Thursday 17 April 2014

Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 5

Hi Guys,

Nature is so unique and brings in a lot of satisfaction to the heart if you open your eyes to it. I enjoyed a lot of it as my room was just next to the back garden in London. Some of these snaps were taken when Roses were in full bloom in there. I really enjoyed watching them grow and they also brings in a lot of fragrance in the air. 

A bunch of them together filling in the colors of the rainbow. A bouquet of these when presented together can bring SMILES to anyone & anywhere in the world.

The unique symmetry of the flowers and it's whole build makes you wonder the design capabilities that nature has. Even Burj Khalifa design is inspired by a flower which is also mentioned on it's wikipedia page.

Leaving you all with the though of fresh rains on the rose leaves and the several memories that strikes your heart and brains at the same time. Everyone will have a memory that they will remember seeing the fresh dew drops on the flowers.
Keep enjoying nature and I hope that I will be able to capture more soon here in Johannesburg.


Clicked using Panasonic FZ5 Camera
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