Sunday 27 February 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 8 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

Week 8 which is almost the end of the second month of 2022, I am still struggling with the reminiscence of the quiz competition with various ifs and buts as to I could have done this that etc are coming to my mind. I need to stop thinking about it now. I have now been involved in creating a lot of Youtube videos which you can watch on my channel - The Life's Way. People have been going gaga over the palindrome 22-02-2022 date which also fell on a Tuesday which is kind of a special day for me so I gifted myself something by buying the same. 

Week 8 - 19 Feb 2022 (Sat) to 25 Feb 2022 (Fri)

1. Walking - I started walking again after taking a full rest for 3 days and finally coming back to my 5 kilometres walking evenings on a daily basis. I also had to complete the pending kilometres from the last week's remaining 20 kilometres. I can say that I completed the same and reached around 23 kilometres and more this week. I am still not able to complete the 200000 steps a month on the Samsung Health App using the same on their smartphone. 

2. Daily Prayers - February I could not even complete a full year of Hanuman Chalisa as I was too focused on watching more Youtube videos rather than creating or praying. I think I spend more time-wasting it rather than utilizing the same. I also worked this week to complete the pending Gratitude journals for the last few days. This should not be the case going forward. Every day or at least every other day I should complete the same going forward else I will keep those sheets empty. 

3. Personal Hygiene - Hair cut was something I was missing for many days so finally I sorted that out on 19-Feb and soon I will make a calendar event to remind me every 3-4 weeks to go for a hair cut at my nearest saloon. For shaving my face, I generally use Philips Aquatouch Dry and Wet Shaver (AT610) which I bought many years ago now and it's working great whereas it was not an expensive one and I bought the same for only R300 from Pick n Pay store. I am not sure of the model as I could not read the version on the device due to fading of the print. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 8 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

4. Books/Audiobooks - I started the Ikagai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Hector Garcia which I wanted to read but rather heard it and finished it this week itself. This one covers a lot of things from meditation to exercise to eating to living joyfully in nature. After this one, I started listening to The Courage to be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga which is really a difficult one as it needs a re-read for sure to understand what the writers are trying to say. But anyway I found some of the learnings from this book, I have already made up my mind about long ago and living them too. 

5. Fountain Pen - I went to the Stationery and Print store in Sandton City and I checked out the Lamy fountain pens I always wanted to buy which is one of the affordable ones for me though they sell Mont Blanc too. As I came out undecided (on 22-02-2022) which colour to buy, I could see Yellow all around me - on the road, pillars, billboards, advertisements so it was clearly a sign that I should buy a Yellow Safari Fountain Pen which I did the very next day and the store manager offered me a discount too. Now I need to go back and buy the expensive ink bottles too. It's a hobby that will make you spend a lot of money. 

6. Launch Event - I was invited to the BCX Digital Innovation Report 2022 launch event and this was my first time ever invited by them. I really loved listening to the CEO and other executive team members from the company and the report is really an eye-opener. I got it and now I will go through it soon enough. I also watched the Blacklight movie at a Premiere at Sterkinekor in Sandton City. I am sure Liam Neeson now should definitely retire if these are the movies he is going to offer still working upon the chase and run kind of cinema. Totally not worth your money, but the popcorn at Sterkinekor is really something to cherish. I also got Samsung Z Fold 3 for review and I have started using the same too. 

7. Salary Week - This was the time of the month which I wait for all month long - the day when the salary gets deposited into my bank account. This time I found it to be subsequently less than the previous month and I still need to find out the reason for the same. It reminded me of earning extra income to support the lifestyle and holidays or an investment portfolio that can run in parallel to you for the family needs. 

8. Thank You - I completed the 100k for the month and then took it further to about 37000 counts till the end of this week. I am able to do the same for the last 2 months consistently despite the loss of counter earlier on. Thanks to everyone for reading my achievements and failures. 

I hope the month of February 2022 has been a good one for you guys wherever you are. Let's try to achieve what we set to in the month of March 2022 and create a parallel source of income to take care of all your wants too. Amen!

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Saturday 26 February 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 7 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

Week 7 has been my worst week so far which really made me feel like shit and the most stupid person on the earth ever. It all happened because of the mistakes I did during the GK quiz I told you about and I was so stuffed into the rules and other things that I didn't go and played my natural game. I worked so hard at the same that I prepared at the level which was too high for this general quiz contest. I took risks when it was not necessary and didn't take when I should have taken them to win the challenge. It's one of my biggest learnings ever. I am still cursing myself over and over again on the same. I really wanted to win the same. 

Week 7 - 12 Feb 2022 (Sat) to 18 Feb 2022 (Fri)

1. Daily Prayers - This week too I was not able to complete the daily prayers and could only do for 4 days out of 7. I also didn't do the Sundarkand Path too. I am sure I will pick this up as and when the Lord wants me to and allows me to do it. 

2. Launch Event - I won two tickets to the Uncharted movie premier by NAG at NuMetro, Hyde Park Corner, Johannesburg, South Africa which I really loved watching the same. It's a treasure hunt movie with a lot of comedy, action and adventure. It will bring back the memories of Indiana Jones and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The leather recliner seats at NuMetro was really nice. 

