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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Jacaranda Trees #VideoTour in #Johannesburg #SouthAfrica #Youtube #Purple

Hi Friends, 

South Africa turns purple every year from mid of August to mid of October when the Jacaranda trees bloom and all the streets of Johannesburg and Pretoria gets laid with the flowers fallen from the trees and then I think it's the best time to take a tour of the city in a helicopter or go up the hill and admire the cities from the higher point of view. It is told that Pretoria has more than 70000 trees and Johannesburg has around 50000 trees planted and when it blooms - every photographer enthusiasts and professionals take this opportunity to click a picture or two. 
I got this opportunity to test out the new DJI Osmo Action portable camera and shot this video of Jacaranda Trees on the streets near the William Nicole Drive and Sandton Drive. Watch and let me know your opinions and also subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more such videos!
Jacaranda Trees #VideoTour in #Johannesburg #SouthAfrica #Youtube #Purple
This is one of the photos I took using the Nikon D7000 using an 18-105mm kit lens. If you like my photography, do follow me on the Instagram handles @Araijain and @thelifesway also. I don't do much saturation and play with Photoshop and other tools like Snapseed, Lightroom so it's the photos without any filters whatsoever. Cheers!!!

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