinking inside your mind that what the hell? I didn’t did MBA to know some coding just not to look myself cool in front of a developer or not to be made fool of, I can judge people via my soft skills and networking skills? So this whole game keeps running between managers turned from Developer background and MBA recruited post graduates from various institutes in so called big IT companies.During MBA we are given so much of case studies that we start to feel that we are the one only saviors of the company and with our strategic thinking we are gonna rule the world etc etc. Whereas in reality you are kept much lower than developers because you are just doing some analysis and whole responsibilty lies with the developer only and he only gets the appreciation. So again it's a vicious circle of 99 for all the MBA graduates who wants to make big fortunes by joining all the great IT companies.

Condition serious hai for those people who are joining AAP and thinking that it’s an easy route to become something of power in Delhi and other states. There must be some good candidates but most of the people I think are joining for all the wrong reasons. Once they are in power they will too have a say over something and other things. They will rule out on all the work various national leaders have been doing all their lives from all other parties and hold important cabinet members positions. They just by tagging themselves as non-corrupt politicians will run the whole administration easily and effectively. Though it is necessary but please we all know who doesn’t want to run in this vicious circle of 99 and they will too find out thousand of loopholes in the government to run for money. It requires a lot of courage and selflessness to say NO to a million of rupees in person. It will give you thousands of sleepless nights after you have said NO. You could have had a house in Rohini rather than having it in Indirapuram with that extra money.

Condition serious hai for all those marketers in social media channels working as admins of various twitter handles who falls into the followers count of people. They think if you have 5000+ followers you are something of a brand or so. Whereas they don't know or know that there a thousand of websites which offer free followers everyday and after a while you all reach that level. They never check which type of followers you have, are they some Philippines who doesn't know english also or are they genuine ones? They just want their product to be retweeted thousands times so that they are trending on twitter. Tweeters do makes fool of admins like that as they market themselves promoting that i have 5k followers here and 15k on facebook and that number in instagram. They keep falling for this trap and give good prizes to those people only. In the end all they get is BABA JI KA THULLU! neither all those fake followers know what brand are they, which product they are marketing? and they don't even retweet. It's again a vicious circle of 99 for the admins of twitter and facebook pages.  

So the condition is really serious all over and need to take a look at all the funny stuff Ramesh and Suresh does in 5 Star advts and keep looking at the the Cadbury 5 Star Facebook page also. May be sooner or later you will give it a thought and chill out with yourself and your life!


Wednesday 19 February 2014

Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 4

Hi Guys,

It's been a while that I have not posted any snaps of the flowers. Here are some more from the collections of snaps I have. I don't have a DSLR yet and I am only using my Panasonic FZ5Camera to take snaps. The reason for not buying a DSLR is because I want to have Nikon D600 Full frame camera and don't want to buy Nikon D7100 now and repent later. Though all cameras are good and it depends on the person behind the camera but then also I want to buy the best.

Violet is the color of royalty.

White flowers with dark green leaves gives the feeling of peace and freshness.

A layer of different colors that eyes can only look at the beauty and not the colors.

The moon lit white really gives a feeling of warmth.

Finally a picture of  rose which is the main flower for this season of love and togetherness.


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Photographs taken using Panasonic FZ5Camera

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Photo Walk - Rest is a necessity

Hello People,

Chacha Nehru have said, that AARAM HARAAM HAI but in this busy and stressful lives, we all do need rest for some time. We feel stressed due to thousands of expectations at office and home so we all need a while to relax and refresh ourselves.

Though sometimes we keep running until someone pushes us out for a weekend trip or some relaxing time near the river or mountains. The time spent with a good company really refreshes us.

And when some more friends joins in our journey it's a lot of fun and laughter that really builds moments to cherish forever.We might have a different view point in lives but rest is a necessity for one and all.

We might just be having sun bath but the relaxation the exercise provides is amazing. I feel happy and refreshed whenever I do so myself and looks forward to bring all the energy gained into my office and personal space to stay on the top of things once again.

Cheers!!! And relax for a while...

Photographs taken using Panasonic FZ5Camera

Thursday 13 February 2014

Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 3

Hi Guys,

Flowers are immensely beautiful to watch and take pictures of. I am enjoying all the flowers on this valentine's day eve and looking forward to search my hdd to post more pics of the same.

I wish all those who are in love a very great valentine's day and stay in love forever...

 Love is what holds us together and keeps us alive and hopeful...

Love makes our lives worthwhile...We feel powerful to do anything we want to do whatever for our beloved...
Finally it's all about feelings and staying together through thick and thin...and no matter what happens, love gonna flourish, if you stay hopeful and make efforts to recreate it again and again daily...every minute....every second!!!