3. Walking - This was the first time ever in the last 7 weeks, I missed completing the target of 20 kilometres and only could achieve 17kms for the week. I have to complete that in the next few weeks for sure. It shows if your mental health is not well, you can't do any physical activity too. 

4. Books/Audiobooks - I completed listening to The Everything Store by Brad Stone and Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven. It was really good to learn about Amazon in Brad Stone's book which was written some years back in 2013 and so much has changed for the company now. Make Your Bed is a really small book built on the graduation speech by the writer at one of the universities and some of the learnings from the SEAL training and his life. The summary is that You Go Get It Done without FEAR and Build a TEAM! 

New Year Resolutions - Week 7 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

5. Thank You - I reached around 81701 by the end of the week which is a significant improvement as compared to the last few weeks. The new counter display size is small and I am thinking it skips or fast forwards the count as I have never completed that much earlier ever in a single week. But any which way the intent should be right and the count is just a target to check if we are reaching weekly goals or not. 

6. Blogging/Youtube - I did complete some Youtube videos which I shot but never edited but then I completed them this week and these were released this week. As well as I did some of the press releases on my channel for the events I attended. I could not put up my mind to writing my own posts despite thinking about them a lot. I keep thinking but I have to execute more posts in the future. 

7. Entertainment - I still continued watching the Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory on Amazon Prime Video and the best part is that it keeps your history so that you can continue watching later so I don't have to keep the count myself. 

8. General Knowledge - I continued working on the same this week as the semifinals were on Tuesday but lost due to my own mistakes. I could have easily won the same but in the end, lost due to not taking risks where it was necessary to do so. You should always be calm and composed and at the best of your abilities during an interview or any high-performance event where your focus should be sharp. 

In the end, this week will remain in my memory for such a long time in future but I have to focus on the next week and complete all the tasks which are pending for a long in my life. Enjoy your life guys and keep walking forward! Cheers!!! 

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Friday 25 February 2022

BCX Releases its First Digital Innovation Report 2022 @BCXworld #DigitalInnovation

Hi Friends, 

Today BCX announced the launch of its first Digital Innovation Report 2022. This is a part of its ongoing effort to encourage digital innovation by large enterprises, small and medium enterprises (SME’s), as well as to encourage innovation on a broader scale within South Africa.

“The reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we are all trying to solve problems never experienced before. At first, it was for survival and business continuity, and later for some, it led to considerations for the future. It is without a doubt that digital technologies and digital innovation will play a big part in that future.” Says Jonas Bogoshi, CEO at BCX.

According to Bogoshi, world markets have experienced rapid technological changes as a result of COVID-19 and are in pursuit of economic revival. The pandemic presented South Africa and much of the developing world with increased challenges, which seem insurmountable. However, it has also provided opportunities that must be seized if we are to rebuild the economy and remain competitive within a technologically driven global market.

The recently launched report includes a body of knowledge that outlines current trends and the status of digital innovation in South Africa, at both a micro and macro level. It provides an in-depth look at subjects such as global and local trends in innovation, technologies that are fuelling digital innovation, especially in retail.
BCX Releases its First Digital Innovation Report 2022 @BCXworld #DigitalInnovation
Looking at the retail sector, the report suggests that digital innovation has had a massive impact on this sector. In 2019, South Africa’s online retail space (or e-commerce industry) was still in its infancy, accounting for only 1.4% of total retail spending. However, the onset of the COVID–19 pandemic brought about nationwide lockdowns and restrictions to the movement of consumers. Retailers needed to reform their business models to attract customers without the enticements of shopping malls. It pushed the pace of change into hyperdrive. The pandemic served as a launchpad for digital innovation, with increased uptake in e-commerce from online retail and click-and-collect to video streaming. South Africa saw a 50 to 70% growth in e-commerce in 2021.

Similar insights are presented on critical sectors of our economy, such as Banking, Healthcare, and Insurance, amongst others. There are ten case studies included in the report of local companies depicting their journey to success with digital innovation.

“We are at a critical period of our economy – most countries are still reeling from the fourth wave of COVID-19 and are focused on their future sustainability. The world’s larger economies are picking up speed based on substantial stimulus packages and an incredible pace of digital innovation. We are playing catch-up and must act if we are to compete” suggest Bogoshi.

South Africa has, however, greatly increased its adoption of digital technologies over the past 18 months. Although digital innovation and transformation have been priorities for South African organisations for a number of years, the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated the importance of digital innovation to a ‘survival level’. The report cites a study indicating 79% of organisations in South Africa had fast-tracked digital transformation programmes by the end of 2020.

According to the BCX report, a positive aspect of COVID-19 has been the impetus it created for digital innovation, which was never experienced before in modern history. From the way we work and the way we buy groceries, to the way we receive healthcare and carry out our jobs, the necessity for less physical contact has opened a gateway for digital innovation from which we will benefit for decades to come.

“The BCX Digital Innovation report 2022 highlights the opportunities that our current circumstances present for large-scale transformation of South Africa through digital innovation. It should be an inclusive journey, ultimately leading to benefits for all, whilst limiting the negative impacts of rapid changes we will most likely continue to experience for years to come,” concludes Bogoshi.

