Friday 25 April 2014

Movie Review - Rio 2

Hi Guys,

I loved playing all the versions of Angry Birds and i hope that everyone loved it too. The time when it was announced that it will be used as a context to make a movie named Rio, I was much more than happy. But somehow in day to day living and earning, I was unable to watch the movie till the second part Rio 2 was released. 

I did watch the Rio2 on the very first week at Ster Kinekor  (twitter) without knowing anything about the Rio. I really loved the character Blu and Jewel & others on this adventure trip to the wild jungles of Amazon while their path was guided by the GPS lady. Then suddenly, Rio 2 was stuck with Meet the Fockers type of context, where father-in-law meets Blu and brings in the fun we always have been watching a lot in many movies. Then came the Harry Potter kind of flying soccer game which is really a great visual to the eyes if you have watched the movie in 3D. Also, there comes the most amazing colored kaleidoscope kind of song pictured on the birds. The jungles of amazon looks amazingly great and it brought a great social issue about the trees cutting making way for the theme parks and commercial buildings. Rio2 is more about sing along Frozen kind of movie. 

After watching the Rio2, I browsed through the DVD library and brought Rio home. I immediately fell in love with the part 1 of the movie. Rio 1 has many scenes and settings which we have seen in the Angry Birds Rio game. It offers so much more than the second part. It has action, drama, emotions and a story that builds slowly and offers a great entertainment. 

After watching Rio (2011), Rio 2 made much more sense but then also, it’s not the best that could be offered for all the small kids who are fans of these series. It’s my opinion but overall, I think my daughter would love to see Blu, Jewel and family again and again. Both the movies are entertaining and brings that the families should stay together and when they are together nothing is impossible for them to achieve. 

Go and enjoy the movie and don’t forget to comment. 


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