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Monday, 18 May 2020

#TheLifesWayReviews @SkullcandySA Inkd Wireless #Bluetooth Earphones #ProductReview

Hi Friends,

I bought Skullcandy Inkd Wireless Bluetooth Earphones from the Skullcandy store at rAge Expo and it was going for around R399 along with free sunglasses. I always wanted to test out the Bluetooth earphones from Skullcandy and also contacted their PR company but they never sent me anything and I only posted some of their posts for free. It's always the promises I receive from people and no real products. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @SkullcandySA Inkd Wireless #Bluetooth Earphones #ProductReview
Skullcandy product range is for the younger generation and their products have deep bass built-in all their products as millennials love bass much more than treble. I earlier tried their Hesh headphones and bought a pair to gift one of my friends on their birthday. I also bought and still have Titan earphones with me which I have never used at all. Also, I won Skullcandy Lowrider in one of the contests in India but didn't like them much as I felt they are not original and still lying around in my drawer in India. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @SkullcandySA Inkd Wireless #Bluetooth Earphones #ProductReview
Coming back to this beauty named Skullcandy Inkd Wireless which has a lightweight neckband design with Noise-isolating and 8 hours battery claimed on the package. I have never seen such a nice booklet to showcase the various functions available in these earphones. The package contains 2 silicone gel sets, charging cable, and the main earphones in the package.
#TheLifesWayReviews @SkullcandySA Inkd Wireless #Bluetooth Earphones #ProductReview
Pairing a new device is easy and if you press the main function button for 5 seconds, the device will be ready to pair with any BlueTooth smartphone. During the pairing mode, the light on the side will blink until it is paired. The main button can be pressed for 3 seconds to switch it On and Off. Volume Up and Down can be done using the + and - buttons whereas play and pause can be done by the main Skullcandy function button and can also be used to answer and end the call. If you press + or - for 3 seconds then you can move the track forward and backward. The design is such that the buttons are big enough to be pressed when wearing any kind of gloves too.
#TheLifesWayReviews @SkullcandySA Inkd Wireless #Bluetooth Earphones #ProductReview
On the other side of the plastic housing has all kinds of technical stuff written which doesn't look good at all. Buttons are there on the left side of the casing and on the right-hand side, there is a Skullcandy Logo without any buttons whatsoever. On the left side only there is an opening to charge the earphones using micro-USB type B and you can charge them using any of your mobile chargers. The device can be fully charged in around 2 hours. It gives an audio output for around 4 to 5 hours initially and now after many years, I am getting around 2-3 hours of power-packed music performance.
#TheLifesWayReviews @SkullcandySA Inkd Wireless #Bluetooth Earphones #ProductReview
The problem I faced with these R400 earphones is when I took them out for my daily walks the wind flow was creating some kinds of hissing sounds which were not desired and was a disturbance in my ears. This really brings me to the fact that these are really great for inside the office and home as I never faced any problems with the same in that territory. Skullcandy has already launched an upgraded version of these wireless earphones at around R100 extra and I am sure they will be great too but the market belongs to the dual independent wireless earbuds like Airpods and various other designs like those from various brands around the world. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @SkullcandySA Inkd Wireless #Bluetooth Earphones #ProductReview
Check them out at the nearest retailer or order from any online store. RATING 2.5/5

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