Friday 15 May 2020

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I watched ASUR on VootSelect in a single day and totally loved the story intertwined just like reading one of the Amish Tripathi or Ashwin Sanghi's novel combined with James Patterson serial killer novels. ASUR brings Arshad Warsi on the video on demand platform web series for the first time and what an amazing comeback as he brings his powerful performance as a Senior Forensic Expert Dhananjay Rajput (DJ) in CBI. Also worth mentioning is the amazing background music this web series has which not only brings focus but also a thrill in your heart while the crimes are being committed by the serial killer.

The way the storyline mixes Indian Mythology with the present-day technologies along with the serial killer on the run makes this a worthy binge watch. You will be taken back to the ghats of Benaras and to the Hindu scriptures about the origins of Sura and Asura. All these are then connected with the astrology and chemistry setting up the plot for the serial killings which are done at separate locations in India. Season 1 consists of 8 episodes totaling 5 hours 43 minutes at an average length of 43 minutes per episode.

Barun Sobti plays another Forensic Expert Nikhil Nair who has a family in the USA working for CBI earlier and joining the FBI and then becoming a University Professor for the last 7 years or so. His wife's role is played by Anupriya Goenka which is one of my favorite heroines. To be frank I was searching for all her TV and web serials when I found this one and thought of watching the same seeing Arshad Warsi in the main role. I think I am attracted to her screen presence in various movies and web series. Ridhi Dogra also plays an important character as Nusrat Saeed also working for CBI along with Sharib Hashmi who plays a Police Inspector assisting CBI.
#TheLifesWayReviews ASUR #YourDarkSide @VootSelect #AsurOnVoot #Crime
The storyline starts with the crime locations sent to Nikhil in the USA which he then forwards to someone at CBI and a third crime is showcased in full in the first episode of the series. DJ maps the crime with the earlier done crimes and comes to the conclusion that it's done by the same person making it a serial killing. Nikhil leaves his family and job in the states and comes back and joins the DJ on this mission to find the criminal and in the same episode found that the evidence points to DJ as the criminal behind the third murder. DJ is sent to Jail and in the very next episode, Nikhil gets kidnapped by the serial killer making him work for the serial killer to kill other victims and finding strategies to do the same. Now DJ has to work from inside the jail to work on the case and save Nikhil. How DJ and Nikhil communicate with each other and how the flashback brings the history into their own lives is what ASUR - Your Dark Side is based on?

This series will keep you on the edge of your seats and if you love mythology you will enjoy the series very much with power-packed performances from all the main characters especially Arshad, Barun, Sharib, Anupriya, Ridhi, and Vishesh Bansal as Shubh a highly intelligent priest on the Banaras Ghats. I do love reading novels based on mythology written by various Indian writers and this web series brought back all those memories of Amish, Ashwin, and various other writer's famous novels. Do watch it asap but currently, Voot is only available in India, and in the end, you will want more as the story doesn't end at Season 1 with much more unanswered questions flickering in your mind just like Stree or Andhadhun movies from the last year. RATING 4/5

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