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Friday, 1 May 2020

Love is Not the Solution @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures

Hi Friends,

Love is not the only solution all the time sometimes you have to take a stand and fight for what you feel is right. It does matter that what you are feeling should be validated against your principles and value systems but once your heart validates the same, you can take your stand and fight till the end. 
Love is Not the Solution @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
We generally take a back stand when we feel that we might hurt the other person closer to us but if he has done something bad which hurts your feelings and is continuously doing it again and again without realizing the same then go and talk to that person. 
Love is Not the Solution @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
If then also instead of listening to you, he tries to bully you in any way then it's the fight or flight but as a family, you can't flight so fight for what is right and take a stand. 
Love is Not the Solution @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
In the end, you will get some punches but your heart and mind will become satisfied that you have made the other person think from your standpoint or view and maybe he will also realize the mistake he has been doing with you by taking you for granted. 
Love is Not the Solution @SANParksKNP @SANParks #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
All the photos of these beautiful Springboks are taken by Aashish Rai using Nikon D7000 using Sigma 70-300mm lens at Kruger National Park, South Africa

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