BCX is playing its part in driving digital transformation by investing in and growing its technology offerings such as expanding its SD-WAN capabilities, optimising the traditional ICT environment, and reducing cost by automating IT operations. It has also refined its Artificial Intelligence for IT operations, continued its focus on security and software-defined networking and made other evolutions to its existing technology, so that it continues to provide best-in-class, cost-effective, scalable, and secure solutions to clients.

In addition, through the Digital Innovation Awards, BCX has promoted some of the most innovative companies - from start-ups, SMMEs to large enterprises, showcasing the possibilities of adopting digital innovation. BCX partners with both employees and companies in testing new ideas that can be brought into the market and those that may have a positive impact on society

For access to the report click here

About BCX
At BCX, we pride ourselves on being an end-to-end digital partner for corporates and governments across the African continent. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Telkom Group, we have established through the strategic alliance between South Africa’s premier information and communication technology (ICT) suppliers and a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure, creating the digital partner of choice for clients within our chosen markets.

To do this, we combine local market understanding and industry expertise with some of the world’s most advanced ICT, together with a tireless commitment to making your unique digital journey as seamless as possible. In our endeavour to maintain our position as a digital market leader in financial services, mining, retail, healthcare, and the public sector, we continue to leverage and invest in ecosystems for scale, access, expertise, and innovation.

Headquartered in Centurion, Pretoria, BCX permanently employs circa 5 500 people, with an ongoing commitment to attracting and building talent for the future. Operating where our clients operate, our international footprint spans across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, the United Kingdom and Zambia.

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Saturday 19 February 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 6 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

Week 6 was one of the best weeks as some of the wishlists became a reality with the right attitude and mindset. I am still not able to be with myself completely as I am running after so many things so peace of mind is something I am losing a little bit every day. 

Week 6 - 05 Feb 2022 (Sat) to 11 Feb 2022 (Fri)

1. Daily Prayers - The same took a backseat this week as I could not do it for 4 days which is a real failure for sure. But I bought the digital counter from the China Mall along with CR2032 batteries to light up the electronic candles all day and night. So though the daily prayers didn't happen much, I was happy that I could resolve some pending tasks. 

2. Thank You - The counter brought in daily Thank you for chanting and I reached 12764 by the end of the week. Thanks to the China Mall for the counter with which I also bought in some of the gratitude journals as my Huawei journal is coming to an end. 

3. Launch Events - This remains the main highlight of this week as I started my Sat with Huawei Sandton City Store launch event and received an awesome 20000mAh power bank from the Team Huawei. My daughter participated in the public contest by DJ Tira and she won a Huawei Diary and T-shirt by answering the question rightly. We went to the Asus Popup store too which gave us their glass water bottles too on the same day. I was also invited to the Cartoon Network To The Rescue Season 2 launch event in Joburg CBD and it was my first time ever in that area after a long while. I received a Bluetooth speaker from them with their logo on the same. Samsung Unpacked 2022 remains the most sought-after launch event for the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones and I attended the same. This time I travelled by the Uber codes they provided and also had a helicopter ride above the Steyn City in Johannesburg. It was really nice and great to meet a lot of people in person after 2 years of virtual launch events. 

4. Books/Audiobooks - The Everything Store by Brad Stone continues as it's a long one and I am listening to understand and remember for the GK event too. 

5. Walking - Walking more than 7.5 kilometres on Sat and Sun at the start of the week gave me enough coverage to complete the 20kilometers for this week as I knew I have to go to a lot of launch events and timings will be a problem. Planning well in advance and taking long strides helps to complete any goal whatsoever. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 6 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
6. Entertainment - I totally loved Rocket Boys web series on SonyLiv which is based on the life of Vikram Sarabhai and Homi J Bhabha. Jim Sarbh is the charm of the show with his personification of Bhabha and what an acting marvel this series is. Regina Cassandra also looks really amazing and the background music is the main highlight of this show to bring in all kinds of emotions at the right moment. Totally binge-watching and worth every second of your time. I also watched The King's Man movie which is also nice if you are a fan of the series as they take you to the start of the agency as to how it came into existence?  

7. Blogging - Due to the time spent attending a lot of events, I could not do much of the posts but did some for Samsung Unpacked launch event. I also posted some pictures on the Instagram handle and Facebook page. The process is secured for this week too bringing in much-needed consistency. I am running out of ideas of what to post but there is no dearth of photographs in my kitty if I think about it. 

8. General Knowledge - I continued the process to watch a lot of Tata Crucible youtube videos this week too and it really helps to know about the brands around you. You can learn how the bigger players are getting bigger and smaller players are getting consumed by these bigger players in the market. Some players who were quite small earlier have now become much bigger than the ones who tried to buy them. It's a unique world and always keeping an eye on the new marketing principles is an awesome thing to do. 

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New Year Resolutions - Week 5 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

Week 5 started with Reyansh's birthday and this is the first time I and Keisha are not with him to celebrate his 4th one. I really loved the way his birthday brought all the family members together in India as he enjoyed playing with them and cutting the cake too. After his 2nd one in 2020 which was also celebrated in Gurugram, this one being 4th was celebrated again in Gurugram. I pray that Almighty Lord keeps showering his blessings on him too just like he has blessed me in my life!

