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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Cheetah Walking in @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures

Hi Friends,

I am some of the lucky few who have seen the Cheetah hunting right in front of my eyes but I didn't get a clear shot of his try. I saw him running behind a springbok but without any success and it all happened in a few seconds as the speed of Cheetah needs no introduction. 
Leopard Walking in @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
Also, I went to the park in a sedan that is not suitable for the Kruger National Park because of its height from the ground and it's always advisable to drive in an SUV and more in a 4x4 so that you can travel off-roads allowed by the SAN Parks authorities.
Leopard Walking in @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
You will also observe that the animal merges into the backdrop of fallen trees and the color of the sand and it is so difficult to find them too. 
Leopard Walking in @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This sighting was also near the entrance gate of Lower Sabie Rest Camp which I thought that this is his area where he stays all the time as many people reported seeing the same Cheetah on the sighting board inside the camp. 
Leopard Walking in @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
If you ever visit South Africa then Kruger National Park is a place without going to which your trip to the country will never be complete. 
Leopard Walking in @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
I have fallen in love with this big cat - look at the color of the skin, the patches, the combination of brown and black, the marks on the face, the threatening eyes and the way it turns its tail to balance it on its sprint run when the animal is on hunting mode is totally amazing. I am so amused and I am sure so are you!
Leopard Walking in @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
All these photos are taken using Nikon D7000 using the Sigma 70-300mm lens by Aashish Rai inside the Kruger National Park. I am sure you will bring better cameras with you with long telephoto zoom lenses to take much better photos of this amazing South African Wildlife and share it with the world just like me!

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