Friday 11 April 2014

Product Review - Eveready Ultima Mobile Power - UM 22

Hi Guys,

In this power hungry world, we are all carrying some power hungry devices with us which can ditch us anytime, anywhere when we wanted to use them the most. The screen size is constantly increasing in these days smartphones and weight of the device is constantly reducing day by day. The battery capacity is also increasing with a lot of phones coming with power save options but then also to keep the weight low, it has a limit to it. For some times when we wanted the battery juices to run for some more time, these mobile battery powerpacks comes to our rescue. 

Eveready has been in the market since ages producing various batteries and torches etc. When I bought my HTC One from Flipkart, it came along with Eveready Ultima Mobile Power UM 22 which has 2200mAh of backup. It was enough to charge the battery of my HTC One. 
It comes with three kinds of attachments to cater to all types of devices. All of the android phones are having one kind of charging attachment and they also provided attachment for older iPhones (4S, 4, 3GS, 3G) and iPods.
 The battery take some time to recharge if fully drained but it has a standby time of more than a month.
 I was testing it against the giant battery requirements of an iPad 3 and there were number of iterations but on a full recharge it took the battery percentage by 5%. It was good as iPad 3 has 11000mAh battery and 2200mAh charge backup in this device comes to increase percentage by 5 so it's working not at it's full efficiency. Over the time, the device reduces from it's 2200mAh downwards and gives less and less power output.
The device is easy to operate and light to carry around in your pocket or bag. I have taken it to various product launches where I need to tweet for much longer time on 3G connection and it never has failed me.

I would definitely recommend buying this awesome mobile power device for your favorite devices as per your power backup requirements. I really wanted to own these devices since their launch and thanks to W.S.Retail for packaging the HTC One with this scheme. It's been nine months of usage and still it's going strong as ever as I got it in Aug 2013.


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