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Hello Everyone!

The Life's Way welcomes you to a great visual and text content for your brand :-) 

Invite me to experience your product or services or launch events, and I will share the overall experience with my followers on all my social media channels. 

Being an Electronics Engineer and MBA (Finance) by profession, I think of ROI (Return on Investment) based on time, value and money and tries to provide the same to the brand for the invite/launches/giveaways/samples/sponsored posts. 

You can also advertise on my blog, and I am open to being sponsored by your brand for any of your products for day to day use. 

TheLife'sWay since it was launch in Dec 2012, took 2 years to touch 100,000 pageviews on 31 Dec 2014. Though in the year 2015, The Life's Way crossed 640,358 page views to reach 740,000 page views in total. 

I have the target to cross 1,000,000 (1 million) page views in #2016 with new content and a lot of product reviews which was achieved on 22nd July 2016. Currently as on  22nd July 2018, my blog has crossed 1.87 Million page views.

Photographs of the products or launch events will be used in my blog and other social media channels. Check out some of my pictures in Launch Events page or my Instagram channel.

I look forward to building working relationships with you and all the PR companies looking to do some influencer marketing. Please feel free to email me:

Cheers, and Have a great day!

Aashish Rai  

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