Saturday 16 May 2020

#TheLifesWayReviews Criminal Justice @DisneyPlusHS #HotstarSpecials #Crime

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As I told yesterday in the review of ASUR, that sometimes you like a particular actor so much that you see all the serials he or she acts in and all the web series he or she is part of and similar is my case for Anupriya Goenka. She is a part of another big crime and court drama named CRIMINAL JUSTICE where she plays the character of Nikhat Hussain a lawyer who fights the case in the favor of the main hero of this series who is Vikrant Massey (Balika Vadhu fame) playing Aditya Sharma a college student preparing for MBA exams working as a cab driver who is caught behind the murder for one of his last customers. Vikrant has played his character so authentic that you will feel the pain he is going through. Anupriya didn't have much to do in the initial episodes but her chemistry with Pankaj Tripathi does bring a lot of comedy into this serious court drama. 

In another powerful performance is Pankaj Tripathi playing opportunist Advocate Madhav Mishra who takes up the murder case and his journey to earn the respect of his colleagues and police is also shown in this 10 episodes web series. Aditya's sister Avni is shown to be his main pillar of strength and is being played by Rucha Inamdar who has acted very powerfully and she is the main pillar of the story too. How the middle-class family members of a convicted murder suspect suffer in the hands of community, police, lawyers, and society as a whole is showcased so authentically in this web series. 
#TheLifesWayReviews Criminal Justice @DisneyPlusHS #HotstarSpecials #Crime
The fight is shown on both the fronts - inside the jail and the life outside the jails. Outside the jails, there is always something or the other happening with the family members, lawyers, police, and others related to the case. Inside the jail, Aditya has to learn the ropes of the trade and survive so as to save himself and his sanity. He is helped by Mustafa Bhai played by Jackie Shroff against another influential criminal inside the jail named Layak played by Dibyendu Bhattacharya who constantly is after the life of Aditya. How Aditya prepares himself with the help of Mustafa and other characters as the case runs from days to months to years is showcased in the 10 episodes of Criminal Justice? 

The web series is based on the BBC Crime Drama of the same name written by Peter Moffat and is adapted for Indian markets by Shridhar Raghavan and is directed by famous movie director Tigmanshu Dhulia. The series was renewed for Season 2 and I hope it won't be canceled due to this Covid-19. Mita Vashisht plays an important character and reminds of the roles she used to do during her active years in the film industry. Pankaj Saraswat also plays the role of the police who catches Aditya Sharma and is hell-bent on bringing him to be hanged till death. This web series is not a kind of happily ever after kind of series but gives hits you hard in your heart, mind, and soul too. It raises a lot of questions about who is your actual friend, whom shall you trust, and who do you take help from as media, lawyers, and police start vulturing out the victim and his family members. Do watch it on Disney+ Hotstar and it will be difficult to binge-watch but on a weekend in 2 days, you can definitely watch it all. RATING 4/5

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