Thursday 28 May 2020

Stone Paper Notebook #agoodcom @agoodcom #ProductReview

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Journal writing is something that will definitely bring you a lot of satisfaction and with the popularity of the Bullet Journaling method, everyone is creating a unique personal experience to take control of their lives in a great way. I read the book The Bullet Journal Method some days back and since then I am also going through the process of learning to do the same. I have been doing daily journaling from the past many years and there have been variations of stuff I have done on the same. I have always been of the opinion of not sharing my ideas and plans to anyone but now I am seeing the world is opening up to the ideas of others and taking them up too without any judgments. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Stone Notebook #agoodcom @agoodcom #ProductReview
I received this amazing Notebook from A Good Company last year when I first came to know about the same which aroused my curiosity as this notebook was made from re-used stone. I immediately showed my interest in the company and they gratefully sent me one which took some time to reach and soon was in my hands. I took it to my Garden Route trip to take some of the photographs of the notebook but somehow the writing was not coming to share in terms of the blog post. This thing irritated me to the core as I was not able to complete this unfulfilled promise and it kept on as a task moved from date to date. I think a lot about doing it a particular way but then the execution never happens and that delays the whole process. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Stone Notebook #agoodcom @agoodcom #ProductReview
What is a Stone Paper Notebook? 
As per the website of A Good Company, ''A5 Stone Paper Notebook is made from recycled stone, it’s the world’s first climate-positive notebook. This isn’t just another notebook as this one is water-proof, naturally white stone paper has no grain direction, resulting in the silky-smooth writing experience.'' My personal experience was when I held the notebook, it felt really heavy as compared to any other notebook and as soon as I opened the same, I immediately fell in love with the silky smooth pages and the fragrance of those pages was awesome. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Stone Notebook #agoodcom @agoodcom #ProductReview
Let's delve deeper into what it means by Stone paper and what features this gives us? 
This notebook is said to be the world's first climate-positive notebook as there are no trees cut to make this, no water used to make this, no acid - no bleach and totally made with 100% solar energy in the factory. Moreover, the paper is waterproof and tear-resistant, and just like we see on some of the smartphones - the box and the diary is printed with Soy ink. I am so in love with this book that I am just touching it every day without writing anything in the same till date. Also, every diary comes with a benefit of 500 points or a 15% discount on your next purchase and that happens only if you upload the review on their website.
#TheLifesWayReviews - Stone Paper Notebook #agoodcom @agoodcom #ProductReview
The notebook is around USD 23 each and comes in Lined, Dotted, and Blank page setup. The colors available are Charcoal Black, Dusty Pink, Pomegranate Red, Snow White, Stone Grey, and Grass Green. I received the Stone Grey version and the South African customs charged me the same amount of money too as the price of the notebook as it came via DHL express worldwide which has an admin fee of around R150 per package. I paid DHL around R342 as the package was valued at Euro 35 which meant in rands equivalent to R570 so the overall cost of this single notebook will be around R900 which was extreme in my case. But it won't be that much if you order it online because of the various discounts you will get and choose your delivery partner for the same but be aware that it will at least cost you R600. This will bring it equivalent to the price of Moleskine A5 notebooks but I have seen those and this one is still better to touch and feel. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Stone Paper Notebook #agoodcom @agoodcom #ProductReview
I totally loved the texture and the feel of the pages and the cover of the diary. For every diary purchased it's written on the box I got that the company planted a new tree in Zambia, Africa. Also, you get one sticker from the company and I also got a kind of hard paper that is not likely to be a sticker in the logo shape which I think I can cut and make it into the bookmarks to keep in the notebook. Overall the build quality is really good and I am sure it will last long even if after finishing the pages with ideas and all - it will still last in my bookshelves for years. And if I am able to order more of these then there will be different colors of the covers to mark several stages of my life. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Stone Paper Notebook #agoodcom @agoodcom #ProductReview
In the end, a notebook is just some blank pages until you spent some time with the same and make it worthy by capturing all your ideas, dreams, things and people you are grateful for and anything that catches your attention for future use. I am sure that I am really going to love writing my ideas in this notebook whenever I start using the same. It's really the execution of those ideas that will become the main theme of my life going onwards. With that idea, do enjoy the overall process of ordering these notebooks, and mines came from Estonia, Europe. 

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