Week 5 - 29 Jan 2022 (Sat) to 04 Feb 2022 (Fri)

1. Walking - This was the first time in ages I tried walking 8kms in a single time and I did it but after that my legs needed some rest and I slept early to give them enough rest to be ready for another walk as I continued my journey towards the weekly 20kms target and completed the same too.

2. Entertainment - I watched the documentary on Harry Potter - 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts and it was a great one to see some behind the scenes from the movie and how the story has evolved. It's a must-watch if you have liked the Harry Potter movies. During the lockdown, I and Keisha watched the whole series again for some days enjoying the story once again. I don't plan to read the fictional book but sometimes the thought does come to my mind to read it. I also watched The Matrix Resurrections movie and it was torture of another level. Just took all this pain to watch some 5-6 minutes of Priyanka Chopra Jonas on screen. Meanwhile, I started watching The Big Bang Theory from Season 10 onwards once again which I don't remember where I left long ago. It's still great to watch the small episodes while eating dinner. I also watched Subhash Ghai's 36 Farmhouse which is another torture despite the best star cast available. I don't think Subhash Ghai is now the entertainer people used to remember him from the 1990s. There are thousands of better OTT movies by first-time directors available to watch. Avoid the same totally. 

3. Daily Prayers - I completed 36xYears of Hanuman Chalisa this week. Also, I missed the Sundarkand path for continuously 2 weeks now. I need to pick it up and complete it within the next few weeks. I also missed the daily prayers for 2 days this week which really impacts your mindset. 

4. Books/Audiobooks - I finished listening to Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson and it is something you can listen to and check on the value system you are following and it is different from person to person. One thing which is a failure for someone can be a win for someone else based on their value system. I also started listening to The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone and it's such a great way to learn how Amazon become what it is today. This is one of the books which I wanted to listen to more and more (9 hours) to know much more about Amazon and all the companies it bought. 

5. Thank You - As I mentioned last week also the digital counter got lost and I am not doing it so it took a backseat and audiobooks got much more listening attention. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 5 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
6. Launch Events - I got invited to some launch events in Week 6 which I will tell in the next post for sure including the Samsung Unpacked 2022 event. 

7. Credit Card Bills - I paid all the credit card bills and am thankful for the buying experience I had all over the month. 

8. Cancelled the Data SIM - Also, I cancelled my contract with MTN and now I will have to think about how to get internet on the go? It's a huge step as I broke into my barriers to always stay connected and on the internet. It will be going out in Week 7 though but it will be something I will be irritated about at that time. At home, I have the wifi but the issue will be on the go on weekends and other days and will be a risk if I start going to the office. 

9. Blogging - This month The Life's Way didn't make any money other than the Facebook USD 6 for one of their programs of data collection. If I am not getting paid for any brand's featured posts then why will I promote anyone if they are not making an impact in my life? I have created my rate card which I am sending to all the PR companies if they want to send press releases or so and so far I have not got any response but will continue to push the same across. I don't need to do 365 posts per annum if I am not getting anything in return. 

I hope the month of Love - February will be great for everyone as I will also celebrate my 14th marriage anniversary without my wife and it is happening now after such a long time. In 2020, we were at the top of Burj Khalifa evening sunset tour on 14th Feb. The tickets to such a program cost a fortune for sure If I remember correctly I paid around R8000 for around 6 adults and 2 kids so to spend big, money should be in a consistent flow all the time. Amen!

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Friday 18 February 2022

New Online Learning Series of Masterclass of SA @MyMasteryTV #MyMasteryTV

Hi Friends, 

The brand-new online learning, video-on-demand subscription platform, “MyMastery” is available across South Africa and on the African continent. Launching with five initial classes, MyMastery offers exclusive lessons across a variety of skills and disciplines under the tutorage of South African instructors whose life experiences and the knowledge they have gained in their particular field of expertise means subscribers learn from the best in their industry! MyMastery is the only local online learning platform where you can learn on-demand, in your own time, with exclusive video access to selected individual and often iconic “masters” in a structured curriculum.

Entertain. Inspire. Educate. The “MyMastery” mantra is the basis of every workshop hosted by luminaries such as President of Business Unity SA, author and the powerhouse behind many major SA companies Bonang Mohale (ethical leadership and strategy); award-winning recording artist, singer and actress, Lira (The art of performance); popular leading comedian, writer and award-winning stage performer, Marc Lottering (Storytelling and comedy); CNBC cryptocurrency host and global thought leader, Ran Neuner (Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin) and healthy living advocate and fitness instructor, Steve Uria (Fitness and wellness).

Future 2022 instructors, amongst others, include human behavioural specialist, Catriona Boffard, (Sex and intimate connection) launching later this month and sales “guru” Mark Keating (Sales and the art of persuasion) in March followed by fashion icon, David Tlale (Fashion design) in April. Additional instructors and classes will be introduced regularly.
New Online Learning Series of Masterclass of SA @MyMasteryTV #MyMasteryTV
The COVID-19 pandemic greatly influenced the increased demand for online learning impacting on the exponential growth of Online learning across Africa to become an alternate means of delivering education across all age groups. “We want to inspire and provide ordinary South Africans with access to some of our most well-known and successful masters, by gaining a behind-the-scenes learning experience, at an affordable price,” says Richard Rayne, Chief Executive Officer, MyMastery. With over 20 years of experience in the online and adult educational business spectrums, Rayne identified the opportunity for a platform such as MyMastery to best serve the need to inspire and educate people within the African context. “As part of our introductory community development initiative, we are offering one complimentary subscription for every 10 paying MyMastery subscribers. Subscriptions will be awarded to qualifying post-Matric learners who don’t have the means to become a subscriber,” adds Rayne.

