Saturday 17 May 2014

Product Review - Royal Dansk Oat & Cranberry Cookies

Hi Guys,

Being the final packet of cookies I received from Royal Dansk from the Kelsen Group, I wanted to eat them as later as possible. Finally a day arrived when I was in full mood to enjoy the awesome taste of these cookies. I really love cranberrry and have bought a lot of dried cranberries from various stores here in Johannesburg. Cookies containing cranberries really provide the taste and nutritious values. 

 All these cookies are so light and fresh in taste that you will definitely fall in love with them. I saw them at the airport in cans and really wanted to buy them. I am a fan of all Royal Dansk products I have tasted, despite don't liking chocolate cookies in general. Try one for yourself and you will cherish the taste.

I thank Royal Dansk team once again for sending me these awesome products from Denmark. Looking forward to receive more of them in future. Also, they have a running contest on their facebook page for the rest of the year where you will not only win their cookie tins but also the tea mug, notepad, pen etc along with a chance to win some holidays in the luxurious hotels around your city in South Africa.
Goodbye Royal Dansk Cookies, till we meet again...

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