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Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Dash - Truly Wireless Smart Earphones @HelloBragi #BargiDash

Hi Guys,

The Dash is Truly Wireless
No wires. With The Dash, you enjoy perfectly synchronized true stereo with no echo or imbalance. The benefit is seamless music and hands free communication with no cables or wires to manage.

The World in Your Ear
The Dash is the world’s only Hearable equipped with both a powerful processor and its own operating syst em called Bragi OS. This tiny computer allows The Dash to translate human gest ures or movements into action items. For Example, answer or reject a call on your phone by simply nodding your head. The powerful microcomputer is also regularly enhanced via Bragi OS updates. This means that with each software release, your Dash gains more functionality, without having to buy a whole new set of earphones.
The Dash - Truly Wireless Smart Earphones @HelloBragi #BargiDash
You’re in Control
The Dash’s EarTouch interface allows users to interact with their mobile device, play st ored music, activate audio assist ant or art a fitness activity with a simple touch.

Do the Things You Love
No matter where inspiration takes you, The Dash goes with you everywhere, even under water (up to 1m / 3 ft.). The Dash is the only Hearable that swims with you, while your favorite music pushes you through the workout. The Dash is for all types of fitness activities. Integrated sensor technology allows The Dash to track your heart rate, steps, dist ance, cycling cadence, swimming laps and swimming breaths. With each Bragi OS update, even more trackable features or enhancements are added.
The Dash - Truly Wireless Smart Earphones @HelloBragi #BargiDash
Li sten to What You Want
The Dash allows you to ream to crystal clear music or podca st from your favorite service, hear video games or make phone calls. You can even upload an audio playlist to its 4GB internal hard drive and
li sten without connecting to any device. When making calls, The Dash features an intelligent machine learning algorithm which dynamically mixes the internal EarBone and external microphone signals to reduce background noise, filter out the sound around you and allow for a clear phone experience.
Silence The World or Let It In
The Dash’s Audio Transparency function allows you to list en to music, podcast s, games or phone calls while ill hearing the world around you. With a simple swipe on The Dash, you can allow ambient sound to enter the earphones, making you more aware of your surroundings. 
The Dash - Truly Wireless Smart Earphones @HelloBragi #BargiDash
Recharge on the Go
The Dash has one of the longe r last ing batteries in any Hearable. It keeps going with 3 hours of battery life and comes with a portable charging case, allowing you to recharge your Dash up to 5 times on the go.
Comfortable and Secure
Find the perfect fit for your ears with FitSleeves. The PerfectFit ensures that The Dash stays in your ear when you’re swimming, running, jumping, or dancing.

The Bragi app
The Bragi app is the smart extension of The Dash on your device. You can use it to cu stomize your Dash profile, check workout data, set up controls, review hi story (for workout data collected through the Bluetooth connection), and access additional information to help you get the mo out of your Dash.


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iKhambi Distribution Launches Bragi Dash in South Africa @HelloBragi #Dash

Hi Guys,

Bragi is a Munich based company, founded in 2013 by its Danish CEO Nikolaj Hviid and the first product “The Dash”, opens a completely new product category: Hearables – a smart connected computer for the ear. The Dash is a completely wireless smart earphone that combines 3 essential lifestyle features: 
  • Listen: A one-touch music player that can also be used as a standalone device thanks to its 4 GB internal memory.
  • Track: A live sports assistant that tracks distance, duration and heart rate while running, biking and swimming.
  • Communicate: A smartphone companion. Answer calls by nodding or swiping over the surface.
The Dash is controlled by gestures on its optical touch interface. No buttons, just taps and swipes. On top, The Dash offers a whole new hearing experience through Audio Transparency, making it possible to amplify the surroundings by sliding the finger over its surface. The user is also able to isolate annoying noises as a result of a perfect sealing in the ear canal that provides passive noise cancellation.

iKhambi Distribution Launches Bragi Dash in South Africa @HelloBragi #Dash

“We are excited to bring the next frontier of connected audio to the South African market. iKhambi has focused on disrupters in the Consumer Electronics and Health & Wellness industries, and we know people are looking for that gadget that has that special mixture of the different facets of their world together in one place. The Dash marries our worlds of Health, Consumer Electronics and Smart Connectivity in a truly unique way” states Christian van Zyl, Managing Director – iKhambi Distribution.

“The implications of the types of technology that the Dash are bringing to the industry are set to emphasise how the ‘Gigabit Era’ will change the way we perceive how information arrives at us. Now the Hearable is bringing your world to your ears, and opening up a universe of possibility for how you experience that world”. 

The premium Brand that is Bragi will be launched through exclusive retail partners including iStore, CycleLab and DigiCape. Our online partners include Shop and Ship and The Dash will retail for R5999.00 INCL VAT. 
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Four Varied, but not-to-be missed #Bollywood Films Releases @SterKinekor Big Screens During May

Hi Guys, 
All the drama, romance, passion, vibrant colours, amazing music and superstars that Bollywood fans have come to love from their movies, will be out in full force in May. Four very different, but much anticipated movies are releasing on the big screen at select Ster-Kinekor cinemas over the next three weeks, promising something for everyone.

First up are two titles released on Friday, 12 May – one for those who love a good romcom with the right music, in the form of Meri Pyaari Bindu, while the other is a political drama, Sarkar 3, starring one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, Amitabh Bachchan. Another film with romance and drama at its core – Half Girlfriend – releases on 19 May, while a film that pays tribute to India’s ‘God of Cricket’, Sir Sachin Tendulkar, in Sachin: A Billion Dream hits the cinema screens for a six from Friday, 26 May.