Pictures clicked using Panasonic FZ5Camera

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Knowledge is great and so is it's pursuit - Indiblogger & British Council Contest

Hi Guys, 

Knowledge is Great so is it’s pursuit as we travel thousands of miles and millions of kilometres to seek and search for the right master and environment to enlighten us. This has been happening since ages and will continue to happen as we all want the best for us. Whether the learning centre entertains us or not and whether it matches our capabilities or not, or whether we clear it’s entrance exams or criteria it’s all dependent on what kind of education and learning level we have received till now. 

I too have tried to learn with the best possible resources I had at my disposal throughout all these years. The basic criteria behind which institute to choose for acquiring the right knowledge and job thereafter is dependent on several discussions within the family and it’s financial capabilities. There are many factors that affect the decision to finally go and enter the institute. 

The very first thing is the selection criteria of the institute. Which course you are looking for and what kind of exam is acceptable for the same? Whether you are choosing Masters in Engineering or Business? Depending on the same are you writing GRE or GMAT? What is the minimum cut-off score that you need to get into this particular university? How good is your current preparation to write the exam or you need extra coaching for the same also? How good is your English? Whether you need to write TOFEL/IELTS exam also? There are several never ending list of questions that keep popping now and then and somehow the pursuit of greener opportunity gives you the power to handle all this with ease. Even if you can’t then there are several counselling centres opened by universities from all over the world in your nearest metropolitan city, which will guide you through and charges you some fees.

The second most important factor is the overall fees that a student needs to pay along with the living expenses? It also includes whether you are able to take up part time job on student visa to earn your living expenses in that country and city? How much efforts are required to study vis a vis earning your living expenses? In UK, students are seen making pizzas at Domino’s for £6 per hour or at several cash counters in malls. They also need to look at what all kinds of sponsorships or scholarships are available for foreign students and how much they cover in the tuition fees. Is there any bond attached with the scholarship on offer as to after the completion of course?

This is the ultimate deciding factor amongst the middle class Indian families sending their children on foreign education route. 

The third factor that comes to mind is the after course job placement and VISA/work permit rules of that particular country? Job is the one thing that Indians always sees their future in and rest of their lives is dependent on the same too. If you are working for good corporate then you will be amongst the niche and back in India you will get the respect you deserve. Sometimes your course decision is guided by placement of the respective students attending the course earlier year. It basically drives you here and there as all universities say 100% placement hoardings with big fonts. But you need to check on that country student visa restrictions and the time given to international students to stay in the country after the course is over to look out for placement. With ever changing student and international exchange policies of all the countries, this is very difficult to predict as to what will be your future? 

The last factor will be the course content and the international learning exposure that college/university/country will offer you as a whole. It should be always better than the country you hail from. And what is the value of that course in your country in case you have to come back and work in your native country? Will you be able to earn enough to pay on your education loan you have taken for international studies? Are there any chances of racism or racial discrimination happening in the city or university? Will you be able to live in that city/ country based on your food/religion/cultural preferences? 

These are all the factors which I and my family went through while finalizing the university and city to go for higher education. This was a long process but it was worth it as I could perfectly fit myself into a course and university and country which really offers me a great learning experience and a great highly paid job afterwards and VISA to stay in the country and work for the local and international companies. 

London is a great international city and offers a space to everyone to bring out his dreams come true. The city offers a lot of cultural and international heritage and you can learn a lot there. UK has got the rich diversity in it’s various cities and with universities like Oxford, Cambridge you will always be in like minded people. We finalized that this is the city and country which will offer me the best from all over the world. I chose London because of it’s historical importance and financial capital. I wanted to pursue MBA in Finance and wanted work for the best Investment banks. Also there are a lot of Indians in the city and vegetarian food is readily available in areas like Wembley, Alperton, East Ham, West Ham, Illford, South Hall, Hounslow etc. A lot of temples and shrines are also there in areas like Neasden and South Hall. A lot of Indian restaurants are spread over the city like Mala, Masala Zone etc along with the numerous pubs and night clubs to take care of your weekends. The city offers a great learning exposure and you are going to fall in love with the city. Also if you want to see Europe, it’s just a train away and you can backpack and roam around the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Brussels, Munich, Zurich, and the list is endless. 

I had a dream to study in London School of Economics and started visiting the portal to collect all the necessary pre-requisite as already explained. I got the selection criteria and focussed myself into preparing for the same. I wanted to pursue TRIUM Global Executive MBA as I already have the job experience to work in the biggest software company in India. Also the degree will be from three universities which will widen my business and international acumen and understanding. The overall admission criteria is really simple and transparent. The website really helped me prepare to create a reality out of a dream to pursue foreign education. I am really happy with the outcome to come to London and study this international course and making a lot of friends for life. 

