Monday 14 April 2014

Product Review - Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies

Hi Guys, 

Some things in life brings back your childhood and I became a child when I opened the pack of Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies from the house of Kelsen Group. I skipped my regular meal wanting to eat all the pack of 15 rich & mouth watering tasty biscuits just like I used to do when I was a kid for some of my favorite eating stuff.

I got these Butter Cookies pack from Royal Dansk to blog about the same but unlike regular winners (on facebook) who wins a big TIN of cookies, I got this small pack of 125grams. I am now jealous of all the winners who not only wins these divine tasting cookies but also a chance to win awesome holidays every quarter. To know more about the same, follow the brand on facebook or twitter. They have contests going all year around on their social media channels. Check them out.
The Royal Dansk Butter cookies in the box comes in a silver metallic foil which keeps the freshness intact. Unlike my last experience with Kjeldsens - Oat & Cranberry Cookies I didn't threw the packing which really helped my cookies to stay fresh without any moisture entering them. 

If you really want to try some new cookies which are way beyond what you have ate in Fournos or any other bakery, do buy a pack and try it for yourself. These are not only great but also leaves a butter taste on your tongue to feel the richness of the product for some time. The sweetness of the cookies is just perfect and I shared the pack with my friends from work. They wanted more of it and my leftover cookies were over in no time.

Now I am really looking forward to win the big TIN on Royal Dansk - Easter goodies contest or I can accept these cookies for the review of any of your products. :-) I would definitely recommend that you can think of these cookies to gift to your loved ones this festival season.

The 125grams box contains 3 cookies each in 5 textures and each one plays a different game with your tongue. I really loved all of them and I want some more of them asap. I will check all the stores this Easter to find my Easter Eggs as Royal Dansk Butter Cookies. Enjoy the festivities and long holidays!!!


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