55 days of training. One pair of trousers. This is Sachin…
Four varied, but not-to-be missed #Bollywood Films Release @SterKinekor Big Screens During May
This is the real-life tale of a small boy with big dreams, and his journey to become the ‘God of Cricket’ and the most celebrated sportsperson in his country, India, and around the world. He made his test debut in the national team at just 16 years of age, and his unmatched career as cricketer and captain was as a result of determination, hard work and passion.

In this biopic, Sachin Tendulkar stars as himself, alongside other Indian cricketing greats including Mahendra Singh (M.S.) Dhoni and Virender Sehwag, with Mayuresh Pem as Nitin Tendulkar and Mayur More as Ajit Tendulkar.

Small in stature but regarded as the ‘God of Cricket’ by cricket fans, Sachin is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket, and is the leading run-scorer and century-maker in both the Test and One Day International formats of the game. He is considered to be the most complete batsman of his time, and is arguably the most popular cricketing icon the world has seen.

Directed by James Erskine, Sachin: A Billion Dreams will be screened at Ster-Kinekor The Zone in Johannesburg, Forest Hill in Centurion, Gateway in Durban and at Cavendish in Cape Town, from Friday, 26 May.

View the trailer here for Sachin here:

Created by Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman, listen to the official Sachin anthem song here: – it achieved more than 2-million views in just 20hrs.

Half Girlfriend is based on the coming-of-age, young adult romantic novel by Indian author Chetan Bhagat. The film revolves around Madhav (Arjun Kapoor), who meets a girl named Riya (Shraddha Kapoor) and falls madly in love with her. However, Riya has other ideas. After struggling to convince her to be his girlfriend, Madhav has to contend with Riya’s half-hearted agreement to be his ‘half-girlfriend’.

Directed by Mohit Suri, Half Girlfriend also stars South African-born actor Greg Kriek as a US immigration officer, and features a great soundtrack.

The film releases on Friday, 19 May at Ster-Kinekor cinemas at The Zone in Rosebank, Sandton and Newtown Junction in Johannesburg, Forest Hill in Pretoria, Carnival City on the East Rand, Gateway in Durban and Cavendish in Cape Town. The film will also be released at two of Ster-Kinekor’s sites outside South Africa, at The Arcades in Lusaka, Zambia, and at Sam Levy in Harare, Zimbabwe.

View the trailer here for Half Girlfriend here:
Four varied, but not-to-be missed #Bollywood Films Release @SterKinekor Big Screens During May
SARKAR 3 (12 May)
The third film in Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar trilogy chronicles the exploits of a powerful political figure. Annu Karkare (Yami Gautam) conspires and attempts to avenge the death of her father, for which she blames "Sarkar" (Amitabh Bachchan). Juxtaposed with the situation is Sarkar's own personal battles with his volatile grandson Shivaji Nagre or "Cheeku" (Amit Sadh), while the political and corporate diaspora pose threats to Sarkar's dominance. Assisted by his aide Gokul Satam (Ronit Roy), Sarkar deals with one of his greatest adversaries in the form of Michael Valya (Jackie Shroff) and the moody and seemingly violent politician Govind Deshpande (Manoj Bajpayee).

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, and co written by Ram Gopal Varma and Nilesh Girkar, Sarkar 3 releases on 12 May at Ster-Kinekor Gateway in Durban, The Zone in Johannesburg and Forest Hill in Centurion. The film will also be released at two of Ster-Kinekor’s sites outside South Africa, at The Grove-Namibia in Windhoek, Namibia, and at Sam Levy in Harare, Zimbabwe.

View the trailer for Sarkar 3 here:

Fed up with the lack of critical appreciation despite being a successful writer, Abhimanyu Roy (Ayushmann Khurrana) returns to his roots in Kolkata to write more meaningful literature and decides on an old-fashioned love story, which is now three years in the making. The problem is that this writer's block is Bindu (Parineeti Chopra). How do you contain an unpredictable, crazy, restless, larger than life, live wire in the pages of a book?

But, where to begin and where to end? When Abhi comes across an old audio cassette of their favourite playlist, it sends him down memory lane. As he waltzes in and out of his past and present through the songs on the tape, he finally faces reality and reconnects with his roots, with his family and his novel starts writing itself… but, as with life, there are always a few surprises along the way!

Directed by Akshay Roy, Meri Pyaari Bindu will be screened at Ster-Kinekor at The Zone in Johannesburg, Forest Hill in Centurion and Gateway in Durban, from Friday, 12 May.

View the trailer here for Meri Pyaari Bindu here:

For more information on Sarkar 3, Meri Pyaari Bindu, Half Girlfriend and Sachin: A Billion Dreams, releasing at Ster-Kinekor cinemas during May, and to book tickets, visit or download the SK App on your smartphone. You can also book at the box office. For news and updates, go to Facebook: Ster-Kinekor Theatres | follow Ster-Kinekor on Twitter: @sterkinekor. For all queries, call Ticketline on 0861-Movies (668 437).

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

New Score Sparkling Apple – A Sweet Burst of the Forbidden Fruit @DrinkScore

Hi Guys, 

You’ll love the apples in new Score Sparkling Apple Energy Drink with its tempting sweetness and epic power kick. With its double shot of Guarana for a natural energy eruption, new Score Apple doesn’t fall far from the original Score tree. The newly formulated sweet apple taste with a healthy dose of B vitamins gives Score Apple double the power to release a blast of energy that helps you to perform harder. And because it’s taurine free, Score leaves you with that great aftertaste fans have come to love.

If you’re looking for an energy boost and love the sweet taste of crisp apple, you’ll want to give new Score Apple in the stylishly revamped matt 440ml cans with the “New Flavour” tag a shot!
New Score Sparkling Apple – A Sweet Burst of the Forbidden Fruit @DrinkScore
At the same price as most regular soft drinks, there is no reason not to tap into the power of Score Apple and experience its sweet explosive flavour.