New MyMastery classes are added monthly. On average, classes comprise 12 lessons each consisting of approximately 13 minutes taught by each individual instructor. Lessons include insights, guidelines and where applicable, demonstrations. Subscribers receive access to downloadable workbooks, offline viewing (via the MyMastery app) and access for up to five devices. Content viewing is via mobile, desktop, or tablet and is compatible with Android and iOS apps. If data is a concern, then users are encouraged to make use of the app and select which lessons they would like to download on Wi-Fi and view later at their leisure. The addition of multi-language subtitles (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu) is currently in progress.

Create your MyMastery account and sign up today on for your all-access pass to the voices, minds and experiences of some of this country’s most influential game-changers. The monthly subscription of only R295 per month includes all classes. This contract is automatically renewed unless cancelled (at any time) by the user. The Single Class subscription costs R495 per class for a full 12-month period. MyMastery gift cards are available and MyMastery offers various volume-based discount packages for businesses.

Master your skills with MyMastery, anytime, anywhere. Be entertained, inspired and educated.

Official MyMastery social channels:

About MyMastery
MyMastery provides access to high quality, professionally produced original content classes for a one-on-one learning experience with South African icons who share insights into their craft and journey to success, a first within the South African Online learning space.

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Fujifilm Print A Photie App: Turning Moments Into Lasting Memories @fujifilmxsa #PrintAPhotie

Hi Friends, 

Users of the app can send images to print straight from their smartphone to their closest print shop.

Fujifilm South Africa is celebrating the power of the printed photo with its new Print A Photie app, making it easier than ever before to print digital photos.

With the evolution of digital cameras and smartphones, printed photo has taken a backseat to digital images. Although convenient, viewing images on a screen is far less satisfying than being able to experience your favourite photos as high-quality prints.

With the Print A Photie app installed on a smartphone or tablet, users are able to select their best images to send for printing to more than 70 Fujifilm-backed print stores around South Africa. Users can also print photos directly from their personal computers, making use of the Print A Photie site: Prints can then be picked up in-store on the same day, or delivered via courier at an extra cost.
Fujifilm Print A Photie App: Turning Moments Into Lasting Memories @fujifilmxsa #PrintAPhotie
How it works
The Print A Photie app, now available for Android and iOS devices, makes it possible to select images from a smart device, or from a connected Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos or Twitter account.

There are several print sizes to choose from, including the standard 10x15cm Jumbo print, through to A5, A4 and the poster size A3 (30x40cm). Users can select as many photos as they wish and select more than one print of the same photo. Prices are kept competitive, with excellent print quality thanks to the Fujifilm photo paper used.

The easy-to-use app makes use of GPS to show the closest Fujifilm retailers in a user’s area to collect their prints from, while a courier option is also available at an additional cost. Furthermore, the app makes use of a secure payment gateway, though users who are not comfortable paying through the app can pay for prints at the shop. The Print A Photie app is both POPIA and GDPR compliant in order to protect personal information.

Fujifilm supports Print
The idea for the Print A Photie app came about during the Covid-19 pandemic. Customers were reluctant to touch surfaces in the store, which meant the touchscreen photo print machines were used less often. By installing the Print A Photie app users need not worry, seeing that prints can be ordered via phone and simply picked up at the closest participating store.

“Fujifilm’s heritage lies within the printed photo, having been established to produce a photographic film in 1934. As such, we believe in the power of the printed image,” says Deon Brits, Imaging Solutions Division Manager at Fujifilm South Africa. “Having a photo printed is to ensure that memory stays with you forever. And at Fujifilm, we encourage you to not just print a photo for yourself, but to also share printed memories with others. With the Print A Photie app, this is now easier than ever,” Brits notes.

The Fujifilm Print A Photie app is available on the following platforms:




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New Look Refreshes The @CastleLiteSA #HitRefresh #CastleLite

Hi Friends, 

Africa’s biggest premium beer brand, Castle Lite is excited to announce that they are hitting the refresh button in 2022 with a new look shrink and tray design across all its packs. The brand, which had its last update in 2018 has introduced its new packaging at licensed outlets across the country.

In today’s competitive beer scene, it has become more important than ever for brands to remain relevant and to stay fresh. With this in mind, Castle Lite conducted pack research to test its secondary packaging with consumers in 2021. Findings from the research indicated that consumers require products that are very easy to spot within a much-cluttered market so that they can have a seamless shopping experience.
New Look Refreshes The @CastleLiteSA #HitRefresh #CastleLite
“Castle Lite is a brand that puts premium enjoyment front and centre. We have maintained our position over the years as an accessible premium brand with a distinctive positioning and visual identity. With the packaging refresh, it was critical that the brand maintains its premium look which speaks to our high-quality taste while giving us a more appealing canvas to connect with our consumers. We are excited to introduce our fresh new look with the same refreshing taste that consumers have come to love and enjoy over the years,” says Castle Lite Brand Director, Colleen Duvenage.