Thanks a lot!

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Sunday 9 February 2014

Photo Walk - Drawings Flintstone's Style

Hi Guys,

A photo walk of the some of the ages old carvings done on the stone showcased in the British Museum, London.

 Are they dancing or what???

I hope that you will like this small tour of how the drawing was famous since stone age. The difference is that now we have a lot of colors which we can fill in and make the drawings look as per our imagination and real life. Choice is entirely ours!!!


Pictures clicked using Panasonic FZ5 Camera

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Product Review - Sennheiser PX80 On ear Headphones

Hi Guys,

Sennheiser PX-80 On the ear headphones are small in size and weight but big in audio output. The frequency response of the headphones is from 15 – 27000 Hz with Impedance of 32 ohm. They produce a nice audio output which really gives you a great listening pleasure. The sound is natural and bass is just OK for listening to most of the songs. The headphones are comfortable to wear over a longer period of time. It has a metallic headband which strongly held itself against your head. The same can be adjusted to fit your head size.
The earphones are covered with foam which gives soft feeling around the ears. The main highlight is the design of the plastic carry case and how the headphones are designed to be fitting inside the small compartment of the plastic case. They get folded quiet easily into the carry box and can be carried around safely in your bag pack or even pocket of jeans.
Sennheiser PX80 is priced around Rs 1200/- it really serves the purpose of portability and do offers some kind of noise isolation in terms of its design. While listening at higher volumes the sound does comes out for others discomfort. The headphones are worth a try if you are looking for the cheapest, lightest and value for money product for your day to day listening pleasure. It doesn’t have any Mic built in so can’t be used for call purposes. The model has been replaced by another several new models but it’s still available in Indian markets at Flipkart and

I won them from a contest on facebook by Sennheiser India sometime back and being my second Sennheiser loved them a lot. But my pursuit for perfect sound is going to end when I have MOMENTUM on my ears. Sennheiser is going to make that dream come true sooner or later but till that time, I will keep falling in love with all the other products the company has to offer.


Clicked using Panasonic FZ5 Camera
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Monday 3 February 2014

Photo Walk - Swans in the river

Hi Guys,

A post on some of the good looking birds which really makes the river side look beautiful.
Always moving it's feet under the water and still looking calm from above, has been the behavior and attitude as told in several motivational books.

Staying together is the key if you watch closely these birds which we also want in our lives.
Here is one breaking away the boundaries and barriers made by the mind and coming out of its comfort zone...

I hope you will also break free of all the bad habits that's stopping you right now and bring out the best in you. 


Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5

Another difficult choice - Use camera built-in flash or not?

Hi Guys,

I have been asking these weird questions time and again but can't help it as I am getting more curious and inquisitive to delve deep into photography. I am not even a P of Photographer but these are some of the snaps I took in London's Science Museum.  

The question which really engrossed me after watching these pics was whether to use camera flash or not? Have a look -
Clicked using flash of Panasonic FZ5
 Captured using the natural/artificial light as seen at the museum

Another angle of the amazing and colorful shapes - taken without flash
 This one is using flash

There are several colors in this picture which gives a unique effect.

Do comment about what are your thoughts on the same.


Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5

Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 2

Hi Guys,

In continuation of the series, some other flowers that I came across and really makes the world a beautiful place. 
 If you have ever visited any garden then it’s the first thing that we notice. 

The sight of looking at a lot of flowers in full bloom really makes our heart happy and grateful.

I feel hopeful that no matter what’s our present state of life, we too are going to have a great time sooner than later. 

 With every passing day, a little bud inside all of us is growing into a flower bringing the best out of us. 


Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5 
Location - 1. Oxford, UK
2 - Hyde Park, London
3 & 4 - Regent Park, London
5 - Gurgaon, India

Product Review - Sennheiser HD202 II - Over Ear Headphones

Sennheiser headphones have been an integral part of my life. Another headphones which I wanted to try since long has been added to my family of headphones at home. It’s the Sennheiser HD202 II which I won from Indiblogger Dance India Dance 4 after meet blog post. It was really awesome to win them and it was a great motivation for me to come to India from South Africa in the Christmas holidays.

The moment when I unboxed these legendary headphones to the listening pleasure, it’s been a great pursuit of sound. I do love headphones a lot and Sennheiser never fails to amaze me with it’s never ending range of products.

I find this headphone with clear sound and good in bass. The headphones got a plastic feel to it. The earphones can be dragged up n down to fit your ears properly. It comes with a long 3m cable to comfortably watch TV or laptop from a distance while watching movies etc. The product is light weight and can be used for longer durations of time. It gives a good factor of noise isolation because of over the ear design. I was able to sleep wearing them while sitting on just above the wing seat of the boeing plane all the while. This is really the product to buy if you’re sitting tight on the budget. They have good ear cups with good quality of foam which really gives a great listening pleasure over a long period of time. The head band is also covered with same kind of foam so that it sits properly on your head without falling.