Score Energy Drink now comes in two great flavours, Apple and Original, in 440ml cans selling at around R10.00.

Check out for more information and keep up with the latest action by joining the Score community on and follow @drinkscore on Twitter and Instagram.


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Make Your Selection #Durbanites As #MONOPOLYDurban Edition Coming Soon

Hi Guys,

Durbanites are in for another memorable surprise! MONOPOLY, the original fast-dealing property trading game that everybody knows and loves, is coming to our shores and creating a localised Durban city edition.

Traditionally, anyone playing the legendary board game got to know the tourist attractions and highlights of London, with the UK edition being the most widely played outside of the UK. Locations were included, such as The Angel, an Islington feature, even though this address is not a street in London, but in fact a building (and the name of the road intersection it is located at).

Regional versions of the MONOPOLY game have been produced for the last 20 years, and to date, the game is licensed in 103 countries, with South Africa currently on this illustrious list for the National South African Board, as well as the Cape Town regional feature.

The BEST part about the MONOPOLY Durban version coming to our shores is the fact that Durbanites will be encouraged to be part of the selection process to choose which recognisable city hotspots will appear on the final board, to be on shelves around November 2017.

A dedicated MONOPOLY Durban Facebook page will be created that will be the home for voting, and where the final location choices will be announced. From Wednesday, the 10th of May, for two weeks, MONOPOLY enthusiasts are invited to nominate Durban properties via the MONOPOLY Durban page:
Make Your Selection #Durbanites As #Monopoly DURBAN Edition Coming Soon
There will be localised ‘Community Chest’ and ‘Chance’ playing cards, so feel free to submit Durban’s most popular phrases and words to be used for this purpose as well. Local brands are also encouraged to get involved and sponsor locations to have their properties featured on the board.

The MONOPOLY Durban announcement comes hot on the heels of the resounding success of the Cape Town regional version that was launched to local residents last year.

Robert Osborne, Sales Manager at Winning Moves, London, notes that “Over the past years we have witnessed the city of Durban establishing itself as one of the premier destinations of choice for entertainment and leisure in the country. Durban has also served as host to some of the most prestigious social events in the country as well.”

“Durban has long been one of the regions on our list of targets, and this year seems like the perfect year for us to create the MONOPOLY Durban regional version. We’re extremely excited to see how it’s received and have high hopes that Durban will be the second of many South African regional MONOPOLY games to be launched in upcoming years,” concludes Osborne.

Winning Moves, manufacturers of the official Durban version of MONOPOLY under license from Hasbro, says the game will be on shop shelves around November 2017.

MONOPOLY first hit shop shelves in 1935 – and since then has been played by more than 500 million people. Today it is played in 111 countries and enjoyed in 43 different languages.

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Motorola Announces the ‘Transform the Smartphone’ Challenge in Europe, Middle East & Africa @Lenovo_Africa

Hi Guys, 
Motorola Mobility, a Lenovo company, is giving startups, developers, and creators the opportunity to break the limitations of smartphones and present their ideas at Viva Technology 2017.

Billed as the world’s ‘rendezvous’ for game-changers, Viva Technology, also known as VivaTech, is an international innovation showcase taking place in Paris on June 15-17, 2017. Bringing together thousands of the brightest entrepreneurs and most imaginative start-ups, alongside top investors, developers and opinion leaders, VivaTech provides a platform for participants from over 200 countries to find inspiration, generate new contacts and accelerate their business growth. Attendance at this year’s event is expected to surpass last year’s 50,000 visitors.

As part of VivaTech 2017, Motorola has extended its ‘Transform the Smartphone’ challenge, to encourage developers, startups, and other creators to break the limitations of what a smartphone can be. The challenge provides an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their creative skills, while adding their expertise and vision to the Moto Mod universe.

Participants will also get the opportunity to present their Moto Mod campaign on the IndieGogo Crowdfunding platform. This gives Moto Z customers the chance to fund participants’ projects, while also providing early access to new Moto Mods when they become available.
Motorola Announces the ‘Transform the Smartphone’ Challenge in Europe, Middle East & Africa @Lenovo_Africa
Moto Mods snap easily onto any Moto Z phone. They fit perfectly and securely to transform your smartphone and provide users with unlimited possibilities! The concept of the Moto Mods is simple: They can be just about anything you can dream up. Whether it’s a film projector, a top-of-the-line speaker or even a blood pressure monitor – the possibilities are endless.

The ‘Transform the Smartphone’ challenge gives developers, creators, and startups the chance to contribute to the creation of the next generation of Moto Mods. Motorola wants to harness their creativity to imagine smartphone features that have never been possible, and add these to the ever-growing list of Moto Mods.

To participate in the Transform the Smartphone Challenge, submissions must be completed online by May 25, 2017. Pitch candidates will be selected by June 5, and a jury at VivaTech will choose the top five pitches. Each of the five top teams will receive the Moto Z and Moto Mods Development Kit, to create their prototype and mount a crowdfunding campaign with IndieGogo. The final winner will be invited to present their Moto Mod to a group of executives and developer teams at Motorola Mobility’s Chicago headquarters, and they will be considered for the worldwide accelerator program.

All information about the challenge and the registration can be found here on the VivaTech page.


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@SamsungMobileSA Lights Up @NelsonMandelaSq For #Jozi Launch #GalaxyS8 Smartphone

Hi Guys, 
Samsung South Africa celebrated the local launch of its latest flagship smartphone range, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, early May this year. In true Samsung style, the company went all out by illuminating the famous Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton with immersive displays reflective of the powerful visual experiences the device’s Infinity Display provides.

