Thursday 25 May 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 08 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

Week 8 has been an entertainment powerhouse week as I watched a lot of movies and attended a lot of events. More than that this was a week where I got my single monthly cheque from my employer that keeps me going or paying my bills. Yes, I can't be rich if I only rely on this one payment in terms of 8-10 of work every day. Over the years now after Covid-19 I have observed that your life is limited and then you have to work for money or skills upliftment so that you can encash it. Tech space is changing fast so you also have to be a quick brown fox so that you can jump over the lazy dog. 

Increase your salary as high as possible and take risks - Don't get settled. 

1. Entertainment - I started the week by watching Cirkus movie starring Ranveer Singh and Varun Sharma. I loved the light-hearted comedy despite it being not a hit at the box office. I also watched Shiv Shasti Balboa starring Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta and totally loved the same though most of the dialogues and scenes Anupam sir also told on the Kapil Sharma show which led to nothing left to watch in the movie. Revealing a lot of details about the movie during the promotional tours is not a great strategy. I then moved to a 3 episode series from TVF - SK Sir ki Class which is a spin-off of the TVF Aspirants series that I wanted it to continue but this one has not reached the level Aspirants is and that's why they finished the same in 3 episodes only. I also completed the Hindi movie LOST starring Yami Gautam Dhar and it took me a lot of days to finish this tiresome movie. 

2. Launch Events - I attended the opening ceremony of the Fujifilm South Africa office in the Sandton area. The view from this space is really awesome overlooking Hurlingham and Randburg. Then I also attended the Doritos Event where they launched the new chilli versions of Nik Naks, Doritos and Simba chips. It was a fun outing and we got packets of each too to try at home. I also attended a housewarming party of a friend who bought a big villa and did some prayers along with a party thereafter. 

3. Thank You - I didn't do this at all this week on the counter. Totally failed in this grand scheme of things. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 08 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay #2023
4. Daily Prayers - I am not sure if I am regular in this activity as well since the completion of 42 years of Hanuman Chalisa. Complete failure in this regard also, a daily power source is needed to light up your life and give you the confidence to carry on despite all the internal struggles. 

5. Goodies - What I have observed this year the goodies that are being given at the end of launch events are a total disaster. The time spent at the event without the vegetarian food to enjoy, the gift is not worth your time at all. The coverage that you need to give on your blog and social media platforms is more extra work for that pack of chips or concert tickets. I be rather stay at home and save on petrol and time which I can enjoy with my family or read a book on my Kindle. 

You may have observed that I have posted the failures or talked about them in my posts but it's best to take them out of the system. If I have failed, I have failed. I have to accept that failures and wins are part of life and we can't stay settled thinking that we have won but the point where you are in life, everyone else has left that point long back and you are now lagging behind everyone else. 

Till next time...Aashish 
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Samsung Announces Winner of the #MyBespokeChallenge @SamsungSA

Hi Guys, 

The Challenge allowed young designers to show their flair and passion for creating exquisite living spaces using Samsung products. 