I got complimented by a lot of people on airport/airplane who have either used HD202 II earlier or using it currently. They all got best things to say about the same. This comes in the price range of Rs 2200 only from flipkart or amazon.With frequency range from 18 - 18000 Hz and impedance of 32 Ohms this brings in a clear audio directly into your ears. 

I still am in pursuit of MOMENTUM and I never know when lady luck is gonna smile, but whenever it will, I will be the happiest person on this earth. I saw one lady wearing red one of it at the Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia and I so much wanted to go and ask her about the same. Let’s see when the day comes when people sees me wearing these one proudly on my ears and around the neck.

Till that time, let me enjoy whatever I have on my head and over the ears...


Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5 

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Product Review - BROTHER - MFC-9140CDN

Hi Guys, 

Printer is an old adage as Multi-Function Centres are here to take over them in a big & grand way. No matter what we want to do, having a MFC at home/office is an added advantage. With increased competition in this segment of electronic devices, Brother Inc has also launched a new model MFC-9140CDN with some amazing and never seen before features. Brother India is picking up a lot of customers using its innovative marketing and better products providing value to its users. 

The first thing that comes into mind of a buyer is about the functionality a normal multi-functional printer offers. We all want the same to do scan, fax, Photostat along with the basic functionality of printing. 

Second thing is about the rate of recharges that needs to be done on printer cartridges and that increases in case you have coloured one. 

Thirdly, these days with everything coming into hands using the smartphones so the MFC should have Wi-Fi connectivity and the print command can be fired using the smartphone too. Who got the time to check for the various ports to attach printer to like age old computers but still some people do love their old stuff so finding a middle road to connect with all kinds of machines.

Printer makes your life really easy as it gives you thousands of options to do your art and craft along with office work or making some report or presentation or just going through some article on the go taking printouts. The technology has advanced so much that now I have seen some programs on Discovery Channel / NGC about 3D printing devices creating life like tools and everything using them. 

Brother is one brand that really has an edge over others in this market with it’s right pricing and products. People have suffered a lot in the past and still suffering with the toner/ cartridge costs after buying a cheap printer from other brands trying to capture market. It’s the ink that costs much more than anything else and using cheaper ones wastes a lot of paper via the leakages of the ink/cartridge. 

I got to review this MFC-9140CDN from Brother’s brand and it comes with some amazing features that I fell in love with. The first thing I always wanted to do was to scan all the ages old snaps since my childhood and make a digital copy of the same. It was a very tiring exercise but this device really made it simple. I was able to convert all of my childhood snaps as well as my mom dad’s marriage snaps into the digital versions. 

The next stuff that came to my mind was to give my child a lot of Chhota Bheem and Doramon printouts to colour. The printer made this thing almost easy as she can now do some daily activity with her favourite cartoon characters from Pogo TV. I am really happy that she enjoys doing this now and I am also not worried about taking care of her colouring books after her work is done. 

My wife got some of the stuff she really wanted to try in terms of food recipes and I gave her the same in printouts and we are now having much more fun over the dinner and weekends. 

For me, it was the best as I travel a lot and sometimes misses on some of the books or articles that I always wanted to read. This helps me to gain knowledge and keep in touch with all my stuff. I can now do a lot more with a printer just a smartphone away. 

I will be writing once about what all I could do once I explore the device more and more. But as the device has to be returned back and I had to travel, I could not explore it further so no more posts for this one. Looking forward to review another home printer of Brother India which I can keep for longer period of time. 

Thanks a lot to Brother India for letting me review the device. 


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Saturday 1 February 2014

A difficult choice - Sepia vs Monochrome vs Color

Hi Guys,

A difficulty presented itself to me when I was going through some of the photographs taken by me in London, UK. These ones are taken at Natural History Museum using Panasonic Lumix FZ5 .

It was the concept of taking the photo using which mode and which one I like the best?

 I am totally confused after seeing all of these snaps? Please help and comment which one looks best as per your view...


Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5 

Beauty of Taj

Hi Guys,

Some things in life do require your full attention to appreciate the beauty of the same, so is the Taj Mahal which requires no introduction. I have been there several times but always my eyes gets to see a new angle of the place.
 The white marbles gives a kind of divine peace that I have found in no other place.
 The symmetry of the place gives my eyes a kind of comfort that everything is perfect.
 My hands & camera are shaking but the building is still straight and standing tall.
A true masterpiece it is...Hats off!!!