“We lit it up the entire square in dramatic deep-sea imagery and riveting 3D projections, all in line with the iconic and dazzling Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display. A screen without any borders, bumps or angles – just uninterrupted glass,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung Electronics South Africa.
@SamsungSA Lights Up #NelsonMandelaSquare For Local Launch #GalaxyS8
The imagery of the whale was lit up across the square, floating from building to building, diving beyond the limits of all of them bringing the device’s infinity display’s versatility to mind amongst all who witnessed the show. Accompanying the immersive lighting show and adding to the entertainment were the sounds from local artists - Chanda Munki and Liquideep. However, the star of the show was of course the Galaxy S8. Handsets were on show for the square’s packed audience to ogle and Samsung representatives were on hand to demonstrate the phone’s capabilities.

“As we have proven time and time again, Samsung’s innovative technology inspires the future and through our creativity and diversity we enrich the lives of our customers. This has again been made clear with our latest S-Series device,’’ Fleischer concludes. 
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Monday, 15 May 2017

#Bollywood Brings #Action #Drama And #LoveStory Again @SterKinekor #Sarkar3 #MPB

Hi Guys, 

This weekend two new Bollywood movies were released at Ster Kinekor on 12th May 2017 which you should definitely go and enjoy. One is the sequel to the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Sarkar 3 and another one is light hearted comedy starring Ayushmann Khurrana.
Sarkar 3 @SterKinekor #SouthAfrica
The third film in Ram Gopal Varma's Sarkar trilogy, which chronicles the exploits of a powerful political figure. The film reprises the role of Amitabh Bachchan along with several new actors including Amit Sadh, Yami Gautam, Jackie Shroff, Manoj Bajpayee and Ronit Roy. If you are looking to be thrilled and stay glued to your seats, this is one series you shall watch from the start.
Meri Pyaari Bindu @SterKinekor #SouthAfrica
Meri Pyaari Bindu
A successful writer, Abhimanyu Roy who is stuck with a writer’s block returns to his roots to write an old-fashioned love story. The role is played by Ayushmann Khurrana in love with Bindu played by Parineeti Chopra. The movie is directed by Akshay Roy and Music is composed by Sachin-Jigar. I went to saw the movie on Sunday and really enjoyed this light-hearted Bengali drama with background hindi old movies songs. The cinematography is specially great bringing alive the cities of Kolkata and Mumbai. Parineeti is looking beautiful and is a lot more slimmer as compared to her last movies after losing more than 17 kgs. Songs are really great and you will love the song "Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin".
For screening details, visit or download the SK App on your smartphone. You can also book at the box office. For news and updates, go to Facebook: Ster-Kinekor Theatres | follow Ster-Kinekor on Twitter: @sterkinekor. For all queries, call Ticketline on 0861-Movies (668 437).

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SIM Reactivation in a Competitive Landscape: Reconnecting Dormant SIM Cards @Gemalto

Hi Guys, 
The last decade has seen technology continue to rapidly influence consumer habits and with that mobile operators have been introducing an ever growing array of mobile services and offerings to expand their customer base – all the while trying to retain existing clients. To this end, consumers continue to embrace the digital age and they are rapidly seeking ways to expand their mobile experiences and capabilities.

Many operators in emerging countries suffer from high volumes of dormant SIM cards, particularly in prepaid markets as cost-conscious users juggle with SIM cards to take advantage of the best offer of the moment. They switch operators opportunistically and tend to own several SIM – many of which become inactive and stop generating revenue.

The multi-SIM phenomenon is among the latest trends that consumers – particularly amongst the newer and more emerging markets – are taking advantage of, allowing them to switch carriers on the fly with the simple switch of a SIM card. In addition, the development of affordable multi-SIM devices has encouraged the multi-SIM phenomenon, particularly in Africa and Asia. However, it is when you look at the extreme trends in specific countries that it becomes clear that this is not a blanket phenomenon. Globally, the multiple SIM phenomenon remains high. This is particularly true for prepaid markets such as Nigeria, Kenya and Ivory Coast which are all above 96% prepaid penetration. South Africa is at 88%.
SIM Reactivation in a Competitive Landscape: Reconnecting Dormant SIM Cards @Gemalto
These numbers are showing that instead of just carrying one SIM, many mobile users switch between providers to capitalize on varying price, data and service offers from industry operators. What we are seeing is that the value proposition of buying a new SIM for consumers is stronger than getting a recharge by the same operator, resulting in rotational churn.

This practice has inadvertently intensified the already fierce competition, forcing providers to offer attractive call rates or tariff plans for both voice calls and data services. Each operator’s goal is to discourage users from switching to another operator for specific needs by making sure its offers are the best.

So, if the multi-SIM phenomenon isn’t the practical option, then what is? In mobile prepaid markets, re-engaging with multi-SIM users has revealed to be complex and expensive. With increased competition and on-going risks of disintermediation, mobile operators increasingly need to re-establish trustful ties with lost users. This can be achieved through a number of tactics including: selling new SIM cards to churned users; targeting dormant users with win back promotions; reactivating the SIM at IT-equipped retail stores and instantly reactivating the SIM anywhere, anytime, with SIM Reactivation.

But what if there was no need for consumers to carry multiple SIM cards, where those decommissioned SIMs could be used to win customers back to a network? The answer is found in the 2016 study carried out by Gemalto and global market research giant, Kantar TNS in the Ivory Coast which revealed a strong consumer appetite for re-using dormant cards.