The new-look boasts an updated colour scheme with blue and grey blends making the packing more appealing and attractive. When researched amongst consumers, they noted that the new colours cue cold, premium and refreshing. The brand has taken a completely different direction with this refresh, with a pack that reflects what’s inside: superior, high-quality refreshment. Consumers need not worry, the only thing that has changed is the packaging, the liquid is still the same extra cold, premium and refreshing Castle Lite consumers know and love.

For more information check out and follow the official social media pages:
Facebook: Castle Lite
Twitter: @CastleLiteSA
Instagram: @CastleLiteSA

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Wednesday 16 February 2022

The @HuaweiZA #NovaY9a: An affordable Smartphone that Doesn't Compromise on Specs

Hi Friends, 

One of the most important criteria for youth-focused smartphones is the price. You’re simply not in a position to spend tens of thousands of rands on a device – there are university bills to pay, and the odd party to be had. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want a smartphone that isn’t powerful, reliable and beautiful to look at and hold.

Enter the HUAWEI nova Y9a, now available on shelves in South Africa.
The latest addition to Huawei’s impressive nova range of smartphones, the HUAWEI nova Y9a offers a sleek design and impressive performance capabilities at a price that won’t break the bank. Here are some of the incredible specs you can ex-spec-t.

64MP quad-camera reaches new heights in photography
Comprising a 64MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 2MP depth camera and a 2MP macro camera, the HUAWEI nova Y9a guarantees professional-looking photographs every time.

The main camera is fitted with an f/1.8 aperture capable of capturing images of up to 9248 x 6936 pixels. It also offers 34% higher resolution and excellent colour reproduction capability. The ultra-wide-angle camera gives a 120° field of view and supports wide-angle video recording, too. The depth camera and macro camera work together with the main camera to blur the background and highlight the subject and capture microscopic detail.

The HUAWEI nova Y9a also automatically detects subjects through five shooting modes, including children, pets, sports, flowers and landscapes, as well as over 10 shooting scenarios such as playing, jumping and cycling. The HUAWEI nova Y9a intelligently predicts the subject and nature of the shot and adjusts the shutter speed accordingly, ensuring that every moment is beautifully frozen in time.
The @HuaweiZA #NovaY9a: An affordable Smartphone that Doesn't Compromise on Specs
An exquisite, unmistakeably nova design
The HUAWEI nova Y9a boasts a 6.63-inch 3D arc design, resulting in a 20:9 form factor that closely resembles the feeling of a 5.5-inch smartphone.

It also comes standard with the HUAWEI FullView display to deliver an immersive viewing experience that has to be seen to be believed. In the new nova Y9a, Huawei has removed the notch area by inserting a pop-up selfie camera in a design that is regarded as the best version of the front camera to date.

The HUAWEI nova Y9a also adopts the other novas’ classic halo ring design. The device’s sleek square camera arrangement is surrounded by an outer ring engraved by a unique coating process. The design is reminiscent of the rings of Saturn and is both elegant and unmistakeably nova.

Inspired by the natural colours of the sky, the HUAWEI nova Y9a comes in Midnight Black and Space Silver.
The @HuaweiZA #NovaY9a: An affordable Smartphone that Doesn't Compromise on Specs
Hours of uninterrupted use and plenty of storage
With a 4200mAh battery and 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge, your battery worries are a thing of the past. On one full charge, the HUAWEI nova Y9a can support 44 hours of voice call, 117 hours of music playback, 12 hours of internet browsing, 10 hours of video watching, or 9 hours of continuous gaming. And the SuperCharge functionality allows you to charge your device by nearly 70% in just 30 minutes.

In the HUAWEI nova Y9a, Huawei has supported the standard 8GB smart internal storage engine with its high-efficiency data replacement system, cold data storage and data dumping technologies. This enables the device to ensure more applications can run smoothly in the background in comparison to other smartphones within a similar price range.

With the HUAWEI nova Y9a, you get 128GB of storage and the option to increase it with an additional 256GB memory card if you wish.

For discerning users who are conscious about looks, performance and especially price, the HUAWEI nova Y9a is everything you want and need. Pick up your HUAWEI nova Y9a at the Huawei Store (Online) or at leading retailers for just R6 499 today.

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Woza - @CartoonNetwork Africa’s Favourite Family is Back #CNtotheRescue!

Hi Friends,

Just when you thought that this year couldn't get off to a better start, think again! Cartoon Network brings you a brand-new season of its original local production, CN to the Rescue. Premiering on 21 February on Cartoon Network Africa, the show is set to keep audiences laughing uncontrollably with pure African humour and fresh, imaginative content that combines the forces of live-action comedy with quality animation.