Samsung announced the winner of the Bespoke Home Challenge, closing the curtain on the interior design competition that ran from October 2022. Zwelibanzi Nzuza’s design took the honours after seeing off stiff competition from his three fellow finalists. Zweli, as he’s affectionately known, won a cash prize of R100 000 that will help him kick-start his interior design career and propel him into his future of creativity.
Samsung Announces Winner of the #MyBespokeChallenge @SamsungSA
Coming all the way from Kwa-Zulu, Zwelibanzi’s design philosophy is based on vision, inspiration and a leap of faith. He is very adventurous in his designs and often looks at results that inspire people beyond the norm. What sets him apart is his willingness to explore, expand himself in every project and produce something fresh at all times. “I perceived a high-spiritedness in the Bespoke fridge, which is the centrepiece of the design. That inspired sophistication and playfulness in my approach and I tried to use that as an anchor and a common thread in everything else in my space. I wanted something warm, welcoming, relatable, easy on the eye, and not overbearing or intimidating,” said Zwelibanzi.
Samsung Announces Winner of the #MyBespokeChallenge @SamsungSA
For the first time, Samsung opened the Bespoke Home Challenge to young designers. The challenge was made to encourage the creators to design an integrated kitchen and living room space with the Bespoke Refrigerator as the centrepiece of their space. Being in a class of its own, the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator range brings a kaleidoscope of colour, innovation, and unparalleled customisation to life.
Samsung Announces Winner of the #MyBespokeChallenge @SamsungSA
The four finalists had to each put their best foot forward and do their designs at the new Samsung Lifestyle store at Design Quarter in Johannesburg. The other finalists were:
  • Maresa Maartens (Gauteng) – Won second place in the Bespoke Home Challenge and walked away with R50 000 cash prize. Maresa was adamant that when designing, it is important to create rooms that feel like sanctuaries, where people can find the ease of use, comfort, durability and low maintenance, she believes in design solutions and spaces that make users feel good mentally and physically and want to slow down.
  • Keneilwe Mothoa (Gauteng) - Inspired by African heritage and culture and marrying this with modern and Western inspirations. Her designs are based on African research and focus on the history of the future. She designs for both functionality and aesthetics, capturing all the senses: touch and feel to name a few.
  • Mbali Maseko (Gauteng) – Mbali believes that going forward design should be minimalistic with a touch of Africa. She would like to add a touch of Africa to any beautiful, personal and Bespoke home.
The challenge focused on up-and-coming young designers and was a way to give them a unique platform to test their skills and an opportunity to design and give their own interpretation of a perfect Bespoke Home. After being identified for the final round at the end of September 2022, the four finalists had a chance to showcase their creativity and skill at the brand-new Samsung Lifestyle at Design Quarter.
Samsung Announces Winner of the #MyBespokeChallenge @SamsungSA
Media entrepreneur and International Speaker, Jo-Ann Strauss, who formed part of the judging panel, said the bar had been raised in this edition of the competition. “Samsung is renowned for always going big in everything they do and it is exciting to see that the My Bespoke Home Challenge competition was no exception. It’s amazing how this competition has grown bigger and better. It is such an excellent platform for young up-and-coming designers and I’m proud to be part of it for the second time. A competition like this is important to celebrate what the young designers learn as it prepares them for the real world and the work environment. The designs of all four finalists were absolutely beautiful and made it tough for the judges. I was particularly impressed by how the contestants brought their own personalities to the fore through their designs. I also enjoyed hearing the personal stories from the contestants about their individual journeys and we all thoroughly enjoyed Zweli’s personal story.”
Samsung Announces Winner of the #MyBespokeChallenge @SamsungSA
Zweli said he is over the moon at being crowned the winner and takes it as a reminder that he is on the right track in terms of following his passion and love for interior design. “This is like a dream. Never in a million years would I have imagined I would win such a competition. I have learned a lot more than I thought I would in this competition. I feel grateful and absolutely humbled by the entire experience. The fact that my family is also here to celebrate with me makes it extra special. I will be investing the prize money towards realising my dream and growing my business,” said Zweli.
Samsung Announces Winner of the #MyBespokeChallenge @SamsungSA
“The My Bespoke Home Challenge competition is Samsung’s effort to invest in young designers and youth as part of our design and concept store. These post-COVID times have highlighted the importance of our personal spaces and the role they play in our overall well-being. It is what inspired this challenge as well because our homes have become multifunctional as spaces where we need to work, relax and entertain ourselves, so they need to be optimal for all those purposes and more. Our vision at Samsung is to allow our consumers to be able to make their spaces look and feel the way they want that also reflects their own personalities and tastes,” said Mike van Lier, Vice President for Consumer Experiences at Samsung.

Till next time...Aashish Thanks you Cheers!!!

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