The study showed that 84% of subscribers would reactivate old SIM, given suitable incentives such as free call time (41%) or free data (29%). Furthermore, the number of subscribers that would keep hold of a disused SIM leaped from one in six to five in six, if the operator supports real-time self-care reactivation.

When we lay it all out in black and white, the tactic optimally designed for re-establishing said trustful ties lies in instant reactivation.Operators can truly implement efficient customer reacquisition strategies by easily re-engaging with dormant SIM users. Gemalto’s SIM reactivation detects and reactivates inactive users connecting to the mobile network, allowing operators to reacquire subscribers at a reduced cost and turn them back into valuable users. Returning users can conveniently reuse their expired SIM card anytime, anywhere; select their phone number and new personalized services. It is a customer-centric solution that offers convenience to subscribers and improves the customer journey dramatically.

While it seems as though consumers are in a winning position, the benefits for operators can in no way be ignored. Mobile operators increasingly admit that more than 50% of the point of sales workload is prepaid SIM card renewal for returning users. Hence sales people spend their time repeating the full enrolment process as for new customers. They can't fully focus on promoting new offers in line with the operator commercial strategy. Rejoining user on-boarding represents an unnecessary cost (time, new SIM), reduces opportunities for additional revenue, and negatively hits the retailers' profitability.

For MNO’s, SIM reactivation reduces the pressure on busy sales outlets, it helps operators focus their efforts on profitable commercial actions in their retail stores. It massively reduces subscriber reacquisition costs as operators can stop buying SIM cards for returning users and extends the SIM lifecycle. When we look at the bigger picture, there’s plenty to gain and nothing to lose for both parties.

From a local perspective, a key consideration to SIM reactivation relates to the already existing formal process which South Africa has in place – the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act, commonly referred to as RICA. Gemalto’s reactivation solution will not displace or mirror the current RICA process. Instead, it will be deployed within an operators existing business model so that its benefits are fully realized within the existing legislation.

In conclusion, the phenomenon of carrying multiple SIM cards is a false economy. It’s inconvenient and impractical especially when there are solutions readily available to ensure that you your mobile experience is nothing short of convenient, less hassle and enjoyable. And isn’t that the point after all?

By: Remy Muscat, Global business development, IoT Services & Activations at Gemalto
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Local Film #Krotoa Clinches 8th Award #NewYorkFilmFestival @KrotoaMovie #SouthAfrica

Hi Guys, 
Local film, KROTOA, will only be released in South Africa in August, yet it has already managed to conquer the hearts of international film lovers and critics. The film added to its growing list of accolades this past weekend by claiming its 8th award for the coveted title of Best Film at the Harlem International Film Festival held in New York.

KROTOA is just as remarkable and unforgettable as the historical heroin that this impressive film is based on. It is a striking tale about a woman who was prepared to sacrifice everything to give birth to the great nation we all share today. It not only has a powerful message, which anyone can relate to, but also promises to take moviegoers on an epic adventure back in time.
Local Film #Krotoa Clinches 8th Award #NewYorkFilmFestival @KrotoaMovie #SouthAfrica
The film has also already received six official selections at international film festivals around the globe including the International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture, World Film Awards, Artemis Women in Action Film Festival and the Nashville Film Festival.

It is inspired by the historical fact that tells the story of a feisty, bright, young eleven-year old girl, who is removed from her close-knit Khoi tribe to serve Jan van Riebeeck (Armand Aucamp – Ballade vir ’n Enkeling, Die Boekklub), her uncle’s trading partner. She is brought into the first Fort, established by the Dutch East India Company in 1652. There she grows into a visionary young woman, who assimilates the Dutch language and culture so well that she rises to become an influential interpreter for van Riebeeck, who became the first Governor of the Cape Colony. Krotoa (Crystal Donna Roberts - Endless River, 7de Laan, Getroud met Rugby) ends up being rejected by her own Khoi people and destroyed by the Dutch, when she tries to find the middle way between the two cultures.
Local Film #Krotoa Clinches 8th Award #NewYorkFilmFestival @KrotoaMovie #SouthAfrica
The film, written by Kaye Ann Williams and Margaret Goldsmid, was created by a dynamic team of women, with acclaimed filmmaker Roberta Durrant as director and producer. Roberta is the creator of various award-winning South African television series, including Ring of Lies, Home Affairs (nominated for two International Emmy Awards and as Best Drama at the Banff Film Festival), Montana, Izingane Zobaba, Sokhulu and Partners (nominated for an International Emmy Award and as Best Drama at the Africa Magic Awards), Shreds and Dreams, Saints and Sinners, Zbondiwe, Isikizi and Forced Love; as well as sitcoms like Sgudi Snaysi, Going Up, Madam and Eve (won a Rose Award for Best comedy at the Golden Rose Awards in Lucerne), SOS, Fishy Feshuns, Going Up Again, Mazinyo dot Q, and Stokvel. She is also responsible for the children’s film, Felix, which won seventeen international film awards, while other productions like Inside Out, Skilpoppe and Ingoma were also very well received. Ingoma won six SAFTA Awards in 2016. She is also the producer of the new kykNET drama, Sara se Geheim.

“In comparison to men, very few women have been acknowledged for having an impact on South African history. During the struggle, women like Ruth First, Lillian Ngoyi, Bettie du Toit and Sophia Williams-du Bruyn stood their ground in the fight against the apartheid government. However, if we dig into South Africa’s rich history, we discover that there were other indigenous females - who contributed to the change and development of our great nation – even before the sisters who were involved in the struggle,” says Durrant.