Following the massive success of season one, which ranked as the number one watched show in South Africa across all kids’ channels in January 2021, CN to the Rescue 2 takes us deeper into the adventurous parallel world of Tapiwa's 'Imagination Room'. Here the lines between reality and animation become more blurred, the story becomes more real, and the adventure becomes even crazier than ever! Is the new mysterious family member, Uncle Ezekius from Cape Town, a good guy, or is he plotting evil? Haibo! - will Tapiwa and his no-nonsense glam, but caring Mama, intensely focused nerdy bra, and happy-go-lucky Gogo find a way out of the 'Imagination Room' in time?

Wacky 'slap-chic' African comedian André Lembwa portrays ALL five characters again, including the new long-lost uncle. He skillfully brings all the personalities in the show to life with his unexpected comedy and humour. Produced by the multi-talented Capetonian filmmaker Howard James Fyvie, season two expands on the colourful first season, highlighting everyday situations in the African household. The new instalment introduces more local flavour while featuring a lot more of Cape Town. The continuous storyline throughout the nine episodes gives season 2 a real 'series' feel, set to keep audiences coming back episode after episode!
Woza - @CartoonNetwork Africa’s Favourite Family is Back #CNtotheRescue!
“CN to the Rescue is just like the kind of show that used to inspire me when I was a kid - it’s all about family, adventure and imagination. The cool thing about this show, though, is it’s wrapped in a uniquely African aesthetic with a true local flavour,” says Fyvie. “Working on it was a joy, a challenge and a miracle all wrapped into one. Thanks to WarnerMedia for trusting us and supporting our passion!”

Ariane Suveg, Head of Kids channels Africa, France and Israel, explains, “Bringing CN to the Rescue back to our channel with nine 11-minute brand-new episodes is a perfect example of Cartoon Network’s dedication to creating local content that resonates with our African audience. This show is truly local: not only are the creators African, but the whole production team reigns from Africa - bringing innovative content aligned with Cartoon Network’s brief to showcase unexpected, random, humorous and energetic content!”

With Taps' crazy adventures and his quintessentially African family along for the ride, CN to the Rescue has the perfect ingredients for kids to enjoy and laugh out loud. And with amusing pop culture references included throughout, Cartoon Network's grown-up fans will also relish the new show: an incredible viewing experience for the whole family!

A new season, new characters, and a new adventure - tune in from Monday, 21 February at 18:10 CAT on Cartoon Network Africa as Cartoon Network's biggest fan, Taps, comes to the Rescue!


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Thursday 10 February 2022

New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night

Hi Friends, 

Samsung has unveiled Galaxy S22 and S22+, two flagship devices that power creativity and self-expression. Galaxy S22 and S22+ introduce dynamic cameras with advanced intelligent image processing to make every moment epic. Built with a bold, sustainably conscious design, Galaxy S22 and S22+ are designed to be both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

“Our smartphone cameras have transformed the way we create, share, and communicate. Through photos and videos, we express ourselves and connect with the people we care about,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ MX (Mobile eXperience) Business. “That’s why we focused on designing our latest S Series devices with ground-breaking camera capabilities that work day and night, powered by our best mobile performance yet.”
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
Own the Night with Samsung’s Most Intelligent Camera Yet
Galaxy S22 and S22+ are designed to deliver next-level camera experiences, so people can connect and share wherever they are. With the Galaxy S22 series’ revolutionary new Nightography features – like the 23% larger sensor than S21 and S21+ and Adaptive Pixel technology – your camera is designed to let in more light, draw out details, and capture colours that make your content pop, even in the dark. Both Galaxy S22 and S22+ are built with a powerful 50MP main camera, 10MP telelens, and 12MP ultra-wide lens, so you always get high-quality shots. When you’re capturing videos with friends, the new Auto Framing feature detects and tracks up to 10 people and automatically adjusts the camera’s focus, so your camera captures everyone clearly. Both devices are powered by advanced VDIS technology which minimises vibrations, so you get smooth, sharp footage even when you’re on the move.
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
Galaxy S22 and S22+ are also equipped with Samsung’s latest AI technology that takes your photos to the next level. It’s easy to take perfect Portrait mode photos with the new AI Stereo Depth Map, and your subjects will look better than ever with even the smallest details appearing crisp and clear thanks to a sophisticated AI algorithm. The same works for your favourite furry friend: Galaxy S22/S22+’s new Portrait mode helps prevent pet hair from blending into the background, so you always get an amazing shot of your pet.

Power and Performance that Keep up with Your Life
From work to home, Galaxy S22 and S22+ are designed to power you through even the busiest days with the first-ever 4nm processor on a Galaxy smartphone. It powers our most advanced AI and ML processing to date, delivering unrivalled performance for all your streaming and productivity needs. What’s more, network behaviour analysis streamlines your app performance by automatically detecting which app you’re using and directing the most power there – so streaming, surfing the web, and navigating apps have never been smoother.
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
A lightning-fast processor demands power that can keep pace. Galaxy S22 is built with a robust all-day battery and 25W fast charging that never slows you down, and Galaxy S22+ features a super-powerful battery that can last even longer than a day on a single charge. Galaxy S22+ also offers 45W super-fast charging, so you don’t have to wait when your power is running low.