“KROTOA (or Eva – a name given to her by the Dutch) is the tragic heroin of this movie. It is not only important to tell her story because of all her great achievements, but it is also necessary to highlight that she was caught between two ways of life and constantly forced to choose between these two cultures. Identity, a sense of belonging and reconciliation are strong, universal themes in this powerful tale. Especially because the identity of someone, who is in between two cultures, is very relevant in any multicultural society,” she adds.

Jacques Bessenger, Doen Lotz, Marcel van Heerden, Roeline Daneel, Brendon Daniels and Ernest St Clair also star in this critically acclaimed film.
Local Film #Krotoa Clinches 8th Award #NewYorkFilmFestival @KrotoaMovie #SouthAfrica
KROTOA was produced by the SAFTA award-winning film company, Penguin Films, in association with kykNET, the NFVF and the DTI. The film will be released on the 4th of August 2017 (Women’s Month) and is the perfect way to celebrate the lasting impression women have had on the South African nation. The film is distributed by Ster-Kinekor Entertainment.

The other awards include:
  1. Award of Excellence at the International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination
  2. Best of Show at the Depth of Field International Film Festival
  3. Platinum Award at the International Movie Awards
  4. Diamond Award at the Filmmakers World Festival
  5. Best of Show at the IndieFEST Film Awards
  6. Award of Excellence Special Mention: Women Filmmakers at the Accolade Global Film Competition
  7. World Platinum Award at the World Woman Awards
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Challenging Gender Bias In The #Technology Sector @UCOOKSA #KatieBarry

Hi Guys,

While tech-focused organisations founded and led by female entrepreneurs have been identified as realising greater success financially, the question remains: Why do major corporations still propagate stereotypical myths about the suitability of women in leadership?

This is according to 26-year-old co-founder and CFO of UCOOK, Katie Barry, who refers to Forbes’ recent findings on the matter which revealed that women technology entrepreneurs in America, while working with far less funding, are able to generate 20% greater revenue than their male counterparts in the same position.

On the front line of one of South Africa’s fastest growing technology start-ups, Katie is challenging gender stereotypes within this notoriously gender biased industry, encouraging women who are thriving within the sector to discuss their experiences. “This is the first step to break down these boundaries,” she says.

Outwardly quite reserved, but described as fiery and passionate by those who know her best, Katie is the foundation on which the growing UCOOK brand has been built.
Challenging Gender Bias In The #Technology Sector @UCOOKSA #KatieBarry
UCOOK is a dinner kit delivery service, delivering vegetarian, Low carb or rustic recipes, curated by the country’s best chefs, together with the fresh, organic ingredients needed to prepare these meals straight to the doors of customers. UCOOK recently reached the 1 million delivered meals milestone. This success can largely be attributed to Katie’s skills, ethical code and unnegotiable focus on sustainable farming practices.

Having completed a Spanish, Mathematics and Economics degree - “the Spanish part has yet to come in handy,” she jokes - it was a leap of faith and opportunity that saw her join two friends in developing the new brand and enter the start-up world.

“Everyone I studied with was heading off to internships at big corporates like Facebook and Google. This left me feeling a bit lost but I knew that I wanted to stay closer to home and do something for myself.”

“While I loved maths, it wasn’t my sole focus. I wanted to tap into my other skills and ultimately create a business from scratch,” Katie explains.

Admitting that it wasn’t the easiest journey, especially when having to self-study her way through an accounting degree, Katie’s commitment to self-improvement through continuous education is one of the many characteristics driving her success, and that of the organisation she believes in.

Her advice when it comes to keeping your cool in a male-dominated work environment?

“It is essential that women don’t feel as though they have to hide or feel ashamed of their emotions and become ‘one of the boys’. I can get very emotional and have found a way to use these emotions to my advantage – and in the best interests of the business. I have taught myself to channel my emotions and share my views in a way that people can understand and relate to.”

“Mindfulness has become a big focus for me. I take advantage of my empathetic side to read situations and tackle them in a constructive way,” she says.

In a cold and cut-throat industry, Katie concludes that it’s refreshing for people to feel comfortable in their work without worrying about hiding behind a façade of being the “perfect”, one-dimensional businesswoman.

“There are such exciting things happening in technology and the entrepreneurial space. To truly make the most of this, we need to emphasise three considerations for the industry moving forward: compassion, inclusivity and ethics,” she says.
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Stay Safe: Recap on #UberForSafety Tips @Uber_RSA

Hi Guys,

Uber is joining the Global Safety Community to participate in the UN’s Global Road Safety Week. Uber values the safety of riders and driver-partners before, during and after every trip and this is why Uber continually improves their safety features, the world over. On the driver side, driver-partners and their vehicles are pre-screened, empowering riders with the knowledge that they are being transported in quality and vetted vehicles by responsible drivers.

But there are also things that riders can do to ensure their safety. Riders are urged to follow these safety tips:

Know your ride: Riders should always take the time to review the safety features available to them in the app, remember Uber rides can only be requested through the Uber app, so users should never accept street hail solicitations from those claiming to be with Uber.

When riders are ready to request a ride, it is important for them to avoid spending unnecessary time outside alone with their phone in their hand. Instead, it best for them to wait indoors until the app shows their driver has arrived.

Know your driver: When a driver accepts a rider’s request, the rider is able to see the driver’s first name, photo, license plate number, type of vehicle as well as the vehicle colour. You’ll be able to see this from within the app itself – on the map. The rider should always make sure that those match before they enter the vehicle and ensure they ask for the drivers name when they open the door.
Stay Safe: Recap on #UberForSafety Tips @Uber_RSA #TheLifesWay
Sharing Trip Details: Uber’s technology has made it possible for all trips to be tracked using GPS. While en route the rider is able to monitor their own trip in the app as well as share their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) with their loved ones. This will help friends and family keep track of where they are on the trip and they can do this without even downloading the Uber app!

In-app Help: The tool is designed to help riders get a prompt response to their queries in the shortest time possible. The support system can be accessed by navigating to the “Help’’ section on the menu, which helps riders and driver-partners alike to communicate their concerns they might have during a trip and get an instant response.

Follow Intuition:
When using Uber the rider should be aware of their surroundings, if they feel like something's not right they should trust their instincts and use their best judgement. Riders should be cautious when sharing any personal information and should always confirm that the driver-partner is in fact the one they saw on the app, and if they ever feel they're in an emergency situation, they are advised to alert the local emergency services immediately.

There’s no need for riders to share their phone number or other contact information with their driver. If a rider and driver need to contact each other, the Uber app automatically anonymizes both phone numbers to protect everyone’s privacy.

Give Feedback: Riders should always give feedback on how their trip went. This helps improve the Uber experience for everyone, maintain a high quality service and provide accountability. Uber has a 24/7 global support team which reviews the feedback and follows up with appropriate action regarding reports of conduct that violates the Community Guidelines.

Uber constantly develops new technologies to ensure safety before, during, and after every ride which was not possible before. Uber is committed to continuously help in educating riders and driver-partners on how to use the technology by providing the tips to improve their safety on every ride.
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PUSS IN BOOTS @GoldReefCitySA The Purrrfect Pantomime Adventure #PIB 30June-23 July 2017

Hi Guys,

From the producer of Shrek The Musical and twelve sold-out award winning pantomimes, KickstArt Productions bring you Puss in Boots, a swashbuckling spectacular for the whole family. Live on The Lyric stage from Friday, 30 June until Sunday, 23 July 2017, this rendition of Puss in Boots is a variation of the original tale.
PUSS IN BOOTS @GoldReefCitySA The Purrrfect Pantomime Adventure #PIB 30June-23 July 2017
Set on a mystical, magical Caribbean island, Puss in Boots is a laugh-a-minute and features great audience participation, breath-taking sets, gorgeous costumes and toe-tapping tunes sure to enthral both young and old. Starring everybody’s favourite famous feline in footwear, along with a host of fabulous new characters, Puss in Boots offers the best in family entertainment this winter holiday.
PUSS IN BOOTS @GoldReefCitySA The Purrrfect Pantomime Adventure #PIB 30June-23 July 2017
Written and directed by Steven Stead and designed by Greg King, the story of Puss in Boots is brought to life by a stellar cast - Earl Gregory as the booted feline; Ilse Klink as the good fairy Calypso Honeybunch; Michael Richard playing the evil shape-shifting goblin wizard, Grimbsy Withergood; Sean John Louw as the hapless miller’s son, Tom Marzipan; Darren King as Mother Merry Marzipan; and Zak Hendrickz, Londiwe Dhlomo-Dhlamini, Yamikani Mahaka-Phiri and Caitlin Kilburn as some of Puss’ friends. This extravagant stage production is choreographed by Janine Bennewith, and under the musical direction of Rowan Bakker.
PUSS IN BOOTS @GoldReefCitySA The Purrrfect Pantomime Adventure #PIB 30June-23 July 2017
“Following the resounding success of Shrek The Musical, we are excited to bring this legendary pantomime to Gold Reef City,” says Noeleen Bruton, Director of Marketing for Tsogo Sun. “It’s an enchanting winter pantomime to be enjoyed these holidays by the entire family, not just the kids.”

Bruton continues, “We are also delighted upon hearing the recent news of KickstArt Production’s, ten well deserved Naledi nominations for Shrek The Musical. Staging another all-star cast of highly experienced panto performers lead by Steven Stead and his production team was an easy decision for us.”

Puss in Boots performances will run at The Lyric during the following times: Wed at 14h30; Thu & Fri at 19h30; Sat at 14h30 & 19h30; Sun at 11h00 & 16h00.
Ticket prices range between R150-R260, and are available through, Gold Reef City Box Office and Computicket.
PUSS IN BOOTS @GoldReefCitySA The Purrrfect Pantomime Adventure #PIB 30June-23 July 2017
From R1,615 per room including two selected show tickets, breakfast and access to the theme park. Ts & Cs apply.

• Groups of 20 or more will receive a 10% discount off the ticket price – applicable to all price categories.
• Group bookings will only be available at the Gold Reef City Box Office.
• This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or Rewards discounts.

• 10% off: Tsogo Sun Gold Rewards Card
• 15% off: Tsogo Sun Platinum Rewards Card
• 20% off: Tsogo Sun Black Rewards Card

PUSS IN BOOTS @GoldReefCitySA The Purrrfect Pantomime Adventure #PIB 30June-23 July 2017
For further information, visit, follow on Twitter and Instagram @TsogoSun or like on Facebook /TsogoSun.


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#Pretoria, Eat Your Heart Out; #UberEATS is here! @Uber_RSA

Hi Guys,

UberEATS has finally arrived in Pretoria and is ready to feed the hungry! Admirers of Moo Moo, besties of Aroma Coffee Roastery and cravers of Hard Rock Cafe wait no longer, your meal will be with you at the tap of a button.

The UberEATS app can be downloaded on the app store or through the Uber rides app, or at, and meals can be requested for delivery in Pretoria from 07am to 10pm, seven days a week with a R20 delivery fee.