Streaming a movie or your favourite show will look even better on Galaxy S22 and S22+’s beautiful displays. Both devices come equipped with a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, designed for the best in gaming and watching. Whether you choose Galaxy S22’s premium 6.1-inch display or Galaxy S22+’s 6.6-inch, each screen is built with intelligent Vision Booster technology that automatically adjusts the display to the lighting around you and enhances the colour contrast, so you can enjoy the best possible view of your content. Plus, hardware performance enhancements have improved display brightness – S22 has a peak brightness of 1,300nits while S22+ features a peak of 1,750nits.

S22 and S22+ will also ensure you can always stay connected and collaborative. Through our partnership with Google, you can enjoy Google Duo live sharing to view photos in Gallery with friends or write meeting notes with colleagues on Samsung Notes – even while you’re apart.
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
Design to Perfection and Built to Last
Both Galaxy S22 and S22+ feature the S series’ iconic, fan-favourite Contour-Cut design that blends the camera seamlessly into the housing. To create a sleeker and more refined look, Samsung built both devices with a distinctive flat display, complete with a luxurious glass and haze finish. Now, the S series camera housing is designed to match the colour of the device’s body with a slim and symmetric metal frame for a seamless look. The result is a balanced, unified design that’s modern, fashionable, and sleek. Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ are available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green, and Pink Gold.

And that stunning design is built to last: the Galaxy S22 Series presents Samsung’s most durable mobile devices yet. Galaxy S22 and S22+ are the first S series models made with Armour Aluminium – our strongest aluminium frame, so you can take your phone anywhere with peace of mind. The Galaxy S22 series is also our first smartphone to feature new Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+. The S22 series devices are equipped with this tough glass on the front and back, so you can worry less about accidental drops.
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
But we know true durability is not just about hardware. As part of our commitment to giving users the best possible mobile performance and experience, the entire Galaxy S22 series will be supported by up to four generations of Android OS upgrades. Now millions of Galaxy users can take advantage of the latest security, productivity and other exciting new features, for longer. Samsung will scale this effort across our product line-up to ensure you’re fully supported across your Galaxy ecosystem.

The Galaxy S series also makes it easy to make your phone your own. You can use Samsung’s clean and intuitive new One UI user interface to customise the look and feel of your home screen and widget. Tailor your icon colours, widgets, colour palette, and more to your personal preferences, and create a mobile experience that reflects who you are. One UI also gives you easy access to a wealth of emojis, GIFs, and stickers directly on your keyboard, so you can instantly communicate exactly how you feel without typing a single word.
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
Help Build a Sustainable Future through Galaxy for the Planet
As our most eco-conscious device ever, the Galaxy S22 series pioneers mobile technology while supporting our planet. Plastic pollution poses serious threats to our environment, and discarded fishing nets are especially harmful to marine life and our oceans. By collaborating with leading organisations, Samsung helps recover discarded fishing nets and transforms them into high-performance materials for our smartphones. This material – used in the Galaxy S22 series’ component, key bracket – contains 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic from discarded fishing nets. The Galaxy S22 series also incorporates post-consumer recycled material in its speaker module, as well as the inner parts of the power and volume keys.

In addition to ocean-bound plastics, we use 100% recycled paper for the Galaxy S22’s packaging and include a protective film made from recycled plastic. Every smartphone case is also designed with UL-certified, eco-conscious materials – such as recycled post-consumer plastics or bio-based substances. These purposeful innovations are the latest example of Samsung’s commitment to doing more with less as part of Galaxy for the Planet.
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
Security You Can Trust
The Galaxy S22 series is secured by Samsung’s powerful Knox Vault security platform, which includes a secure processor and memory that completely isolates sensitive data like your passwords, biometrics, or Blockchain keys from the phone’s main operating system. One UI's privacy dashboard and Indicator make it easy to see which apps are accessing your data and camera, so you can decide whether to grant or deny permission to each app. The Galaxy S22 series also introduces several new security features, including ARM microarchitecture, which helps prevent cyberattacks that target your operating system and memory.

Plus, the Galaxy S22 series brings you Samsung Wallet – a seamless, convenient and secure experience to make everyday life easier. Samsung Wallet combines digital payment, ID, keys and asset management into one tool to simplify your routines, from showing your student ID to compiling travel documents before a flight.
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
Stay Connected with the Galaxy Ecosystem
Alongside the new S22 series, Samsung is introducing an all-new line of tablets and a pack of updated features for Galaxy Watch4 so that Galaxy users can stay connected in every aspect of their lives. Built for a new era of connectivity, Galaxy Tab S8 series­– including Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra – is Samsung’s most versatile line of tablets ever, built and designed to meet the ever-changing needs of those who work, study, play and create.
New @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyS22 and S22+ Deliver Revolutionary Camera Experiences, Day and Night
Local Availability
Pre-order opens on 10 February 2022 with the device available as of 11 March 2022. Samsung considered local market conditions, and in the spirit of breaking barriers have retained a pricing model similar to the Galaxy S21 Series, which means you experience more technology for the same price. If you pre-order between 10 February – 10 March 2022, you will receive Galaxy Buds Live plus the option to get the benefits of Samsung Care+ for a once-off payment of R499.00.

All of the above gifts are subject to stock availability and the offer is valid until 31 March 2022. Terms & Conditions apply. Samsung Care+, a dedicated product support service covering accidental damages, repairs and more, will be available for the Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ & S22 is available in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Green and Pink Gold.

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