UberEATS connects you to dishes from over 700 top restaurants in South Africa. Other restaurants available via the UberEATS app include the Jolly Roger, Life Grand Cafe, Turn n’ Tender and Wimpy. UberEATS now offers those living in Pretoria an easy alternative to getting good food in good time, with no minimum order size.
#Pretoria, Eat Your Heart Out; #UberEATS is here! @Uber_RSA
Don’t get hangry, get UberEATS!
  • Download the app or go to to find what you’re craving, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Sign in - you can use your existing Uber account for UberEATS - or create a new one.
  • Tell us where to deliver - add your home, work, or any other address you’d like.
  • Browse local restaurants - search for your favourite local restaurant or try something new.
  • Browse food types - looking for Indian? Use the search function to look up the options.
  • Check out with a tap - simply pay with your card on file.
  • Track your order - watch as your order gets picked up and delivered right to your door.
Not yet in your area? Don’t worry, UberEATS is expanding quickly and hopes to be in your area soon!

Use the promocode EATSPTA17 on checkout for R50 off your first 2 orders!


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Fitch & Leedes Launches Delightful New Pink #Tonic @FitchLeedes

Hi Guys,

Fitch & Leedes, the superb range of authentic mixers, has come up roses with the launch of the new blushing Pink Tonic – a perfect fit for delicately crafted premium gins.

Pretty in pink with whiffs of rose petals and fresh cucumber, this new Fitch & Leedes Tonic is poised to be the perfect accompaniment to fine gins. Fitch & Leedes tonics pride themselves as the understudy to greatness, accentuating the botanical character and subtle notes of hand crafted gins. Understanding the time and effort put into perfecting a premium gin, new Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic is delicately carbonated and finely balanced to ensure the best taste representation of what was intended by the master distiller.

Made for the utmost purity in terms of quality and taste with quadruple filtered water, Fitch & Leedes tonics amplify the hard work and skill of the craft distiller. This is why leading distillers all choose Fitch & Leedes as their preferred mixer:
Fitch & Leedes Launches Delightful New Pink #Tonic @FitchLeedes
“The Pink Tonic works well with the Hope on Hopkins Mediterranean Gin, where the olives and herbs are complemented by the cucumber notes. With its gentle flavour profile and beautiful pink hue it allows the botanicals in the gin to shine through,” explains Lucy Beard of Hope on Hopkins Distillery.

Florian Leykauf of Triple Three Gin Estate Distillery agrees that Fitch & Leedes tonics unlock the botanicals of their gins: “The whiffs of cucumber in the Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic is a magnificent combination with the mint and eucalyptus notes of buchu leaves in our African Botanicals Gin.”

“The spiciness of our Musgrave 11 is cooled by the cucumber notes in the Pink Tonic, while the hints of rose petals give the gin a delicate edge,” adds Simone Musgrave of Musgrave Gin.

Let the new Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic take you back to an era when things were still made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. Inspired by the intrepid gentlemen merchantmen of London, Ralph Fitch and William Leedes, who set sail on the Tyger in 1583 in search of new, exotic tastes in India and the East, Fitch & Leedes speaks of the romance and integrity of a bygone age. The elegant new rose and cucumber tonic adds a unique twist to your classic G&T.
Hope on Hopkins Mediterranean Gin
Some Perfect Serve ideas from the craft distillers:

Hope on Hopkins Mediterranean Gin is infused with olives, rosemary, thyme, basil and cardamom with citrus notes and hints of juniper. Add 1 part gin to 4 parts Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Musgrave 11, inspired by the flavours and history of Africa and its ancient spice route, is crafted with eleven botanicals. Add a double tot of gin to 200ml of Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic. Garnish with a ribbon slice of cucumber and rose petals.

Triple Three African Botanicals Gin is carefully distilled from seven botanicals including the flora of the Western Cape. Add 50ml of gin to 200ml of Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic. Garnish with a cucumber slice, orange wheel and rose petals.

Fitch & Leedes can be found at leading purveyors of fine beverages, boutique wine shops, selected deli’s, fine dining establishments and cocktail bars at around R40 for a 6-pack of 200ml cans or R36 per 4-pack of 200ml glass bottles. For more information about the Fitch & Leedes range, contact James Shaw at Tel: (+27) 021 886 8842, Fax: 021 887 1005 or send an email to


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@Gemalto Empowers Smartphone-based Digital Vehicle Key #MercededMeConnect

Hi Guys,

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, is providing its Trusted Services Hub (TSH) to support Daimler AG’s new smartphone-based ‘digital vehicle key’ for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class range. The premium car maker’s innovative solution gives drivers the freedom to lock/unlock and start their vehicles using nothing more than an NFC smartphone. Gemalto’s TSH enables seamless and secure over-the-air deployment of the digital keys to any type of phone that supports the solution.

With the key safely downloaded to a secure element* via Gemalto’s TSH, drivers can lock/unlock their cars by simply placing the smartphone against the door handle. The engine can also be turned on with the phone in the charging tray of the dashboard and pressing the start button. Capable of operating even if the phone battery** is drained, the need to carry a conventional key is eliminated.
@Gemalto Empowers Smartphone-based Digital Vehicle Key #MercededMeConnect
As an integral part of the ‘Mercedes me connect’ program, the digital vehicle key will connect seamlessly with services that meet the demands of modern mobility and digital lifestyles.

“Digitalization demands that companies harness their expertise to forge strong relationships with all stakeholders within the connected car ecosystem,” said Christine Caviglioli, vice president New Mobility Solutions at Gemalto. “For Daimler AG, this aim is fully supported by our solutions, which enable it to offer customers innovative services through their preferred device, without compromising security.”

*A Secure Element is a tamper resistant hardware platform, capable of securely hosting applications and storing confidential and cryptographic data. It can be found in a SIM provided by a Mobile Network Operator and/or an eSE (embedded Secure Element) built into phone handset by OEMs.”

**up to 10 door lock / unlock in the next 24h if the smartphone device supports this functionality

For more information visit, or follow @gemalto on Twitter.​


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